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The Lost Water Twin

a character in “Unknown Powers”, as played by ShadtheWerepire

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He has dirty blond hair and blue eyes. He's of smaller build but his speed is impressive. His body is covered in scars from his Master's torture and he is almost Identical to his dead twin brother, Rayburn.

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*when his brother takes over his eyes turn red


Pyro is a traveler that can't stay in a place for long but he becomes very connected with the people he travels with. His personality is a little unstable at the moment because his twin brother died only a year ago leaving him in shock and permanently scarred. He tends to avoid the topic of his brother as much as possible and will snap at you if you mention him. normally he's a relatively happy person but knows when to be serious, and he'll run away from any problems he ever has.


Pyro is a water user which allows him to manipulate water. His specialization is his fantasic abillity to make acids and can coat his body with liquids to either protect him from fire or to burn anything he touches with acid.
He always has a pouch full of potions used for healing and various fighting situations as well as the dagger used to kill him and his brother.


Pyro is a twin and in this world twins are born with opposite powers, his brother, Rayburn, was a Fire user and the two of them were raised by their mother in the fire village. Pyro would live his childhood hidden from the world in the confines of his house where he would resort to reading books. Meanwhile Rayburn would go to school and learn like a normal fire user. At the age of 9 the twins got in trouble for trying to meet with the leader's daughter, Temprance, and her mother, the leader, Truance, punished Pyro by throwing him into a dungeon. Truance procieded to break Rayburn's arm as a punishment and when Pyro's Mom came with Rayburn to release Pyro from his cell they were confronted with a water village raid that brutally killed Pyro and Rayburn's mother. This left the twins in the hands of Truance who raised them through brutal disipline and torture. The two became scouts along side Temprance and controled important missions ordered by Truance. One day Pyro was swept into a great adventure involving A dark and nature user from another world, Pyro follows them on their journey and serves as a guide allowing him to see the world upon returning to the fire village his brother has been cursed and a fight breaks out between Truance Pyro and Rayburn resulting in Rayburn being forced to kill Pyro. Pyro is brought back to life by the nature user, Eve, but his brother dies leaving Pyro a broken soul. Rayburn's soul however was trapped in Pyro's body by the strange cercumstances of their deaths so when Pyro is at his weakest Rayburn can take over and manipulate fire even in Pyro's body. After his brother's death he went to the ocean to recuporate and learn how to truely use his water powers. Thus leading to this story......

So begins...

Pyro Blaze's Story

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Pyro finally reaches what he had been looking for, the fresh new house just on the edge of the Nature village, Andromeda's old hut. "Hey, I came back." He smiles swinging in through the door.