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Kids of age six and up who were about to die in their own time were taken to the future, and are given powers and live in a school were they can't get out.

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Setting: The Academy2010-07-13 02:14:04, as written by RPGLoVeR213
Jackson woke up, prickling on his side. Jack! Echoed in his mind as he tried to get up. The prickling stopped, and a woman came in and started bandanging his arms and legs. Another woman came in, and Jack could tell she was more confident than the woman bandanging his arms. "Welcome, Jackson Hartley, to S.T.E.A.P. Academy." the woman said, setting down a red blazer with a gold dragon pendant, a white button-up shirt, a golden watch, khaki trousers, and brown dress shoes. "Another Academy? You should just tell my mom to let them expell me right now." he said, grinning a devilish grin. "Well, that's going to be hard, since President Hartley has been asassinated for 978 years. And if we didn't save you, you would've been too." she said, as Jack's mouth dropped open. "Also, you can shoot anything from your hands now. Now get dressed Mr. Jackson." She said, going out of the room. He changed, still in shock, and headed out the door.


Connor woke up, screaming. He could still see his father getting hit in the head with a rock, and some woman gagging him. He watched a girl come in the room, and bandaging his head and arms. Welcome to S.T.E.A.P. Academy! a woman's voice went through her head. "Who are you!" he screamed out loud, startling the woman next to him. Well, there's me, Victoria, there's Henry, Kenny, Janelle, and Tonya. the same voice said, as two guys and two other girls agreed with her. And you can control and read minds, Connor. I'm Tonya, just so you know. "Prince Connor Maximus Benjamin Cornelius Maximo! Welcome to S.T.E.A.P.!" a woman said, coming in teh room. She set down a red blazer with a gold dragon pendant, a white button-up shirt, a golden watch, khaki trousers, and brown dress shoes. "What time is it? Because my Father is awaiting me." he said, standing up. "about noon, July twelth, 3012." she said, as
Connor opened his mouth in shock. "Now get dressed, Princey." He did what he was told, because that was he was taught to do.


Evangeline woke up, the blood-curdling scream finsihed coming from her body. "Oh goody, Princess Evangeline Daniela Valencia Delarosa Ramerez is awake." a woman said, as a man started bandanging her arms and legs. The woman set down a white button-up shirt, red cardigan with the gold dragon pendant, a black bowtie, gold gloves, a khaki miniskirt, and converse. "Oh, and there's more clothes in your dorm." she said, leaving the room with the man. Evangeline changed into the uniform, and walked around the room. There was some ice, sand, and dirt on a platter. She held the ice, and it turned into a bow and arow, but suddenly broke as she dropped it and screamed. She ran to her stuffed bird, which was on the white bed. She held it tightly, hugging her knees to her chest. As she held her bird, she went outside the small white room, closing the door silently.