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"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. No one can resist it."

a character in “Olympus Academy for Demigods”, as played by Forever Falling

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Fen Adrien Wiley



When I'm away from the water.. I'm a normal guy. But once I'm in, I become powerful.

The Basics

Full Name: Fen Adrien Wiley.
Age: Sixteen.
Birthdate: 30th of October.
Gender: Male.
Godly Parent: Poseidon.


Color: Mint green.
Food: He's good with any Italian food. Molto buona! Oh, and Mint Chip ice cream.
Drink: Orange Soda. Or, you know, any drink is fine..
Music: Techno, Dubstep, Alternative, Indie.. any genre.

Fen is the nurturing type; he used to live in a world that was concrete and kind. Ever since he was a brat he'd believe the best of people, and has always been very sensitive to other people's feelings. However, his firm desire to see the best in people caused him to be slightly naive. Now that he's seventeen, he's beginning to see the world and many of the people residing in it as they are. Cruel. Unforgiving and fierce.

He's not extremely outspoken, always keeping mostly to himself to observe others. Fen takes information given to him about people who are relatively important to him and he stores it in his mind. Usually, he can be found blinking many times in a row or wrinkling his nose, giving someone a stare down. Fen doesn't mean to seem strange, he's rightly curious about people. When he does those things, he's analyzing. He's piecing together the person he thinks you are in his mind, and hoping foolishly that you turn out to be that way. Although he may be a bit of an analyst, the person he knows least about is himself. He's never sure of himself, the person he is. It sometimes scares him. Everyone else seems so sure of who they are, what they desire. You want to know about him? "I.. Well, me? I'm just Fen." When there's too much going around in his head, when it all gets to be too much, he can be found near water. It's always been his place to clear his mind, where he feels most comfortable. Where he feels less.. Fen, if you understand. He feels as though he's not the creep who's always found staring at people.

Sometimes, he can't understand the world. It tears him up inside to see people be so amazingly awful, so wrong. It angers him. Not many have seen him angry, but when it gets that far there's a flood. Not.. an actual flood like you would think. But words start spewing. When others have problems, he'll try to stand by them, comfort them. Sometimes it bothers them, but he thinks that he always sends their minds reeling.


First Memory: Fen was playing with a few older kids in the neighborhood. He felt like he was important, thinking that they wanted him following him around and he was incredibly giddy about the whole deal. When he smiled, you could see that his two front teeth were missing. He was such a child back then. In. They wanted him to jump into the lake? Not many kids came to the lake, only the brave ones did. There were so many scary tales about the lake, about young children who would come to the lake to play. And then they'd feel something grabbing at their ankles. Of course they'd fight against it.. didn't make a difference, they said. It'd pull them under. The older boys said that the bodies weren't found until later. "Are you scared? Why're you being such a kid, jump in already. Come on, we dare you." Fen's mother never allowed him near the lake. But today was different. Ma wasn't there. She couldn't tell him to move away, get away from the water. Maybe she'd heard the stories too? Then.. she never really liked him near water so much. He had limited time in the bath tub, in the pool. She was strict, but he knew she loved him. His mind was straying. Getting back to the task at hand, he looked around at all the boys around him before nodding his head once. He took a deep breath, slowly peeking over the edge of the suddenly too high dock. Next thing he knew, he felt the hands pressing against his back, his arms flailing and he felt like he'd bitten clean through his lip. Fen heard the boys laughter and he realized he'd been tricked. They'd been making fun of him all along. He sunk into the water, grasping at it as though there was some way to come up. Everything was going in slow motion, and then it ceased. Fen stopped moving. He opened his eyes, slowly relaxing as the water soothed his tense body. Everything was clear, pristine. His anger faded and he no longer felt inferior. The water is your home. Yes..

Relationship with Mortal Parent: His mother. No matter how strict she was with him, he always knew she loved him. She was the woman who raised him after all, and that couldn't have been a feat anyone who didn't care about him could go through. Lysia Roth. The woman who took care of him from his birth until the day she died. Fen loved her.

It was always Fen and his mother against the world. They didn't have it hard in life. Lysia was the editor in chief of the city's best newspaper, and the money she got kept them in the middle class. Their house wasn't extravagant, but it couldn't be called quaint either. He remembered sitting on the balcony with her, talking and laughing about their days while sipping at hot cocoa. They would sometimes take walks in the park together, when he wasn't busy with school and when she wasn't busy with work. They were a close knit family. He didn't mind.

The children at school didn't so much like him. With the way he'd always kept to himself, not bothering to really get close to many people, they figured he thought himself too high and mighty. Sometimes his books would get stolen, or he'd get tripped up in the hallway. They called him strange, and other names, for always being caught staring at someone. Making that 'weird face' while he did it, it just wasn't normal they said. He wasn't normal. They'd pick on him, causing his insecurities and his feelings of inferiority to escalate.

"Your father? Fen, really, be serious. I can't talk about this now I'm making dinner. Now go wash up, hun."

"What was your dad like? It hurts too much to talk about it, Fen. Go get your Ma a nice glass of water and an aspirin, will you?"

Never had he known about his true lineage until just about a year ago. Just a week after her birthday, on the first of March, Lysia passed. The doctor said it was most surely painless for her. There was some sort of tumor in her brain, something called a meningioma? As the doctor told him this, Fen had his eyes closed and saw the moments before he called the police flashing before him.

"You can't leave me like this! You said you loved me, you lied!" The cruel words spilled past his lips as tears ran down his cheeks and he pounded against her chest, trying to knock the breath back into her lungs. He was only fifteen, not ready to lose someone who'd been there all his life. "Please, Ma.." She didn't come back. Slowly, Fen's eyes opened and he took in the appearance of the room. His mother was lying on the bed. Gone. A shell of the person he once loved so much, the one he would have laid life on the line for. He didn't get to say goodbye.

Less than two days after the incident, Fen found himself sitting in his grandmother's kitchen. Tears fell into her tea, but she didn't pay any attention to those as she told him what her daughter told her years ago. "Do you know the stories of the Gods, Fen?" He said that they didn't really exist, it was only Greek mythology. Of course, it was something he was told in school. Then she told him of the Gods. Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Aprhodite, all of them. They were very much real, she said. He spent the night thinking over what she told him, not sleeping once. The next morning, Grandma Ellen led him into her car. She said they had a long drive to make.

On the way to their destination, Granny told Fen where they were headed. The Olympus Academy for Demi-Gods, a place where he'd learn that what he'd heard from her wasn't a fairytale. It was all very much real. And he was powerful, a son of Poseidon. She explained that there was a reason he was always so in touch with water. He blushed as she babbled on about how he took nearly fifteen minute showers. Once they arrived, Fen was in awe.

His grandmother drove away as he began to walk up to the Academy. Everything he'd been told was true, every single detail that his Granny told him was right. Then he remembered the stories that his mother used to tell him, of an Academy where he could learn to be great. Where he wouldn't be 'just Fen'. And he had to tell himself that he was ready for whatever they taught him.

So begins...

Fen Adrien Wiley's Story

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OOC Notes

Setting: Olympus Academy2012-05-29 16:14:30, as written by Imagine That!
Chloe Huntington

Chloe's head popped out of her bedroom door, peering sneakily around. She was on the look out for any of her brothers, well, half brothers really, or that silly boy Chance. Most mornings, it was a race between the children of Poseidon to reach the banks of the lake, to try and nab the best spot that there was for swimming, and keeping towels dry. Sometimes even Nathan Hensleigh, the good old History teacher sometimes came to the lake in the mornings, for a wake-up dip. She was the only daughter of Poseidon at Olympus Academy, which meant she had a reputation to uphold. Her dorm room was one of those closest to the lake, so she had a little of a head start when it came to getting there first. She spotted no movement with her eyes, and decided that the coast was clear. She felt like she was part of MI5, as she crept her way cautiously towards the lake, keeping her eyes open for any signs of a water demi-god.

