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AC 205: The Return

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

AC 205: The Return

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Thegodofdeath on Thu Apr 26, 2007 12:55 pm

Earth's Orbit..a mobile suit floats in entropy in between Earth and the colonies. It drifts, silent, cold, and hidden from every eye, be it natural or technological. As the suit floats it slowly turns in the direction of the L2 colonies, within the cockpit, the main screen turns on, illuminating the the face of the pilot. His eyes open as he begins to speak..
"The colonies, they were created by man to relieve the Earth of her burdening population. I have learned to call these colonies home, and once, long ago, I fought to defend them. I fought so that I nor anyone else would ever have to fight again."

As the familiar voice speaks, visions of the war of AC 195 run through his head. All the battles, all the blood shed, all the unnecessary death.
"Dose this really have to happen all over again? Has everyone forgotten why I, and so many others fought all those years ago? Why are soliders like myself once again necessary?"
The suit continues to spin within space, it moves silently and faces the Earth.
"Well, I guess war is just a natural consequence of life, and as long as humanity is around....there will always be battles. As hard as I once fought to obtain true peace, I now realize that that fight may have to continue to keep it. I can only hope my coming back will inspire others, and THE others to do the same."
Just then, the suits Hyper Jammers switch off, and the blanket of darkness slides off, revealing the Gundam Deathscythe Hell for all eyes to see. And for everyone to remember what the Gundam stands for, a symbol of fear for the corrupt, and hope for all those it defends.
"So what do you think old buddy, do you have just one more war in ya?"
The rest of the monitors in the cockpit and all the control systems switched on in response. And one eye began to illuminate an ominous green glow, that could send a shock down the spine of all that opposed it.
"Heh, well it looks like I'll have to become The God of Death once again. Ok Deathscythe, Howard is waiting for us on Earth, lets show everyone the meaning of haste."
The Bat-like wings of spread wide as Duo Maxwell moved the controls to maximum thrust. A small spark from the vernier engines flew just before they ignited with full force. The Deathscythe flew straight up and into a loop, closing its wings for reentry. It flew down through the atmosphere becoming as red as the glow of Mars, moving ahead toward the battles to come.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Thegodofdeath on Sat Apr 28, 2007 12:30 am

The heat and sheer force of the Earth's atmosphere tossed the Deathscythe around. Duo fought hard against the powerful force that threw even the mighty Deathscythe about.
"Hey, don't give in on this soon ok old buddy? It is just a little atmosphere don't let get the best of ya."
Forcing the throttles to full, Duo pressed his Gundam forward and out of the thick of the atmosphere.
"Ok, I am sure that little re-entry had to get someones attention, but now that I'm out of the frying pan, it should be safe to use the Hyper Jammers again without worrying about them over heating. Otherwise I am going to find myself seeing some unnecessary combat with the Earth's forces."
With the flip of a switch, the Deathscythe disappeared from any radar. The Deathscythe continued to plummet downward toward the ocean below, the great wings of the Gundam opened and steam flew from every vent causing the water below to ripple. Duo pulled up as hard as he could, while feeling the intense G-forces press forcefully against his body.
"Ergh......a...little..harder than I remember...whew...well with the jammers on full, and if I maintain this speed while at this low of an altitude, I shouldn't have to worry about being spotted by anyone at this point."
The Deathscythe maintained a steady speed, just above the ocean's gentle waves, however Duo left a mighty wake behind him
as he flew forward to rendezvous with Howard.

"Ok I arrived a little off of my target location, but I should still meet up with Howard soon. His carrier is just outside of the Lake Victoria Base's radar range, we should be able to talk more strategy soon."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Thegodofdeath on Tue May 01, 2007 1:07 am

A small blip noise sounded from one of the Deathscythe's monitors, the computer system quickly magnified the image on the screen to reveal a large carrier ship.

"Ahhh..I didn't think I would see that ship soon enough"

Giving the Deathscythe one last boost of thrust, Duo pulled up and over top the large carrier. Crew members flagged Duo down on the ship's airstrip. As the Gundam landed, the crew members scattered to avoid the mighty wind caused by the purging of Deathscythe's exhaust vents. The Gundam's poise straighten as the glow from its eyes vanished and it head lowered; just then a man in a hawiian shirt and kahaki shorts walked up with a cane as the the cockpit door lowered and opened.


