In need of a Fighting Game project plot

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In need of a Fighting Game project plot

Postby Jaybt9 on Tue Apr 12, 2011 2:10 pm

I'm doing a fighting game project on Youtube that was originally supposed to be a soundtrack, put people have been suggesting on me doing a m.u.g.e.n. type project on it.

So my biggest problem right now is the story, and I need big help with that.

I also need help with anyone who could write the whole plot, and involvement of characters.

If there's any questions, you can PM me.

Here is the YT page:

There's also another character I need help on. Her name is "Lorraine" Codename: "Viper". The person that "created" the character doesn't approve of hoe Viper is being used. As far as the design goes, that person and I are discussing that, but I need help with a story for that character.

This character will be a villain, by the way.
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Re: In need of a Fighting Game project plot

Postby Resurgam on Fri Apr 29, 2011 7:00 am

If you still need help with this, I'm always interested in challenging my writing skills. This project looks interesting. I'm not sure how much use I can be, but drop me a PM if you want to brainstorm some stuffs together.
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Usually what happens with fighting games is that a tournament is held to determine the strongest warrior(s) from an available pool, and the winner earns the right to go after an even more dangerous threat, who serves as the final boss. Of course, each playable character has their own motives for registering: Some are in it strictly for the money, others for the challenge, and others still might try their luck for justice, revenge, or any number of other reasons.

Anyway, a character like Lorraine with a codename likely works for a secretive organization, and her higher-ups have assigned her the task of winning the privilege of going after the boss (which might or might not have wronged the organization in the past) by winning the tournament. Or perhaps the organization is entirely mercenary in nature, and taking home that purse will win it the prestige it thinks it deserves.

Hope that helped.
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Re: In need of a Fighting Game project plot

Postby Sheoul on Mon Sep 19, 2011 5:00 am

I'd love to help however I can. I'd also like to ask if any of your songs could be used as an RP character's "theme song" cause this stuff is GOLDEN. (I rp fight a lot!)

However, how about...


Plot wise. Right. Okay. Codename viper.. Hmm.. Alright! So an elite deathsquad who have unparalleled martial arts skills have kidnapped the President and offer to release him only when their toughest members are defeated in combat. In response fighters from all over have decided to take up the challenge to beat the ever loving crap out of some bad guys.

There's a plot.
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I'd say just go with the Tournament thing. Fighting games aren't really known for their plot. Viper sounds like some kind of secret agent name, so maybe she could be some kind of undercover agent to spy on the tournament and steal the prize? (Btw, I love Feng Guan HuiZhang's theme :D)
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Re: In need of a Fighting Game project plot

Postby Jaybt9 on Wed Oct 12, 2011 5:14 pm

Well, I actually have a slightly better idea.

Instead of it being just a fighting game, it will be a beat-em-up game ala Final Fight.

I think the general idea I have is that there is a gang war going on in the city of New York, each gang has a leader, 2 playable supporters, and at least 1 optional assistant.

That's all I could really think of right now.

@Soulshaker-I know right. It's amazing.
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remember a day before 9/11, dick cheney(i believe) said that 2.something trillion dollar were gone from the treasury. lets say it was used for a supersoldier making lab. 70 years later the first supersoldiers begin rolling out. To test these a tournament is held.
the supersoldiers are given different powers(for different situations). the player can choose what speciality he wants(which means he will strong in let's say close quarter but weak in underwater combat). add a bunch of different locations, backstories and different modes and you are set.
some modes:
one on one: no explanation required, i believe.
team vs team:
gladiator: here the supersoldier is the gladiator and the mutants(failed experiments) are the enemies.
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Just as a precursory twopence, a tournament isn't the only way to approach a fighting game. That's the way Tekken does it every time, and if you go down that route your game is likely to simply be regarded as uninspired.

When you think about it, almost any story in which the characters fight each other can make a decent fighting game. Take Final Fantasy, for example. Final Fantasy stories are the most epic of the epic, with hours of meaningful character interaction and development; yet the battles are still fierce and fantastic. The game Dissidia altered the scope and made the storyline secondary to a dynamic, thrilling fighting system. Unfortunately it used the tournament schema, but that's beside the point.

The point is, you can create a fighting game using the characters from an actual interesting story. A character's epic journey simply "dumbed down," in a manner of speaking to each individual battle.

Dragon Ball Z fighting games are like this. Dragon Ball Z is sort of an extreme case, because literally the entire point of the show is people beating each other up, but it does have a storyline with dynamic and interesting characters who have relationships with each other. The games let you take their struggles into your own hands.

I'm at school so unfortunately I cannot have a look at the YouTube stuff yet, but I will keep thinking about this.

Perhaps an RP could explore possibilities for the storyline.

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Re: In need of a Fighting Game project plot

Postby viper45 on Wed May 09, 2012 9:30 pm

If there's code names involved, then there needs to be some kind of secret orginization. Maybe they decide to test their agents or something, but several agents are after the same target and they don't know about each other until they all get in a big fight. Obviously, a massive battle would ensue until only one is left to kill the original target.

Also, I approve of the code name 'Viper' =]
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Re: In need of a Fighting Game project plot

Postby Jaybt9 on Thu May 10, 2012 1:07 am

Well, the project's "storyline" is surely going to be revamped. Some music as well.

Not sure what to make of it without being "uninspired". Usually beat-em-ups are about a city involved in gang violence, while fighting games are usually about tournaments. It's pretty hard to make of it.

But the time setting is still modern, fashionable, while the genre of music is a range. Mostly Urban, and Underground with a dash of Electronica.

A little more focused on the characters rather than the story itself.
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