Academy Everia: Debriefings and Interrogations

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Academy Everia: Debriefings and Interrogations

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Academia Everia
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Re: Academy Everia: Debriefings and Interrogations

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Script on Tue Nov 08, 2011 4:46 pm

(Post co-written by Script and Ylanne)

The journey back to the Academy was uneventful. Aside from some minor scares with other travelers and wildlife, no threats were encountered, and Rose's friend - a student from a lower year, who still commuted to the Academy from the city every day - was able to pick them up with little fuss.

After passing through the security check at Everia's gates, they were escorted into the inner keep and thence into the main Academy building by a pair of battlemages - one male, and one female - both stoically silent. They passed through the overcrowded camps, at their busiest with the sun just coming down from its peak in the sky, students and teachers from Celestia now used to the tents and the adjustment of lifestyle from the luxurious-by-comparison Academy building. On the approach, they had been able to catch a glimpse of the situation on the far side of the lake at Celestia. The Academy seemed surrounded by an unnatural fog, and the small figures of the mages working on analysing and combatting it were keeping to a safe distance.

The corridors of Everia were stony and decorated with tapestries and other trappings more reminiscent of a castle or fort than an educational institution - as the magical equivalent of a military school, it was designed with war in mind. To Amira and Van, who would not have explored the inner corridors of the Academy before, the arrow slits and heavy fortifiable doors would likely draw their attention.

The battlemage escorts led them to an emptied office room, equipped with a single desk with several chairs placed around it. "The headmistress will be here shortly," the female mage informed them, before both departed without another word.

Rose rolled her eyes as they left, folding her arms. "Cheerful, weren't they? When I came here they didn't teach us to treat our own like bloody prisoners just because we happen to be escorting an outsider with us. This attack has everyone on edge..." she muttered.

Amira smiled thinly, coming to stand by one of the walls inside the room, facing the door with an expressionless look on her face. It was certainly a strange, imposing place, wholly unlike most that she had visited. Her own high school was a very different sort -- although it too taught its students the magical arts, it in no way resembled Everia with the militaristic structure and layout of the place. Newton National was quieter, with fountains and arches, and resembled a college preparatory boarding school in New England.

The room in which they were standing could have been any of the rooms inside the old MEA Headquarters. It could have been, Amira thought with a hint of irony, one of the rooms that she had used for interrogating unruly suspects. Bare walls, only the simplest of furniture—table and chairs, and magical protections to prevent supernatural damage, whether from a fit of fury or an actual escape attempt. It was quiet.

“You can never be too careful,” she said to Rose with a small, light shrug, speaking in a neutral tone of voice. “The worst traitors are the ones found within. Ayasha discovered that a little too late. A little too trusting, and she could have died, all because she was not nearly careful enough.”

Amira looked about the room for a few more moments before pulling out one of the chairs around the desk and seating herself carefully, adjusting her long flowing garments so that her clothes wouldn’t be caught under her. Her fingers pulled her hijab a bit further over her hairline, where a few stray strands had begun to unravel on the journey there. “Don’t worry about it, Rose,” she said. “I’m not offended. I understand the need for security quite well.” Now that she thought about it, Amira didn’t recall revealing just how closely she was associated with Ayasha, given her employment in the former MEA.

The door of the room swung open then, and a black-garbed woman strode in. A large golden wand was held daintily in her fingers, but she had a look to her that betrayed a distinct lack of daintiness to her as a whole - her eyes were hard like those of a soldier, and her gait was one of a trained fighter. "Rose, Van - leave us. Thank you for your aid, but I will take it from here. There is food being served in the staff lounge if you wish to go there."

The dark-haired woman waited for the two younger individuals to leave before she turned to Amira. She nodded respectfully and smiled. "Greetings, Amira. My name is Silviana Melaidhrin, and I am the Headmistress of Academia Everia. Scarlet has informed me of the situation via a callstone."

Silviana made her way over to the other chair at the desk and sat. Placing her hands on the surface, she clasped her fingers together and leaned forwards. "I think you should start from the beginning. Tell me everything that you know of the Patronus, the Orsa of Terminus, and the conflict between them. We can work from there."

