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Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Z-Academy Day Zero (August 18)

Ryukyu Taizan

Japan is the most technologically advanced nation on the Planet Earth. This is thanks to the Capsule Corporation, a trillion dollar a month company that made the Briefs family and all of their shareholders into billionaires. The secret of their riches was the ability to pack any item into a capsule that could be deployed at any time. Everything from a car to a toy could be released, and in the centuries since the company was founded, almost everything can fit into one little capsule. While originally based in West City, it had moved to Hercule City and made it a booming metropolis. Hercule City, Japan was the new capital of the world.

Just outside this city stood a small wooden hut. It was a crude structure, and held no running water, indoor plumbing, or electricity. It only held one lone occupant, a young warrior named Ryukyu Taizan. The 13-year-old boy opened his eyes, shielding them from the early morning sun with his hand. It was 5:00 AM, and he had only an hour to get ready. Getting out of bed, he proceeded to focus his mind on the tasks and get to them.

After doing his business in the surrounding wilderness, he bathed in a small pond not far from there. He could hear the rush of the river, which was where he fetched his drinking and cooking water and washed his clothes. When he wanted to eat, he hunted in the woods, captured, cooked, and then ate his prey. It was a life that most people in the world would find barbaric, but it suited Taizan just fine. He was a descendant of the Ainu, an early people in Japan who had lived just like this before being chased into the mountains of Hokkaido by the early Japanese. Thanks to the Capsule Corporation, the language barrier between the Ainu and the Japanese had been broken, and his people became modernized.

But his father had clung to the old ways, knowing that someone would have to carry on the culture and traditions of the Ainu. Taizan was the result of the union between an Ainu man and a Japanese woman, and though he was only half-Japanese, he would never admit to his Ainu heritage. It was simply a way to protect what little of his culture was left. Given that he looked Japanese and could speak the language at a native level, most would not question his ethnicity. Even so, Taizan preferred to live apart from them. The forest around Hercule City was his home, now and forever.

There was one other thing that separated Taizan from other Japanese boys his age. He had learned how to use his Ki, his body's natural energy, and it augmented his strength, speed, and agility. Taizan had discovered it by accident, after it came out toward the end of a particularly exhausting training regimen. Two blasts had knocked holes in his ceiling, and he had spent the rest of the evening patching them. Taizan spent almost all of his time training his body and Ki. The reason for this was rooted in his past.

When Taizan was six years old, aliens attacked the Planet Earth. They had focused their attack mainly on Hercule City, but a stray bolt from one of their ship's cannons blew apart his home. The explosion killed his parents and left him buried under rubble. The military, with the help of the Capsule Corporation, had chased off the aliens by the time Taizan dug himself out. But, that day changed everything for him. He was grief-stricken, and vowed to someday get revenge on the aliens that robbed him of his parents.

Taizan developed what most would call an unhealthy fixation on training and the martial arts. He would exercise for hours on end, often training until he passed out. He would punch and kick at a wooden wall until his knuckles bled and his legs were bruised and calloused. It all had a positive result, as he had a bodybuilder's physique at age sixteen. After he discovered his Ki, he did research at the Hercule City Library and discovered ways to increase it and practice it. His research also revealed information on the Namekian Z-Fighter, Piccolo.

Piccolo was a loner and had a rough early life. Taizan latched on to this and made him his idol. Taizan had worked hard to master the martial arts and Ki energy, building his expertise over time. He would practice energy blasts until his palms burned, trying to draw more and more energy out of himself. All of this energy usage caught the eye of a man named Hinoki. He came to visit him one day, and told him that he was the Grandmaster of a school in Hercule City called the Z-Academy.

The school was meant to cater to warriors like him, who had learned to use Ki. Hinoki had been impressed with Taizan's work ethic and aptitude for the martial arts, so he offered him a place at the Z-Academy. Taizan was not sure that he wanted to go, but today was Orientation Day, and if it was anything like what Hinoki had said, then he definitely needed to train there. After getting dressed in black weighted Kung Fu shoes, white pants, and a blue tunic, he set off for Hercule City. He arrived there in about ten minutes, and then went to the address Grandmaster Hinoki gave him. Taizan was awestruck by what he saw.

