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AC205: Poltical Debates over Asteroids.

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

AC205: Poltical Debates over Asteroids.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Ryand-Smith on Fri Apr 27, 2007 7:06 pm

Inside the halls of Ceres Senatorial Building, there was a massive debate over the Military command Authorized statements of Dr Hillary Bush, the senators were loudly arguing over the point of these statements.

The President of the Senate, Mr. Ryan Smith of M0-V looked around, as he sat with his ministers, and spoke.

“My Fellow Senators, we have all heard what the military has said about the Alleged transmission from one of our Earth receiving stations about an assault on Earth. We have launched our fastest ship, to investigate this and determine if there will be a true war, or if this is political blustering on the part of the Larange groups. I now play for you all, the transmission that the military sent. After this, there will be a brief general floor debate, and then we will bring in the Chief of the Department of Collective Defense to speak for the military.

The Transmission replayed for the crowd, as all fell silent.

Hello People of the Larange Colonies, and Earth. I am Dr. Hillary Bush and as the representative of the United Asteroid Federation of MO-V, Ceres, and 2 Pallas. We feel that the Larange colonies threat against the Earth is an action that threatens all humans, and could possibly place our species in danger of being exterminated. If one part of humanity threatens to use extraordinary levels of force, we will respond with our own mass drivers, and we will use these devices of peace, to destroy the colonies if their militaries hit Earth. Our Gundam factories are at full production. We are ready to defend the Earth, and ourselves. as the Mother World is necessary for us. That is all people of the Earth Sphere.

A Senator from the Trader Union, a party which wanted to disarm of all Humanity, stood solemnly, as he responded to the recording of Dr. Hilary Bush., as he addressed the senatorial hall.
“Yeah That’s the military becoming just like OZ who tried to take our freedom!”
Another Senator from the Transporter party, a group which believed in arms as the best way to prevent another possible invasion, stood to speak to the crowd.
“Yeah, well the Colonies want destroy the Earth”He said, with a slight shake in his stance. Several senators looked shocked at this allegation.
An older senator smiled, as he took a puff on his cigar, as he stood up to address the Council.“Do you have any proof of this young man, or is this more of this rumor mongering that I keep hearing from the Transporters agenda!”
An newer senator from MO-V got up, and raised his hands as he declared ”My fellow Gentleman. I feel that we can still be civil if we just...”

“Be quiet before I have you mass driven into the Sun!” was the response from one of the more controversial groups, the Pro Larange Movement. The rabble continued, until the Preisdent raised his gavel, and loudly hit it on his desk Gentlemen, Debate is over, we can have arguments later, now I bring in, Grand Admiral Jacon Sorrels, to explain why the military sent out this threat! The Crowd of senators looked angry at the taller, well tanned man who would seem to be of Nordic decent. As he walked in, wearing his fully blue dress uniform. He walked with a swagger, as the half of the crowd cheered him on, and the other half started to jeer him. He spoke with a voice full of concern, but he had a slight tear in his left eye.

Well sir, I just came here to say that that senator was correct I do have proof that the Colonies are going to attack Terra. When We launched a probe to chart the route so we could ship H2 to the Earth, and we received this signal from it.

People of Earth, your military leaders have betrayed your will for peace. At 12:01 PM in Washington D.C, General Sin, General Marshal, General Prescott, General Chamberlin, and their escort of 12 bodyguards were assassinated while leaving their ship headed to the diplomacy meeting for peace between Earth and the Colonies. This attack was made by a clear military mobile weapons force and even worse yet, a force led by a Gundam. The fact that a Gundam even exists on Earth shows a clear violation of the peace treaty made three years ago. Even more sickening than this betrayal is that no aid has been offered by Earth to resolve this perilous situation or to defend our representatives. This lack of care for peace only shows how prevalent the barbaric nature of Earthlings has become. It is evident that Earth chooses war, and the Colonies will respond with the eradication of all of Earth's populace to make room for a more civilized man. But fear not, your memory will not be lost in this cleansing. You can take solace in knowing that you have fostered the birth of a new generation of man superior to your own. Farewell Earthlings.

The Admiral slammed his fist down on the table, after the tape had played. “This is why I feel that we must watch the colonies, and raise the defense budget, so we are not caught off guard!”

Several members of the Senate groaned, as Ryan addressed the crowd.
“As well as this meeting has ended, we shall meet on the vote, and we shall send a response of apology for that militaristic statement. We shall also offer a shipment of valuable Gundaium as a form of apology for the L Groups. All who accept this offer say I.”

The crowds started to vote I, as most of the Transporters surprisingly followed the Transport Union on voting yes.

“Well, since the Vote of I is approved, we shall launch the Transport Saico to L-1 with the Gundaium NOW!”

Several hundred feet above, a massive ship was launched, defended by two older Leos inside. The ship flew towards L-5, at a slower pace than the diplomatic ship. It would arrive in 3 weeks, the ship boosted by the Pull of the sun upon it.

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