With her towel slung over her shoulder, and the lake in sight, Chloe was soon whistling a happy tune as she walked. It seemed as if she was the first one to arrive, with no other towels around or any movement in the water. She could be totally wrong; they didn't all rush to the lake every morning, maybe the boys were having a lie-in? Who knew. She plopped her towel down by the big oak tree that stood next to the water, the only large mass of shade around, and slipped out of her outfit, revealing her bikini underneath.

Then, she disappeared under the waves, diving in perfect form into the deepest end of the lake. She stayed under the water for a good few minutes, her eyes open, looking around at the scenery she had grown so accustomed to over the years that she had been at Olympus Academy. She let out a few soft breaths, the bubbles appearing in front of her making her giggle. They always did - sometimes, in moments like this, she couldn't believe that she actually was breathing underwater, or her father was the brother of the all powerful Zeus - but it was all true. After a few tranquil moments of being under the water, she began to kick her feet, propelling her body upwards. Within seconds, her head broke the surface, her eyes closed, blocking them from the already scorching sunshine.

Lukas Tricon

Lukas groaned and buried his head deeper under his duvet, as the insistent beeping of his alarm clock rung through his ears, begging him to wake up and get a start to the day. But today, he wasn't feeling like waking up, getting out of bed, and being the happy boy that he had been a few weeks ago. Because he wasn't that boy any more. Nope, he was shriveling, weeping mess. That sounds really unmasculine and soppy, but it was true. Lukas had barely left his dorm room in weeks, only for food, occasional lessons, or when his twin Nova had literally dragged him out into the sunshine. He couldn't help it though - everything reminded him of her. His Clover.

She had been at this school, the Olympus Academy for Demi-Gods for a little while, but had dumped him and left the campus on their one year anniversary. She hadn't given him a reason; she had just stopped talking to him, packed up all of her things, and left. She had even dropped off the little silver charm bracelet onto his doorstep on her way out. He had never felt about anyone the way he did about Clover, and she had literally crushed him, and took every bit of happiness and life out of him with her, wherever she had gone to. Going outside reminded him of her, the sunrise reminding him of her gorgeous red hair, the chirping of birds reminding him of her melodious voice when she sang, the laughing of other girls around the campus reminding him how much he had loved hearing her laugh. He hated himself for feeling this way, for not hating her for leaving him like this, for feeling so sorry for himself that he couldn't do anything any more - but he just couldn't help it. She had been his rock, his life, his everything, and she had broken him.

Without her around, Lukas had closed up - not just himself into his room, but he had closed off her personality, his happiness, and his friends. Many had tried to coax him out of his room, but he hadn't wanted to leave - when he was in this sort of mood, Lukas was an extremely stubborn boy, and it would take a miracle to get him to move now. His hand reached out from underneath the warmth of his quilt, smacking the button on top of his alarm, snooze.

Today wasn't the day to be getting up and out into the world again.
Today was another wallowing-in-self-pity day.

Vanessa Tate

R.I.P. to the girl you use to see.
Her days are over, baby she's over...

Rita Ora's song played through the headphones, leading the song into the ears of the Latina woman. Her feet pounded against the forest floor as she ran, each foot smacking against the dirt in time with the beat. Her breath was steady as she made her way through her ready-made path, weaving in and out of the trees, dodging roots and ducking underneath branches. Every morning, Vanessa woke up at six AM, put on her jogging clothes, plugged her iPod into her ears, and left as quietly as she could, heading out into the woods for a two hour run. When she was running, Ness felt a sense of freedom flow through her, as if she could never be caught, never be confined, and never be ensnared. She was at her very best and happiest when she was running, and she always had a smile upon her face.

Ness had been a runner for as long as she could remember, and coming to Olympus Academy hadn't changed anything. Her running time had grown, from only being half an hour when she first arrived here, to the two hours that she would do every morning now. Sometimes she takes her bow and arrow with her, and do a little bit of archery practice, but she found that it was slightly irritating to run with, even with it slung over her back. So this morning, like most, it was just her, her music and the nature surrounding her.

Ness' mood instantly dropped slightly as she came out of the glades, as it usually did, her sense of freedom and care-freeness disappearing as she left behind the comfort of the trees. She slowed down, stopping her run, so that she was walking, and pulled her earphones out. She paused for a moment, resting her palms on her knees, taking in a few deep breaths. She could see the dorms now, and knowing that a shower was just minutes away, her mood brightened back up again. Reaching up to her hair, the Latina pulled out her ponytail, letting her long brunette waves tumble down her back. A small wave was sent in the direction of Jules, daughter of Apollo, who was walking past her, before she entered into her room.

After just under an hour, she was out of the shower, ready made up, and exiting her room dressed in this, heading towards her history classroom.

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Fen Wiley

It’d been precisely four hours since he went to sleep the night before. Once he’d been able to get asleep, he was sure nothing could wake him up. It’s not that he was sleepy. Being near the water just soothed him, relaxed him to the point of feeling sort of drowsy. He didn’t dream. Or at least he didn’t believe he did. He’d been going over so many things in his mind, staying late by the lake to catch his thoughts. It was another one of those nights, where he spent hours thinking of everything that had happened to him over the past year or so. His mother’s death, learning he was a son of Poseidon, coming to Olympus Academy. At some points it seemed to be too much. He’d walked to the water in a daze, the moonlight washing over him as he stepped into the water and sunk down. He couldn’t tell time under water, he couldn’t feel the outside world. All that mattered was that his tension in his mind was calmed. By the time he surfaced, it was past midnight and he sat near his dry clothes, staring at the stars. Thinking.

Now, however, it wasn’t the time for thinking. He shot up from his bed, gripping the sheets tight in his fists as his neck craned to look at his alarm clock. Late. The sound coming from the small device frightened him out of his calm slumber, and he scrambled out of the tangled sheets. While he struggled a bit clumsily with turning off the clock, he calculated just how many minutes he had to take a shower and get clothed. Luckily, he’d laid out his clothes for the day and as he shuffled towards the bathroom he shed himself of his pajamas. Late. Nearly late. As he leaped from under the comforting spray of water, he reached for his towel. Fen couldn’t stand being late. It couldn’t happen for him. What if his teacher ended up being disappointed in him. But maybe he could make it just in time. Never did it occur to him that his alarm clock was wrong. Never did it pass his mind that he’d forgot to set it once he’d managed to get a new one.

As he hurried through brushing his teeth, he managed to pull on his underclothes and his denim, while finding his iPhone (which happened to be lodged underneath his mattress, luckily the earphones were on his dresser). After getting through that, he reached into his upper cabinet to snatch up his mouthwash. Fen gargled as he threw on his top and pulled on his suspenders. “I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I'm late!” He muttered to himself after spitting into his sink and turning off the faucet.

Finally dressed in this, Fen threw open his room door and dashed out, letting it fall shut behind him. It was then that he noticed the clock in the hallway, as well as a few students walking around with friends. "Wait.." Slightly embarrassed, he made his way down the hall with his head down, watching his feet. How could he not notice that his alarm clock was wrong? Why didn't he remember to set it and the alarm last night before his adventure to the lake? Fen Wiley, you are brainless. After stepping out of the guy's dorm, he took a turn to get to the cafeteria. Of course, perhaps he had time to go the long way just past the lake?

