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Kids of age six and up who were about to die in their own time were taken to the future, and are given powers and live in a school were they can't get out.

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Setting: The Academy2010-07-13 21:07:33, as written by RPGLoVeR213
"Hello everyone. A few Intructors will come out and give you your information. How you would've died, your power, and your schedule. Oh, you all will be in the same classes, so..." she sent a nod, which sent the Intructors out.

Need Infomation for: Jackson Hartley
Supposed Death: assinated with mother
Power: can shoot anything from your hands
Species: vampire

He couldn't believe it. The one person who cared if he loved, if he lived, if he suceeded, was dead. He knew emotions were vunerablilty at bay, but the tears just fell and fell and fell. He went to a corner, and fell, as the tears started to stain his shirt. He yelled his mother's name, and screamed to have her back. He didn't care if they were going to be assassinated, at least he'd be with her. He felt a comforting hand on his shoulder, but he slapped it away, putting his head in his hands. He still heard her last word. Jack!


Need Infomation for: Prince Connor Maximus Benjamin Cornelius Maximo
Supposed Death: hostage then public execution
Power: read and control minds
Species: vampire
Extra: you have five different souls in your head

He couldn't believe it. He ran into a bathroom, and found a light scar that circled half his neck. He couldn't, just couldn't believe it. He watched a man balling, and Benjamin, as he liked to be called, could tell they were uncontrollable tears. He looked at Angel, and she was walking over to the poor man, and he could see neon tears coming out of her eyes, as her rainbow wings fluttered poorly.


Need Infomation for: Princess Evangeline Daniela Valencia Delarosa Ramerez
Supposed Death: raped, tortured, then finally drowned
Power: can make materials into weapons
Species: fairy
Extra: you might have some memories of rape and torture

She thought for a second, a some memories came back. The screaming, his devilish grin, and the not being able to breathe. As she started to cry, she opened the blazer, because the tears became neon, expressing a different bright color each tear. She saw the man crying, and she over, moving to the corner, holding his hand. He looked at her, and brought her in, putting his arms around her, without hurting her pretty wings.