Amira watched in silence as Rose and Van departed the room and closed the door behind them. Her gaze slid to the older woman, maintaining her careful, measured expression. Amira chose not to offer her own full name. Not yet, anyway. "Pleased to meet you, Headmistress Melaidhrin," she said, deciding, at least for now, not to reach toward Silviana's thoughts. They were not, after all, close friends. Nor was the Everia Headmistress a suspect whom Amira was supposed to interrogate. It seemed, ironically enough when she thought about it, that those roles had been reversed upon arrival to the Academy.

"I know that the Patronus Guardians are the protectors of certain artefacts," she began, inclining her head as she spoke in a soft voice, "and that my friend Ayasha was one of them. They -- the Orsa, pardon -- attacked her home while she was visiting her parents for Christmas." Amira did not celebrate Christmas, but she thought the sentiments were much the same as for Eid.

"I know that the Orsa want the artefacts for themselves, and that they are enemies with the Patronus," continued Amira, "but I do not know why. Ayasha did not have the time to tell me, and I have been unable to speak to her since." She rested her reflective eyes on the other woman, offering very little in the way of emotion.

Silviana studied Amira's face carefully while she spoke, watching for any signs of lying, any hesitation or bluffing. Well studied in the behaviours of human features (as a master illusionist more than capable of producing human projections, such knowledge was required to convince the onlooker of their realism), the headmistress seemed satisfied that Amira spoke the truth.

"Very well, Amira. You speak as one who has no ulterior motive for working with the Patronus, and so I will tell you what I myself know. I, like you, first encountered this conflict through a friend - Scarlet Dae, the woman you encountered at the Monastery and my counterpart at Academia Celestia." Silviana seemed to pause to consider her wording, the hint of a frown upon her face, "Scarlet's involvement came through the involvement of a student of Celestia. I have never approved of the initial decision that led to this student becoming involved, but as I have had no contact with the woman who made that decision, that is irrelevant."

Silviana was an advocate of judging an individual based on their ability over their age, but in the case of a boy aged only seventeen at his time of induction into the Patronus, it was her view that it was being taken to new extremes. "The Patronus are a group of volunteers collected by a powerful sorceress named Sylvire Nasazura. It is her - and their - mission to prevent the release of a powerful and destructive being referred to as the Sealed One into this realm. It is the Orsa's mission to ensure it, and presumably also ensure their own power and survival by doing so. The artefacts are the keys to the Sealed One's prison, and also the most powerful weapons to oppose it with."

Her expression darkening, Silviana unclasped her hands and tapped one nail on the desk. "I have witnessed first-hand the lengths to which this Orsa will go to acquire the artefacts. Twice they have attacked Academia Celestia, and both times students have been casualties. Dark entity or not, they are my enemies now."

Moving slowly so as not to alarm Amira, Silviana reached down and pulled out her wand - an elegant golden length of metal - and placed it on the desk. "I can show you what we face, if you want. That which I know of, at the least. It is your choice."

Amira fell into an uncomfortable silence for several minutes, carefully sifting through each of Silviana's words as the headmistress spoke. So it was this for which Ayasha had been fighting, this for which she had placed her parents' lives in danger, this for which she may or may not have fled from the Aschen. It was this for which Ayasha had asked her friend to seek the Patronus. And now, Amira was faced with the reality -- or at the very least, a fuller picture than what Ayasha had been able to present in their decidedly brief conversation.

And for the moment -- Amira thought, considering the information that had been provided with much the same distanced, analytical processes to which she had become accustomed to using in her service to the MEA -- she still had a choice. Her lips thinned, her eyes regarding Silviana with great caution.

Her gaze fell to the woman's wand, the slightest twinge of her eyes revealing intent curiosity -- in the wand, or perhaps in the woman herself. "I would like to know," she replied quietly. "I made a promise to a friend -- and awhile ago, I swore an oath to protect and serve innocent people. I do not think I can walk away now, without doing a terrible disservice to that oath."