With his denim jacket tossed over his arm, he roamed through the Academy yard. His thoughts barely strayed from seeing the comforting waters as he breathed in the clean air. Fen wouldn't be surprised if he saw one of his half-siblings down by the water; they all managed to get near it at least once a day, and often they met there. He wouldn't be surprised to see his Chloe there. Although he figured that perhaps his relationships with his other half-siblings were close, he knew that he was the closest to her. They took care of each other, they stood together. When he made it to the lake, he let his jacket fall into the shade underneath the oak tree where he could clearly see a towel hanging. A crooked smile lit up his features and he began to cuff his jeans so that he could at least step into the water. He gazed out towards the horizon, by then having seen Chloe. He could feel how calm she was; she felt the way he had only last night. As he took a few steps into the water, he grinned childishly. "It's a bit early don't you suppose?" Fen shouted out towards his half-sister.

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Setting: Olympus Academy2012-05-30 11:36:05, as written by Imagine That!
Chloe Huntington

Everything about the water relaxed her - the feel of it against her skin, enveloping every curve of her body, the sound of it in her ears, reminding her of the sea that her father once saved her from, and the smell of it, that smell that you can only get from natural bodies of water. It was peaceful, tranquil, and with no-one else around to interrupt it and take it away from her, Chloe felt at peace. She moved in the water, shifting her body so that it was almost resting on top of the lake, her hands at her sides, moving her around as she pleased. Her eyes were closed as she floated there, and soon, a soft lullaby that her grandmother had sung to her as a child was coming from her lips. Only when she felt truly happy would she delve down deep enough to pull the lullaby from her memory, and have the courage to sing it out loud. That was physical proof at how tranquil she actually felt. She pushed aside all thoughts of classes and assignment as she floated, drifting through the water, moving through her lake, feeling free.

However, the peacefulness of her morning didn't last long, and soon, she began to feel another presence entering the lake. The sound of feet on the grass, the masculine breathing, and then the movement of the water as the person moved in, deeper and deeper, towards her. Her large blue eyes opened slowly, and she turned her head to the right, her half brother's voice hitting her ears as she did so. She was closer to Fen than she was with Lance and Nate; she didn't know why. Maybe it was because she felt she had to protect innocent little Fen, and cared about him more than she did about her womanizing teacher, or mysteriously confusing half-brother. She could feel some sort of tension radiating off of him, through that strange emotionally link that most of the students had with each other, and with at least one teacher. However, as soon as his feet touched the water, and he moved in deeper, the tension began to eradicate, and he joined her on the same, tranquil plain that she had been once since entering the water herself.

"Fen honey, it's never too early to be in the water. You should know this by now." Chloe smiled at him, her hand flicking a few droplets of water in her half-brother's direction. Her eyes slowly slid closed again as she continued to float, now not bothered by the new presence in the lake. If it had been anyone else, she probably would have swum to the edge and left. However, not Fen. Fen was one of her best friends, and her closest sibling out of the three that she had.

Luke Tricon

Lukas had nearly dozed back off into his dream world of no pain, when he heard that irritatingly happy voice of Nova hit his ears. He squeezed his eyes tighter as the boy began to speak at an alarmingly fast pace, talking to him about brownies. Then, he smelt the sickly sweetness of the chocolate as his brother waved it in front of his nose, and he buried his head into the mattress, trying to get away from it before it made him sick. He tried so hard to drift back off into oblivion, to go back to his dream world where he was happy with the girl of his dreams. In his dreams, Clover was still with him, still wearing his charm bracelet, and smiling every time he looked at her. He hated coming out of his sleep and realizing that it really all was just a dream, which is why he was willing himself, almost pleading with himself, to go back there.

"Ugh...Nova, no." Luke groaned to the boy that was chirpily bustling around his room, and he tried to pull the duvet back up over his face. However, his attempt was futile, as his younger brother was sitting on it, so he quickly gave up and went back to pressing his face into his pillow. Why couldn't Nova leave him alone? He wasn't interested in getting out of bed today, unless Clover was standing right outside his door. Then he'd be out in seconds. He knew that he couldn't stay in this bed, in this room, in this state for the rest of his life, but for the next few days and weeks, it seemed like the best option to the son of Hephaestus. His fingers were itching to make something, to fix something, to work on anything, but he couldn't even will himself to climb out of bed. His pathological needs would have to wait for a while, as he wallowed in self misery.

Then, he heard the beautiful voice of Ava Sawyer outside of his room, and his head briefly popped out from under the duvet, although not far enough to give him brother any false hope of him actually getting out. Awh, she had brought him some breakfast. How nice. Ava was the only other person on this planet who would be understand half of what he was feeling right now. She was Clover's best friend, and that meant that she was feeling the same emptiness and hollowness that he was. His head crept back under the safety of his duvet as Nova began to call out, too loudly for his tired ears. "I don't want any brownies... they're too sweet... not hungry anyway." His voice was dry and his throat was scratchy as he spoke, It had been ages since he had eaten a proper meal, or drank something substantial. He was becoming ill, but he didn't care.

Ness Tate

Vanessa hadn't really heard Ava's voice as she made her way to the history classroom that she had been avoiding. She hadn't been to a lesson since Nate had arrived and taken over; who could blame her? She was angry at him, infatuated by him, and cursed by him. Angry, because she had searched for him the moment she had turned eighteen. She had tried to call him, or get in contact with him somehow. She had promised him that she would as soon as she became an adult. However, she couldn't reach him. It was as if he had fallen off of the face of the Earth; and it practically shattered her heart. It was only then that she realized how he must have seen her. A sixteen year old, innocent little girl ready for the taking. Had he really just used her like that? She hadn't given himself over to her, which was a good thing in her eyes, but she had opened up her heart for him. And what had he done? He had crushed it, like a bug.

She made her way confidently towards the history classroom that she had been so happy to avoid, now with her head held high. Every girl in the school was cooing over this man, her man, and she had left her room early to make sure that she could have a few minutes alone with him, just to talk. However, as soon as that door opened and she saw him standing there, she felt her knees buckle. Three years, it had been since she had been this close to him. Three years since she had promised him that they would be together again someday. It took her all of her strength to not push him up against the wall right now and take them back to when she was sixteen, that day in the woods, the day he had first kissed her, and she had felt his passion. She couldn't believe that she was actually thinking like this; this wasn't her. But she couldn't help it. He brought out that wild side in her more than anyone she had met before. She wasn't that silly, innocent little girl that he had known back then - she had grown up, at least a little bit, and acted more like a woman now, than a child. Ness couldn't help but feel him stiffen slightly as he saw that she was there, but she kept her head high, and even forced herself to smile slightly at him. "Good morning Nate. Or is it Mr Hensleigh, now?"

Ness walked into the classroom and dropped her back down onto one of the desks, nearest the door. "Since when have you called me Vanessa, anyway?" She smiled, her confidence growing more and more, along with her smile. However, before she could do any more, or actually speak to him, she was interrupted by one of her best friends in the entire world, Jules. One of the two people she trusted more than anything. And one of the people that she almost despised for liking Nate. Of course, she didn't hate her - Jules was like her sister - however, she couldn't help but feel slightly irritated by the way that she had her eyes on him. "Hey Jules." She grinned brightly, pulling herself up on to the same desk, so that she was sitting next to her friend. "I'm good thanks honey, how are you?" Then, almost instantly after, the other best friend arrived - darling Ava. Again, they were like sisters, and again, this girl had a crush on the man that she had ... loved. "Ava! Morning, sweetie."

