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1000 creatures

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1000 creatures

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Wed Mar 14, 2007 7:00 pm

Expirament number:580
weight:220 lbs
slight Muscular
Strong enough to lift 3 tons
Fast enough to dodge an attack from a blrish (Blorish) (About 58 mph so he goes 60 mph is top speed)
Mind:Purest of evil
Soul:Purest of good
Speciman model:Human
Age:2 years
haiir:long buzzed
hair color:white
eye color left=red right=blue
no facial hair
Weapon/s:His fists and feet are his primary choice
clothing:Material:Vorian (V-o-rE-on) A flexible and comfertable alloy found on Volarious. Pants long sleeved shirt metallic boot scarf.
attitude:Dont annoy me and you wont have any broken bones,
"In the universe there was a scientist, Dr. Reeos, He was a simple scientist until he started doing expiraments with live creatures. At first he made them for trivial things such as making a snadwhich or operating a teleporter, such as # 2 and #8. He than started fearing for his life and made more dangerous expiraments to protect him such and #16 which was an ape like creature with arms 3 times the size of its body. After his work was being more well known than armies started buying creatures from him such as #30, a small germ creature which made duplicates of itself and only took orders from its leader. Than came monsters of wars such as #58... A beast with the form of a fories War Brigand which was a ship of immense size. The one aftegr it was a shapeshifter. After a while he reached me... #580... He got the idea for my form on a travel he took to a planet called 'Irth' but when he started me I was supposed to be his perfect little pet, but I was the most difficult... I was the last one he created before he died After he started working on me he got to making pure war machines which acted out from time to time. Series 900. #918 could make any weapon, #919 could move anything with its mind, #967 Was a sickly one with a deadly disease. Eventually he came to 3 989 which had the ability to read,destory,and change minds. After he finished the 900 series he created his biggest mistake... #1000 who had the power to copy the power of any creation before him, except mine, for I was after him. I was modeled after a race our creator had come across in his travels. He went on a journey for several years, and on this journey he came across a planet calle 'Irth' He got the idea for my body from these creatures. I was supposed to be his perfect pet but I was the one with the most individual mind. He created me with a brain of pure evil such as 1000s but a soul worthy to stand next to GOD for the rest of time. He called me the 'Holy Evil' for my mind which was of unimaginable evil and for my soul of the purest of good.I could kill without remorse but I only kill those that are enemies of god. After I was created #1000 killed our creator for denying him an item. In te time I have been alive I have only read one story, and the only thing I remember about the story is the main character and the last chapter. The main character was like me, or I was like him. He was a warrior of a wicked mind and a pure soul. In the end his alllies formed an army and as he stood in the room of the 'material devil' he commanded his allies to leave. They obeyed except for one, his friend,his allie, and warrior. He commanded this warrior to leave but they would not. He commanded one of his allies to take the allie out of the fortress as he took the ball from the bottome of the hilt of his word. It appears that our creator was working on a weapon as such. A weapon that reflected the warrior. A sword of evil and of holiness. After his allies were out of the fortress he was surrounded by the material devil's minions. The last thing he is to have said is "I take this power against you, a power that would strike fear into lucifer the devil of Hell and use it to dispearse you, and your evil from the existance of the world! I however sacrifice myself as a small price to pay to reast knowing that your evil shall no longer taint the good and enflame their souls. I take this power and my life to destroy you and your minions of pure evil!' He is than said to have thrusted the orb into his heart and split into three parts, the main body, the body of the mind, and the body of the soul. The Fortress simply disapeared from existance for a moment, but not from memory, and when it appeared dust and debris were spread acroos. The warrior who stayed was approached by a pure red version and a pure blue version of the warrior. The red holding the mind and the blue holding the heart. The warrior who had stayed was the only one who could bring the main character back to life, beyond that scene the story ended, for it was never finished."
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This RP is going to be based on the story my char just descrbed, the only thing is that this isnt going to be in that book but instead in what he sees as the real world. all creation over 900 are NPCs as are al creations under 200 and my character is the one who is represented as the main character in the story so my character ini the end, dies.

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