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Kids of age six and up who were about to die in their own time were taken to the future, and are given powers and live in a school were they can't get out.

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Setting: The Academy2010-07-13 02:39:16, as written by iminmiamitrick2233
Annabeth woke up, a scream escaping from her, though it was somehwat silent and more like a shreak. She opened her eyes and looked aorund the white room. Beggining to lash out at everything, she could remember little of what had happened before. She could remember a cloth going over her mouth,stiffling her scream, and making her pass out. And now waking up in this strange room.
" Hello Miss Creedy, I see you are awake, get dressed in these"
Annebeth looked at the woman who had started talking to her with a startled expression. She nodded quitly without a protest and dressed in the uniform.
"there are more clothes in your dorm, ill just leave you to explore the academy now. Oh and welcome to S.T.E.A.P academy"
Said the lady as she left the room. Annabeth grabbed her torn up bear and hugged it to her, before exiting, and wlaked out the door.