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    Hello, I hope your having a lovely day. My name's Marie though you can choose to call me by an abbreviated version of my username if you wish. I am often online so if ever you wanna send in a PM please do so its always nice to meet other writers. I will gladly consider joining rps if ever your curious and I am open to rp suggestions if you enjoy how I've run them in the past.

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    As long as I have been able to write I have been coming up with stories and when I was little I was obsessed with books. I still am today. As a writer I have been creating characters and plots online for a number of years, starting out on neopets before going to gaiaonline. Once there I found that I loved writing, five paragraphs became something of a minimum each time I posted. But as time went on Gaia's roleplaying community started to shrink until eventually there were very few who had original story lines and proper sentence structure. Now I'm here hoping to continue on in my writing hobby.

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    I'm a big stupid nerd

  • Best Friends Till The End by Cliffspiracy

    Eight best friends have become fed up and have decided to move out of their parents home and into an apartment complex in New York. What could possibly go wrong between them?

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  • Home is Where the War is by Reaper2707

    The year is 2023, the global economy has crashed and much of the United States finds itself falling under the rule of a provisional government; puppeteered by a growing Chinese threat.

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  • Chilajara: A Romance by HalliwellSlytherin

    4 SPACES OPEN | Chilajara is a sleepy little town in the middle of nowhere, can three kids from the city survive the summer? Will this be the summer of love or Hate?

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