Castle Vankoryth Upper LevelLeopold Diesing

Major Diesing, recently assigned as part of the diplomatic corps, is a tad more eloquent than his predecessor, but also a degree more fervent.

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General Information

Full Name: Leopold Diesing

Meaning of the Name:
Given Name: Derived from the Belkanic elements leud "people" and bald "bold". The spelling was altered due to association with Latin leo "lion".
Surname: Patronymic from Dies.

Title: Lord-Emissary

Monikers: Leo

Birthdate: 6/13/2549

Age: 55 Scatterran Years

Gender: Male

Bloodtype: A+

Bloodline: Third-born of Lord Erich Diesing (deceased)

Species: Scatterran

Race: Belkan

Occupation: Ambassador

Social Class: Middle

Orientation: Heterosexual

Physical Information

Apparent Age: Late forties

Voice: Baritone

Overall Attractiveness: Slightly above average

Eye Color: Blue

Glasses or Contacts: Glasses

Hair Color: Graying blonde

Hairstyle: Comb-over


Height: 1.87 meters

Skin Tone: Celtic

Shape of Face: Square

Dominant Feature: His nose



Color: Green
Music: Classical Symphonies
Literature: Ancient Mythos
Expression: Formal
Curse: Damn
Mode of Transportation: Tramcar

Drinking: Yes.
Smoking: Yes.
Mannerisms: Fiddling with his glasses, spinning them in his hands, tapping his finger tips together and flexing his toes to pop them.

Optimist or Pessimist? Pessimist

Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert

Logical or Emotional? Emotional

Business or Pleasure? Business

Confident? Rather

Animal Lover? Yes

Greatest Strength: Calm mind

Greatest Weakness: Overly literal

Priority: Obeying his orders, to the letter if possible.

Philosophy: My life for Kampf.

Pressure Point: His eyesight.
Is this obvious? Not terribly.

Most comfortable when in a situation going according to plan.

Least comfortable when dealing with an unprepared meeting.

Religion: GSF, Kampfite Cult

Political Affiliation: Staunch Belkan Imperialist



Familial Relations:
Relations with:
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Type of childhood:

First Memory:


So begins...

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