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A human archer; known as the exalted princess.

a character in “The Multiverse”, as played by Akita

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ImageAlia is a somewhat build woman, yet she possesses the traits of a normal 17-year-old young woman. Her arms aren't huge, yet they're not lanky. They're about an average size with bits of biceptual muscle. Her torso is in pretty good shape, weighing her at about 130-135lbs. Her breasts are a decent size, and her stomach has some abs. She stands about the height of 5'6", and is quick on her feet. Her legs are very muscular, as she does a lot of running.

Her hair is a sandy blond color and is cut somewhat choppy and is about to her shoulders. Her eyes are a mild brown color and are round-shaped. Her skin tone is slightly pale, yet has sort of a red tint to it, due to the constant sun exposure.


She is a sweet girl and usually tries to be nice to everyone she meets. First impressions are everything to her, so if there's a bad vibe about someone, she sticks to her instincts.

She seems to think she's tactful but can be somewhat clumsy and have bad judgement. She finds herself to be a smart, noble young woman with the heart to change a demon into an angel.


A wooden bow and wooden arrows with stone arrowheads.


Alia is a human archer that originated from the Netherlands. She grew up in a somewhat poor family and always had the courage and ambition to grow from that. With her twin brother, Brendan, at her side, she felt almost invulnerable. She was determined to change her life, her ways, and the way the world worked around her. At an early age, she got out of her house and took her brother with her. Being the younger of the two, she felt she needed to fight harder and have a more positive outlook on things. She was headed for happiness, and continues on her journey to seek it...

So begins...

Alia Berit's Story