Real WorldAlexandra "Lexi" Taylor

Female 5

a character in “Baby Baby”, as played by Midnight's Work

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Alexandra "Lexi" Taylor

Female 5
17 years old
Lexi is...well, she's different. At times she can be nice and hyper, and possibly a little crazy. But then there are times when she can be sly, seductive, and mysterious. If she's out to do something, she wont give up, and she'll do what she has to to win.
What she looks for in a guy
She wants someone who catches her eye, and slightly irritates her, but in an addictive way. Someone who can confound her with words alone, and then leave her wanting more.
When Lexi was 15, her parents and younger brother died in a car accident. She was the only survivor, and she cried for a long time. She only came out of the house after her older brother Ty, forced her to come into the outside world. She's a little happier now, and she has friends, which makes it all easier.

So begins...

Alexandra "Lexi" Taylor's Story