1x1 Search (Plot Ideas & Pairings)

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1x1 Search (Plot Ideas & Pairings)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ariki on Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:29 am

Hey there, everyone! First of all, you can call me Paige. Secondly, I have a few ideas bouncing around in my brain that I'm going to throw around to see if anyone might be interested in making them come to fruition. Before that, though, I should tell you a bit about how I RP.

SIDENOTE; I am also open to any and all ideas that others may like to contribute!

  • I'm verse when it comes to gender swaps. I'm just as comfortable portraying a male as I am a female. I'm also open to doubling up so that myself and my partner may both have the opportunity to play as both a male and female.
  • I'm looking for literate, detailed partners that can easily tackle a three+ paragraph post. I'm very detailed in my writing and, depending on how much you give me to work with, depends on how much you get in return. As far as literacy is concerned, I understand that everyone makes mistakes. The occasional typo here and there is no issue. In fact, chances are I'll shove commas where they don't belong. As far as chat speak and such is concerned, that's a huge no-no for me.
  • I'm a stay at home mom so while I try to post regularly, I can guarantee a reply at least once a day. If there are any gaps or needed time between posts, I always try my best to inform my partner and simply ask that the same courtesy be given to me!
  • Currently, I'm looking for something along the lines of modern realism with a dash of romance and (possible) supernatural aspects. Besides the plots I post below, if you have any ideas to spice them up or, if you'd like to throw your own ideas into the mix, I'm all ears! I want this to be just as enjoyable and intriguing for you as it is for me!

BEAUTIFUL GOODBYE | Do you ever think of you and I and that beautiful goodbye?

The first involves a young artist who, as of late, has been faced with tragedy and loss. Initially, the death of her fiance. Now, a sibling who lies in wait for the day that the Reaper may claim them, as well. It is during this time she she begins to dream of an ethereal presence to the point of obsession, using it's likeness as her newest muse in a string of artistic pieces. That is, until she sees him face to face out on the street and realizes that her dream has bled over into reality. Who is he, what purpose does he serve, and why is it that only she can see him? As the hands of time tick away between them, the two inevitably grow closer, despite the looming sense of loneliness that draws them into each other's arms.

​​WHOLE AGAIN | I found you broken and I lost my need for sleep. You bit my lip and we were both in way too deep.

The second follows Liz, a woman that has seen the seventh circle of hell and came back to tell the tale. If you can shoot it, drink it, snort it, pop it, or smoke it, Liz has done it. An addict with a past that is hazy and unclear, that she runs from by drowning herself in hallucinations and highs, hoping one day that she'll either wake up and won't remember or that she won't even wake up at all. She passes day by day with no real meaning until a certain buzzkill crashes into her life to rain on her parade. To Liz, Greg is simply Greg. His past is just as elusive as her own yet he's an open book for the world to see. Initially, Liz finds the man annoying and nosy. But, as time passes, she finds that he may not only be her saving grace, but the most potent drug of them all.

ADIEU | ​Don't care for me. Don't cry, let's say goodbye. Adieu.

The third involves a woman stricken with a terminal illness and an angel of mercy sent to collect her soul and ensure it safe passage into the afterlife. Essentially, the angel is to watch over her final months of life in order to make sure everything is progressing accordingly so that he's prepared for her, for lack of a better term, Death Day. Little does he know, though, is that the woman not only has the ability to see him, but can also communicate with him. With this new development in their already complicated partnership, a hesitant friendship blossoms between the two of them. As he follows her journey into her final days, the angel sent to collect her soul finds himself wanting to do everything in his power to protect it. So, as a love that should've never been consumes the two of them, the angel takes it upon himself to ensure a happy and long life for the young woman, hopefully one that he can also spend by her side.

​​THROUGH MY VEINS | Because it's you running through my veins.

A returns to their hometown by the sea after being away for ten years to help their uncle keep the family business up and running. Upon returning to this town, A coincidentally bumps into B and from that moment forward, both of their lives are sent into a tailspin. The closer A and B become, the sicker B gets. As fate would have it, centuries ago their ancestors (or former selves) had also found one another and had fallen deeply in love. Disapproving of the relationship (for reasons that would be agreed upon among ourselves), A’s ancestors placed a charm on B's that inflicted tragedy the closer the two became. Rather by disease, famine, or accident, with each passing lifetime came the same loss and heartache. Thus, in order to spare the life of their beloved, A’s ancestor left their lover's side in search of a way to relinquish them from their fates. Alas, they were never seen or heard from again. History now seems to be repeating itself.
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