Silviana nodded. "Then open your mind, Amira - though you will know it to be illusion, I caution you. The visions I am about to transfer can be quite convincing."

Taking her wand up, the headmistress lifted it and held it pointing towards Amira's head. Briefly the instrument flickered, teasing lights swirling from its length, and all at once the room and Silviana herself would seem to dissolve away into nothingness.

Amira would find herself standing upon the walls of Academia Celestia. The sky was dark with a cloudy night, and all around her the shouting voices of the Academy's defenders were flying through the air as a dozen different orders and warnings were shouted. A red-clad mage, sprinting across the wall, brushed against Amira where she stood, not pausing to apologise for the contact before disappearing from sight into the mass of defenders.

Spells flew through the air from the mages, out from the walls and down onto the alarming sight that awaited Amira below. Hundreds of mechanical creatures were arrayed on the fields before Celestia, wicked weapons clasped in their hands, and powerful firearms spraying bullets towards the walls. The shields of the mages caught many of them, but still they fell in tangles of robes.

Enormous mechanical monstrosities rose as high as the walls themselves to the rear of the battlefield, and to the back of them a tower surrounded by swirling magical lightning slowly rose. Without warning, a crack of this lightning shot across the battlefield and seemed to strike the air above Amira - as the magic met Celestia's shields, their magic trembled, and then gave. The shields collapsed, and suddenly the bullets were finding their marks.

Then the vision changed, just as below a robotic warrior levelled its gun at Amira herself.

Now she was in the courtyard - as fighting spilled into the evacuation of the students. The front wall of the Academy exploded outwards in a spray of debris - young and old alike screaming and sheltering from shrapnel. From the smoke, the eerie figure of a young girl stepped, and where her eyes went, death followed - explosions decimated the ranks of the teachers and students even as they fled into the portal that led to escape.

A robed man stepped from behind the girl, a grim smile upon his features, and extended a hand outwards. The image changed just as black fire spun towards the group that Amira stood with.

Now she was stood in the front ranks of a large group of the Academy's staff, positioned in a defensive formation in the courtyard. Rubble and destruction filled the scene, gaping holes in the academy's wall and bodies littering the stone floor. The mages were assembled to face their enemy - an enemy that poured from the side of the Academy. Dozens upon dozens of misshapen humans; walking corpses of unknown victims and defenders alike. Spells of fire and lightning rained on the advancing horde, but they had no fear or survival instinct. The rotting bodies scrambled over one another as they fell, rabid screams filling the air as the gap between them and the mages slowly narrowed.

The mages around Amira began to panic and fall into disarray as it became apparent the undead would reach them, attempting to erect a shield in their path. The creatures slammed into the wall of force mindlessly, their bodies crushed as more and more piled into them from behind to add their force and weight. The horrific sight of human forms compressed into a pulp by their own kind was visible through the transparaent wall, and several of the defenders' stomachs turned.

The combined pushing power of the horde buckled the shield. It bent, and then shattered. The dead burst through over the bodies of the fallen and tore into the mages' ranks. The allies to either side of Amira were torn down as the creatures closed on them, and as the animated body of a student - by the looks of it in their teenage years - threw itself at her, the vision faded into blackness.

With a jolt, Amira was pulled from the illusions and snapped back into the room. Silviana withdrew her wand and met the woman's gaze. "This is just my experience. The homes and fortresses of the other Patronus were also assaulted. We have yet to determine the toll they have suffered."

It was as if the visions come to life crashed about her shoulders, leaving Amira staggering in their wake. She found herself in the same chair in the same room at the academy, but her mind was spinning, her vision rapidly struggling to adjust to reality. Reality. Yes. She had to comfort herself with that thought. She heaved several shuddering breaths, her fingers fumbling before they gripped the edge of the table. Gone was her carefully maintained impassive expression, her flawless posture and comportment, her reserve and cautious distancing.

Her eyes widened and then narrowed, and then Amira squeezed them shut entirely, in a vain attempt to block the visions of students murdered. She let her face sink into her hands, massaging her temples. Amira fell into an uncomfortable silence.

