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An evil influence has seeped into to the Labyrinth’s boarders; a dark Sorceress known as Ariadne who has somehow gained control of the nomadic Junk People of the Arid Flats and is nursing a Civil War within the Goblin Kingdom.

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Note: Years ago a good friend of mine started this story on another site. It was a raging success and so with her permission I am resurrecting the interactive story here.


We're all familiar with Sarah William's adventures in the underground. Now it's time to tell yours.

Currently I am offering three separate but related main plot lines set in three different settings. Game play will be a little different in each of them with the possibility of cross-over.

The Above: BOSTON

On the surface everything seems perfectly average in Boston and the realm of magic seems restricted to children's books, fantasy films and TV, and the occasional well orchestrated illusion made with smoke machines and mirrors. Sure, every now and again something weird seems to happen. Like that time you put your coffee cup down only to turn around and find it missing. Or the time you had to finally put great grandma Bessy in the nursing home because she kept insisting that little people were living the walls of her house and stealing her jewelery.

Maybe things are more subtle than that. Like the time your mom instinctively seemed to know every time somebody hurt your feelings even when you never said anything. Or the time your older sister Mary Jean was told by the kindly lady down the street that her unborn child would not only be a boy but also have blue eyes and a fondness for strawberry jelly...On EVERYTHING.

Lucky guesses, random chance, coincidence?

There's no such thing as ghouls and fairies, witches and sorcery. And there is certainly no such thing as real magic. Right?


(Those interested in playing in the setting of Boston will have characters that on the surface don't seem extraordinary. Maybe they don't believe in magic or maybe they do and no one else seems to agree. The truth of the matter is that while the Above World has certainly developed and told us not to believe in such things; magic does still exist in our world if you know how to see it and you pay really close attention.)

The Above: EUROPE

The Europe setting is similar to that of Boston but is told from the perspective of the magically inclined who know perfectly well that other worlds exist and the Above world still maintains some connection to the world of Fairy. Many of the characters in this setting were either born in the Underground and crossed over to live in our world or are individuals with indirect magical ties. Some know about magic but have never seen the Underground while others seem to live in both worlds easily...Or not so easily.

The Underground: The Labyrinth and Beyond

The idea here is that somehow someway you've landed yourself in the Labyrinth/Underground. Whether you started out in the Underground and are just trying to live your life or you somehow landed yourself there unwittingly for one reason or another...The point is your stuck dealing with the Labyrinth or another place in the Underground and it’s various oddities and people.

There will be an ever adapting major plot line running at all times as a guide.

You are undoubtedly destined to play some kind of part in the greater outcome of the Labyrinth's plight. Its up to you whose side you'll take or if you'll be taking sides at all. Whatever your character's investment or purpose for being in the underground, one thing is certain. Great adventures are to be had!

(This setting is the core of this RP. All events in the other setting will correspond to the events happening in the underground as they are all connected. Please inquire Via PM if you would like further information.)


Note- Please read all the informational OOC threads before submitting an application.


*Please inquire with the GM if interested.

-Hoggle the Dwarf
-Sir Didymus
-Meridine (Sarah's oldest daughter)


Required application Information:

Character Name:

Occupation (if applicable):

Age they appear and/or are:

Physical Description:



Magical Ability (if any):


Race and or species grouping:

Personality strengths: (Pick a few and describe in single words. These should help characters who want to become Knights.)

Personal weakness: (Traits that hinder the characters abilities to uphold the expectations of Knighthood.)

Possessions: (For example Sir Didymus carries a scepter on his person just as hoggle carries his various 'Jewels')

Technical Skills: (such as alchemy, botany, medicine, archery, fencing, logic, or magic.)

Motivation: (Why does your character want to be a knight?)

Quote: (Your character quote is meant to define your characters general philosophy as a knight and can be as abstract or as specific as you like)

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Character Portrait: Jareth the Goblin King Jareth the Goblin King
Character Portrait: The Dark Sorceress Lady Ariadne Lady Ariadne (NPC, Adoptable)
Character Portrait: Tithe Razlyn Servant
Character Portrait: Hoggle the Dwarf Hoggle. Not to be confused with Hoghead or Hogwart. (NPC, Adoptable)
Character Portrait: Sarah
Sarah played by CassilineVow
Sarah Ethden. The woman who was. (NPC)
Character Portrait: Alabaster Sweets Evil with a top hat. (NPC)
Character Portrait: Toby Williams The half brother.
Character Portrait: Eva Brooks
Eva Brooks played by Essa
Isn't careful with what she wishes for.
Character Portrait: Crysta Ethden The one who knows.
Character Portrait: Faen Diavolos A man of opposites.