Howard- "Duo! Would you get down here already, so I can finally see you again after all these years?"

Placing his foot on a metal foot piece attached to a steel cable that began to lower him to the ground.

"Take it easy Howard, by the looks of that cane, I wouldn't want you taking things too fast and hurting yourself now!"

Howard- "Well it is good to see that you haven't changed one bit after all this time."

As Duo came to to the ship's deck he and Howard greeted each other with a hand shake and a quick hug.

Howard-"I'll have the crew refuel the Deathscythe"

Howard turned to a few crewmen that had flagged Duo in.
Howard- "Hey you two! Take the Gundam to the MS elevator and bring it down below for refueling!"

The two men followed orders without a second's hesetation as Duo and Howard continued to walk across the deck.

"Howard I can't thank you enough for how much you have helped me out with getting the Deathscythe back together."

Howard-"Its no problem at all Duo, I am just greatful that one of you finally decieded to come back and try to put an end to all of this. And it really wasn't all that hard, even though I know how much you and the others probibly didn't approve of it, I kept various components and spare parts for each of your Gundams scatterd in random colonies. We managed to recover all most all of the data and parts of the Gundams from the Peace Million wreck. So really it was just a matter of gathering the pieces of your Gundam together and reassembling them."

"Yeah, after we made the decision to self-detonate our orginal Gundams, we made a stand for the world that we fought to live in, a world with true peice, and no use for weapons, espeically the Gundams. But thankfully old codgers like you come prepared, just in case."

The two walked to the control tower of the carrier and walked inside. Taking a seat the two began to speak again.

Howard-"I swear that deck is getting longer and longer each year."

"Nah, I just think your out of shape Howard."

Howard-"And not too old? You are too kind Duo"

After sharing a small laugh or two, Duo and Howard start to finally get down to business.

Howard-"Well I guess we should consider ourselves fortunate that you didn't see any combat on the way down here."

""Yeeeah! Especially since the Deathscythe was completely unarmed, with all the parts you had stashed away in space, you decieded to keep the scythe here on Earth with you. I didn't even have any ammo for the vulcan cannons for Pete's sake."

Howard-"Well when you actually see combat, not only will the Deathscythe have its scythe back, with fully loaded vulcans, but it will also be fitted with two Buster shields as you requested."

"Good, I really missed that sheild on Christmas eve all those years ago, so I guess having two from now on should make up for it. Now lets see what we know so far. The Peace treaty was foiled by someone attacking the colony generals with a heavily armed moblie suit, and Earth is claiming that their mass producing Gundam factories are up and running at maximum production?"

Howard-"Yes that is how things are looking so far, but to make things a little more exact, it wasn't just any moblie suit that attacked the generals, it was a Gundam!"

Turning to a large screen in the room, Howard picked up a remote and pressed a button.

Howard-"With our satilites that we have in orbit right now, we were able to catch the entire battle from a safe distance. And zooming in we find that it isn't just any Gundam either. It is the Heavyarms! Do you really think that Trowa would have ever done something like this?"

""No way! Even if Trowa didn't agree with General Sin, there is absolutly no way he would ever attack a peace treaty, espeically not after the one that Heero botched all those years ago."

Howard-"Ok so we have a Pilot whom we have no idea who they are, and are obviously against being at peace with the colonies."

"Yeah..and I though I want to defend the colonies with everything I have, I am not willing to make a move on behalf of the colonies just yet, I say we just focus our attacks on this guy in Trowa's Gundam and anyone with him. Any idea where he went after the attack?"

Howard-"Unfortunatly no, we have no idea, he seemed to have just disappeared. So what do you do now?"

Sitting back in his chair, and folding his hands in front of his mouth, Duo stared deep into the frozen satilite image of Heavyarms.

"We wait until this guy makes his next move, and then we focus on taking him and anyone with him out of this......I'll kill them.."

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