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OOC Notes

Fen Wiley

There would be certain times in life where no words can describe the way you feel, and for Fen Wiley this was one of those moments. Feeling the water caressing his calves and running through his toes gave him such a sense of calmness, such ease. Everything was level and he couldn’t feel anything but the water. With water came security, with water came life. Fen felt as though he were tied to it more than anything else; when he gets near water, be it the sea, a lake or even a simple swimming pool, he felt like he was going back to where he came from. The water was his mother now, as Poseidon was his father. Hearing Chloe’s words as she murmured them, a sheepish smile came to his lips, splitting them to show pearly white teeth.

“You’re right. But, darling, please don’t lose yourself too much with the comfort of being in the water. You might end up late to your favorite class,” Fen again broke their comfortable silence with his teasing. “Wouldn't Keating be a bit upset if you weren't on time?” With those words, he wrapping his arms around his torso, lightly pressing his fingers into his sides. He turned his head, squinting his eyes towards the sun and lowering those eyes to watch the lucent, sunlit ripples of water in the lake. Fen wishes he’d worn his trunks and wishes he hadn’t forgotten to change his alarm settings. Then he’d be able to get that pleasurable feeling he got whenever he emerged himself completely in water. There is nothing like the feeling of sliding comfortable through the water, this he knew, and the sound of the water only made it better. All you could hear while swimming, if you relaxed as much as he did in the water, was the water itself and whatever thoughts he decided to have. It’s amazingly peaceful and he dreaded like death the moment he would have to get out.

Fen imagined that all of his half-siblings felt strong outside of the water, with all of their confidence and all of the people who adored them. They were all so sure of who they are, and he could guarantee that not once did they ever feel as insecure, unpoised, as he did. Nor did he think they ever had that feeling of hanging by an infinitesimal thread. Without water, he began to get that feeling again. They were all strong, and he was just little Fen, the one who needed protection. Perhaps not but he knew he was not strong, at least not without the help of water. Once submerged in the beautiful depths, he finally felt like Fen Adrien Wiley: Son of Poseidon. He’s spoken of this all only once with his half-sister, and never bothered to bring it up again. His mind was overtaken again, by those type of thoughts, and he shifted in the water to regain his inner peace.

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OOC Notes

Setting: Olympus Academy2012-05-31 04:00:52, as written by Sorella
Chance Rundell

Chance had woken up that morning. It was far too early for him so he groaned and ended up rolling off the bed. He sighed a long sigh and then brushed his fingers through his hair and then just laid there for a few minutes. The next thing he knew he was getting angry at his piggy bank in his room. Yes, children he has a piggy bank you just wouldn't understand. "Why are you such a money whore!" He shouted at the pink innocent looking, glass pig. He frowned and got his face close. "You take so much money from people! You need to stop, people think I owe them money but you're just the money whore who takes it all and doesn't even ask! Do you think I like owing money!" He yelled at the pig and then growled at it. He knocked it over with his nose and then back off sitting on the floor cross legged in his boxers. He crossed his arms across his bare chest and glared at the piggy bank and huffed. He didn't like this money stealing bitch, she was no good and got him into trouble on occasions.(In reality he pick pocketed some people and ran off giggling like a school girl to his room and put the money in the piggy bank.)

Chance sat there staring at it and soon enough he began to burst into tears. "I am so sorry! I didn't mean it!" He shouted again and then rolled on the floor crying and sobbing to himself. Why was the world cruel. "Please forgive me!" He said and got on his knees. He picked the piggy bank up and placed it up right. "Please! I am begging you Ms.Piggy! I want your forgiveness! Oh dear lord!" He said gasping and put his fingers on the small crack there was on the glass pig. "I am SO sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you!" He said sobbing even more. "I'll fix you.. I promise!" He said and ran off to his closet and then opened it finding the glue and hammer. He tried the glue and he attempted it ten time and then he got angry and irritated. "GAWH! You stupid whore!" He shouted and took the hammer and smashed it into tons of little bits over and over again. He then threw the hammer and it went out the window. "I hate you!" He bellowed at the top of his lungs and then began breathing heavily. He quickly pulled on some jeans and a grey shirt. He jumped out his window and was fuming while his feet padded down to the water.

Once he reached the water he saw Chloe and a big grin was placed on his face. It was Chloe! His hear fluttered lightly as he saw her, she was still as radiant as ever and he couldn't stop smiling. She was his bestest friend in the whole world and she made him happy. "Chloe!" He shouted and ran across the beach into the water. He then swam out to her and despite her laying on her back he pulled her over and wrapped her in a hug. He then smelled her hair and smiled. It smelled good as usual. He sighed relieved and then smiled at her. "Enjoying the water like usual?" He asked with a now rather goofy smile. Just in minutes though he was crying into her shoulder. "Ms.Piggy's gone!" He said as the sobs shook his body. "I smashed her by accident, Chloe! I didn't mean to! She was making me angry and I cracked her and I was going to fix her but it wouldn't work so I got angry again and smashed her into bits! Oh dear gods! I'm a murderer!" He wailed. "I don't know what to do!"

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Setting: Olympus Academy2012-05-31 11:51:34, as written by Imagine That!
Chloe Huntington

"Dear Fen, there is no way I could loose myself in the water." Chloe's voice was soft as she spoke to her half-brother, her eyes still closed as she drifted along the top of the water. There was no need to stress at this precise moment in time; there was nothing that could make her stress out or worry when she was in this peaceful state of mind. The water really did calm her, took away all of her troubles, and replaced them with that cool affection that could only come from the ripples. "If I'm late, I'm late." She said, a smile playing at her lips as she spoke. Boone would probably crucify her if she was late, but that never usually stopped her. He was her older brother for all sense and purposes, just without the whole "blood bond" thing. They had known each other for so long, that now she wasn't scared of him any more, as other students at the Academy were. He was a big softie really - you just had to get passed the hard exterior.

As she drifted closer and closer to Fen, she could feel the air around her growing a little tenser. Her eyes opened for a moment to examine his face briefly - he looked sad and different, his beautiful smile being instead replaced by a growing grimace. She knew that he was slightly less confident, compared to his three other siblings, as for one brief moment, he had spoken to her about it. She felt bad after that conversation, as she realized that she did "baby" him a lot, always looking out for him and protecting him, but she couldn't help it - that was the way that she felt. She was just about to turn back onto her front, go over there and hug him and ask him what was wrong, but instead a shrill voice, calling out her name hit her ears.

Instead of jumping up to see who it was, Chloe just lay there and laughed. Soon, the water was moving and bouncing all around her body, and she was almost instantly being wrapped in her best friends arms. Most people when they saw Chance, especially in a hysterical state like this, they would probably just believe that he was drunk, or high, or something. They probably wouldn't even be able to understand his insane babbling. But she could.

"Okay, okay." She spoke gently, hugging her best friend back, stroking his hair softly as he cried into her shoulder. She didn't answer his previous question, but instead just focused on his insane words. "Miss Piggy? You smashed her? Oh Chance... don't you even worry about it, okay? You're not a murderer; she was just a money grabbing pig, you know that. I've seen her steal from people." Yes, she knew that she had to treat Chance like a child sometimes, but they were best friends, and she would do anything to see that smile back on his face again. "You don't need to do anything, Chance. You got her for her crimes. She deserved it."

