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A New innovative Naruto Storyline jumping forward in time at least 60 years, with all new characters the possiblities are endless for this new world order.

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Over 60 years have passed since the end of the shippuden Era and naruto is now an old man in his early eighties. The world has entered an era of peace and most canon characters have gone on to die of natural causes. In this time of renewal the arts have flourished, the villages now have a chance to explore ruins and relearn forgotten history.

During this renaissance of enlightenment the villages have banded together and created a place known as the Archives of Light. A grand museum within a building of the likes that the world have never seen, its contains some of the most important artifacts of shinobi history, some beautiful, some Macomb. With in the archives are a sect of shinobi know as the Collectors Of Lights Tower, other wise known as COLT. It is the duty of COLT ninja so scour the world in search of artifacts of great power and enshrine with within in the tower.

Our story flows the lives of the COLT ninja, and there adventures through the shinobi world.


(1st) What you can't do

NOT HAVE FUN, enjoy it, I'll try to make this as enjoyable as possible.

No God modding. (We should all know what it is or have a grasp of it's origin. If not ask, I'll tell :)

No creating tailed beasts.

No mixing dojutsu

Shinobi do have chakra, that is limited. No infinite chakra (In other words after a while, make your shinobi tired)

2nd) What you can do!!!

Limit your shinobi's power.Sorry for those who might not know this :SPOILER: In the Manga, Sasuke fought 2 Kage and their guards at the same time. Sasuke is far from a God, but he is very strong. Eveyone has limits, massive chakra reserve or not.

Sage mode can be learned, by anyone (with proper age and what )

An OC can have a curse mark. (Please note, the curse does have side affects. If used often)

You can create your own Jutsu.

You can create your own kekkie genkai, so long as it's reasonable.

You can create an Uchiha, any they may have another kekkei genkai or hidden jutsu (however they may not hold both a Byakugan, and a sharingan)

Ask the user of any character before taking any major action and it has to be logical. Genjutsu's don't really need asking, but the whole shinobi world is not full of pros at Genjutsu and countering them.

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Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine: Out Of Character (OOC)

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Re: [OOC] Custom Justu

FuinJutsu, Frigidity Seal

A foolproof method of birth control, making it popular among workaholic kunoichi. This seal not only prevents pregnancy, but also halts menstruation, effectively placing the recipient in a state of sexual stasis. Because the recipient's eggs are rendered dormant, this technique never runs the risk of destroying their chances of having children, and can be removed at any time. The seal it self is reminicent of a pair of overies and is usally place above the pubic bone.

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

Hey all,

I was on of the mods for the forum when it was on FFN. Should you need any questions answered Ill be happy to do so, just holler for Lawyer and Ill come a running.

Dont be a stanger.

Plot discussion

Here you can post your own thoughts on how the roleplay should operate.

[OOC] Custom Justu

List your own created Justu

rank the power of the attack on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

Cool...I also recommend making multiple OOC threads, like One for custom Jutsu, one for Custom Kekkai Genkai ect ect.

I will create a character soon :S

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

Also regarding Killer Bee he's passed on as it's been 60 years since the end of the fourth ninja war, all tailed beasts except for the nine tails are open for character posts.
Another point This is 60 years in the future during our last forum at the very end Naruto was 21 years old, we played it very differently and broke away from cannon for the most part.
This is the link to the original forum

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

Hello everyone sorry for the delay were trying to transfer everything from fanfiction onto this site since fanfiction is having errors and we want to start this as soon as possible, I'll first start by answering all of your questions.
Our rules on Kekkei Genkai's
1.) As long as they don't appear to be too godly, and are on grounds for god-modding we'll allow just about everything for Kekkei Genkai's
2.) We would also prefer for all new characters to be genin or jonin leaders as that is where our forum is first starting off so no extreme master of kekkai's just yet.

@Final Hazard To answer all of your questions
1.) The Uchiha in our previous forum were not all wiped out in the massacre most were and spawned new members, the secrets of Mangekyro Sharingan were however lost when Sauske was killed during the Fourth ninja war.
2.) Naurto is in full sync with his tailed beast and the village has chosen that when he passes on they will choose the first born child on that day to be placed with the nine-tailed beast, as Naruto's children and grandchildern have grown older, and cannot take the mantle as the host.
3.) Yes their are villians you'll be pleasantly surprised by who they are.
4.) This is just information we used from the last forum we completed, we haven't thought or plan to use curse seals, and it must have slipped through when we were transferring data, from
5.) We haven't had any problems with too many Uchiha so I don't think it will be an issue.

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

I would like to join but I want to ask a few things about creating a Kekkei Genkai. I have one planned out but have not quite come to actually making it. I also have a few others that I have completed and are of my own creation as well. They each have their own drawbacks to them and due to such are not OP'd. My newest one is just about fully developed in my head although I have yet to actually type any of it down. After I know what your limitations on creating Kekkei Genkai I will decide on which (if any) of my original Kekkei Genkais I might use.

P.S. I have 5 not counting my newest one that is not complete/typed down. Each of which have clan backgrounds histories and set-ups along with jutsu and Kekkei names, hand seals (if any), difficulties, chakra usage (if any), and specific details on both jutsus and the Kekkei itself.

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

Questions 2-4 are good questions. But anyways, I submitted a character Blah, Blah, Blah. Hope it gets accepted

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

I understand this is your roleplay Soul but I have a few questions to ask before I join.

1. How can their be any Uchiha if Sasuke was the only one alive, that would mean that sasuke would have had to have kids and those kids had kids and so-on. I mean I know this is completely likely but I would just like to know.

2. The Nine-Tailed-Fox...Naruto is getting up in age and the seal is most likely weakening, what happens if the seal breaks? Does the leaf have back-up plans to seal it within a new child? I know you said no Jinchuuriki, I'm just curious.

3. This one you might not want to answer just because of the fact that it could ruin the storyline and I completely understand that. Are there any villains? Is Tobi still alive? What about Killer Bee and his Bijuu?

4. Derp since I hate Orchimaru I just usually decide to forget about him and his "plans" so this actually might make sense to you but not to me :S. How are their curse-marks still?

I completely understand that you wish to have characters have some freedom with character creation but if theirs like only Uchihas then it could be plain annoying.
I'm now done with questions, answer these questions and I won't hesitate to join ^_^

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

This... looks quite intresting. I will be creating the charector in my head for now, he is defintly an uchia... with lighting and wind chackra, mixed to form(hmmm, I don't know yet... cue mainical mutuache twisting and luaghing creepily)...

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

This looks awesome! I will for sure submit a character!

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine

Hmmmm I need to figure out how we can transfer all of our stuff from fanfiction to this site.

Re: [OOC] Naruto Shippuden: War of Nine


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