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These poor, unfortunate souls were once a part of this great world, but have been abandoned. Why don't you consider viewing their profiles and making a decision on whether or not you can roleplay them accurately?

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Enter the Maze.



Ew. Smell bad!

THE ARID FLATS: I was looking for something. What was it?

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I was looking for something. What was it?

THE ENCHANTED FOREST: Enter the wilds.

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Enter the wilds.

The Labyrinth Universe: None
BOSTON: The "real" World

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The "real" World

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OOC Notes

Setting: BOSTON2010-06-28 05:40:16, as written by CassilineVow
After surviving the invasion of his sister who eventually left for work. Toby went about with his house keep because...Well there wasn't alot else to be done. Most of his friends still had to ship his file to him and although Toby could have always started looking for work or a new car he was still keen on treating his first week back in Boston as if he were on vacation. There were always chores to be done however and Toby had come home from Europe with a whole suitcase of dirty cloths not including what he'd been wearing the last three days.

Therefore the laundry was certainly due to be done.

Gathering up his cloths from the last few days along with his suitcase, Toby tromped down to the basement to put his soiled things in the wash. That was the thing about being back in the states, most homes had the washer and dryer located in the basements instead of the main floor. As Toby casually started hauling things into the washer the two envelopes that had been addressed to his neighbor happened to fall out of the pocket he'd forgotten them in.

"Oops. I forgot about you." Toby mutter as he scratched behind one ear."

The next thing he did once his laundry was loaded was to pick up the letters and head out the door. Not ensuring they got where they belonged would have made Toby feel like as arse since he personally hated not getting his mail on time. Briskly walking up the front porch the young man knocked soundly on the door and began to wait. While he would have done just as well to leave the mail in the mailbox Toby wanted to hand the letters over directly and apologize for not binging them sooner.

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OOC Notes

Setting: BOSTON2010-08-22 19:38:24, as written by Essa
Rodney closed the book, he couldn't quite follow the words. Fairies, goblins, magic...he enjoyed reading, but not children's make believe stories. He lifted himself off of the old, handmade quilt his bed was covered with, and returned the book back to it's rightful place.

Humming a tune as he lightly skipped down the steps, Rodney decided to make himself something to eat. Surely Eva wouldn't mind, and it wasn't like he was a stranger in the house. He stuck his head in the fridge, and grabbed out some supplies to make a sandwhich. It didn't take him long to make, and soon enough he was resting against the green counter and shoving food into his mouth. He breathed in through his nose deeply, the house was unusally quiet. And he suddenly missed the old stories, songs and voice of the old woman who meant a lot to his best friend. He swallowed, and bowed his head in respect and let memories of old begin to wash over him.

A knock of the front door brought Rodney out of his thoughts, and he snapped his head in it's direction. "Um..." He said, looking around, trying to decide if he should get it or not. It was then that he realized that he was making whoever was at the door wait longer than theys should, and he set his food done and rushed to the door.

He opened it awkwardly, and placed a smile on his face. 'Hello, what can I help you with?" He said, quickly and quietly observing the man, wondering if he knew Eva. Thinking of the women, he realized she should've been home by now. He held in a frustrated groan and looked back to the man before him.

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OOC Notes

Setting: The Labyrinth Universe2010-08-22 19:54:02, as written by Essa
Eva followed Jareth out of the house, and looked back in time to watch the steps and door fade from existance. A small smirk appeared on her face as she watched the magic become undone. It looked as if nothing had ever been there, the blades of grass even standing tall and erect where the life-like illusion had been just moments before.

She was quiet and didn't inturrupt Jareth when he was speaking with her, she could hear the sincerity in his voice and she knew this wasn't an everyday occurence. She nodded here and there, where she agreed with him or showing that she understood. Eva breathed the air in deeply, and noticed they were nearing the edge of the lawn. She saw that Jareth had stopped, and she turned to him.

