An alternate dimension of 'Real Earth'.Variun

"Oh well that's just lovely." (Name's actually Arius! Damn me and my forgetting)

a character in “Photo Day”, as played by Variun

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Recently turned 15, Variun was a red-dyed-headed, tall and lanky human. He wears the basic school uniform with a dark, long-sleeved woollen jumper over the top. His iPod earphones can always be seen hanging over his shoulders.
Now his uniform has drastically changed to resemble his favourite passtime and music, Vocaloid. The sleeves of his jumper have funnelled out from the elbow down, with a bright/glowing ring of cyan on the elbow and sleeve-end. His school shorts have acted similarly, but to a less extreme extent, with a lesser funnel shape and only two rings, each located at the base of each pant-leg. His hair is no longer red, but cyan to match the glow of his clothing. A black headset, also encrusted with glowing cyan rings, now rests on his ears; despite this, he can still hear perfectly. A long, thin tail also now pokes out from his behind. Variun has retained his body shape but become an anthropomorphic (furry, whoo!) jaguar, with white fur rather than blonde.


Shy to those he doesn't know but quick to warm up.


It may look wooden, but is surprisingly strong. It also contracts from its usual size of ~6 feet to just under a foot so it can fit in his belt. OH! And he also has a belt! Yes, yes, the belt I just mentioned.

Power: Can manifest ice and water from the air around. The ice itself has a small healing accelerant, allowing it to heal minor wounds. Also making for less effective use in battle.


Just your average upbringing, normal parents, normal life. As the geek he is, he has practiced with sticks a few times to see if he could work a staff the way all those anime and video game characters could. The answer was simple, he could not. But he can use it now, only just, after having practiced for the past year or so.

So begins...

Variun's Story