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RolePlayGateway is a community dedicated to online, text based role-playing games, their players, and other skills and pastimes associated with role-playing, be it anything ranging from casino gambling to D&D and everything in between.

At RolePlayGateway, we aim to provide a community where you are welcomed with a warmness that is unmatched, made to feel right at home, and given the freedom of not being monitored by the staff.

We will never delete a roleplay thread that has been brought to life on our forums. We are not the type of organization that will be unrealistically strict, nor will we come down like a ton of bricks issuing bans and official warnings at the first opportunity. Instead we wish to issue our new (and old) players into a world of unrivaled freedom of play. Here at RolePlayGateway you play your way.

The popularity of roleplay games has increased massively now that they can be played online. Whilst many roleplayers still enjoy interacting offline, online gaming offers massive choices of games, ease of play, and, increasingly, choices of device to play on.

Such is the range of online games, that it's also easy to also play casino games for real money too, pretty much all over the world including AUSTRALIA and CANADA. You can just hop on to these sites and play some hands before you start your roleplay session. And of course hopefully win some money!

Free Form Role Play, is what RolePlayGateway is all about. And as such, you should be allowed to play in ways that interest and motivate you. It is our goal to successfully accommodate the skillful and creative minds of roleplayers world wide. Roleplayers on RolePlayGateway absolutely revel in the appeal of the unreal, as it offers a chance to gain control over their own world. We also offer interesting articles and great reading for all visitors that want to learn more about roleplay and the relations to other kind of casino games like poker, and video poker.   Learn also how to include gambling in your RPG campaigns, or poker as an RPG by reading our articles, among many others!

Yes, we are a community. But a community cannot possibly grow or become stable from a singular common interest like roleplay. So, to involve a more diverse crowd, all members will find that throughout the site there are many non-roleplay threads and discussions happening all the time. From general discussions and debates, gaming, martial arts, and technology chat, to places where you can show off skills such in areas like music, art, and writing. Talk about your poker hands or your favorite TV shows.

Alongside the forums, we also have an integrated chat service that will allow you to talk to staff and other members in real time, along with being able to roleplay in a chat style.

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