At first she noticed the gloves, even the slightest clothing change she managed to catch still amused her. However when the crystal was produced her amusement changed to awe at the sight. It may have been simple enough to the magic folk there, but Eva was still new to this and probably looked like a young child on her birthday with her face lit up like it was. She grinned, and carefully took the crystal from Jareth. She observed it quietly, and repeated the images in her head of how to activate it.

"Thank you Jareth." She looked up at him with a smile on her face, then back to the edge of the hedge.

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OOC Notes

In spite of his injury Jareth's pace was quick and purposeful as he began to lead them through the various twists and turns of the great maze. Where most people, even those who called the maze their home, had to stop now and again to check there bearings; Jareth seemed to maneuver the maze with an almost instinctual ease which occasionally put a fair amount of distance between them at times. It was clear Jareth was not accustomed to people tailing him and every now and then he would come to an abrupt stop and wait for Eva to catch up with him or back track to ensure she hadn't gotten lost. All of this, he did in abject silence with the exception of an occasional grunt.

Yet Jareth couldn't ignore the fact that he was injured and after an hour or so his focus did start to break down and his pace began to slow. Not alot, but enough to notice.

"Well have to stop if only for a little while." Jareth finally remarked as they approached a part of the maze that was less stone and more hedge. "Were about to enter a more dangerous part of the Labyrinth and I don't dare take you through it unless I'm better rested. We’re in a good place though. Another few hours and we should be able to cut around the long way to the part of the maze that boarder the enchanted forest. There’s a shorter way but it requires us to walk through a part of the Arid Flats and THAT is certainly somewhere we’d do best so completely avoid. Damn this shoulder! I should have known better than to turn my back before that harpy witch fully left my sight. And now I have no idea what’s going on in my own kingdom or who might be lurking at our heels. It’s bloody infuriating.”

Jareth sighed and tried to mentally center himself. It did little good to moan about his errors in judgment now and he knew it did absolutely nothing to better their situation. “You might as well come and sit in the shade of the wall for now. Once the double suns rise fully there won’t be any shadows to speak of. It’ll be important to enter the enchanted forest before dark. With any luck the white huntress will be alerted to our presence before we can get up to too much trouble in her domain.”

Taking his own advice Jareth neared the final stone wall that separated them from the hedge maze and gingerly slid down it so that he could sit in a curled position with his back supported.

Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond: Out Of Character (OOC)

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Re: [OOC] Abandoned Characters

What if... You accidently abandoned your character?

Re: [OOC] Abandoned Characters

What happens to abandoned chararters? I created a character for a roleplay, but I did not want to use the character myself, just wanted to add him so that another person might choose it, so I checked the abandon character thing, where did this character go after I abandoned it? Thought it would show up in my rpg under characters, but it did not. How do you add characters so that other people can choose them as thier rpc?

[OOC] Archive Logs

Since the posting tab is a little bit broken and won't let me see past the current page I'll be recording logs of current and future posts here.

Re: [OOC] Family Lineages

The Fairy Lady of the Fountain & The Gaurdian of the Golden Bowl

Lady Laudine
and Sir Escolado where the rightful keepers of a magical fountain and a golden bowl. When water was gathered in the bowl from the fountain and poured upon the ground the action would bring about storms that although terrible would rejuvenate the surrounding desert lands that otherwise saw no rain. Eventually Escolado was slain protecting the golden bowl which was mistaken as a holy relic by another knight (Sir Gwain).

Offspring: The water fairy Melusine. (Serpentine from the waist down)

After the slaying of her first husband the Lady Laudine was eventually persuaded by her handmaiden to accept the regard of the knight who killed her husband. Lady Laudine and Sir Gwain were wed.

Offspring: Lady Gertrude (Of mixed blood but predominantly human.)

The Water Fairy and the Elf Prince of the Green

After being rejected by a human lover once he saw her from the waist down Melusine drowned the man in anger and fled deep below the surface of the pool she lived and resurfaced in a secret lagoon hidden within the rock face of the water fall that flowed into her pool. Here she was quietly observed without her knowledge for several days by a traveling Earthlong Prince who had taken refuge in the lagoon to contemplate the most logical end of his life.

