Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Bioshock: Rapture Drowning Open

Set after the events in Bioshock 2, Rapture continues to crumble. How would a denizen survive? RP started; applications closed until further notice!

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Original idea by: prettyprettypistol.


Set just after the events in Bioshock 2, the Little Sisters are now next to none, with the whole of Rapture devolving into gangs, all struggling for dominance and ADAM. Splicing has taken a new turn, as the denizens invent new plasmids and tonics in their desperation.

Big Sisters still lurk, their motivations unknown, and the Big Daddies aren't as numerous as they were before.

A man, who calls himself the 'Candy Man' has been sending out radio signals on certain frequencies, to those who would listen. Here, you could say, is where our story begins...

Take the role of one of the denizens of Rapture, as a group of them are brought together to survive! Will they escape to the surface, or claim Rapture as their own?

GM: None. Trakezavanen will act as a pseudo moderator/GM.
His character is a clue-giver entity, similar to Atlas.

//A few generic notes and rules, gathered from the interest check forum: bioshock-t37588-40.html

Applications closed until further notice.
When submitting your character, post it in the OOC first, and then submit via the character tab. As there's no real moderator/GM, application functions by general consensus. In other words, if no one has any issues with your character, it'll be approved. Give it about a day for everyone to look at your character.

1: No God mode-ing, which applies everywhere really, and that means no 'My character adversely harms your character' posts. 'My character attempts to adversely harm your character' posts are good ones.

Feel free to create a plasmid/tonic of your own - but if they're ludicrously powerful it will be considered God mode-ing. Suggestion: If you want a really powerful plasmid, create a very bad side effect to counter it!

2: Any type of character that can be found in Rapture is playable (Splicers, Big Daddies, Big Sisters etc), but keep things sensible! Don't go creating a god-like character with supreme powers without a flaw! Ultimately, these kind of characters can get boring, and don't really contribute to the RP as they can do everything. Think of your fellow players; they want to have fun too!

*** A note on the Big Daddy characters: They should be incapable of speech, and should communicate via alternate means. Big daddies can resist *Hypnotize big daddy* if they have good willpower, though they will have mild mental strain for a short while. *Hypnotize big daddy +* can be resisted only to a short extent.

4: If you have too many gene tonics and plasmids, you become crazed. The more splicing, the more crazed.

5: Use only low caliber weapons while in the bridges connecting buildings. shotguns, launchers, trap bolts, and the sonic boom plasmid are a no go in there. It's only glass after all.

6: Combat functions by every player taking turns to create an 'encounter' where appropriate; meaning it's up to one player to set up what they are fighting. Then the other players will decide how it turns out. Remember about God mode-ing!

7: Not a rule, but a suggestion: Limiting IC posts to about 1-2 per day. It's so all the players would have the chance to participate (different lifestyles, timezones, work obligations, etc). If a player doesn't post within 24 hours, then their 'turn' is forfeited, and other people can continue posting.


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Green
Green played by uncast
A former scientist turned Bouncer, he successfully sabotaged the process to give himself limited awareness.
Character Portrait: James anderson anderson Splicer
Character Portrait: Malcolm Darrow A technician previously employed to create Big Daddies, now fighting to escape Rapture.
Character Portrait: Hope
Hope played by teegaroo
A little sister, don't judge her by her weakness and her need for protection from Big Sister Yena. She has a secret that only she is aware of and it's a secret that could result in her death if the wrong person found out about it.
Character Portrait: Reaver Alithar
Reaver Alithar played by Fraud
A splicer with a heart of gold. He has learned to control his ADAM addiction, but how well?
Character Portrait: Micheal Jenias Micheal is a Big daddy (Alpha series). He is looking for a way out of rapture.
Character Portrait: Mr Ducky Large Big Daddy with interchangable weapons.
Character Portrait: Sarah Qhuin She has the standard Little Sister look, except her eyes hold a malicious gilmmer.Bratty Little Sister
Character Portrait: Belinda Styles Reforming ADAM addict with a master plan and a vow to break free.
Character Portrait: Epsilon Defender of Rapture, this Big Daddy is part of the Defiant line and was tasked with protecting the city. Now with the city fallen, Epsilon is forced to choose his path.
Character Portrait: Hood.James.Faneaper A Miserable Acholic

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These poor, unfortunate souls were once a part of this great world, but have been abandoned. Why don't you consider viewing their profiles and making a decision on whether or not you can roleplay them accurately?

