RP Academy - Aquatairia and Lord Saladin

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RP Academy - Aquatairia and Lord Saladin

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lord Saladin on Mon Jul 16, 2007 10:37 am

Okay, Aquataria, here is our thread. I will post the initial RP post soon enough, but first, let's go through goals and the like.

There are a few things I am expecting in each and every post from you; here they are:

*Good usage of the written medium of the English language.

*Actions and reactions to both PCs and NPCs, and also the environment.


*Elements of what is going on inside your character's mind ie:thoughts etc.

*Reasonable post lengths

Now, for an explanation of each point...

Good Usage of English essentially means using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. At first, I am not expecting perfection, hell, even I make errors sometimes. :P But we are ALL human, no? To ensure this is reached, I would highly recommend that you read over and re-read over your posts. Along with that, the Firefox web broswer has a built in spell checker, and will underline any spelling errors with a nice zig-zaggy red line for you, just as Microsoft Word does! However, it won't check your usage of grammar etc, so reading through is still recommended.

Actions and reactions are pretty self explanatory, at least in my mind. In each post, your character will do something, even if it just shifting in his chair. Some posts, don't really require a mass amount of action, but certainly EVERY single post you do will include something. Also, your character will react to other characters, whether they another player's (PC) or not (NPC). Even if that character says nothing to your's, your character is likely to notice them; along with that, it is polite to acknowledge the posts of others, for example, "Saladin didn't notice as the stranger walked into the bar, his attention was all on the fellow sat opposite him." And the environment, lastly, plays a big part in RPs, for example, if there was torrential rain, your character would not be walking the same as he would if it were sunny, especially if not dressed for such weather, and factors such as that would affect a character's mood and thoughts.

Speech - perhaps not needed in EVERY single post, but, for now, I would like to see speech in all posts, as a way to help you develop using NPCs. One thing to consider with speech is whether it sounds natural or not. If not, try to imagine how someone would say it in real life. It's importnat to ensure speech doesn't seem 'manufactured', as this will bring an element of the character seeming fake. For example, in the chat, I have a rather foul mouthed, rude character who speaks with a heavy accent, it is important also to represent these nuances clearly. As an example, I will use that foul mouthed smuggler, Karaka:

"Yo! Wha' yah thin' yah doin'?! Tha's my damn' ship, gerrit?"

In speech, I will allow for things like that to show accents. One final point in regards to speech... Speech isn't just the text in the speech marks, but also the text surrounding it. You need to describe what a characters tone is: Does his voice convey happiness? Anger? Disappointment?

So, we move to the penultimate expected point, what is going on inside your character's mind? Is he calm? Annoyed? What does he REALLY think to that other character he just said seemed a pleasant and pretty woman? When RPing, we take on the role of a character, in certain ways, we must become that character. And from actions and speech only, how do we REALLY get to know what the character is like? We simply cannot. As an example, let me use Saladin here, walking down a hallway that is lined by allies he had recently found are plotting to kill him:

With a calm expression upon seemingly carved features, Saladin walked across the marble flooring of the corridor that led to his office. The men that always lined the hallway stood stock still, eyes seeming to be unfocused; despite this, and Saladin's confident appearance, he resisted the urge to shift his eyes left and right. He knew that he mustn't give any sign of knowing what had been planned, else his own counter measures would fail. For now, he must play the ignorant they thought he was.

There, it gives an idea of what is running through Saladin's mind; his nervousness, his cunning, slight anxiety. It is important to try and bring that into all your posts. Also, adding such things helps with the next, and final, point I will place as a requirement...

Post length. I in no way expect a three thousand word novella for every post, obviously. It would be too much for me to read! :P Something 'reasonable' IS expected, however. I would say that it is reasonable to expect three or four paragraphs in each post. And, by paragraph I mean a few lines of text, no each individual sentence being followed by a pressing of the enter key on your keyboard. ;) Just to clarify that one for you. -=Cheeky boyish smile=- If you follow usage of character referencing, as mentioned in the last point, you should easily be able to achieve it. One methid to help you get your post length up is to begin with the 'bare minimum' post, read it, and look where you can expand something, a particular detail, a thought process, etc. If you do this, and then read over the post again, going through the same process, you will find that quickly have a post of reasonable length. Of course, however, you are more than free to go over the three or four paragraphs that is a minimum. :)


Well, that over, I apologise for the mass amount of text inserted here. One thing to remember, I DO NOT expect you to achieve each and every one of these to perfection to start with. All I ask is that you show me some sign that you are trying. Afterall, we are here to get you to those levels. If you were already there, you wouldn't need to be here!

Think of this particular post as a reference for you. And as we tick off each 'mastered' point, you will know that you are progressing. Of course, we also will have targets for each individual lesson, that will be a true placement of your progress.

