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Name: Naoya Mikazuki

Age: 17

Race: Neko

Appearance (picture):


Appearance (written):

Naoya is very small and thin for his age, almost starved looking. He is also very pale and tired looking most of the time. Under his clothing, he is heavily scarred, due to years of abuse, which is also the reason for his size. His face is dominated by a pair of large dark violet eyes (the pupils of which go into slits when angry or scared, but look more 'human' any other time.), contrasting sharply with his black hair, which is quite long, giving him an almost feral appearance. Yet despite this, he also has a kind of lost and scared look about him as well. He doesn't pay much attention to his clothing, only concerned about whether it covers the scars and bruises, but most of what he wears is far too big for him, due to his small size.
Like Sora (and most hybrids), he tends to move on the balls of his feet (even when wearing normal shoes), although he favours walking upright, rather than on all fours, though he can do that if neccessary. His movements are very fluid and have an odd sort of grace to them, due to his feline characteristics. His hands are slim, with long fingers, but his nails are also very long and sharp, and extend into claws when he feels threatened.

Student?: Yes, but his attendance isn't that great, and he has a lot of trouble with school (reading, writing, etc) because of this.

Class: 2-1

- drawing
- music (though he doesn't actually know how to play it, he respects those who do)
- being on his own and out of everyone's way.
- Anything to do with ribbons or ribbon-like objects, such as bits of string, etc (they amuse him. Very cute to watch).

- loud/high pitched noises
- Thunderstorms/Fireworks
- Physical contact of any kind, whether he gives permission or not (not that he would give it, but anyway...)
- Small, enclosed spaces.
- Rain/deep water (as he can't swim)

Personality: very quiet, tends to shy away from social situations. Does not trust people easily, and even when he does, tends not to say much. Is scared of physical contact, due to the abuse he has suffered, and tends to cringe away when anyone comes near him. Any sudden contact triggers a fight reaction, and he would normally lash out at the person.
He also suffers from horrific nightmares/ hallucinations/ flashbacks/ whatever else you want to call it, which are difficult for him to wake up from. The main triggers for these nightmares, which can strike at any time after the trigger, are: blood (sight or smell), loud noises, physical contact (or even the threat of contact, such as someone coming too close to him.) The physical contact thing is his main trigger though. After he has eventually 'woke up' from the nightmare/flashback, he doesn't remember anything that happened during it, and will not be aware if he had hurt someone while in that state.
He hates this part of him, but also is scared of it, since he can't control when or why it happens.
When not in this state however, he is a very kind and sweet individual, and deeply cares about the few people that he can learn to trust. It might take a while, but once you have gained his trust, he is very protective and would never let anything happen to you, even if he doesn't trust himself to be around you and feels that he can only protect you from a safe distance.

Background: Naoya was born to quite a poor family, his father a human and his mother a Neko. On the night of his fourth birthday, he and his parents had been out to eat, and on their way home they were attacked by a group of humans. His father yelled for them to run, but Naoya and his mother didn't get the chance before his father was shot in the head. The humans then turned on Naoya and his mother, killing the woman and injuring Naoya in the process. They were about to finish the job, when Naoya looked up from his mother's body, and something about the way he looked at them made them stop. That and the fact that they didn't expect that a child that young could survive on the streets anyway, especially when injured.
He lived on the streets for a few years, until he was ten years old. Then came the worst part of his life.
He was taken from the streets by an older man, who claimed he would look after Naoya, but instead spent the next seven years brutally abusing the young Neko, forcing him to live in fear for his life. Sometimes the man invited friends over, and those were the days Naoya dreaded more than anything, since that usually meant that it wasn't just physical abuse that would be involved. His 'life' continued like that until very recently, when the man suffered a massive heart attack. Naoya was badly injured at the time, and so was too weak to go get help, leaving him in the house with the body for the next few days, until people got worried and came over to check. They found Naoya with the body, and cleared out the house the next day. They cleared Naoya out along with the house, not caring that he would have no place to go now.

Guardian: None, since his abuser took him in unnofficially, and Naoya was never registered under the Guardianship programme.

Crush: None.

So begins...

Naoya Mikazuki's Story

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OOC Notes

Setting: Inaba, Japan2012-03-05 15:19:05, as written by BekaL101
Naoya woke with a start, his body tensed. The way he was breathing, one would assume he had just been running. He hadn't though, he had just had another nightmare. One he had experienced so many times, but never failed to affect him this way. He slowly uncurled himself from his position against the wall, his tail unwinding from around his waist.
He shivered, he had yet to get used to sleeping on the streets again. As much as he had hated his 'guardian', at least it was a house, and he occasionally got to sleep in a bed. Now...well, things were different.

