AmericaVladimir Mamatov

Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.

a character in “When the Lion Wakes”, as played by Ottoman

Factions, Families, Clans, and Empires


Cold, hard, empty,
light that has left me.
How could I know that you would die?

Farewell again, our dear land.
So hard for us to imagine that it's real, and not a dream.
Motherland, native home,
farewell, our motherland.

Lieutenant Colonel Yuri Stakhanov wrote:Federal Security Service, Person of Interest Dossier 1124 AFR
Vladimir Mamatov

Full Name: Mamatov, Vladimir Ilyich
Moniker(s): Sprat, Polkovnik, ‘the Colonel’, Enkidu
Gender: Male
Race: Ethnic Ukrainian
Date of Birth: September 14th, 1963
Place of Birth: Poltava, Ukrainian SSR

Crime(s): Treason to the Russian Federal State, proliferation of strategic weapons of mass destruction, arms trafficking, extortion, murder, assault, thievery, embezzlement, kidnapping, production of counterfeit bills, evasion of arrest, bribery of government officials, manslaughter, and identity theft.

Language(s) Spoken: Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, English, Pashtun
Religious Affiliation(s): Atheist
Political Affiliation(s): Formerly, CPSU. Currently, hardline elements of the CPRF.
Allegiance: Formerly, the Committee for State Security, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Currently, radical elements of the CPRF and key members of government.
Rank: Formerly Colonel, KGB.
Unit: Spetsgruppa V, Group B ‘Vympel’
Known Affiliate(s): Committee for State Security, Soviet Armed Forces, Communist Party of the Soviet Union, Lebanese Communist Party, Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party, Iraqi Republican Guard ‘Hammurabi’ Division(s), Communist Party of the Russian Federation.
Occupation: Formerly KGB Officer and Adviser to Iraqi Forces in the First Gulf War(1984-86), LCP Forces in Lebanese Civil War (1988-9), Iraq’s Republican Guard leading up to and during the Second Gulf War (1990-1). Participated heavily in the August Coup, fled the country after the failure. Returned to advise the Republican Guard Division ‘Hammurabi’ (1992-1997) in Iraq. Participated heavily with Serbian and Macedonian forces in the latter Yugoslav Wars (1999-2000), reported dead. Reported sightings from Russia to the Middle East have claim involvement with the CPRF, and several radical organizations. Suspected connections with members of Putin and Medvedev’s regime for the acquisition of nuclear arms.

Personal Relations:
Yulia Mamatov, deceased.
Sascha Yevgeni, deceased.
Beria Yevgeni, 54 years.
Katya Mamatov, 49 years.
Irina Petrova, 44 years.
Manya (Mamatov) Konev, 46 years, divorced.
Boris Mamatov, 25 years.
Alyona Konev, 24 years.

Weapons Preference: AK-74

Physical Description:
Bloodtype: O
Eye/Hair Color: Green/Brown
Height: 185.4 cm
Weight: 89.5 kgs
Physical Build: Average
Hairstyle: Tapered on all sides, grown slightly on top.
Hair Length: .8 cm
Discerning Facial Hair: N/A, clean shaven.
Discerning Scars: N/A
Discerning Tattoos: Committee for State Security insignia, upper right bicep.

Concluding Remarks: The status of Vladimir Mamatov must be assessed, whether he truly lives or not is an imperative piece of information. If he is found either his capture or elimination at the earliest convenience would leave the Russian Federation a much safer place. In the past ten years, the FSB has has significant difficulty tracking his movements, identifying his contacts, and tracing his merchandise - Bureau committees believe that Mamatov has connections within the Federal Government. Mamatov is a trained killer who has demonstrated on multiple occasions his efficiency in combat and evasion, and he is not to be taken lightly. He acts with the sole purpose to undermine the Russian state, NATO, and the western world at large by any means possible.

The identification, recovery and capture of Colonel Vladimir Mamatov is the directive.

The safe return of stolen tactical and strategic nuclear warheads and chemical agents is imperative.

Mamatov must be stopped.


Lieutenant-Colonel Yuri Stakhanov,
Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation
Spetsgruppa Alpha

Praised be our fathers and forefathers,
we are faithful to the covenant made in the past.
Now nothing can stop
our motherland's victorious march.

March on fearlessly,
pride of the Crimson Banner.
Hope of the Revolution,
you are the guardian of our people...

So begins...

Vladimir Mamatov's Story