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MS-0983 Kougi-no-Kami

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MS-0983 Kougi-no-Kami

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Teh Andy on Wed Sep 14, 2005 3:42 pm

Alright, similar project here as with Falcon. This was the second suit I designed, and Zhelir helped me do it. This was a long time ago. Let me know what needs to be altered and what would be more effective and cost-effective.

The suit is based off of a mix of UC and AC technology, again, but influenced mostly by the Gouf Custom in 08th MS Team (those heat rods he used and his shield/sword/gatling combo)

I know there are some impracticalities in this suit, and I would like those corrected if possible. Feel free to laugh at times. This suit wasn't built for speed, it was built for... well for fun. I used it to take apart much slower opponents back in the day because I found rittling my opponent with bullets and missiles was HIGHLY amusing.

Model Number: MS-0983
Code Name: Kougi-no-Kami (Guardian of Justice)
Suit Type: Ground Assault MS
Overall Height: 23 m
Overall Weight: 77 metric tons
Power Generator Output: 3500 kw
Generator Type: Nuclear Core Generator
Rocket Thrusters/Back Verniers: 308,400 kg Total
Armor Materials: Super-high Tensile Neo-Gundanium

1x epyon saber (in left leg)
2x 75mm Chest Gattlings
4x 3-tube grenade launcher (2 mounted on each leg; 24 grenades: magnesium mixed into each grenade to produce blinding flash)
2x 240mm Cannons (mounted on shoulders)
2x 60mm Vulcan Guns (mounted on head)
1x 120mm machine gun (hand held)
2x Retractable Grappling Electric Heat Rod (mounted under wrists)
2x 3-barrell 75mm machine gun (mounted on wrists)

Optional Armament:
1x 880mm Raketen Bazooka(5 round clips)
1x Long Range Beam Sniper Rifle
1x Heat Saber (hidden in Shield)
1x Shield
7x Missile Tubes (56x missiles, inside shield)
1x 75mm Gattling Cannon (on shield)
2x 10-tube Spread Missile launchers (mounted on shoulders to replace cannons)

Storage Container (holds extra ammo and some optional weaponry)
Auto-dimming wielding lenses on the cameras
Live in your world, get KOed in mine.


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