The prince was so struck by her serpentine grace as she swam in the lagoon that he eventually regained the will to live and asked the Fairy for her hand in marriage. The couple was wed and permanently settled in the Lagoon.

Offspring: Princess Virva (So named after the will'o the wisps that glow and float upon the surface of standing water, a symbol of Melusine and Asgar's love.)

The Fairy Princess of the Watery Green and the Sleeping Poet

Able to travel between the worlds through the portal of water Princess Virva once emerged from a dazing brook where a man lay asleep beneath a tree with a book of poems open across his chest. Intrigued Virva approached the man and gently woke him asking that he let her sit awhile while he read from the collection by Yeats. Unaccustomed to having beautiful young women approach him with such a request the man felt inspired and paged through the volume until he found the poem of The Song of Wandering Aengus.

So taken by this the princess asked the man to let her return his kindness with a kiss. When the man accepted Virva kissed him and brought him back to her homeland where they spent several seasons together. Eventually Virva feel with child by her lover and implored him on a whim to go into the woods and find her the dew of a special flower that would seal the strength of their love and bind him to her homeland forever. The man found the flower and drank of its dew but in his search he became lost and never returned.

Meriel the White Huntress (Half human, half Elf)

Re: [OOC] Family Lineages


Boxed names represent people that predominantly identify themselves as human.

Names that are not boxed in represent magical people that might or might not be of mixed heritages.

[M] Marriage

[S] Siblings

[A] Affairs

Re: [OOC] Posting and Updates

Finally got around to catching up the Boston thread.

You might have noticed that I've expanded the original premise into three major story arcs co-existing in three different settings. Both the Boston and Europe settings have their own unique major story threads. Writers currently writing in the game are welcome to pursue storylines within any of the settings although it should be noted that crossover, unless otherwise stated, should be run by me first. For the time being I would suggest that writers create a separate main character to play while participating in the Boston or Europe settings. Players could also play a original or existing NPC in which case they would simply add that characters information into their primary character sheet.

These other settings are completely optional and will follow along the same time line as the events is the main Underground threads. Boston and Europe will also be more guided as their primary function will be to compliment the core RP and its story line.

Please PM me with further questions or post in this OOC thread.


Re: [OOC] Posting and Updates

I'm planing to skip three days ahead in Boston. I'll catch the thread up in the next day or so.

[OOC] Current Scene and Thread Timelines

OOC Dates Active Threads/ Locations Current IC Date: Current IC Time

6/5/2010 Start: 5/13/2010 Evening (Essa)
Boston 5/16/2010: Mid Morning
Labyrinth General 5/14/2010: Sunrise
The Enchanted Forest 5/13/2010: Before Midnight

Note: In the future I'll be keeping a running draft to note where scene's are happening and at one time in the RP. I'm planing to skip ahead about three days in Boston. And We're going to go right into the morning with Jareth and Eva.

Faen and Ariadne's scene is still happening in night. For convenience I'll be editing this post itself.

Sorry if this is sloppy. I'll fix it in the next few days.

Re: [OOC] Places in The Underground

The Enchanted Forest


To the western boarder of the Labyrinth is the enchanted forest. the enchanted forest itself is not directly controlled by Jareth and is considered neutral territory although part of the Labyrinth does bisect it. What does that mean for those foolhardy enough to travel through it? if you dare to walk through its lush trails understand that you are taking great risk if not properly prepared. The enchanted forest is home to a many magical creatures such as fairies, gnomes, trolls, and other medium sized creatures. It is also the territory of the greatly feared Fire Gang or Wild Bunch as they are sometimes referred to as. Although it should be noted that the Fire Gang mostly frequents the Fire Marsh that is located near where the Labyrinth bisects the forest.



The enchanted forest is also considered to be the home of vagabonds, criminals, and other magically inclined folk who have somehow managed to make life in the harsh forest and marsh lands workable. All in all, it is a highly dangerous place to travel in. Particularly if you are without the advantages of magic or other defenses. There are also quite a few wayward magicians, archaic wizard types, and even a few domestic witches. These magically inclined humans (races are often mixed in this sense) mostly don't like to meddle in the greater workings of the near by Kingdom. However some have been known to help or hinder travelers who come to them for information and aid.

