United Western PowersGabriel "Harbringer" Hierarch

The "Old-Dog" of the Liberty forces, he is a top ace from both the UWP and Liberty.

a character in “Machines of War”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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He is a black haired, green eyed man who has a hard and sharp cut face. He is rarely caught in the base out of uniform, but he is often found in a mechanics jump when working with the crews on his mech "Flay"



A man who looks ordinary enough and is often relaxed and fatherly toward his troops, but on the battle field he is a warrior unlike any other. He is known as “The Professor” or the “Harbinger” from his days as a Unit II pilot for the UWP before he left the country and went to Liberty with his daughter following the death of his wife. He is a kind man, but be warned that those who hurt anyone close to him should be ready for him to crush them under his mech’s 150,000ton heel.


Personal Equipment: He carries several knives and a revolver pistol on the small of his back. His primary knives are hidden in his sleeves and are in the design of punch daggers.


Mech: His mech is a First model Nexus, giving it the number 61NX-05 (6=7th generation of mechs 1= first model NX-05= Nexus Experimental proto-type number 5) which he calls “Flay”. The unit is a White and blue nexus with an experimental flight unit system. The unit has one of the highest speed and mobility ratings in the world, and its massive swords (Has two secondary swords on its waist) act as the perfect melee weapons. It also has a special Plasma coating and firing system that gives the swords the ability to cut through most anything. The sword units also have a special barrel that lets them fire the plasma stored to coat the swords into projectile weapons of medium range. After that the EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) projector becomes less effective and thermal blooming takes effect causing the shot to lose power and speed, at 500 yards the bullets are effective and pass that they drop to being little more than a heat source. However, they are plenty to break buildings and burst rocks at well over 1,500 yards. Ammo limit is 25 shots or 5 saber cuts before reloading (Takes a bit to reload as he has to link the sword to his Generator for 3 minutes). The real power of this unit is, well, its power. Its generator is essentially a miniature atomic power plant. It uses the radiation of the highly unstable Uranium core as if they are solar rays on panels on the interior of the cone that is placed on the back of the unit. This gives the unit an almost unlimited battle limit, with the only requirement for it to recharge being it expending the used and now Depleted Uranium core and insert another into the unit. Its right arm is laden with the gun/sword system, and it left has a special shield which can be covered in a thin plasma membrane 3 times before it needs to be recharged (3 minutes again). This allows it to intercept plasma and energy weapons. Otherwise it’s good for basic anti-material protection, but missiles will blow it out of the water. Luckily the pointed tip is attached to a SLASH system and can be fired and guided to intercept such missiles, but it only has one to fire before it must retract it. Finally the propulsion is a turbine based ER system which pulls electrons through an accelerator and then uses that to create thrust. This gives the unit very high speed and maneuverability, but the drawback is that it emits a trail of particles that with the proper tech can be seen on a radar or screen as blue lights. It leaves a trail everywhere it goes is the point made here. For those wondering, no, there is no radiation that leaks out of the unit, but if you hit the core while its active with a plasma charge you have a chance of setting it off like a tactical nuke, a bit of a problem. If you destroy the unit any other way, you’ll find it would have in its final moments depletes the Uranium and makes it harmless. Regularly destroying the unit without a direct hit to the core with plasma won’t make it go atomic.




His New Mech: (Current used) this is designated the NX-05.5. It is his Unit that he first used against Vincent van Matteus but with several upgrades. First, the Armor has been greatly increased and the boosters hidden in the shoulders give it greater side to side mobility while it maintains the powerful speed it had before. It has the ability to use many Beam Sabers and a Particle Field that will resist most attacks. The Generator is the next upgrade, now thirty percent more powerful, it has a large total output at the cost of removing the ejection ability. Also, the generator no longer used unstable uranium but instead use a system of catalysts to produce Particle Energy. This has led to the biggest upgrade of all, the weapon. They are completely different from the prototype Plasma weapons he used before, and are now much more efficient Particle Beam weapons. They have increased accuracy and ammo with the sacrifice of power. The Swords now produce edges of particle beams that can cut through damn near anything that an enemy Frame is made up and have the ability to stop, reflect, and deflect Beam sabers and Beam projectiles. The downside is that the unit no longer has its Slash system as the shield has been discarded to lower the weight.




He is a father figure to his squad and has but one true treasure in the world, his daughter Maria. She was selected to be used in the Nexus A.I. project and at the time of the war starting was at the facility at what is called Anchor Base, the base that is located around the anchoring of the Space Elevator. This has caused him to become overall harsher, as he has yet to find out where she is. Her Frame is currently with his squad and he is guarding it with his life. There is a ring he wears on a chain around his neck that if anyone tries to touch he will break their fingers (or so he threatens) Over all he is a brilliant officer and a very talented pilot. Couple that with his experience and his AI named Flay that is modeled after his daughter and you have a dangerous and driven individual. He has a very distinguished record including showing up some very famous Aces, namely Vincent van Matteus. He had been the Instructor for a few years and had taught many of the UWP’s best and brightest (Included the priviously mentioned "Red Menace"), and now he would most likely be facing some of them. “Oh well, gives me a chance to humble them again.” He had mused to his squad when the topic came up. He is currently stationed at the Artemis Base in Northwestern Liberty.

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