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    Hey guys!! I'm Nelle and you can call me Nellie! I like cake-batter ice cream, visiting Cold Stones, and writing fanfic. If you ever want to just talk or get to know me, hit me up via PM. And if you ever want to 1x1, hit me up! I don't bite....much ;)

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  • Orchid Town by druidquest

    Magical Girls don't stay Magical Girls forever. Everyone retires someday, right?

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  • Hogwarts: A Dark New Age by Wolf's Bane109

    What happens when two decades after Hogwarts is rebuilt and starts school again, a new secret and dark force makes itself known? Will the students help stop it or will they be the cause of the darkness returning the ancient school?

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  • Neothea: Phyrian Galaxy by Lee_Fang_Tze

    Neothea is a large blueish green terrestrial Earth-like mega planet located in the Omicron Star System, orbiting the blue hypergiant star Cheron, and orbited by the silver moon Hesla.

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