The building was huge and topped with a dome. It was connected to other buildings, and looked like a city unto itself. Taizan entered and became uneasy when he heard the buzz of voices. He followed them to the auditorium, where hundreds of teens like him were seated. After finding a seat away from everybody else, he sat down. On the stage in front of him was a podium, where he guessed the speaker that everyone seemed to waiting for would appear.

Taizan wanted to center himself, so he closed his eyes. He was a fiend for meditation, and when not physically training, eating, or sleeping, he could always be found in one of two stages. His first was just to center himself and focus his being into one point, such as when he wanted to listen very closely to a speaker or feel at one with nature. His other stage was when he was trying to break the chains of limitation on his Ki through intense focus, or when he was trying to gather his Ki into a certain body part, like his elbow joint. The first stage helped him block out the noise, and he felt better. Now was the time to wait for the speakers, and decide if the Z-Academy was right for him.

Kilro 31st

Planet Namek II, August 1

The Namekians are a strange race by any account. They are entirely male, reproducing only asexually by spitting eggs out of the mouth. The clutches can be in the double and rarely, in the triple digits. An old myth within the Namekian race says that if the parent lays a golden egg, that child will be a Super Namek, a legendary figure on par with the power of the Super Saiyans of the monkey-tailed warriors. Kilro 31st, a name implying that he was the thirty-first egg laid in his clutch, was born from a golden egg. Contrary to the legend, however, he was anything but a Super Namek.

Small for his age of fourteen, Kilro was picked on and shoved around by his bigger peers. His race is renowned for their legendary Ki reserves, but his were so pitiful that even a small ball of energy took work. As if those two things were not enough, his special training by the Elder, Kumara made them think he was a teacher's pet and led to more teasing. The only people that were good to him were his father, Snare, Kumara, the Village Chief Hammer, and his thirty older brothers. Kilro had no younger brothers, so he always felt like the runt of the family. Kilro had a lot on his shoulders for such a young boy, and everyone was constantly putting stuff on him.

Whenever Kilro complained of the teasing of the other boys, Hammer and Kumara both told him that one day he would be mightier than they ever dreamed of achieving. That was a nice thought, but it did nothing to help him out in his current situation. How was Kilro going to live up to any of his cultural expectations? He could not defend the planet of Namek II even though he was part of the junior division of the militia known as the Planetary Defense Corps., and he was sure that he could not rule his people as the first Super Namek in over a millennium. It all had him so stressed out that he cried at night, thankful that the other boys did not know about and could not tease him about that. So when the Elder called him out of his militia duties unexpectedly, he thought it would just be another long-winded explanation of what his responsibilities as the Chief of the planet would be.

He was very surprised to see his entire family gathered at Kumara's house. It was not unusual for his father to attend these lectures, but for his whole family to be there was definitely out of the ordinary. His father approached him and put a hand on his shoulder.
"Son, today marks the start of a wonderful journey."
"Journey?" Kilro asked him with a confused look on his face, "To where?"
Snare did not answer, turning to face the Elder.

"Elder, would you please do the honors."
Kumara cleared his throat, which caused Kilro to roll his eyes and earned him a paternal sharp look that sent a shiver down his spine.
"It is not the location of your journey that is important, young Kilro, but where it will lead you on the inside. I have spoken to a very wise Earthling who has offered you training, so that you might reach the potential within."
Kilro turned his confused look to Kumara.
"What do Earthlings know about Super Nameks?"

"Quite a lot, actually. I must get on Hammer for apparently scrimping on your history teaching."
"Super Nameks have had quite an impact on Earth, son," his father explained.
"Yes, our greatest heroes were Super Nameks deeply involved with Earth."
"Kami and Piccolo, right?" Kilro asked.

"Can this human make me like them?" the young one asked with excitement rushing into his voice.
"Not him, no. But a member of his faculty at the Z-Academy, the former Chief of Namek II, Kami 53rd, can certainly help you along the road."
"There is much he does not know, Elder. Perhaps we should fill in some of the blanks."
The Elder folded his hands and nodded.