Landmarks of Note:

A Lookout- This is where the White Huntress seems to spend much of her time. Its a simply partly man-made structure connected to one of the large trees in the apparent center of the forest.

The Pavilion-- Reminiscent of Greek-like structures there is a large square Pavilion located not far from the part of the labyrinth wall that butts up against the boarder of the Enchanted Forest. The Pavilion itself seems to have been largely reclaimed by the forest and now it is nothing but a marble ruin. Its wood parts long since rotted and it's columns broken and in disarray. There is a long rectangular stone pool that once probably help fish but has since dried up and a few stone urns and benches are still intact.

It appears the pavilion was once regularly used but has long since been abandoned and forgotten.

Locations Rumored to be Linked to the Forest:

-The Above
-The Mystical Isle of Avalon
-The Island of Never-Never Land
-Under-land (Wonderland)

Re: [OOC] Places in The Underground

The Labyrinth and the Castle Beyond the Goblin City

Locations of Interest:

(Note: See the KoTL for further information.)



These area's make up the majority of the Labyrinth. With the exception of the various underground tunnels and oubliettes.

The maze itself is home to a plethora of plant and animal life of all shapes, sizes, and oddity. Typically strangers might even come across a goblin or two as the denizens of the Labyrinth commonly wander the maze mostly in drunken stupors. The maze is also home to random travelers and the homeless or reclusive of Jareth's kingdom. Yes, even in a Kingdom full of goblins there is such a thing as the social classes.

Typically the stone maze is the quieter of the two areas and you are more likely to stumble across secret meetings, drunken and or passed out goblins, and unhappy magical enchantments in need for some new company. The stone maze is also much harder to navigate if your just visiting than the hedge maze is.

The hedge maze on the other hand is closer to the Goblin City and thus much more dangerous to navigate through despite the fact that it seems pleasant enough. Lots of fights between goblins and other creatures such as gnomes happen here. There are also an abundance of homeless. It is not uncommon to find creatures and things hiding in the hedges and a person should be very careful of their arms and legs as the hedge maze has a tendency to shift suddenly and without warning.



The Bog of Eternal Stench is thought to be located somewhere to the north-west of the Goblin City and is a necessary evil if one intends to avoid traveling through the Arid Flats. It is widely considered to be the most unpleasant location in the Labyrinth and quite possibly the entire Underground. Even the Goblins tend to avoid going near it at all costs. It is said that if a person so much as sticks a toe within the bog's putrid muck they will smell bad for the rest of their lives. No one seems very intent to test this theory.

The Bog's bridge is guarded by a Labyrinth Knight by the name of Sir Didymus and, his trusty Sheepdog steed, Ambrocious. The fox-like knight seems to be numb to the bogs unspeakable odor.


The bog is also one of the most actively dangerous areas in the actual Labyrinth as it so near the Fire Marsh. Criminal activity is rampant here, given that many creatures wont bother to stay too long; making it an ideal location for those who don't want to be found. Hence the Labyrinth Knights have taken it upon themselves to station Sir Didymus at the bog's bridge in an attempt to keep the unsavory out of the Goblin City. While it is unclear how effective this tactic has been, both the Labyrinth Knights as well as the Goblin people agree that if Sir Didymus doesn't scare you his unrelenting chatter and Don Quixote-like bravado and enthusiasm will!


The Arid Flats is located directly to the South East of the Goblin City and is characterized by its desolate desert like atmosphere and mountainous piles of Junk. It is largely considered the territory of the mysterious and nomadic Junk People who regularly traverse its surface sorting through the piles of junk in a futile search for their lost ???pretties'. Beware. It is rumored that people who travel uninvited into the Arid Flats have been known to disappear or lose their memory causing unsuspecting victims to wander lost and aimless forevermore.

In the past the Arid Flats were largely considered an outer defense of the Goblin City however in recent years the desert has undergone new occupation. It is now the self proclaimed providence of the Dark Sorceress Ariadne. Who seems intent upon making life as difficult as possible for the Goblin King and the other Denizens of the Labyrinth.


On the surface the Arid Flats seem desolate and barren, full up with mountains of junk and enormous boulders. Fires and strange unexplained explosions often occur here. The bulk of the make shift domain of the Junk People is largely underground and deceptively burrowed into the hearts of the larger accumulations of trash. There is believed to be a vast system of underground tunnels, not unlike that of a rabbit warren, that connect to the greater tunnels of the Labyrinth as well as the many oubliettes, however in recent years Jareth as made sure that many of these passages have been closed off for security purposes.