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[Discard.]: Areas that are no longer used, or destroyed.

0 posts[Discard.]

Areas that are no longer used, or destroyed.

Radio Transmittions: Everyone ignore my spelling error. Score one for me! I misspelled transmissions with transmittions. Don't use this area!

0 postsRadio Transmittions

Everyone ignore my spelling error. Score one for me! I misspelled transmissions with transmittions. Don't use this area!

Radio Transmissions: Since the 'Activity' panel displays posts from... everywhere, I'm making this 'area' mainly for the Candy Man. Check here for his transmissions!

2 postsRadio Transmissions Last Activity: 2010-03-23 08:44:34 »

Since the 'Activity' panel displays posts from... everywhere, I'm making this 'area' mainly for the Candy Man. Check here for his transmissions!

Bioshock: General areas of Rapture. Post here if the RP is in nowhere specific!

120 postsBioshock Last Activity: 2010-09-13 16:14:57 »

General areas of Rapture. Post here if the RP is in nowhere specific!

Character starting areas: Not a specific area; just a place(s) for us to 'begin' our characters.

18 postsCharacter starting areas Last Activity: 2010-04-06 09:03:03 »

Not a specific area; just a place(s) for us to 'begin' our characters.

Apollo Square: Apollo Square.

0 postsApollo Square

Apollo Square.

Medical Pavilion: The Medical Pavilion; Steinman's office is located here too.

9 postsMedical Pavilion Last Activity: 2010-03-29 01:25:17 »

The Medical Pavilion; Steinman's office is located here too.

The Ryan Retreat: The Ryan Retreat.

2 postsThe Ryan Retreat Last Activity: 2010-03-18 04:18:38 »

The Ryan Retreat.

Pauper's Drop: Pauper's Drop

2 postsPauper's Drop Last Activity: 2010-05-27 08:40:34 »

Pauper's Drop

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OOC Notes

Setting: Bioshock2010-09-01 16:49:37, as written by at0micb0mb123
One started shooting at James maniacally. James dove to the ground avoiding any of the coming bullets.
"Hey, fight fair!" James said mockingly. Just then the splicer was going to try the risky mode of gun-butting him. As the splicer approached James, he swung the machete cutting through his stomach making all the guts come out rapidly.

Just then the incoming splicers stopped. Complete silence. No more splicers, no more battle. James looked around making sure he wouldn't get jumped by something else coming his way.
James looked at the Big Daddy that was in the fight. "Friend or foe?" James asked the group.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Bioshock2010-09-13 01:59:29, as written by Conquerer_Man

As the fight died down, Epsilon began to use his machine gun more as the splicers fled, opening them selves up to the heavy fire shooting out of his right arm. Eventually every thing was quiet and the only noise was Epsilon's guns whirring down. When the question was asked, "friend or foe?", Epsilon was not sure how to respond. They could be his foes but they had aided him in fighting off the splicer horde. They could be possible friends, but he did not know their motives. He turned to take them in, his soft white light from his porthole casting a haze of light over the group before him. Unlike Big Daddies, the Defiant class of Protectors had not been given color coded light-emitting goo in their suits but a one that gave off a steady stream of white light used to navigate the darker parts of the surrounding sea floor.

"I. Do not. Know. Perhaps. Niether," a piece meal voice collabertion of various archived radio broadcasts and tapes played over the local P.A. system.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Bioshock2010-09-13 16:14:57, as written by at0micb0mb123
"Alright, I geuss we are friends." James said. James looked at this Big Daddy, there seemed to be something different about him, was it his white light? Well he didn't seem like an enemy so in a quick instance James holstered his machete and pistol, and put his arms to his side, showing that he didn't want a fight.

Bioshock: Rapture Drowning: Out Of Character (OOC)

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Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Okay, as I have said before, pertaining that I will create a Bioshock Rp, but at the time was not able to. Now I am and want all who have participated in Rapture Drowning to join. So far I've only got the Interest check up but hopefully I will get the Rp tab up soon once I see interest in it.