"As you know, Piccolo and Kami were once one being until Kami expelled King Piccolo in an attempt to make himself a pure being. King Piccolo's son, Piccolo, later fused back with Kami to return to the nameless Super Namek that is our mightiest warrior in recorded history, with a power level close to even the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly. The Kami of this time, the fifty-third of his clutch, is not a Super Namek, but has completely mastered Piccolo's fighting style, a feat many of our people have tried and failed to do. He was a mighty Chieftain, overwhelming threats to our planet with sheer brute force and energy blasts so fierce that even the heavens trembled in response. He gave up being a Chief to go to Earth and protect it from alien threats. He is now teaching the Namekian Style at the Z-Academy."

Kilro had been seated in a lotus position, since it hurt to stand the whole time through the Elder's long-winded speeches. All of this information was pretty much common knowledge, so he did not pay it much heed. When Kumara said "Z-Academy" though, that got his attention, which was evident by his arched eyebrow.
"What is this Z-Academy?"
"A very special school for young people wanting to become great warriors," the Elder replied.
"So, it's a dojo?"

"That's a major simplification," the Elder replied.
"The Z-Academy houses many dojos, young one," Snare began, "one for each of the styles taught to the next generation of Z-Fighters."
Kilro was starting to catch on to what they were saying.
"This man the elder spoke to is affiliated with the Z-Academy, isn't he?"
"He's far more than just affiliated. His name is Hinoki, and he is the Z-Academy's Grandmaster."

Kilro chewed on his lip in thought for a second.
"So, you are not sending me just to meet this man and Kami 53rd. You are sending me to Earth to attend the Z-Academy."
"You are correct, as always," the Elder replied.
"I have heard that a full study program at the Z-Academy lasts for many years. Spending so much time on a planet I am not familiar with is a daunting prospect, Elder."

Snare put his hand on his son's shoulder.
"It is not as daunting as you might think. Kami is there, and can help you become familiar with Earth customs."
"But must I really go to Earth to fulfill my destiny? Surely Elder Kumara is doing a good enough job here."
"This is the path that you are meant to walk, my son."

Snare clenched his fist and smiled.
"Earth and Namek II have very close ties. Even away from home, you will not be without your people. As you have carried the hopes of your people in this land, you must carry them across the galaxy to the Z-Academy."
Kilro closed his eyes, hearing the jeers of the other boys in his ears. This was too much too fast, and he had to center himself to avoid going into a panic attack.

Kilro shrugged in resignation. Though he had his doubts that he could live up to this borderline grandiose expectations of his people, ten years away from the same old bullies would do wonders for him. If Master Kami could teach him how to boost his Ki and fight skillfully, then he could return home in triumph and shut the mouths of the naysayers once and for all. Endo opened his eyes, took a deep breath, then looked the Elder in the eye.
"I'll do it. I'll go to Earth and represent my people at the Z-Academy."

Kilro's brothers began cheering wildly, but were soon hushed by their father.
"I am very happy to hear of your decision. Elder, please excuse us while we go to the spaceship that was prepared for him."
The Elder nodded, and the complete family went filing out the door. It was not a long walk to the spaceship, but Kilro's nervousness made it feel like a thousand miles. Though he spoke bravely, he was terrified of what he might face.

The spaceship itself was of a hybrid design. Most of it was a ball, based on the Saiyan model spaceship. However, Saiyan technology to this day was still a mystery, so it had only about half the top speed of a true Saiyan spaceship. On top of the ball were two antennae representative of the Namekian race, since all Namekians had that same antennae jutting out of their forehead. It was not just for design, but for better maneuverability. Though Namekian technology still had a long way to go before it could rival Earth's inventions, they were well on their way with this model.

Kilro approached the ship, placing his hand on the cold metal exterior. He turned to find that he was not alone. His family had been joined by many from his planet, including the same bullies that taunted him mercilessly. This time, though, they were stoic and had a much different look in their eyes.
"Though you must make this journey alone, you carry the hopes of your people wherever you go. Whatever they were to you prior to this moment, they are all united in their good wishes for a safe journey."