Standing up, he checked that his clothes weren't too scruffy looking, and after deciding that they would do for now, picked up his bag, and left the alleyway. He would need to find another place to sleep later on, after school.

School. That would be difficult. Not only hiding his scars, but his utter lack of skills. He was seventeen, yet he had the reading and writing ability of a young child. Then again, it was hardly surprising, considering that he had barely been in school over the past few years, and the first time he had actually been in a classroom was when he had been eleven years old. Not the best environment for ensuring a good education.

His battered body protested as he walked, yet despite this, his movments had an odd sort of catlike grace to them. No surprise, he was a Neko, after all.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Inaba, Japan2012-03-08 17:04:49, as written by BekaL101
"What you think you're doing?", the angry voice startled Naoya, and he hastily grabbed the food in front of him, just a few plain rolls and, basically ran like hell.
Damn...I'm not used to this, like I was., he thought as he ran, and a quick glance behind him revealed that the stall owner was chasing him.
"Ah, crap", he muttered, stuffing the rolls in his pockets and switching to all fours. He didn't like doing this, but he was faster this way. Which was the main thing in the end, if he wanted to get away.

Good thing he knew the city pretty well, though it had changed a bit since he was last a street kid. He knew the way to the park well enough though, so that's where he went, taking a short cut over a couple of wire fences in the alleyways. Sometimes it was useful being a Neko.

Skidding to a stop at the foot of a tree, he began to climb, hoping to hide there for now, even though the guy chasing him had probably given up at the fences. Once he was high enough he took his 'breakfast' out of his pocket and started on it. From here he had a good view of anyone in the park, while also makng sure he himself was hidden. A good thing either way, really.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Inaba, Japan2012-03-12 23:08:21, as written by Sora112112
Sora followed Ana out of the house, content with her belief that they had everything. Once outside, Sora paused to lock the door without the sole key that he had been entrusted with. Pleased that I was locked Sora returned the key to his pocket.

He watched Ana begin to drop the pieces of scone behind them, curious, but unquestioning of, this behaviour.

Sora, why do you wear those goggles? You never go without them,

Unaware that she had only voiced the question accidentally, he thought of how to reply, "They...belonged to a...friend. Someone who taught me some of what I know..."

He felt a small twinge of sorrow when his eyes returned to Ana. They both seemed to be scanning the park, though it was for different reasons. Sora was both thinking to his past, and how many nights he had spent under one of the trees that were dotted around. The other purpose for his wandering eyes was that he needed to be on the lookout for anything suspicious, anything that stood out, A human girl walking with a Hyrid definetly stood out.
This wasn't as true as in the past, due to the Guardianship thing. No more liked though.

The sound of paniced wings snapped Sora from his patrol, and him into a brief defensive mode, which quickly faded when he seen the Neko hidden in the tree. If Sora had to describe how the boy "attacked" the rolls in word, the word would definitely be "desperate". As someone who now what it was like to be in a similar position he offered a silent condolence.

Bonjour monsieur! Are you having fun up there?

Unsure whether Ana couldn't see the ears, or just didn't care. An optimist would assume the former. Sora wasn't quite as optimistic as he once was, so he leaned to the latter. He didn't quite know how the boy was bound to react, so he prepared for a possibly violent reaction.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Inaba, Japan2012-03-13 14:05:03, as written by BekaL101
"Bonjour monsieur! Are you having fun up there?"

Naoya had been partially daydreaming, and so the new voice startled him, and he looked down to the ground.
A human? Why did...and the Kitsune? Why's he here? Naoya's thoughts were going a hundred miles and hour, then it suddenly clicked. That Guardian thing, right? That's why they're together. he thought, his surprised expression turning into one of curiosity, though his ears twitched, showing his apprehension. It was only a slight movement though, unlikely to be noticed by the human, though the Kitsune would probably be able to tell that Naoya was unsure of the situation.

"Who...who are you? What do you want?", he asked uncertainly, not really used to talking to people. The girl seemed nice enough, but Naoya had learned from experience that trusting someone right away was always a bad idea. The Kitsune though? He was a Hybrid, he would understand, right? From the looks of him, he had been in a similar situation to himself. the redhead was still pretty intimidating though...

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OOC Notes

Setting: Inaba, Japan2012-03-13 19:45:04, as written by RainWish
Anastasia smiled up to Naoya, her innocent and naive eyes ignorant to the discomfort he felt. Although she was shy, she did not know the pain that sudden meetings had brought to the neko in the past, especially the fact the most of the pain had come from humans. She attempted to clasp her hands together in her natural gesture but found the task difficult as she still held three-fourths of a scone. Rather, she settled to hold the wrist of her opposite hand behind her back.

