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    Hey there, my name is Kim and I'm an 18 year old from the South Coast of the UK. I've done a bit of roleplay here and there. My passion is writing. I'm always working on something, whether it be a poem, one of my novels or just a short story. I don't think they're all that great, but who knows, maybe one day you'll see my name on the cover of a book. :D I love music. Piano pieces always inspire me to write. Yiruma being my favourite artist. So that's a bit about me! :D

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    Not much to say, but if I had to say something it'd be along the lines of: "I'm a human with too much time on his hands."

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    ●FORMALLY KNOWN AS:● ☰☰☰ I've been an active member of RPG for 4 years, but I've been Roleplaying for much longer. I'm an advanced writer and an avid character/world builder. I'm always down to write. ☰☰☰ After about a year hiatus, I'm back and ready to create . I thought it only right to start fresh. Check out my other page and if you like what you see, let's create cool shit together. I'm always up to plot original stories and make new friends. I also talk a lot fair warning.

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