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Kids of age six and up who were about to die in their own time were taken to the future, and are given powers and live in a school were they can't get out.

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Setting: The Academy2010-07-26 14:40:32, as written by kairi.kills.
{{OOC: Alas my loves, I return?}}

Amilia gasped for breath as she awoke to a white room. Her heart beat fast as she shot up from the table. "Wh-?" She was cut short as a man in a long white lab coat explained everything very simply. "You have been stolen from your time for your own protection. You will now attend this school. You have been given the power to manifest. Also, you may find your self changing into a wolf. Please, head to your dorm." He handed her a map. She assumed that X marked the spot. So she went on her way.

When she arived at her dorm. She knocked on the door then opened it, Seeing a person. She mummbled a 'hello.'


Bryson blinked back sleep. He let out a gasp of aggony, for he woke with a head ache. "Hello?" he said shakely.
"Good morning Bryson." A woman smiled. Then she summed up what everyone was told and sent him on his way to his dorm. Walking into his room, he was suprised to see a girl in it. He coughed to try to get thier attention.