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Boys over flowers Roleplay, if you like she show please join :D

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Owner: Kaida
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Welcome to Shinhwa Academy, South Korea's famous school of higher education, where students of high social standards take full advantage of their skills and talents to better their chances of success in their adult lives. Grades k-12 are challenged to unleash their full potential from day one and are more likely to gain brighter futures than those that attend public schools. Uniform prices are included with tuition, and depending on a student's progress and hard work, the golden opportunity of a partially to fully paid scholarship is always on the table. Work hard, do well, and have fun. Remember, always keep fighting!!

This is an RP based on the Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. There is a limited number of spots available, as I'd like to keep things flowing well and not too confusing. The setting is Seoul, South Korea for those of you who aren't too sure, and I prefer real pictures, please.

This is a HIGHSCHOOL/UNIVERSITY role play. please no characters under the age of 16.
Please be nice to each other.
No fighting OOC, all OOC chat either highlight it in color or use (()), <<>>, or any other indication that it's not in the RP.
No text chat, please.
No one-liners. Witer's Block is understandable, but at least try to have a paragraph, I'd really appreciate it.
I would like canon characters if possible.
I may add more.

List of characters:
(There are a few characteristics I'd really like for certain spots, just to go along with the show and keep things awesome.)
1. Gu Jun Pyo (Mean and childish) (Open)
2. Yoon Ji Hoo (Quiet, stoic) (Open)
3. Yi Jeung (Player, romantic) (Open)
4. Song Woo Bin (Tough, loyal) (Open)
5. Geum JanDi (Antagonist and love interest of Gu Jun Pyo) (Reserved for ANullAssault)

Heroine: Yeon Mi Ri (Me)
Bestie: (Open)

I'll be adding your characters up here as we go along. If you'd like to join, please fill out this lovely form I've created for you. If you're filling one out for a F4 character, please add in what type they are. If not, Delete it or leave it blank.

Personality (At least three sentences, please.):
History (Also three sentences, thanks.):


The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Yeon Mi Ri played by Kaida
Heiress of the Yeon fashion company

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Re: Shinhwa Academy

Please, the sooner the better. Thank you for your interest in my role play :)

And just a friendly reminder PLEASE, only real pictures no anime.

Re: Shinhwa Academy

As a big Boys Over Flowers fan, I will likely be submitting a character in the very near future. :)

Storyline events.

This will be a thread for school events that can happen.

Some events will be as follows:

School field trip
Any thing else that you think would be beneficial to the storyline.

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