The individual dwellings of the Junk People are formulated much like rat nests. Each individual Junk-person is responsible for his or her own lodgings and the Junk People in general are highly solitary creatures that often compete against their own kind for resources and space.

It is hard to say who or what the Junk People actually are, although, it has been speculated by outsiders that the Junk People are a particular kind of goblin. While an excellent theory the Junk People do not seem to have the same connection the the Goblin King that the goblins in the the city do; leading other more educated types to speculate that the Junk people are in fact a large grouping of dwarves that for one reason or another have befallen some terrible enchantment causing them to wander the Arid Flats aimlessly in pursuit of their precious ???pretties' long since lost to them.

[OOC] Places in The Underground

The Above: Boston


There's nothing abnormal about Boston. It's a nice city to live and work in. Whether you live in the area or just wound up here one way or another something attracted you to the city. So what if that homeless guy on the corner keeps mumbling on about little people taking his garbage? He's obviously crazy. There also seems to be an abundance of antique shops but what city doesn't have a few streets dedicated to the thrifty? There's even one of those 'New Age' places down town. Frequented mostly by tragic looking teenagers and bored house wives. But it's not like you believe in anything they're selling. All in all you'd say that the residents of Boston are about as normal as they get.

Locations of Interest:

Gosling Pond and Park-
Gosling Park is located conveniently between the Residential Area of Boston and Downtown. Due to its scenic location and closeness to restaurants and shopping the large park is regularly used by the public and is often a favorite setting for musicians, street artists, dog enthusiasts, and families. Gosling Park is also used to host various festival and theatrical events throughout the year such as Shakespeare in the Park and the Boston Winter Carnival.

(Gosling Park was the place Sarah Williams often frequented in her youth as seen in the film.)

The Old Williams Residence- Sarah and Toby William's childhood home. At current it is mostly unoccupied and occasionally rented out.

The Ethden Residence-
Present home of the Ethden family owned by Sarah and her Husband. their two children and sheep dogs live with them.

The Brooks Residence- Located on the same street as the Old Williams house the Brooks Residence was occupied by the late Penny Brooks. W older lady of some pleasant note who passed away rather suddenly. Currently Penny's Grand-daughter Eva has been called to occupy the house for the time being.

The Corner Store-
Located within walking distance of the Brooks and Williams residences. Good for all the basic essentials and pharmacy.

Re: [OOC] Posting and Updates

I've added to the NPCs. And there's a new section for legends and other material that might or night not be integrated into the history of the game.

[OOC] Legends and Potential Material

The Crystal Ball; Grimm Fairy Tale #197

Once Upon A Time there was a sorceress who had three sons, and they
loved each other dearly. But the old woman did not trust them and
thought they wanted to steal her power. So she changed the oldest son
into a eagle. He had to make his home in the mountain cliffs, and
sometimes he could be seen gliding up and down in the sky and making

The second son was changed into a whale that lived deep in
the ocean, and one could see him only when he sometimes sent mighty
jets of water high into the air. Both sons reverted to their human
shape for just two hours every day. Since the third son feared that
his mother might change him also, this time into a wild animal,
perhaps a bear or a wolf, he sneaked away in secret. Indeed, he had
heard that at the castle of the of the golden sun there was an
enchanted princess who was waiting to be rescued.

However, one would have to risk one's life.

Twenty-three young men had already suffered a miserable death,
and only one more would be allowed to try to rescue her.
After that nobody would be permitted to come. Since he had a
courageous heart, he decided to search for the castle of the golden

Research Links ... inFountain
He had already traveled a long time and had not been able to find
it, when he got lost in a large forest and could not find his way out.
Suddenly he noticed two giants in the distance, who waved to him with
their hands, and as he approached them they said, "We're quarreling
over this hat and who should get it. Since we're each just as strong
as the other, neither one can defeat the other. Now, small people are
smarter than we are, so we want you to make the decision."

"How can you quarrel over an old hat?" the young man asked.

"You don't know the powers it has. It's a wishing hat. Whoever
puts it on can wish himself to be anywhere he wants, and within
seconds he'll be there."