Speaking of lessons...


Okay, first post in an RP... It sets the scene. Gives other players an idea of your character. So... What will we want t focus on here? Umm... -=Strokes his beard lightly as he considers=- Okay, here we go...

In my post, i will introduce my character, and the whole setting for this RP. At one point in my posts, I will make reference to your character, as a way of helping you jump in.

And now we go to the:


**Simply try your best to incorporate all the expected points. Do not worry if you cannot do so, we will take your first post as a way to indicate what we need to work on.


And, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of all of this, and remember it throughout your time at the RPA and RPGateway:


Please tell me now what life is, Please tell me now what love is... Again, tell me what life is.

Tiko says: Saladin: Damn it, leave my hole alone.

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Re: RP Academy - Aquatairia and Lord Saladin

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lord Saladin on Fri Jul 20, 2007 6:42 pm

Sorry for the delay, Aquatairia. You may or may not have realised that this entire forum was locked for a couple of days, but that would be the reason for my late reply. That, along wiht a few IRL distractions; but I am ready now, so will proceed with our first post now,

The luscious greens of the panoramic view brought a smile onto the face of Ja'rech. Standing atop a steep hill, azure optics gazed down upon the deep, wide valley, noting each individual shade of his most favoured hue. The grass, light, all the blades drifting to in side in perfect unison as a slight wind blew throughout the near silent valley. Darker greens, bushels, copses of trees scattered seemingly randomly. The few clouds in the pale blue sky adding to the collage of colour with slight shadows.

The valley had been his home for many, many years, and now, having made the decision to depart such a tranquil place, Ja'rech felt tinges of sadness. He knew, however, that the decision he had made was the correct one, and he would stand loyal to that decision. Leaving for good, never to return.

Turning his back now to the beautiful, picturesque view of his old home, the man began to walk away. Ja'rech was what some people would consider tall, standing at six foot two inches in height. With a steady pace did he begin to increase the distance from his home, walking down a shallow slope, approaching the more commonly travelled grasslands of Meldia. It was, however, a considerable distance to those grasslands, and the road that would lead Ja'rech to his intended destination.

So it was, three days travel on foot before reaching the road. A tough journey, Ja'rech rose with the sun, setting off after a quick breakfast of berries that he had picked the previous night, always fresh. A pace that was not enough to push the calm, mainly solitary man to such a level that he was overtly tired, but far from a gentle stroll, was maintained until hour the sun reached its peak, where Ja'rech would stop, hunt for a rabbit and eat. And again, the relentlessly consistent pace continued until nightfall.

Such was the nature of Ja'rech. Consistent. Dedicated. Determined.

It mattered little to Ja'rech that the long, single piece robe that covered his slim, compactly muscled form now looked comparable to the attire of a man who was more used to being sat upon the cobbles of the inner cities asking for loose coppers; rather than the robe of a monk, as it had done on Ja'rech's departure from the valley that had been his home for countless years.

Upon reaching the road, Ja'rech grimaced. He had expected the road would be busy, many people available to ask for direction. For, although knowing the name of he city he needed to visit, he was ignorant as to the actual location of the place. Reaching the road from his southward journey, Ja'rech saw it travelled almost perfectly east to west. Luck, it seemed, would have to be with him, as he chose one of the two options and began to walk along the road towards the west.

Supposedly well used, the road seemed to be entirely constructed of compacted dirt, obviously from countless ages of people, horses, cart and carriages travelling its length. The footing was sure, a slight leaning in this particular stretch downwards to Ja'rech's left side made him wonder if the road was totally suitable for carriages and the like. Not that, of course, it mattered to the lone figure of the one time hermit.

Several hours passed, a slow pace maintained, and still no sign of living people traversing this road. The heavy, slightly curved dagger at the left hip, attached to a wide belt of leather would bes lipped into the folds of material under the flowing robe that covered the form of Ja'rech. He was sure that he did not want to come across as a threat to any who he would meet, so concealment of his hunting weapon would be the wisest option now he was more likely to encounter another human.

As he travelled, ever onwards, unrelenting, not truly caring that no one was on the road, eventually he would meet someone, the wind had picked up its pace, and was blowing dark brown, almost black hair about his shoulders. Not entirely unpleasant, the wind was warm, caressing. Certainly, with the sun just past its peak, the day was good.

It was then, perhaps a full four hours after reaching the road that, in the distance, that Ja'rech saw the figure of a person travelling towards him. Fantastic! He would get confirmation now about the direction he was travelling in. His steady pace never changed, and as the stranger came closer, it was noticeable that, despite the ragged attire, Ja'rech permeated, quite unknowingly, from his form, an air of regality.

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