Kilro felt overwhelmed, and knew he had to get on the ship before he started crying.
"Thank you, everyone. Rest assured that our race will once again rise to prominence. I swear it!"
The people cheered as a hatch opened in the ship and an entry ramp extended. Walking up it, he turned and waved goodbye as the hatch closed and the ship started.

Within minutes, it started automatically calibrating all of the necessary functions for takeoff and flight in space. Since this model was in pristine condition, the check lasted only seconds. The ship shot off like a rocket, which was not felt thanks to the equilibrium effect of the ship's internal gravity. Kilro knew that his father would want him to pass the time productively, so he took up a lotus position on the floor and began meditating. Meditation was a simple skill for the Namekians, but deep inner meditation in pursuit of knowledge and personal truth was harder to reach. Kilro would use this time to practice, and maybe gain insight into how he could build up his skill and power himself.

Planet Earth, August 18

Kilro had no idea how long he had been in this ship. It was outfitted with a holo-clock, but no holo-calendar. For all he knew, he could have been in here for a few weeks or few thousand years! Okay, maybe it wasn't that drastic, but time has a weird way of altering our perspective when we have no idea how much of it has passed. He was starting to fear that he would miss Orientation Day. Suddenly, lights began going off on the ship's central console.

"The ship is now approaching Earth. Prepare for some turbulence as the ship descends through the atmosphere."
Kilro smiled and laughed with joy. He had made it to Earth! He then thought of something that had not crossed his mind the entire trip.
"Computer, what day is it?"

"It is many different days on many different planets in different galaxies. Please be more specific in your question."
"Sorry, what day is it on Earth?"
"It is many different days in many different countries on Earth. Please be more specific in your question."
Kilro gritted his teeth with annoyance.

"What day is it in Hercule City, Japan?"
"August 18."
Kilro pumped his fist in happiness. He had made it to Earth just in time for Orientation Day at Z-Academy! He felt a slight rattling as they descended, but not too much turbulence. As the ship sat down, Kilro headed for the door as it opened and the landing ramp descended.

Kilro made his way down the landing ramp, looking around at the foreign landscape before him. His ship had landed in the heart of the city, with different building styles and people. No one gave him a second look, but he still felt like an outsider. Looking over the skyline, he saw a big shiny dome that towered over the other buildings.
"I guess that must be the famous Z-Academy. If any place can turn me into the Super Namek my people need, it is that place."

Kilro began heading that way, tired by the time he got there. Everything was pretty close by on Namek II, so he was unaccustomed to that much walking. Thankfully, the building was not a maze of hallways, and he followed the signs and sounds of other students into the auditorium. So many strangers in one place made him a bit uneasy, so he looked for a place that was not full up. He found a spot next to a boy who looked like a monk of some sort, but since he was meditating, he did not wish to disturb him. Kilro turned his eyes toward the stage and waited for whatever was going to happen next.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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In a secluded corner in the top isles of the auditorium, Beat sat alone with his legs propped up on the back of the chair in front of him as he leaned back in his own, arms crossed behind his head. From what he could tell on arrival, he was one of very few new students already over the age of 18. Most of the students he could see where pip-squeeks compared to him, which brought into question the merit of his decision to abandon his old crew in pursuit of greater power. Even now he thought back to the series of events that led him to this point.

Beat was never what one would consider a normal child and even from the tender age of 5 he was hyper aware of the difference between himself and other children. The most glaringly obvious difference was the furry, brown, monkey tail growing from his backside. To him it felt as natural as his arms and legs, to other children and adults it became spectacle, and as much as his mother tried to make him feel normal he quickly grew to be insecure about his tail. As he grew older his insecurities and anti-social tendencies made him an easy target for elementary bullies, of who's torment he endured for nearly a full year until the day of the " incident ". He was still just a 3rd grader at the time, the king jerk of the 5th grade classes, Jamie Pratchett, must have been having a bad day because he followed Beat into the restroom keen on venting his frustrations into the gut of an underclassmen.

