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Kids of age six and up who were about to die in their own time were taken to the future, and are given powers and live in a school were they can't get out.

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Setting: The Academy2010-07-14 06:36:59, as written by Kawai Maria
(This will be my last post temporarily. We need the others to post, not just me and RPG Also we need to find a way to contact Kairi. )

Emmy carefully folded the piece of paper with her information on it and placed it in her pocket. She ate a quick easy dinner. Just a little salad, though she wasn't hungry at all. Her faced remained somewhat emotionless throughout the meal. She didn't say a word, there was no need to. The others ate in relative silence as well. A few words of comfort here and there was all that was shared. The shock of what had happened was sinking it. Finally the lady, who must be some sort of admissions director, walked in to announce their rooms. She had been placed in a room with two others, both of whom were older then her, or looking at their information, younger? An interesting conundrum there, she shook it off and ignored it. Emmy was however happy that both of them were from roughly the same time period as her own. Of course their would be some changes between their times but all in all they were close enough together to not matter much. She would introduce herself later to them. Maybe after they arrived at their room.

Annebeth appeared to be a bit cold from her facial expressions, maybe a bit of a fight in her. She looked somewhat down though, she was clutching a ripped up teddy bear rather hard. Obviously taking the news of her death and separation hard. She have to find someway to cheer the girl up. Bryson on the other hand seemed to be taking his death better. He was one of the kids trying to cheer up the others. He looked kind but he hadn't done much to say or explain more into him.

She walked slowly to her rooms, lagging behind the others. The city outside the academy was very different from the world she had left, but somehow slightly alluring. She was also busy taking in the sights of the academy and other students in the halls. It was a fairly large academy, well put, well staffed. Appeared to be well funded, always a good thing. When they appeared at their designated dorms she quietly slipped inside her own. It was fairly spacious, three rooms, a living room, a small kitchen, a single bathroom. Some might consider it small but it would suit just fine. The school clearly did not skimp on design though. The living room / kitchen area was tactfully designed in a true southern colonial style, complete with a marble counter tops and a very well designed back splash. She saw a gas range and some pots and pans in the cupboards and from nowhere she started having a few recipes trickle into her mind. Obviously she knew how to cook, and from her fractured memory she could cook well. The bathroom was equally well designed, it was small but once again had all the necessities and then some. There was drawer with her name labeled on it which she opened and found a hair brush, toothbrush and toothpaste, a small comb, a razor, (not that she needed it) shampoo and conditioner, plus any other toiletries one would need. She closed the door and walked over to one of the three bedrooms, her bedroom.

Upon opening the door, Emmy's face, for the first time that night, broke her mask. It was a stunningly fully furnished room, all in dark cherry wood in a Gothic style. The paint flowed perfectly with the room and while a few solar lights brought light into the room, they were not the only natural light. The window was a gorgeously styled stained with a fresco of a flower garden. In the center was a beautiful flower design. All together it drew her breath away. Some how the school had known she would like this art and window. She didn't even know it until now. It was stunning.

On her bed were five suitcases. Opening them she found 4 to have yearlong clothing. Most of it though just wouldn't look good on her. She was still wearing the same clothes that she figured she had worn the day she was brought through time and some loved them. She would have to have more made to replace those in the suitcases. The other suitcase had extra bedding and picture frames. All of the frames were empty except for one.

It was a picture of her standing in front of a police station. There were a multitude of officers and workers surrounding her. She was down in the middle but smiling like she was extremely happy. She thought she looked awkward standing there but there as she was, with an officers hat laying sloppily on the side of her head. The picture frame said, Chicago Police Department, Main Department Staff, August 1996. She couldn't remember anything at all. She watched as her vision blurred and a tear dropped onto the pictures glass. She unstrapped her guns off from below her skirt and placed them on the bed. She didn't know what she was doing but on the side of the holster it read in gold letters Chicago Police Department, Detective Emmy Dall. The bottom of each gun was a red rose and a white rose. At the very bottom of the holster, clipped into the side she saw a small piece of paper. Taking it out she unfolded it and found it to be a letter. She held it carefully, her hands shaking as she read it.

"Dear Emmy,
I would like to congratulate you on your latest success. I know you have had it rough in the past and I can not be any more prouder with what you have done. I have talked with the mayor and he agrees with me on this subject. As Chief of Police, I, Edward Harlor, would like to extend to you this official acceptance into the Chicago Police Department Detective Division. I have had these 13mm's specially made for you. Each one is engraved with a red rose or a white rose on the bottom of the handle. I would like it if you would accept them as a gift from myself and the boys down at the department. It will fill me with happiness to see you on duty Monday morning at the station.

Sincerely and with much love,
Edward Harlor, Chief of Police"

Her whole body was shaking as she placed the letter on the bed. She couldn't remember him, she couldn't remember any of it. She felt her mask crack and then shatter, falling to the ground in a million pieces. Emmy broke down, hugging her knees and curled up on the floor. She let out a wail of loss and cried harder then any of the others had before.