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Fruity Loops of Pain member of RPG for years

Bio: I'm actually pretty new to doing RPs but I'm learning and all that...And NO I don't know when I first started RPing.
I'll fill this out when I have time.
And lookie here I have time! (says this 30 mins later)
OK so sadly...1/2 of my life consists of Books, anime/manga, and Soccer.
1/4th consists of school.
And then the other 1/4th consists of History.
But hey, I have a life and that's more than I can say for some people I know [and have grudges against]. :]
Oh and yes. I am 1 year old. But I'm told that I'm very smart for my age.

And also, if you desprately feel like contacting me, do so at my gmail account.
[email protected]
I check this almost everyday so send me anything. If you send spam, I don't care since this isn't my real account, just something to use if I don't want a bunch of mail flying at me. Hey, you could even send me mail with mean/rude things in it here...but I will reply back in the nicest way I possibly can. :3

Enjoy your Day~~~

Basic Information

Fruity Loops of Pain
Happily out of my ever-lovin mind...[I don't have issues; I have happiness.]
Teen in school (Not Employed For Pay)
anything anime, manga, reading (I adore reading books that have a large variety of races like vamps, werewolves, wizards etc...), fantasy, supernatural, and anything else you can name that escapes the walls of reality. But I also have this strange desire to learn all of the History of the world as fast as i can ^^' I'm such a weird child...
Began Role Playing:
23 Jul 2010
Favorite Role Playing Game:
I. Don't. Know.
Game Master:
Favorite Setting:
Anytime N Anyplace but Antarctica.

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