Jamie entered the restroom flanked by 3 of his cackling minions as Beat was running cool water over his raw palms, as he'd just learned the hard way why running at full sprint sit a shoe untied was ill-advised. It hands felt as if they where burned, so the water brought him much relief. However his blood ran colder than the stream running over his aching palms as he immediately recognized the red Jamie and his goons in the reflection of the faucet's mirror. The boy's wasted no time surrounding him.

" Alright monkey boy, you know what time it is"

Jamie entered the semi-circle squeezing his knuckles, each crack and pop caused Beat to flinch and the hairs on the back of his neck stood erect as the boy stood right behind him. Beat tried his best to ignore them, hoping against hope that they would give up and leave him be.

That hope was dashed when Jamie barked
" face me! " and a firm grip on his shoulder spun him around roughly only to see Jamie's face mere inches from his own. He tried to take a step back but he only bumped his back into the cold sink. Jamie sneered and a cruel smile played on his lips.

" nowhere to run this time, monkey boy "
Beat was fixing his lips to ask the boys to kindly leave him be when suddenly a fist driven into his gut forced the air from his lungs and left him asking for air at the feet of his tormented, who's pants he clutched on. His half whited where much like a pack hyenas when the laughed in unison as their leader locked Beat's hands away and kicked him in the side to put him down.

In that moment setting snapped inside of him, he could feel a sensation alien to him rising up from the pit of his stomach that made him feel like he needed to vomit, but that wasn't it. His blood ran hot and he could feel every pump of blood through his circulatory system , and it energized his body like never before, yet frightened him simultaneously . He actually attempted to fight it, to stop sea of rage from consuming, but was unsuccessful. The next thing he knew he woke up in a medical facility confused and with badly bruised knuckles, yet he felt somehow better than ever.

By the time of he was discharged with his mother he'd come to know what happened between the gap in his memory. Apparently he'd beaten the 4 boys badly, though Jamie got the worst of it and wound up hospitalized as well. In fact, on his way out Beat caught a glimpse of his handy work as Jamie lay on his bed covered in bandages from the neck down, his face had inflated into a blue and black, lump covered thing. He actually felt sorry for the condition of the older boy, but the new feeling welling up inside his chest superseded his remorse. The feeling was pride. He never knew he had such strength, and from that day on there was a paradime shift in school and his life going forward. He found that he enjoyed fighting, and stand g above others by merit of the strength of his fist. He became a delinquent into his teenage years, organizing a gang of his own for the soul purpose of clashing with gangs from rival schools, asserting his dominance and earning more followers with every brawl.

Beat had had gained some fear and renown amongst his peers for his self taught brawling skills, he even went undefeated until he was challenged by a man claiming to be a martial artist. The man walked into the abandoned building he and his gang used as their base as if he simply passing through the latest tourist attraction, which immediately drew everyone's I've, but Beat was the first to Adress him from a plush sofa-chair which was his throne for all intents and purposes.

" you must be lost old man, the bingo tournament is on the other side of town "

Laughter filled the room as a few of his men chimed in with " yeah! " or " beat it gramps " which eventually coalesced into a string of insults. Needless to say they where not fond of outsiders. Yet the old man waited patiently for the din to quiet down before clearing his throat speaking.

" It is you who are lost young man, and weak, but you have great potential indeed. "
He looked Beat right in the eyes as he said this, there was no mistaking who was being addressed yet he could hardly believe his ears. This had to be a joke, he actually laughed aloud.

" That's funny, for a second there I thought you called me weak "

" I did, you are. "
Everyone turned and faced Beat to see his reaction, and the stormy expression made them shift to left and right sides of the room, giving Beat an open path to the old man, like they knew what was about to happen. Of course they knew, Beat could and would only respond one way.

