Akita » Characters

Character Portrait: Rhoan Tainted vampire, somewhat jerky, and a teenage boy. Arrogance, stubbornness, and ladies is what he's all about. Trouble easily finds him. He usually keeps to himself, but likes to be a little nosey sometimes. He's into drugs.
Character Portrait: Akiraa A young vampyress, that always seems to make a fool out of herself; she's clumsy. She is the Mistress of Erik Risen.
Character Portrait: Shourina-Lynn Part human, part wolf. -- She is possessed; has a dark mystical power that she cannot control, and can shift into a large white wolf. She is mostly seen with her newly met companion, Shourou Kobayashi.
Character Portrait: The Noob. A classic one-liner. "lol wut."
Character Portrait: Tetri Plume An insane widow.
Character Portrait: The Elemental Sorceress A competitor in the National Colour Guard League.
Character Portrait: Alia Berit A human archer; known as the exalted princess.
Character Portrait: Kita Don't be fooled by the rocks that I got.
Character Portrait: Joshua Marcus Gore A boy with a worthless life.
Character Portrait: Charles Drengor A vampire hunter whose only desire is to send his own kind into extinction.
Character Portrait: Adriana Wilson Her charm is enough to buy her two family's worth of love...but will her telling of secrets keep the money coming, or will she meet her ultimate demise?
Character Portrait: Felken De'Crayne The Nightmare of darkness; the Crow of power
Character Portrait: Berkely Koehneman Knowledge is one of life's basic building blocks; applying that knowledge to a physical element - now that's power!