"Quoi? Oh, I am Anastasia Julietta De'Lorin," she said, bobbing slightly in a curtsy. "I no want anything but to say Bonjour! Oh, I mean Allo! Oh, that not right either. . . " Anastasia frowned, her mind searching for the term. "Oui! I just wanted to say hello! That's right, no Sora?" she asked, turning to the kitsune and hoping that she had finally managed to speak in the native language.

Anastasia smiled to Naoya in reassurance, her eyes lighting up as she saw his ears for the first time. "Ah! You are like Sora, no? A kitsune? I was wondering how you got up le arbr-- tree," she said, correcting her language as she blushed softly. "Oh, I am no good in Japanese yet, I am, eh, new here," she admitted softly, looking to the ground and she stumbled over her tongue.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Inaba, Japan2012-03-14 19:57:25, as written by BekaL101
Naoya's head tilted, slightly confused at the girl, 'Anastasia', and her jumbled up speech. Her accent was the main problem for him, it wasn't something he was familar with. Though he assumed she was European. At the very least, though he couldn't narrow it down any further than that.

"Ah! You are like Sora, no? A kitsune? I was wondering how you got up le arbr-- tree. Oh, I am no good in Japanese yet, I am, eh, new here, " Anastasia said, obviously flustered, and Naoya almost laughed. Almost. It was obvious she wasn't from here, if she couldn't tell the difference between a Kitsune and a Neko.

"No...Not a Kitsune...A Neko...", he corrected her, hesitantly climbing down a few branches, so he was still above the odd pair, but at least he could talk to them better.
"And it's okay. I could tell...Don't worry about it.", he continued, trying to reassure the girl. The last thing he wanted was to scare her. To tell the truth, he was more scared of them, as weird and pathetic as that sounded. The Kitsune especially, Naoya was unsure about the redhead. The blonde human? She didn't look like she could harm him, but you could never tell. Some of HIS friends had looked just as innocent to start with...

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OOC Notes

Setting: Inaba, Japan2012-03-15 10:32:42, as written by Sora112112
Sora watched as the Neko climbed down a few branches, and closer to him and Ana. He was trying his best to appear as non-threatening as possible, while still remaining on guard. So far he only seemed to be able to do one or the other, so he was probably a sight for scared eyes to the boy in the tree.

Sora was also trying to get his mind around the fact that Ana couldn't tell the difference between a Neko and a Kitsune. She must not have realised 'Hybrid' was the name for all, and 'Kitsune' and 'Neko' were names for each of the different animals that they matched. Sora couldn't get his mind around someone not being able to tell them apart, because, having grown up as, and around, one.

Thankfully, the Neko corrected Ana in a way that made sense, rather Sora attempting to explain in his way. He probably would have attempted to explain the difference, and only have confused her more. Sora looked to the Neko, "Name's Sora, you?" He said, to save Ana attempting to splutter the question.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Inaba, Japan2012-03-21 22:41:44, as written by Sora112112
Are these two freaks messing with you? Hey, Goldilocks! Are these two freaks in your way? Wanna some help with them?

Shit. Was looking for out of the ordinary, forgot the all to ordinary.

He had been warned by Ana's father to look for something, someone, that didn't fit with the local area. That's what he had been focused on. So much so, that he failed to notice the more obvious threat that was now on top of them. He didn't even wonder why Naoya didn't notice them. In fact Naoya was forced out of the front of Sora's mind, where he was previously. Now his only focus was Ana's safety. A focus that wasn't off to a great start.

Non, non. They are mi friends. We go to school. You go too?

Not her fault, sheltered. Innocent. More or less fresh off the plane, plucked clean outta the countryside. Still sees light in the world.

He could feel the situation crashing downhill. Fast. When the clear leader of the boys grabbed Ana's arm, the countdown to Sora's action began. He started planning. Biding time. Preparing. A small fry moved towards him, but the world might have been moving in slow motion around him.

The one that had been 'sic'd' on him advanced towards Sora, with a wide right hook. Rather than attack, and risk the leader hurting Ana, Sora needed a different approach. A deadlier one.

Grabbing the arm of the boy who was attacking him, he twisted the same arm back. Once he was sure that he had a tight grip, he reached to the boy's neck, and placed his fingernails against it. (They were essentially claws, and his victim knew it.)

"I have your attention?" He began tapping one finger, "Good..." A vicious smile played on his lips as he acted much more evil than he could ever be. Though, he had a feeling that the boys weren't the only ones that his deranged look was scaring, but he could explain. Or something. He was kept alive to kept Ana safe. That was priority one through five, at least.