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Character Portrait: Otto Corbett Belko-Azrik LW NCO
Character Portrait: The Modern Man An average Transhuman man. Nothing to see here.
Character Portrait: Siegfried Schtauffen Generalmajor of the Redwing House Guard, former lover of duchess Camille Redwing and rumored father of the late-empress.
Character Portrait: Cobra Commander The leader of the most maniacal Terrorist organization in the world! Cobra!!! COBRA!!!!!
Character Portrait: Sultan Burali Ottoman the Great Burali Ottoman the Great, the Wrathful, the Conquerer. Newly crowned highly expansionist Sultan, and the first to openly trade and affiliate with the Trantor.
Character Portrait: Techno Viking Techno Viking does not dance to the Music, the Music dances to Techno Viking.
Character Portrait: Sylvia Brenner Captain of the HIMIV Culminant, stationed in the Milky Way, cousin to Prince-Consort Erich Brenner.
Character Portrait: Nikita Zharkov Self-proclaimed prophet and leader of the Red Halo mercenaries, Zharkov bears the wounds inflicted by a Coalition bullet; the index and middle fingers of his left hand missing from a wound recieved in combat so many years ago.
Character Portrait: Matthias Rueger A psychic in the Landwachter, assigned to Terra to observe the happenings that transpire, and intervene if necessary.
Character Portrait: Ahash Shu An infantryman in the Guards of the Revolution, Ahash has come quite a way since his days under the Caliphs.
Character Portrait: Gamble-044 The merchant of the future! At least that's what it's supposed to be...
Character Portrait: Radegast 'Deep shall be raised to the highest seat, this realm shall tremble, and at my feet shall he rest power over these shattered territories.'
Character Portrait: Lydia Crow Another SIA Spy used to gather needed information or infiltrating into other companies, corporations, or factions on Terra.
Character Portrait: Josef Kampf Emperor of the Hegemony of Aligned Systems, the second coming of God - or so he seems.
Character Portrait: Elizabeth Peschke Azrican admiral of the Hegemony's Sternflotte
Character Portrait: Liese Redwing Duchess of House Dollmann, retired LW leader.
Character Portrait: Kane Roth An upstanding Knight, loyal follower of the code and constant boozehound.
Character Portrait: Laura Rosalind Where are your gods now?
Character Portrait: Lieutenant Michael Cook Lieutenant Michael Cook; War-Hawks Commanding Officer.
Character Portrait: Staff Sergeant Foreman Staff Sergeant Thomas Randall Foreman; War-Eagle Platoon, Delta Company.
Character Portrait: Aleksandra Varushka "Do you ever have dreams that make no sense, Major?"
Character Portrait: Skullstuski The ruler of Armageddon
Character Portrait: Vladimir Mamatov Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.
Character Portrait: Steel Erutin Former Second Dark, NCO and Baron of House Erutin, Thistle's twin.
Character Portrait: Marcus Sheffield A soldier haunted by his shortcomings.
Character Portrait: Otto Pfeiffer There hasn't been a night that I don't see their faces.
Character Portrait: Steven Solis A rising soldier in the ITDM, Solis has proven a loyal and capable pawn, but underneath his steely eyes and obedient expression lies ambition.
Character Portrait: Erich Brenner Belkan citizen, Reichspost worker, and devoted husband to Lady Thistle.
Character Portrait: Leopold Diesing Major Diesing, recently assigned as part of the diplomatic corps, is a tad more eloquent than his predecessor, but also a degree more fervent.
Character Portrait: Sommer Ehrt An inquisitor of the Hegemony's mysterious Ministry of the Interior, a woman renowned both for her cunning and zealotry.
Character Portrait: Ilya Stakhanov All men are equal, but some are more equal than others.
Character Portrait: Devrim bin Ziad al-Ev Premier of the Union, close ally of the Soviet State and 'father' of the Sadik.
Character Portrait: Annabelle Dollmann Daughter of the Imperial Archduchess and the Duke Dollmann, Annabelle is one of the LW's finest combat operatives and most renowned poster-children.
Character Portrait: Arthur Darlan Sergeant Darlan, a shining example of the 'New Terran Man' - a constructive, progressive, hard-working man. Every diamond, however, has flaws.
Character Portrait: The Nightwatch We stand vigilant in the darkness.
Character Portrait: Miroslav Salazar Terran liaison for the Imperial State.
Character Portrait: Walther Khon "Even they who have nothing can still give their lives for Him."
Character Portrait: Viktoria Kampf The daughter of Josef Kampf by his first wife, she is the regent of the Hegemony of Aligned Systems and a fervent zealot to the imperial cause.
Character Portrait: Craig Nichols Minister Nichols manages a great many of the domestic affairs in the Hegemony of Aligned Systems, and fights for a pure Hegemony despite rampant corruption.
Character Portrait: Alyssa Hofmann Director of Research and Primary Executive Officer of the Syndicate.
Character Portrait: Dust Erutin Prince-Regent of the Erutin Sphere in the Greater Imperial Hegemony, twin to Shine Erutin.
Character Portrait: The Seeker Forgotten, forlorn, fortold.