"Give me the hat," the young man said. "I'll go off some
distance from here, and when I call you, run to me, and whoever wins
the race will get the hat." He put the hat on his head and went off.

However, he thought about the king's daughter, forgot the giants, and
kept going. Once he sighed with all his heart and cried out, "Oh, if
only I were at the castle of the golden sun!" And no sooner had he
uttered these words than he was standing on top of a high mountain in
front of the castle gate.

He entered the castle and strode through all the rooms until he
reached the last one, where he found the king's daughter. However, he
was horrified when he saw her: here face was ash gray and full of
wrinkles, and she had dreary eyes and red hair. "Are you the king's
daughter whose beauty is praised by the entire world?" he exclaimed.

"Ah," she replied, "this is not my real condition. Human eyes
can see me only in this ugly form. But look into this mirror so
you'll know what I look like. The mirror can't be fooled, and it will
show you my image as it truly is."

She handed him the mirror, and he saw the reflection of the most
beautiful maiden in the world, and he saw tears rolling down her
cheeks out of sadness. Then he said, "How can you be saved? I'm
afraid of nothing."

She replied, "Whoever get the crystal ball and holds it in front
of the magician will break his power, and I'll return to my true form.
But," she added, "many a man has gone to his death because of this,
and you, my young thing, I'd feel sorry if you placed yourself in such
great danger."

"Nothing can stop me," he said, "but tell me what I must do."

"I want you to know everything," the king's daughter answered.
"When you descend the mountain on which the castle stands, there'll be
a wild bison at the bottom next to the spring. You will have to fight
it. And, if you should be so fortunate as to slay this beast, a
firebird will rise from it. This bird carries a glimmering egg in its
body, and the egg has a crystal ball as a yolk. However, the bird
will not let go of the egg unless it is forced to. And, if the egg
falls onto the ground, it will set everything on fire and destroy
eveything near it. The egg itself will melt along with the crystal
ball, and all your efforts will have been in vain."

The young man descended the mountain and reached the spring, where
the bison snorted and roared at him. After a long battle the young man
pierced the bison's body with his sword, and the beast sank to the
ground. The firebird immediately rose from the bison and tried to fly
away, the the eagle, the brother of the young man, who flew through
the clouds, dived after the bird and chased it toward the ocean.

There the eagle hit the bird so hard with its beak that the bird was
forced to let the egg fall. However, it did not fall into the ocean
but on top of a fisherman's hut standing on the shore, and the hut
began to smoke right away and was about to burst into flames. Then
waves as large as houses rose up in the ocean, swept over the hut, and
vanquished the flames. The other brother, the whale, had swum toward
the shore and driven the water onto the land. When the fire was out,
the young man searched for the egg and was fortunate enough to find
it. It had not melted yet, but the shell had cracked open due to the
sudden cooling from the water, and he could take out the crystal ball,
which was undamaged.

When the young man went to the magician and held the ball in
front of him, the latter said, "My power is destroyed. From now on
you are king of the castle of the golden sun. You can also restore
your brothers to their human form."

So the young man hurried back to the king's daughter, and as he
entered her room she stood there in all her magnificent beauty, and
they exchanged rings with each other in a joyful celebration.

The above was quoted from;

"The Complete Fairy Tales of The Brothers Grimm"

An all-new translation of the famous 210 stories, plus 32 tales that
have never before appeared in English; Translated and with an
introduction by Jack Zipes.

Re: [OOC] NPC List


The White Huntress



Meriel is known by most under the title of The White Huntress. Born Half Human and Half Elf, her unique heritage has drawn some limited scrutiny among other elf kind however Meriel has little contact with other members of that side of her culture. Although loosely connected to the KoTL and considered a 2nd lieutenant within their ranks, Meriel is not a resident of the Labyrinth or the Goblin city and as such her relationship with the KoTL is one of subjective participation.

Meriel is the recognized guardian of the the Enchanted Forest which presses up against the western boarder of the Labyrinth near the fire marsh (Domain of the Fire Gang or Wild Bunch) and the Bog of Eternal Stench.

