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Working for a living....Working for a life.

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Lora Crossley


Brief Appearance:She has red hair that is naturally straight, that falls just below her shoulder. She has light blue eyes. She is 5'4 and weighs approximately 110lbs, and though she is twenty, she looks much younger.

Gender: Female
Age: 20

Personality:Lora is a shy and timid girl, and is very quiet. She tries her hardest to stay out of trouble. She is easily scared. She has a fear of fire, as her family died in one when her house was burned down, when the vampires first invaded. She is very sensitive and emotional, and can get easily attached to some-one, or something. She can take a while to make her mind up, and hates making on the spot or rash decisions. She has a tendancy to worry too much and over-think things.


History:She lived with her parents, Susan and Vince and her brother, Eoin, in a small village. During the war, their house was burned down, and her parents and brother were presumed dead, when in reality, her brother survived and joined The Last Hope, and changed his name to Edan Gracio. She was taken as a slave and has lived in the castle ever since.

Other: She always wears a locket, which can be opened up to reveal a watch, around her neck.

So begins...

Lora Crossley's Story

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OOC Notes

Setting: Temana2012-02-27 17:15:15, as written by Fiery-Temper
Lora Crossley

Lora Crossley woke up in a small, hard bed in the servants quarters. Or rather, slaves quarters. She hopped up from the springy mattress. She brushed her light red hair and dressed herself in a dress with an apron attached. She then headed into the kitchento prepare breakfast -Human sausages, eggs and pancakes with blood topping. Just looking at it made her feel sick. She then dusted the kitchen and hoovered the sitting room, trying to make little noise. Vampires can be very grumpy if they are woken up.
Edan Gracio

Edan woke up in an uncomfortably small bed in a cave. He gave a massive stretch and got dressed into a black top top and a pair of tracksuit bottoms. The only furniture in the room was a lumpy armchair, the small bed, a wooden coffee table and a chest of drawers. He grabbed his gun from on top of the chest of drawers and slipped it into his belt, before leaving his 'bedroom'.

"G'morning, Edan," a man with slick black hair approached him. "Cable," Edan nodded. "We're doing an expedition, just a bunch of the recruiters, you wanna tag along?" Cable asked. Edan groaned. "Not another spying expedition again is it? Those are so boring," he moaned. Cable laughed. "Yup. You in?" Edan shrugged. "I've nothing better to do, so, what the heck, why not?"

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OOC Notes

Setting: Temana2012-03-01 17:41:30, as written by Fiery-Temper
Edan Gracio

"You were gonna' kill her anyway. I just made it quicker," Edan spat, trying to ignore the fact that the vampire was drinking from the girl. Just then, Cable and Jerry sped around the corner. "We came...as fast...as...we could," panted Jerry. Then he looked up at the roof. "Oh, look! That's the vampire we were f-" "Shut up, Jerry," Cable growled. "Well, this is interesting," the vampire said. Jerry gave a small shriek and stepped behind Cable. "For Gods Sake, Jerry!" Cable barked. "What the hell are you guys doing here?" Edan asked. "What are you doing here?" Cable replied. "You had specific orders!" Edan rolled his eyes and stepped back so that the two vampires were in view.
Lora Crossley

Lora approached the door cautiously. Why am I doing this again? she thought to herself. I shouldn't leave. Who knows what the consequences will be? Lora stopped with her hand on the doorknob. I have to toughen up. she thought, but she still didn't move. Aww, who am I kidding, I'm a wimp! It was Matt that was the brave one. Lora released the doorknob and sat down, back against the door.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Temana2012-03-09 18:59:34, as written by Fiery-Temper
Lora Crossley

"Y-You called, master?" Lora stammered, walking into the room where Prince Chase sat. Suddenly, a swarm of bats flies through the window and forms the shape of Prince Nicholas. Lora gave a squeal of surprise and jumped back, before she realized who it was and gave a small bow. Prince Nicholas didn't seem to notice her. "Ah, your fangs are longer than usual. Hungry?" he commented. "You know, if you got their earlier, you could of drank from the girl I killed. But that's not you. You're always tardy for everything." He gave a small chuckle, and Lora walked backwards slowly, trying not to be noticed.
Edan Gracio

"That was...eventful."
"This is all your fault!"
"What?! How the hell is it my fault?"
"If you had followed orders, we wouldn't have been in that mess!"
Edan rolled his eyes. They were walking towards the butchers, where they knew there was a tunnel to the underground. "You can't order me. I'm not a recruiter, I'm a fighter, remember?" Edan pointed out. "Not a very good one," Jerry muttered. Edan glared at him. They entered the butchers and the smell of the dead overwhelmed them. Edan nodded at Kathy. They began down the tunnels, when Jerry stopped. "What?" Cable asked impatiently. "We forgot about Lucifer!" Jerry exclaimed. Edan cursed and headed back up the tunnel, the other two close behind.