Even the insides of her eyelids offered no haven from the assault of all-too-real visions conjured from the tip of Silviana's wand. After several long moments of saying nothing, Amira allowed her eyelids to slide open, assuming less than one-half the mask to which she had been accustomed in her years of work. "Yes, Ayasha had said that she had been attacked," she murmured, repeating what she had said earlier. It was all she could say. The only words her numbed, frenzied mind was able to process and convert to speech.

"Take your time," Silviana said, "The visions are realistic to the point of fooling not only the mind, but the body. There is no shame in being shaken when their content is as it was." The headmistress shook her head. "You understand the neccessity, though. You must know what you are involving yourself in before you do so. If you still wish to aid us, and the Patronus, then your aid will be welcomed. Every hand is a boon at the moment."

Her heart rate, which had increased significantly for the duration of the visions, finally began to slow. She sat frozen at the table, as if she did not dare to move. Amira did not meet Silviana's eyes. Images of walls built of human corpses danced across her vision. She felt her stomach turn violently, and had the sudden impulse to find the nearest receptacle and vomit.

Still, Amira did not move. She slowed her breathing, clutching the horrific images one moment and releasing them with her next exhalation -- for now. Finally her gaze slid back to Silviana's face, and she offered a barely perceptible nod -- a definitive gesture. "It might be foolish to pledge that support," she said, her voice regaining a hint of its previous strength, "but it would be wrong to turn back. After -- after that, I do not see how anyone could not be moved to action to prevent more of the same."
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Re: Academy Everia: Debriefings and Interrogations

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(Post co-written by Tiko, XavierDantius32 and Arrow)

What seemed like hours had passed since Scarlet had Wren, Snow and Adrienne escorted to a secure room and placed under lock and guard.

Wren herself was hard at work investigating the seams of the doorway and the mechanism of the lock. The lock was an easy matter, but she could hear the sounds of guards outside the room. Furthermore, from what she had seen upon their arrival, they were situated somewhere inside of a heavily fortified academy of sorts.

No, the risks involved in an escape attempt weren't worth it at the moment. However, it didn't hurt to familiarize herself with her surroundings in case the situation became such that an escape attempt would be worth the risks involved.

Snow was slumped in the far corner of the room, his elbows resting on his knees, tossing a fireball from hand to hand, a look of morose dissapointment plastered across his face. He was watching the shapely figure of his partner, who looked rather frail without her leather trench coat.

She was pressed up against the window, craning her long neck, trying to peer out of the barred window. "What now?" Snow muttered to no-one in particular, snuffing out the fireball with a closed fist.

Wren fiddled with the lock a bit longer before sliding down to sit on the floor leaned against the door. “Now we wait,” she replied. “This really could have gone better...”

The light in the room began to flicker again, as the fire jumped between Snow's hands, his eyes now watching Wren. "You'd think, wouldn't you."

Adrienne remained silent, still peering out the window, her eyes oddly unfocussed.

Wren didn't much like Snow's posture or the fire he was playing with. “Say, why don't you get Mr. brawn there to cool it a few degrees?” she asked Adrienne.

A hiss would accompany the fire dissappearing as Snow closed his fist. "No good talking to her when she's like this. She's psychic. She'll be zoned out till she's mentally 'sharp'." The brawny pyro's fingers mirrored bunny ears in the air as he gave his opinion on his partner's abilities.

It was at that moment that the door of the room swung open, and the crimson-clad figure of Scarlet strode into the room, casting a glance around at the trio within. She was about to speak, but paused to glance down at the sprawled figure of Wren - who had been shoved forwards from where she had been leaning against the door. The headmistress raised an eyebrow, but refrained from commenting.

"Hello there, my not-very-good-at-ambushes friends," she said, addressing all three of the strangers, "My name is Scarlet Dae, and I am the headmistress of Academia Celestia. Now, how about you all introduce yourselves now that we're in a less stressful environment? Who knows, I may have absolutely no interest in you whatsoever!"

