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A very big, spacious room

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The Dining Hall is a part of S.T.E.A.P. Academy.


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Where all the kids have to eat
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Setting: The Dining Hall2010-07-13 03:10:56, as written by RPGLoVeR213
Jackson went down the narrow hallway, and accidently bumping into a woman, the same woman from the room. "Oh goody, you're changed. Come on, to the Dining Hall!" He followed the enthusiastic woman, since she was praticially dragging the poor man behind her. She finally stopped, and pushed him in the Dining Hall.


Connor didn't know what to do, so went outside the white room, when an announcement came on. Excuse the interupption, will all S.T.E.A.P. Academy students please report to the Dining Hall for the first meal, thank you. He took a straight line way, accidently bumped into a small child. "Excuse me , I'm sorry. I am Prince Connor of Italy." he said, while the girl brushed off her skirt.


"Oh, thank you for your curtesy. I am Princess Evangeline of England." she said, curtsying to the other royal one. "May I escort you?" the Prince asked, holding out his arm. She nodded, and they walked to the Dining hall.

"I want to thank you all for coming. We will wait for three more people to come, and I will get started." the woman said, curtsying to the other royals.