Meriel's only concern is the protection of the Enchanted Forest and the rights of the people and creatures who live there. She cares nothing for the castle or the Labyrinth beyond its ability to negatively affect the inner workings of her domain and, as a result, has a tolerable relationship with Jareth and his subjects. Some speculation has suggested that perhaps Meriel was fathered by the Goblin King and it has been suggested that is the reason the White Huntress governs the Enchanted forest.

Whatever the case it should be noted that the Enchanted Forest is largely considered to be the home of vagabonds, criminals, and other magically inclined folk who have somehow managed to make life in the harsh forest and marsh lands workable. All in all, it is a highly dangerous place to travel in. Particularly if you are without the advantages of magic or other defenses. There are also quite a few wayward magicians, archaic wizard types, and even a few domestic witches. These magically inclined humans (races are often mixed in this sense) mostly don't like to meddle in the greater workings of the near by Kingdom. However some have been known to help or hinder travelers who come to them for information and aid.

Throughout the Underground there are many other patches of forest and other wild area's like the wilds near the Labyrinth. All of them seem to be connected and sometimes people who get lost within the wilds might find themselves unintentionally transported to some other land entirely. Magical folk such as Meriel seem to understand how this works better than others do and can use it to travel great distances in very short periods of time.

Meriel also keeps close tabs on the Wild Bunch who regularly cause disruptions within the forest and ill will between the outer wilds and the Goblin Kingdom.

The Lord and Lady of Einde Street


No one knows exactly where they came from in the present sense although its said that Lord and Lady Claiborne's official family land holdings exist somewhere in the north of Scotland and are indeed quite legitimate if far from well known. What is known is that the couple is very reclusive. What isn't known is that they're not so much reclusive as hardly ever at home. In one way or another the Claiborne's are an example of a family who quite literally lives in two worlds. While they seem to have a more than opulent little castle in the British countryside, that castle seems to move quite regularly to different and usually scenic points in the Underground.

While they certainly look human enough their life blood is mingled and rooted decidedly in the world of Fairy.


Iliad is the unfortunate daughter of Lord and Lady Claiborne. Like her parents she is irrevocably connected the world of Fairy although she's not particularly happy about the fact. Especially due to a rather unfortunate characteristic inherited by a certain relative. As long as Iliad can keep her temper in check she can pass quite easily as a normal person. Sadly temperance is not the woman's strong point.


Re: [OOC] Posting and Updates

NOTICE: My home computer was hit witha a massive computer virus. So for the time being I'll be using the internet through my local library. This will limit my posting a little. I'll be hiting the library at least twice a week until I can get my computer fixed. No worries folks. I will be checking in promptly here every time I come along with posting so you know what's going on.


Re: [OOC] Abandoned Characters

I'm pretty lenient about most things and as long as writers keep with the general ToS of this website there's not alot of reasons for me to kick them out.

Aside from the obvious violations in play-by-post etiquette I will dismiss a writer from my game if they don't meet my posting expectations. I ask that participating writers contribute no less than a paragraph of writing three times a week. (that's less than a page worth of writing in total)

I also ask that writers keep their fellow players informed about prolonged absences.

Most importantly I expect my writers to remain active and not go disappearing on me. Generally if I find a writer hasn't posted an entry after four or five days (without notice) I'll send an inquiry e-mail to check up on them. If this message seems to be ignored or the writer does not get back to me in a reasonable time frame (I usually try to give another week) I will very likely dismiss them from the game and assume they have abandoned their responsibility.

Should this happen the effected writer is welcome to return to the story assuming the give me an explanation of their absence, as GM I reserve the right to deny re-entry into the story if I think its in the best interest of the RP as a whole. I will never kill off a persons character without their permission but I will intervene and place their character somewhere out of the way if I think they've abandoned the story.

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Re: [OOC] Abandoned Characters

Can I please ask of what things may get somebody kicked from these games, I want to know of the stuff that is unacceptable here, I know of the general stuff...

[OOC] Abandoned Characters

Since I cannot currently remove inactive characters from the character tab I will be listing characters that are permanently inactive here. It should be noted that these characters belong to people I have formally asked to leave this interactive story. Ideally these writers will eventually clear their character sheets and move the blank sheet into the abandoned section.

If these characters have actively participated in the developing story at some point but are still asked to leave the game I reserve the right to make an exit post if the writer does not take the initiative to transition out of the active storyline themselves.

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