Rubbing the back of her head, Wren looked up at Scarlet with an apprehensive look. “Uh, I'm Wren. Wren Sunchaser. Nice to meet you and all, but we really should be going,” she said.

Snow got to his feet, hunching his shoulders to make the most of his imposing stature. "I'm Snow. She's Adrienne. We're no threat to you. Wrong place, wrong time. The cat-girl's the one you want."

“Wait, what? Me? You were the lug heads that insisted on going down there. I say no, it could be trouble, but do you listen to me? Of course not. No one listens to me,” Wren interjected indignantly.

The pyro shot Wren a death-glare, a small spark wandering along his index finger. "I think we should discuss this later. Let's get out of here first."

Wren opened her mouth to cast a retort, but that spark of fire from his finger had her wilting, her ears flattening against her head. Snow's behavior would only strengthen Wren's position as a victim of misfortune here, and she played it for all it was worth.

"As much as I'd love to listen to you all going on like children for hours on end, I actually genuinely wouldn't, so let's not. Moving back to the introductions, I was kind of hoping for something a bit more extensive than a name," Scarlet folded her arms, "Try starting with actually explaining who you are, what you do, why you were in the temple. The last bit is a tag-on, but I was going to ask you that next anyway, so why not cover everything at once?"

Adrienne turned away from the window, almost gliding across the floor, an ethereal light flashing behind her eyes. Her voice was harsh, belaying her mystical expression. "Adrienne, psychic and slayer-for-hire. Snow's my muscle. She paid us to raid your temple."

Well, clearly Wren needed to up her standards when it came to hired hands. “Look, I'm a thief by profession. It's not glamorous work, but it's work you know? And I don't ask questions. If you want to turn me over to the authorities for stealing, so be it, but I had nothin' to do with those bodies, I'm no murderer,” Wren interjected. Sometimes the best lie was simply the truth.

"And what, pray tell, were you at that temple to steal?" Scarlet inquired, "It's hardly filled to the brim with riches."

Wren kept her posture meek and subdue, more than adept at utilizing her childish appearance in her favor. “Just old relics and artifacts, stuff that'll fetch a good price with antiques dealers,” Wren lied. “I swear I had no idea there were folks living there, and they were dead long before we got there,” she tacked on for good measure. She silently thanked her earlier decision to not disclose her intentions to Adrienne and Snow.

"There are surely better places than a minimalist old temple for that kind of thing," Scarlet noted doubtfully.

“Look, I told you the truth,” Wren interjected. “That's all you're getting out of me. Turn me over for stealing if you want, but that's all I got.” As if to emphasize this point she folded her arms rather stubbornly over her chest, looking thoroughly miserable.

Scarlet seemed to consider this for a few moments before speaking again. "Who told you about the temple? It's hardly listed on any maps. Why there?"

Wren simply cast a glower at Scarlet, though she kept her ears flat against her head. She almost looked the part of a sulking child.

A low laughter rolled through Scarlet's mind as the interrogation was getting underway. 'Your instincts are impressive. You know where to find me... if you want the answers you seek...'.

"Quiet you," Scarlet muttered, before pausing, "Not you - the vampire in my head, of course." The headmistress then looked to Snow and Adrienne, "Do either of you have any clue how your 'boss' found the temple, or am I gonna have to find her a mattress?"

Snow shrugged impassively, still rolling a spark from finger-tip to finger-tip. With a glance from Wren to Scarlet, Adrienne let her blank, emotionless expression do the talking.

"Riiight. Helpful. Someone here must've found the place, and I'm quite sure that one or the other of you will eventually be motivated to dob the perpetrator in." Scarlet said, pausing, "And on that note, I think that I'll be letting you," she pointed at Adrienne, and then at Snow "and you, go. If your boss wants to spill any dirt she has on you before you are 'wrongly' freed, she can do so any time. Until then, she'd best get used to our hospitality."

The headmistress turned and pulled the door open, sticking her head outside and exchanging a few words with the battlemages posted on guard duty. "One of my friends out here will escort the pair of you from the Academy." she noted, "Now bugger off."

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