Luke Tricon

Lukas ignored his brother's playful voice as he shoved a brownie into his mouth, stifling his words. He didn't really care of the brownies were "aw-thomm" in all seriousness, they reminded him too much of Clover - she had baked brownies for him on more than one occasion. Of course, that didn't mean that he wouldn't ever eat brownies again, because they really were one of his favourite snacks, but for now, they reminded him too much of her. Nova didn't know this though - how could he have remembered that tiny little detail? Besides, Nova had too been making brownies since they were children. His head was still shoved into his pillow as there were a few moment of a comfortable silence. Maybe Nova had finally given up on him, and was going to let him go back into his own little dream world where Clo-- Then he started talking again. Maybe not.

He suddenly felt something foreign on his chest, and his head slowly rose from it's position, to examine it. He looked at the device for a moment, before he almost robotically removed his hands from underneath the quilt. His fingers delicately traced the name that had been engraved into it, and it was almost impossible to see that his brother had edited it, changing the 'C' into a 'K.' The back was glass, meaning that he could see the inner workings of it, and his mind began to work almost instantly, working out what he would have to remove, or change, and tinker with to make this thing work again. "T-Thanks, Nova." He spoke gently, feeling his brother's tools, his favourite ones, being placed down on the mattress next to him. Ever so slowly but surely, he moved from his almost fetal position, so that he was now sitting up. That would give his brother some hope.

However, there was soon a knock at the door, and before Lukas could start to work on the trinket, Nova was bounding over there, answering the door to Jayme Winters. She was a nice enough girl - Everlie's sister. Everlie was one of his closest female friends, which meant that he had to like Jayme, even if their personalities clashed. However, they didn't, and they were quite good friends. "Do you really think I'm going to that ball tonight Nova?" He sighed, placing his present back down on the bed, next to the tools. He nodded a greeting to Jayme as she stood there, ignoring his brother's comment about him being a skeleton. Although, that was a good metaphor for how he was feeling. "Oh, she brought me breakfast? Could... could someone thank her for me? I don't... really want her seeing me like this."

That was strange, that he didn't want Ava to see him in this state. Well, they had grown slightly closer since her departure.

Ness Tate

"I've not been feeling well recently." Ness shrugged, a smile playing on her lips as she answered her friend, who looked generally shocked at her abundance of knowledge about the ball. It wasn't a completely insane answer - that her migraines had grown worse. She actually did have a problem with migraines, she would usually get at least one a week. It just so happened that recently, "they" had to fall on Mr Hensleigh's history lessons, didn't it? Shame that. Ness knew that one day, she would have to tell Jules and Ava what had happened in her past, but for now, she was quite happy keeping it a personal secret. She would only tell them when it was absolutely necessary. Anyway, that could be never. It really was her choice.

"In a platonic way? Really?" A laugh came from her lips as she looked at Ava, her eyes filled with denial. They had spoken about Luke Tricon before, and each time they had, Ava's eyes had always brightened up a little, her eyes got slightly wider, and her voice had began to babble, her words running together. "Yeah, you just believe that, honey." She grinned, before her blonde friend quickly changed the subject to that of them getting ready together. Ness nodded in affirmation of this idea. "Sure, we can get ready together. I was actually going to ask if you could help me with my hair, before I forgot all about it. Is... is that okay? You know how hopeless I am with hair." That was true - it always had been. Then, her friend's hand was on her shoulder, gently comforting her. "Thanks..."

As the lesson dragged on, Ness grew more and more uncomfortable. She didn't want to be alone in the room with Nate any more - especially if he was going to tell her off for not doing a stupid history assignment. Her palms felt hot as she took down the notes, and she had to take a sip of the water out of her backpack as her lips and throat grew dry. The Latina was one of those girls that cried when she was told off by teachers, but only after she had left the room and was in the comfort of her bedroom. However, this teacher was different. If he shouted at her, or told her off... well, she didn't know what she would do. Soon, he was dismissing the class members, and his eyes came to rest on her. She avoided his gaze, turning quickly around to talk to Jules and Ava. "You guys go on ahead to the ball meeting, or whatever. I'll meet you there okay? No point waiting for me." She smiled, secretly begging her friends not to leave her alone. However, this was something that she had to do - She had to speak to him.

Soon, the room was empty, and it was just the two of them left; Nate standing at the front of the room, and her seated at the back. Her confidence had been shot completely now, and she was back to that innocent little mess that he had known three years ago. She cleared her throat quietly as she packed up her things, and felt her knees buckle underneath her as she stood up. Her steps were slow as she walked towards the front of the classroom, and she put her bag down on the front desk.

So, Sir," She spoke, trying not to let her voice crack in front of him, which surprisingly worked, "you wanted to talk to me?"

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Fen Wiley

As Fen looked out towards the sun, he heard the disturbing pitter patter of feet running in their direction. And then his presence was invisible to the world it seemed, as Chance Rundell made himself known to Chloe. All smiles, he was. Parting his lips, he wondered if he should let the two know that he’s still there. He wondered if Chance knew he was ever there in the first place. Was he unseen by others as well? Did no one notice him, was he always in the shadows of his half-siblings? Each one of them had better features and better personalities than his own. Fen was distraught and he got a bitter taste in his mouth, frustrated now (even while in the water). It couldn’t be helped. What is he doing out here anyways? Negativity spun its web over his person and he scowled. As Chance waded in the lake towards his sister, Fen backed away. He turned his back towards the two, and with a chilling calmness he began his walk towards his first class of the day. While walking past the large oak tree, he snatched up his jacket.

He knew he might have been being a bit foolish then, leaving once his sister’s friend arrived and walking away bitter with jealousy of having the attention taken from him so easily. Did Chance even have to try? No.. maybe it wasn’t jealousy he was feeling. Fen hoped not, because jealousy was a horrible thing. It was something he didn’t like to waste his time on. The green monster consumed your soul until all that was left was ashes, barely a trace of who you were. It can cause you to do terrible things, say terrible things. Besides, Fen had more important things to worry about. Like the ball happening that night. He wasn’t that great of a planner, but he figured it’d be something interesting to watch over. A ball, how wonderful. Every lovely girl would dress up for the boys to fawn over them. Well, a few girls at least. He had no doubt it would be beautiful; he imagined everyone having near panic attacks trying to prepare. Fen twiddled with his fingers and kept his eyes firmly on the ground in front of him as he walked, wondering just how long his invisibility cloak would last.

He wandered through the halls in a sort of daze, but finally reached Ms. McCarty’s room. Fen glanced around, his nose wrinkling slightly as he realized that no one was present. Of course, this class wasn’t one of his favorites because of how often the woman put him on blast, but he still managed to arrive. Although the class may not start for a while, it only made sense to be there. As he rubbed furiously at his eyes, he made his way to the left side of the classroom, sinking down into the first seat. He’d wait patiently for his teacher and the students to arrive. While the minutes passed, the riot in his head proceeded to grow wilder and he was sure that flashes of each emotion he was struggling with were crossing his face. If he took time to walk back to the lake, as soon as he got there he’d have only a few minutes within the water before he had to trudge back to class. Glancing up with wide sky blue eyes, Fen checked the clock in the room. Surely he had time enough to rest his eyes? Moments later, he shot up from the desk. Fen had nearly forgotten about the ball, and he needed to be in the Great Hall right at that moment helping prepare. How forgetful would he be this morning he wondered. It was a miracle he'd been able to dress himself properly. The thought made him snort out a laugh as he kept his eyes on the ground, ambling towards the Great Hall. The closer he got, the louder the faint music playing sounded. Slowly, he pushed his hand against the gymnasium doors and peeked through. "Seems like everyone is on duty.." It'd been an amazing feat, but Fen marvelled at how much they had all accomplished. A proud feeling came to him as he wandered into the room, glancing around with his eyes wide and lips parted in awe. Quickly he shook his head and made his way over to where Jules was, a small smile breaking out on his lips as he watched her dance. Fen slipped beside her and began to work as well. It wasn't a bad song that was playing, he thought as he tapped his foot along to the beat of the song.