The old man continued " it seems I've wounded your pride, come at me then. If you can't succeed in toppling one old man, then you must agree to leave this behind and become my student. "

Beat hesitated. He never turned down any challenges, especially one so open, but then again he'd never been challenged by an old man. Either way he looked at it the outcome would be bad; either he'd have to beat up an old man and look weak, or turned down an old man's challenge and look weak. Either way was bad for his reply, but appearing as a coward in front of his boys would be considerably worse.

" Fine, I have witnesses this was your idea, in case you end up dying. "

At that he hopped upfront his seat and rushed the old man directly, intending to end it at once knowing there was no way a guy this old was able to dodge or stop his fist. However the instant before connected and sending the old man sprawling to the floor, he instead found himself on thrown roughly to the ground with the old man sitting on his back. The whole room was thoroughly shocked into stunned silence, none more flabbergasted than Beat himself.

" Wha-HOW!? "

" looks likes win this time young man, but fear not, you'll have your chance to try again some day. For now, come with me. "

The old man was back on his feet in an instant, no one even saw him move so much as a muscle as if he was teleporting. He merely crossed his arms behind his back, swiveled on his back foot, and walked towards the exit. Beat, utterly shamed in front of his boys could do nothing but pick himself up and follow. At the very least he could show strength in character by keeping his word. Best never looked back. Now he hoped the old man would keep his word as well, and make him stronger.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Taizan could feel the energy of the other student hopefuls clouding the room. At its best, it would be like floating on a cloud. At its worst, it was like floating underwater. Everything was fine until a higher power level entered the room. It became harder to breathe, and his eyes opened as he briefly glanced behind him to take in the sight of the warrior. He was a peculiar, humanoid about his size with mutton chops and a monkey's tail. Something about the warrior was familiar.

He scanned his memory, and an image of Goku popped into his brain.
Of course. He is a Saiyan halfling.
Taizan could feel no ill will or malice emanating from him, so he figured that he was not dealing with an evil overlord-to-be here. Aside from that, Grandmaster Hinoki had said that the Z-Academy catered to warriors all across the galaxy. There were Namekians, Ponatsians, and Kanassans all ready here, so a Half-Saiyan should not be considered that out of the ordinary.

Taizan turned his attention to the stage as Grandmaster Hinoki appeared and the students began applauding. The man, who looked like Mr. Miyagi, gestured with his hands for them to quiet down, then cleared his throat to speak.
"Centuries ago, many great warriors defended our planet from alien threats, great and small. Today, our planet is protected only by the military and the Capsule Corporation. I thought that the time had come to bring the old ways to life. The city council of Hercule City agreed, and today, the Z-Academy stands."

The students began applauding again, and Hinoki waited for them to quiet down.
"The warriors that defended our planet were called the Z-Fighters, hence the "Z" in our school's name, and the "Z" in the Z Martial Arts that will be taught here. They were of different races, but fought for a common cause. That is why our school is the most cosmopolitan in the city, accepting students from any galaxy, so long as they are willing to train. Our staff at the Academy are also of differing races, and their expertise stems not only from training, but from real world experience. You will meet them very shortly."

"For now, turn your attention to the school's Counselor, who will handle the class schedules of all students who wish to enroll at the Z-Academy. Allow me to leave the podium with this. The dawn of a new age has arrived. The second generation of Z-Fighters has been called, and we will answer. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives. Welcome to Z-Academy."

The students applauded wildly as the Grandmaster took a seat in a chair. A nerdy looking man came rushing on stage and took the microphone like it was the Holy Grail.
"Uh, thank you, thank you very much."
When the applause died down, he cleared his throat, perhaps taking notes from the Grandmaster.
"My name is Counselor Kyobei, and I handle all of the paperwork and logistics for the Z-Academy. If you want to get into a class, I am the man to see."

"However, since this is Orientation Day, and there are so many of you, it would be impossible to see you all in one day. As such, I have set up a table with a sign-up sheet for each class. When the ceremony is over, simply sign your name on the corresponding sheet, and I will send you a class schedule and Z-Academy uniform later in the day. On other days, my door is always open, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. Now, it is my pleasure to introduce the Masters of the Z-Academy, who will surely show that "Master" is not just their title. Put your hands together for the biggest man on campus!"

