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    has written 121,075 words

    (~1.51 full-length novels)


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    (~4.97 full-length novels)


    A oddly brought up guy in south east asia, Cheong Ze Wei is a guy who just does not fit in anywhere in the world. He dreams of one day seeing a manga/anime of an archer as a hero instead of a fighter or a mage. It's bout time there should be one on an archer.

  • member for 10 years

    has written 228,001 words

    (~2.85 full-length novels)


    Loving life despite its ups and downs

  • Astoria by zodial

    A small town is forever changed by a string of disappearances and murders that seem all too familiar.

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  • The Sibling Trap by SleepingInTheGardens

    The queen of the school, the honor student and two daring match makers that are determined to make their lives as complicated as they possibly can. [1x1 between Sunshine and Whiskey and myself]

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  • Armor Spirits by LookingAtPerks

    Armor Spirit: A powerful spirit with combat abilities, they can pull out their full power when bonded to a human and unleashed. There are many types and subtypes, and they can often be found at the center of paranormal activity.

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