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Setting: Olympus Academy2012-06-01 15:42:40, as written by Sneakyrio
Malcolm Murdock

Malcolm was crouched down in some brush, looking at tracks in the dirt. He examined them closer, then started following them, remembering to keep low. Gregis followed closely behind, in a dog crouching position. He had been following these tracks for awhile, he had actually caught a brace of rabbits which he had hanging from his belt while trying to find the bigger game. It had been a few hours since he had been woken up by Gregis' alarm tongue. Every morning without fail, that dog gets him up at the same time, no matter the method. Malcolm was musing over this in his head, when he realized the tracks had stopped at a tree. "What the hell...?" How in the world could something as big as he was tracking disappear up a tree. He then looked at the tree. The sides of it had been whittled down to it's inner rings. It was marking it's territory. Calydonian boars were very dangerous and it was bad having one this close to the academy. He looked closer at the ground to see if he could find any more tracks, but then noticed something odd. The dirt had been shifted apart, almost like something had been dragged. He followed the dragged marks until he came upon the corpse of a gored stag. "The boar must have caught the sag on it's tusk without realizing it. Poor guy." He said silently to himself. He then noticed the tracks starting to pick up. He looked over at Gregis and they nodded at each other.

He had followed the tracks for another fifteen minutes before he noticed all of the trees around the perimeter had been marked. This was now it's territory. Malcolm stopped and thought for a moment, he then looked over to Gregis. "Well, we now know were it is and it's far away enough from the academy to not cause any trouble, let's go back, eh boy?" Gregis simply gave an agreeing bark.

It took him another hour to get back to the school grounds through the forest. He had been up since 5 hunting and it seems the sun was up and shining now. As he walked back on campus, he gave himself a smell. "Whoa." was all he said. He looked down at his outfit. It was a simple white undershirt and camo pants with hiking boots. Not to mention three rabbits strapped to his belt. He looked and smelled odd. He looked over to his dog with a glint in his eye. "Hey, let's cool off. Race you to the lake!" Malcolm said, quickly turning his spear around so he wouldn't gore anyone while running. Gregis smiled a dog smile and ran after him.

It didn't take long for Gregis to pass Malcolm and gallop way ahead of him. He got to the lake minutes before Malcolm. As he came upon the lake he saw Chloe and Chance. He then jumped into the water, dog paddling up to Chloe and Chance, a massive dog grin on his face.

Malcolm was there about a minute later. He jogged up to the trio, not even remotely out of breath. He stopped at the shore and stuck his spear into the ground and hung his rabbits on it. "Surprise, surprise. You beat me again buddy." Malcolm said with a smile on his face. The dog simply barked in agreement. He then looked to the three and greeted. "Hey, morning Chance! Good morning Chloe!" He said with his usual chipper attitude. He then took off his shoes and socks, then his shirt. He then ran and dove into the water. He then resurfaced a few moments later, tossing his hair about. "Damn! That feels good." He then turned to the twp. "So, how you guys doing?" he asked sincerely.


Boaz Priestly

It was dark. Really dark. Blackout curtains had been nailed into the wall completely covering the only window in the small dorm room. On the bed, lay a 19 year old man with wild green and brown hair. He lay there only in a pair of Led Zeppelin boxer-briefs, eyes wide open. He had been awake for about forty five minutes now and he had not felt like moving. He felt like skipping class today. No one would care. No one at this school wanted him there, not even the teachers. It seemed like almost the entire school hated him and shunned him without even getting to know him. Most were scared of him. Maybe he would give them a day of relief and just not show up. Everyone hated him and he did not know why......nor did he care. "Wow.......getting hit hard with morning apathy today." said his voice ringing out into the darkness. He always got like this during the morning.....or when he was hungry. He then heard a noise come from his stomach. "Yeah, definitely hungry." He said to himself. He still had some food in his room.....so that didn't help his case for going to class. He looked over at his bed side table and grasped at the darkness for his phone. He checked it, no messages. He simply sighed.

His eyes then perked up for a moment. He remembered there was someone he could text. He checked the time. Actually, class hadn't started for her yet, he would call her. Normally he would feel awkward calling her, but morning apathy had got him bad today. He sifted through his short contact list and found Rhea's number. He pressed send and heard it beginning to ring. He then heard it pick up. "Hey, It's Priestly. Are you in Keating's class yet? And if you are, on a scale of G.I.R. to Scrooge, how grumpy is he today?"

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OOC Notes

Setting: Olympus Academy2012-06-02 19:59:58, as written by StitchSaysHi
Everlie McCallister

Everlie stood there, facing Zeke as he rambled on. She chuckled at his gestures. "Well, you certainly looked hungry..." She smiled, and let him continue on, asshe stood there, watching him. He seemed jittery. For what reason, she didnt know, though that was soon to be shown when he spoke again. This time, about the ball. Everlie felt her face heat up as a blush rose to color her cheeks. He was stuttering. Was he nervous? About asking her? She could barely contain her smile. Before she could answer however, a wild Phoebe popped out of no where.

Everlie jumped as the girl kissed her on the cheek. She smiled. Phoebe was always adorable. She loved everybody, and to be honest, everybody loved Phoebe. She was like everyone's little sister. Just as soon as she was there, she was gone.

Standing there for a moment, Everlie recollected her thoughts before looking back at Zeke. Her cheeks flushed again and she looked down at her feet for a moment before raising her gaze to his. "Actually no one's asked me yet, and I'm glad they haven't. I'd....I'd love to go with you." She smiled, her stomach twisting into a knot as the butterflies were let loose. Tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear, she looked up at him.

Juliette Halliwell

Jules just kept dancing as the song continued. Just let it be, come on and bring your body next to me. I'll take you away. Turn this place into our private get away. Strangely, Jules wasn't really singing out loud to the song. Well, she was, but mostly to herself. She was however, dancing along as she worked. She always worked best when there was music. Maybe it was because she was a daughter of Apollo, but hey...

Seeing Fen, Jules smiled. Fen was like her older brother, and yet sometimes he could just be so adorable! And he always looked out for her. It was nice, having someone like Fen around.

Then....there was a voice breaking through her thoughts, and causing her to halt her dancing. Turning around, she saw Mr. Hensleigh walking forward. Damn that man looked good. Unlike most girls at this school, it wasn't just his looks that drew Jules in. They were just a huge bonus. Nathan Hensleigh was also smart, and had this way about him that kind of just....it was hard to explain, but he brought out these feelings in Jules that even she didn't quite understand. Plus he was almost as snarky as she was, so that was a good thing.

"And if I was?" She smirked at him, running her hand through her hair and throwing it over one shoulder, leaving the other one bare where her shirt hung off and rested on her upper arm. "I thought teachers were supposed to encourage their students? Not down their confidence about their totally awesome dancing skills. You know you loved it." She teased. It wasn't that she tried to flirt with him (or maybe it was). Jules was just a naturally sarcastic, teasing person. And Hensleigh certainly was no help. He sometimes seemed worse than she was! Not that she didn't find that a bit attractive. She'd be lying if she tried saying that. Everything about this man was attractive.

Bringing herself out of her thoughts, she looked at him with her smirk still in place, but softened slightly. "Did you remember the list?"

