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  • member for 9 years

    has written 426978 words

    (~5.34 full-length novels)


    19 year old girl, learing this writing form of Role Play

  • member for 8 years

    has written 286097 words

    (~3.58 full-length novels)


    Well, what to say... I'm an Australian with occasionally too much time on his hands but usually not enough time on his hands. I've always loved writing and roleplay, and that drive eventually caught up with me when I re-read some old roleplays I participated in as a kid... Roleplays are just that bit more immersive than a book or game. At least to me they are, and I'm really hoping this place will sate my desire for writing. As a brief extract from my life, I studied Psychology and Social Work, love to draw and write,and am a big fan of video games (Sonic the Hedgehog, Starfox, Mario... SEGA and Nintendo fanboy). I mostly participate in lighthearted anime stuff, but I enjoy my fair share of Fantasy, Sci-Fi (Mechs), or romantic stuff.

  • member for 7 years

    has written 238105 words

    (~2.98 full-length novels)


    I love writing and roleplaying for starters. I've had a fair amount of experience in RPs but I know there is still a lot to learn. I'm a senior in my highschool, my last year.

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