Looking for a scriptwriter for a comic!

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Looking for a scriptwriter for a comic!

Postby nomyriad on Wed Oct 20, 2010 7:38 am

EDIT: ViceVersus is being very amazing. I am no longer in need of a writer. Though thank you if you have showed interest!

Hey there! How are you going?

Me? I'm looking for a handy scriptwriter to help me out with a comic!

For a long while I've been wanting to create my own comic or manga - it's the epitome of the drawing artist. Here's the little problem: I'm rather useless at creating an entire plot myself! I mean, I can come up with ideas and characters, sure. It's sequencing events, filling in the gaps, and making the story last long enough which I have issues with.

This is also why I make a terrible GM P: In roleplaying, it's a lot less of a horror for me to simply follow along with another's idea and help out here and there.

Anyway, if you think you have the knack for epic plots, please consider aiding me! My artwork is not the greatest yet, but I hope that continually drawing a comic will only bring steady improvement.

Mecha, animals, cityscapes, and actions scenes are my weaknesses. All the more reason to draw them. Feel free to chuck in any insanely difficult things to draw, it's all a part of the challenge for me.

If we do end up working together as writer and artist, remember to be committed. This will probably end up as a fairly long project. I'm aiming for, hm.. around 20-30 chapters? Not the biggest comic out there, but decent enough.

Now, let's get conversing! I want to discuss many different ideas and hear other's opinions. Have fun with it!
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Hey there, nomy!

When you say you're looking for a scriptwriter, I guess I was a bit confused. Myself, I'm familiar with script format and I actually am planning on being a television writer someday -- but the way you're talking, you just want someone to help you co-GM this comic?

Which is fine, of course! And I might be interested in that, too. I actually work better when I'm given a start point, and helped out with people in a collaborative style. Would just like some clarification. I can write up a script before it gets drawn, too, if that's also what you were shooting for.

Let me know! You can reply in this topic, or you can send me a PM.
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Re: Looking for a scriptwriter for a comic!

Postby nomyriad on Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:59 am

Thanks for showing interest, Vice!

I guess 'scriptwriter' was used very loosely and not really an accurate word choice.

I'll send you a PM now - we can get into details there. (:
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I LOVE to write and I've always envied those who can draw as they can take their imagination and put it in to pictures. If I could see some samples of your artwork I would love to offer any assistance I can. My spelling and grammar are not always phenomenal but thank goodness for spell check, right?

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by mecha but I believe that has something to do with technology and machines. I have always been horrible with writing for anything that is futuristic/sci-fi related but I have been practicing and I am better than I once was. I am usually better with the more typical Fantasy magic (as well as adding some of my own originality to it). But I absolutely LOVE action scenes as they are my favorite parts of a story to write. I don't do very well with drama but I am working on that as well (and it is better than my "mecha" writing). As for animals, I love animals and I have dreamed of being a veterinarian for some time (and, at the risk of sounding boastful, think myself quite good at warping animals in to a sort of Fantasy-based creature or monster.)

There is a link on my profile that leads to a profile blog I have where you can find a sample of some of my writing though I will have to warn you that what I have there is something vastly unique from my usual writing style but it is still something. I am currently working on two other projects (minor side projects that would not interfere with me helping you in any way) which will both depict my skills in writing drama and action.

Please, feel free to PM me with any details and if you could maybe send me or show me a link where I could see a sample of some of your work. Hope to hear from you.
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Re: Looking for a scriptwriter for a comic!

Postby Nikkan on Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:17 pm

I worked with an artist on a webcomic a while back, taking care of the plot and panel to panel goings on. It never got off the ground but we got quite a bit of it made before it bombed. I learned a lot from it and Im sure I coild help you.
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Hey! I am an aspiring screenwriter and would love to help you with this! I dont have much experience writing long scripts thought. Mine are mostly short ones, but I have quite a few ideas for movies and such. PM me if you want to give me some experience and tell me what genre you are looking for.
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