When Ava asked for help, Jules jumped to it, hurrying over towards the girl and taking a few of the boxes. "Why in the name of Zeus, did you carry all of those down here at once? You could've made seperate trips you know." She had a smile on her face as she spoke. She helped the girl with the boxes until they were practically scattered around them, before she looked at her. "Well, apparently a Hebe kid bailed on us, so we dont have the lights out yet. If you want you can grab a few boxes of them. And I said a few, not all, we dont need you breaking your back the night of the dance, because honestly, I dont really plan to roll you in here in a wheelchair." She smiled playfully before pointing. "They're in the supply closet. We're kind of going to need them because...we're demigods. Not cats. We cant see in the dark. And if they turn on all the lights in the room, well then everything looks crappy and all the hard work kinda goes...poof." She made the whole "poof" motion with her hands and gave a little pout, though her body was still sort of swaying to the beat of the music.

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Setting: Olympus Academy2012-06-03 00:26:41, as written by Imagine That!
Chloe Huntington

"I know you didn't mean to, honey." Chloe's voice was soft and calm as she soothed her best friend. She could already feel his mood lightening as she stroked his hair, and soon, he was back to smiling, being the happy Chance that she knew and loved so dearly. "When did she steal my money?" She acted shocked, pulling away from him and opening her mouth in a feigned "o" shape. "I'm glad you smashed her then, Chance! What would I have done if you hadn't have smashed her! Thank you." She grinned, and gave him a friendly peck on the cheek. Every day was different when Chance was around; no one day would be the same, with his range of highly strung emotions. She had seen Fen sulk off into the background, and she felt bad about ignoring him, taking preference over Chance instead of her brother. She'd make it up to him later.

Then, she was suddenly being splashed with water by a large dog - one that could only belong to one person; that one person in the campus. Malcolm. Chloe sunk a little lower in the water as the handsome male came into her view, trying to hide whatever of her body was showing, but she couldn't stifle the laugh coming from her lips at the antics of the mongrel. Soon, Malcolm came into view, and he began to strip off, the brunette trying to hide the blush that was haunting her face. She had never seen him half naked, and she had to avert her eyes quickly, before she let herself become more obvious. She let Chance answer the boy, and added in her own little addition at the end of the sentence - "Morning, Malcolm."

Lukas Tricon

Luke could only laugh as he watched his brother's face drop in horror, as he realized he was missing the meeting for helping out with the ball. His brother's was comical, and the twin was almost watching it in slow motion. He just nodded as he ran out of the room, shouting back an "I love you" back to him. If anyone had heard the twins talking, who didn't know them, they would have probably laughed, or scoffed at their open affection. But to anyone else who did know them, and who happened to be listening, this was a normal declaration from them. Even in the state that he was in right now, he would still tell his brother this. How lovely their relationship was. The teenage boy sat there awkwardly for a moment, and looked at Jayme, biting his lip softly. He then heard his brothers voice shrilling out towards Ava, shouting a thank you. At least he remembered.

He sighed before putting the trinket back down on his bed next to his brother's favourite tools, and excused himself from the red-haired girl in the door way. His legs almost felt weak as he climbed out of bed, and slowly made his way into his adjoining en suite bathroom. He showered, and dressed himself in the clean clothes that he could only assume that Nova had to have ironed and left out for him, before staring at himself in the mirror. He looked nothing like he had before - his cheeks were withdrawn, his eyes were void of colour and emotion, and his hair was a mop on top of his head. He tried to push it into some sort of style, but it didn't go, even after he had been washed, so instead, he just left it the way it was.

Wearing a plain white top with a blue shirt pulled over the top, and a pair of light blue jeans, Lukas decided to head out for his room for the first time since his beloved Clover had departed from the Academy. He passed through the doorway, closing the door behind him, and his first reaction was to shut his eyes. It had been ages since he had left his room, and the sunlight practically burnt him. He made his way quickly around the red-head, feeling bad for just leaving her there, but he felt that he had to go somewhere. Without thinking, he made his way towards the main hall, where everyone had been gathering to help with the ball tonight. As he walked through the door, he saw Ava struggling with some boxes that looked heavy, and he moved forward to help her, although he wasn't quick enough. He flew forward over a wire that was on the floor, and ended up face first on the floor.

"Erm... hey, Ava."

Ness Tate

Ness almost felt the little jump in her heart when Nate said that there was going to be a private between them. She laughed once when he said that they had some catching up to do - it was true, they did have some things to catch up on. They couldn't ignore each other any more now, after what had happened in the classroom between them - there was no way that she could go back to how she acted before. She could see something in his eyes though, something that he was holding back from her, not telling her. She knew that she was being stupid, and naive, thinking that there would be anything between them, but she couldn't help but hold on to that feeling of hope that was filling her body. She knew that he wasn't in love with her, and she wasn't in love with him. Neither of them had been in love with each other, even in the past, but she had serious feelings for him. She just wanted a chance to let them develop, and show him, that was all.

However, then, he avoided her gaze, and she felt all of that hope practically drain out of her. By averting his gaze, she knew that everything she had dreamed that could happen between them was just that, only a dream. She too looked the other way, out of the classroom door, trying to avoid looking at him in any way possible. "I... I understand." She spoke softly, the sweet and happy tone in her voice being replaced by a more distant and hurt one. Ness sighed, realizing how stupid she had been by kissing him, and she bent down to pick up the fallen things from her bag, trying to remove any reminder of what had happened, and also, to just give her something to do. She knew it was her fault, for initiating this again, for causing him to kiss her back, and she felt terribly guilty. She didn't pay much attention to him after that, barely registering the brush of his lips against her forehead, ignoring the tingles that he sent through her body.

Her eyes gazed at the paper on the desk, the one that her "teacher" had asked her to do before the ball. Her hand shakily picked it up, and her eyes grew wider as she looked it over. It would take her more than her few free periods to complete it. Everyone else in the class had a week to complete it, didn't they? And on the night of the ball too... was he trying to make sure she missed the ball or something? Ness let out a sigh from her lips as she angrily shoved the sheet in her bag, heading in the same direction of Nate. She knew that he had tried to be nice about it, tried to save her feelings, and she had almost believed it - until he had forced that piece of homework at her. She walked into the classroom and headed straight over to Jules and Ava, completely ignoring the man that she had just had an intimate moment with. She did acknowledged though that the playful, flirtatious smile was already back on his lips, and this time, he was pointing it at her best friend. She knew he was in earshot as she spoke, malice filling her voice;

"Hey girls, don't worry about coming to help with my hair later. I'm going to be late to the ball. I have to finish this assignment before the ball tonight, when everyone else had a week. I might not even make it. I feel like I'm being punished, for just being me." She sighed, knowing that her friends wouldn't understand the last part of her sentence, but the beautiful history teacher in the room would.

She then turned, and made her way back to her cabin, hoping that she would be able to get there before she burst into floods of tears.

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Fen Wiley

Before he glanced over and shot another smile her way, Fen could feel Juliette’s eyes on him. Out of everyone, he felt like she was the energy. Juliette was the fresh cup of coffee that kept them all on their toes, or so it seemed. No matter how hard their work was, she always managed to make things feel easier. Since she was one of the people that he felt most comfortable around, if they were in a room full of people that Fen didn’t know too well, he sort of flocked to her. It wasn’t something he could help. As he struggled while setting up a few tables, his mind began to wander back to what happened out by the lake. Something of the sort had happened to him plenty of times before. Fen wasn’t being ignored, he figured. He knew that he didn’t end up on people’s radars, no matter how close they are. Once a distraction comes up, something or someone who holds more interest, he isn’t ignored. He’s forgotten, completely. No mattter how often this has happened, he doesn’t say a word. He never actually tried to jump back into the loop. Not once has he struggled for a person’s attention so much. He began to wonder. In his life, before the present one that he was living, who was he? When he dies, what will the next step be? Or what is he now? All the questions he’s thought of cannot be answered, of course. That is one fact that irks his nerves and sets him on edge. He wonders also if one day, his unanswered questions will cause him to implode.

