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The tribe has always been, ever since the beginning, but now a cruel change in fate has cast misfortune and suffering on your peoples and those with courage must answer the call for heroes. An adventure roleplay for all experience levels.

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Short Version
Ddaear, your loving world has been prosperous and happy for ages untold but now something has changed. Black winds have begun blowing across Ddaear laying waste to the forests and making the young die stillborn. It is up to those of your tribe who are still courageus to venture into the World-Gates and beyond to find a way to save yourselves, your people, and your way of life..

The way will be perilous though. The World-Gates were sealed for a reason. Beyond them lie bizarre and alien worlds whose very laws of nature often do not coincide with your own. Those who undertake the task must be prepared to challenge not only the foes that wait them, but the dangerous worlds they will scour for their salvation.

(May contain mature content)

Long Version
There is only one city among the endless towering jungles and forests of Ddaear. One city in a land cut clear of the gnarling grip of the wild lands. Lands which teem with violent and dark creatures. This land is home to many clans of men, but of them only one rules. The Tribe.

The Tribe has ruled unopposed and without fail ever since the forging of the world. Their kind have dealt out absolute justice and brought prosperity to all the peoples of Ddaear. They are a sect, and a bloodline, and those who are commited to service. They are the stock from which heroes are cut. They are the mountain from which the monuments of everlasting glory are carved. And under them, the sole peoples to flourish in a world of titan forests and demonic beasts. The Tribe is home to those of all creeds and crafts. There are those who summon nature magic, and the power of the arcane for the glory of the nation and to feed their own power. There are those who have exceptional skill with hiding, theft and sneaking which they may use to find dark cults and criminals among the glorious city, and which they may use to fill their own coffers and steal secrets for their own benefit. There are those that possess incredible powers of speech honed in the most hallowed of debate halls, and there are those who can craft metals, stones, and fabrics with such ease and skill as to make wonders that the eye would weep to see. All peoples of Ddaear have aptitude in these things of course, but those of the tribe are a stronger breed.

However things have grown dark in your homelands.

The black wind, an evil spirit from the distant south, has stolen away the sun and darkened the skies. Now the forest is growing sick, and life fails to take hold anywhere. Children die unborn, crops rot in the soil, and the jungle grows restless.

All of the most powerful members of the Tribe have gathered to a council and found that no solution lies within their realms. Now they have sent a call from their council summoning all the bravest members of the tribe to action. They have let their word be heard, and it is such.

There lies at the heart of the Wilds a World-Gate that has remained from the forging of the world, with the magicks the council has deemed it necessarily to reactivate it. Beyond the gate lie 6 other worlds, upon which no man of Ddaear has dared to tread. On one of these worlds is a artifact of unspeakable power which is necessary to slay the black wind and save the land. To those among us who still live with fire in their hearts, travel through the forest along the red road through the forest and to the gate. If there are champions who make it to gate, they are fit to travel beyond it, and we shall cast it open.

And so now it falls to each of you. Ready yourself in the Grand City and make the journey to the gate and forge a legacy for yourselves and(maybe) with each other.


Rules of Conduct

1) Participants must be prepared to have fun
2) Participants must be ready and able to be active in the roleplay once a week or more (With notice to the GM this may be overlooked temporarily but I will remove inactive characters biweekly).

Character Rules

1) Characters must be role-played well
2) Characters start with gear that is appropriate for a iron age culture. (No exotic weapons please)

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