On a note, I've already sent some of you pms but for those I did not I still invite you all to join and you characters will be given an instant approval. *well almost instant, I still want to check them out and double check they'll still be applicable to mine.*

Here's the interest check: are-rapture-t50903.html

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: RD Locations

Oops, forgot to add one

This is a major one for my person

Location: Sullivan Security

LWL: Security Checkpoint, Security Center, Armory, Emergency Bed Rooms, Bathysphere Chamber, Submarine Pen (currently Empty)


Re: [OOC] Bioshock: RD Locations

Location: Orion Mall

Locations within Location: Twilight Plaza, Alley, Bathysphere chamber, Plasmids R Us, Gun Store, Alice's Supply and Tool Store

Location: Neptune Suites (yes, from Bioshock 1)

Locations within location: Tyler Rex's (T-Rex) Suite, Tennanbaums Suite, lobby, elevator, T-Rex's secret room (Optional), Bathysphere Chamber.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Nah, shouldn't be. Atomic's got his so it starts before the whole series and then jumps to just before BS2, so I don't think it'll be much of a problem.

BTW, here's the link for Atomic's BS:BotE. roleplay/bioshock-beginning-of-the-end/

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Aw, shame about the RP being dead. And thanks. >W< Heh, I haven't played the second one yet... I hope that won't be a problem. :C

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Actually Wiremouth, we've hit a particularly lealth slump in posting. In short, this rp is dead right now. Atomic started a new one and I'll send him a message to see if he sent you a pm to join that one. So, feel free to jot on over to the new one when you get can.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Heya! I'm new on this site and was just wondering what the deal was with the Bioshock RP? I just finished the first game and I've been looking around for an active roleplay. 8D
Sorry if I'm intruding! You probably already have plenty of players.. :''D

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

No worries, I can wait. Take what ever time you need.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Hey, guys I'll get to it. I just have to go to a funeral for a day.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Alright I'll start making it, then send all of you a PM. Sound good?

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Sounds cool, I'll wait for a link and then I'll get my char sheet up. It might be a strait port but it might not be. I'm not sure at the moment.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Alright guys, I will make the Bioshock roleplay.
Here's the background: The story starts in 1959 at the Kashmiere Resturant, agent Brian Davidson (me)
and another agent Gabrielle Jackson (Death101) are to hunt down and kill Atlas and Ryan in order to bring peace to Rapture. Of course the assassination goes wrong and the two have to into hiding. During the whole time you guys are free to do whatever you want. Then we fast foward to 1968 once everyone agrees to this, and we basicly have our story of escape, betrayel, and survival from there on.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Don't worry Teegaroo, you'll get a pm too.

But on the topic of Bioshock Infinite, Atomic pretty much hit the nail on the head. Columbia was a city built by America to show case American expectionalism and then sent over seas on a round-the-world diplomatic voyage similar to Great White fleet. The only probelm was that the city was armed to the teeth and was practicly a floating death star. The other countries didn't like that very much, it kind of was like America was saying "We're Beyond You". Blah blah blah, a few years laters and a falling out with Washington, the city disappears and goes rogue and you play a Pinkerton agent tasked with resquing this one chick and blah blah blah. It's going to be great though, I can't wait.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Basicly it's not Bioshock 3 it is pretty much a prequel to the Bioshock series. Called Bioshock Infinite. It takes place in 1912 MANY years before Rapture, It is on the floating city of Columbia, a place free from illiegal aliens it is strictly American only, anyone who is not American will "be made an example of" in front of the population.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Don't forget me, I wouldn't mind being pm'd / invited too =] in another topic uhm bioshock 3 in the sky? Has anyone else heard that? My friend told me and I googled it but nothing looked official. Any ideas?

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

I might start something, but no one joins the rp's I start. If I do start one I'll invite all of you.
I need to think up a story....

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

Don't worry Doom, I didn't forget you. You'll get a PM as well.

Also on the subject of creating a new Bioshock Rp, I'll be able to do it but not with in the next few weeks or even maybe a month. If we want to get a new one started right away, some one else will have to do it them selfs. For sure though I will be joining regardless as well as helping out in what ever administrative duties need to be done (much like what I've done for Rapture Drowning, sending Pms and making sure people are still interested). That way who ever is GM of the next one can focus on plot/story creation and other more important things.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

This is obviously finished. We should start a new one.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

I'm waiting for something to happen.

Re: [OOC] Bioshock: Rapture Drowning

You'll send me one right? Just wanna make sure Im in aswell.