When Fen came back to the world, his feet firmly planted in the gymnasium of the Academy, he smiled bitterly. Taking a step back to admire his work, he wiped off his hands on the front of his pants. For the moment he was glad that his mind had wandered off. After all, when it happens he usually gets his work done faster and it ends up better than it would have had he been completely focused. It was then that he actually came back, noticing that Juliette had struck up a conversation with the suddenly there Nathan Hensleigh. It had happened again? His presence was ignored, and he didn’t mind much this time. Maybe that was because he knew how Jules felt about the teacher. With his observancy, how could he not tell? The way her whole face becomes bright, and she stands a bit taller. Her smiles become wider and she seems so amazingly happy that he can’t bring himself to say anything (or even move). And he feels happy that she has someone who makes her feel this way. Fen was only worried that with someone like Hensleigh, Jules would get herself hurt. And no matter how much confidence someone had, or how strong they were, that type of heartbreak would definitely bring them down. His expression went nearly blank as she watched the two of them head towards the door.

His eyes roamed over the Great Hall, watching everyone as they put up banners and settled things that needed to be done. Everyone seemed so bright and excited and it made him want to feel excited for the dance. The dance.. he didn’t even know if he would attend it. Most would, and he had no doubt of that. Looking around at how beautiful and enchanting the set up was, he knew. As the song changed from Jay Sean to something by The Wanted, Fen’s eyes fell upon Nova Tricon and his bright smile. Earlier he’d noticed him out of the corner of his eyes, when the guy was bent over himself trying to catch a breath. He looked exhausted then, but now he was a bustling form of energy. Fen didn’t understand how he changed so fast, but Nova was interesting like that he supposed. Almost as soon as he glanced at him, he turned his head to spy around for more work to do. Fen backed towards the doors, wrinkling his nose and looking at the sight before him. The gym was a sight to behold, and he’d never seen it look better.

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Fen Wiley

Tonight was the night. The lights were up, the playlist was set, and it was beginning. In all his life he’d never been to a ball or a dance of any sort. He’d never been on a date, or had a girlfriend. It wasn’t something he found incredibly necessary. Anyways, he’d read online that “it's ok to go stag! As long as you have a good time, that's all you'll remember later on.” It’s not as though he would be the only one going by himself. If he went at all. He would be upstaged. All of the other guys stood out in a crowd, and he was just there stuck in the shadows. Hell, behind the shadows. Fen stared at himself in the mirror, adjusting his bowtie and chewing on his already red lower lip. For the past half hour he’d been standing there, ready physically but not mentally or emotionally for this important ball. His lip had been worried and his shoes taken off and put back on multiple times; the anxiety of it all was getting to him. That awful red was nearly covering all of his face, his heart was pounding and half a dozen chills went down his spine all in the span of one minute.

But he had a plan. If it all became too much he had a plan that would help calm his nerves (while getting him out of dancing with anyone). If anything happened that was straining, he’d sneak out of the gymnasium and make his jolly way towards the lake. Once there he would proceed and take off his suit to reveal the swim trunks he was wearing underneath it all. Then he’d jump off the dock and let the water soothe his nerves. There is nothing like the feeling of sliding comfortable through the water, this he knew, and the sound of the water only made it better. He could feel it now, the water slipping between his fingers. It was sort of a narcotic to him, and it was probably the same way to any of his siblings. While the water didn’t dull his senses (it heightened them) it lulled him into a feeling of absolute peace and relieved all pain. Finally, his widened blue eyes met with the identical ones of his reflection and he shot the mirror his winning smile. “I’ll be ok tonight, I will.” Fen whispered to himself and nodded slightly, smoothing down his suit again. It was nearly time.

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Fen Adrien Wiley

"I'll be OK tonight, I will. I'll be OK tonight, I will," The young man closed his eyes and clenched his fists at his sides. "I'll be OK tonight, I will." For a moment, he thought of how amazing it was that he'd been at the Academy for nearly a year or so and yet there were so many people who didn't know him or didn't notice him. Was he that far in the shadows? When he saw troubled people, he would make his way over to them and try to help (albeit awkwardly). There were so many things that he could find sense in, and yet this was at the top of the list of the things he couldn't figure out along with the mystery that was Fen Wiley. "I'll be OK tonight, I will." Sure.. he was one of the sons of Poseidon. He was a demi-god. He was Fen. But who was Fen? And wasn't there more to him than any of those other things? "I'll be OK tonight, I will." No matter how many times he said these words to convince himself, he still felt all his nerves were on Nothing was helping. Fen hurried off into his bathroom and stared into the mirror, frantically looking over his face and then finally meeting his own blue eyes on the surface and.. nothing.

Slowly, he wrapped his arms around himself and formed a sort of protective cocoon. His fingers began to press lightly into his sides, slowly gaining more pressure until he was squeezing his torso tightly. Why was he doing this again? Letting his mind get the better of him and send him into a sort of thought frenzy. Quickly his fingers fumbled with the water faucet on the sink, and he ran his hands under the cool flow of water, closing his eyes. Fen shook a few drops from his skin before patting both of his cheeks and closing his eyes. "I'll be OK tonight. I. Will." The nights mantra replayed on his lips, each sentence becoming more silent until the last was barely a wisp of breath. By the time he reopened his eyes, not even knowing when he'd closed them, nearly another whole five minutes had passed. He couldn't keep doing this to himself. He came to the Academy to find hisself, to become strong, to be noticed and to be there. Why hadn't he found it yet. It'd been long enough he figured. A slow and shaky breath escaped his lips as he lowered his hands and looked over his attire. He grabbed the small pocket hanky hanging from his suit pocket and tossed it onto his bed before nodding at his reflection.

It was then that he began taking slow steps towards his bedroom door, his mantra repeating itself in his head. Fen remembered his plan then. If it all became too much he had a plan that would help calm his nerves (while getting him out of dancing with anyone). If anything happened that was straining, he’d sneak out of the gymnasium and make his jolly way towards the lake. Once there he would proceed and take off his suit to reveal the swim trunks he was wearing underneath it all. Then he’d jump off the dock and let the water soothe his nerves. The nerves that still hadn't calmed his stomach. Any moment from now he felt like he'd ralph all over his suit. Fen placed his hand on the doorknob and stared at his hand as it twitched slightly.

Five. "I could just change into my pajamas and relax here in my room.."

Four. "It's not like anyone would be looking for me at the dance. I mean Chloe may be a bit worried."

Three. "Or not notice at all.."

Two. "My hand hasn't moved, there's still a chance to take over control of my body again and curl up with a good book."

One. Fen threw the door open and jumped nearly two feet when it slammed back against his wall. A bright blush colored his cheeks as he glanced down both the north and south ends of the dorms hallway, glad that no one had seen or heard what'd happened. He took a step out of his room. It was now or never, do or die (not literally). It was only a dance. He quickly took another step, both feet side by side now. There was no chance he'd back down. He couldn't, he'd already left the room. Quickly he began shuffling down the hallway, fussing quietly over his slightly rumpled suit and smoothing his hair back from where it'd fallen into his eyes. And this time, he said with a bit more confidence than the last, "I'll be OK tonight.. I will."