As soon as he said that, a giant, muscular man came walking out from behind the curtain. Taizan was sure that if he jumped, he could reach the high ceiling. He reminded him of the Saiyan Nappa, as he was both bald and large. Unlike Nappa, he was friendly, and waved to his adoring crowd. He was wearing a black gi with the Turtle patch on the front and the Z-Academy patch on the back. He did not even need the microphone, as his voice could be heard throughout the entire auditorium.

"It is a pleasure to be here. My name is Master Hanayama, and I teach the Turtle Style of Martial Arts, first founded by Master Roshi. Any scholars amongst you might recall that this was the style used by the Z-Fighters Goku and Krillin. I will teach you their techniques, as well as many practical self-defense skills. I will not tolerate slacking, insubordination, or bullying in my classroom. All the same, I look forward to working with each and every one of you to bring out your full potential."

With that, Master Hanayama left the podium and stood to the side, probably afraid that he would crush the chair underneath him. Taizan had a hard time believing that anyone would be insubordinate to that giant of a man. His speech had stirred his interest in studying that school, especially if the man was a scholar of history as well as technique. The next man to take the stage looked like a rock star, with long hair and rugged features, and when he took the microphone, he sounded like one, too.
"Wassup dudes and dudettes? My name is Takeshi Hanma, and I teach the Wolf School."

For effect, he howled like a wolf and caused many girls to scream as if he were a real rock star. When everything quieted down, he put on a serious face, or at least, as good a one as he could muster.
"This style was used by the Z-Fighter Yamcha, and introduced the iconic Wolf Fang Fist. Like real wolves, practitioners of my style are known for tearing through their opponents. So, if you take my class, you'll need a cool head and hot hands. Ah yeah!"

The crowd was getting pumped, and good vibrations were rolling through the stands like a tidal wave.
"But, it can't be fun and games all the time. I expect a serious effort out of my students, and breaking one of my rules is like unplugging my guitar. Like my big ol' buddy over there, I won't stand for insubordination, bullying, or slacking. If I catch you doing it, you won't stand, either."
Before leaving, he howled one more time and made the rock 'n' roll symbols with his hands before sitting down.

Taizan liked the man, but was not sure that the Wolf Style was really his thing. He liked more traditional strikes over tearing through his opponents like a chainsaw. The next man to come strolling out was dressed like a Kung Fu master, and had pointy features that made him look unpleasant. At the microphone, he made no attempt to greet the crowd, and when he spoke, it was a cold voice that got straight to the point.
"My name is Master Kaio, and I teach the Crane School. You may all ready know that two famous practitioners of this school were Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu."

"The Crane School is one of the most advanced courses for a reason. It takes many decades to learn the proper balance and focus needed to land the precision strikes and blasts of the style. It is a demanding style for even the most prodigious of students. I will warn you now, however, that coordination and balance are important in my class. If you are a clumsy fool, please either avoid my class or work on this before taking it."

"Like other instructors, I want my students to work hard. The Crane School in particular requires many hours of independent training, and I will not be holding your hand at any step of the way. Those that do elect to take this course will be taking part in a long and rich heritage, and may even join the ranks of the most celebrated martial artists in history. The path is not for everyone, but should you elect to walk it, then I wish you the best of luck."
He walked over to a chair, but did not sit, and Taizan could sense that his chilly manner had frosted over some of the good vibrations of Master Hanma. He had a slight interest in taking this class, but it was low on his priority list right now.

The next instructor to show up was a bouncy, bubbly looking woman who kind of looked like Chun Li from Street Fighter. She was very cute, and her bouncing breasts made sure that all male eyes in the room were fixed on her. Even Taizan found it hard to focus entirely on her speech.
"Hey there! My name is Mistress Lyla, and I teach the Pressure School. It's all about exploiting the pressure points on the body to render an opponent unconscious or unable to fight back."

"I can tell ya that it's worked wonders when I've been accosted on the street."
The looks in the eyes of some of the males made it clear that they would not mind doing some accosting of their own.
"I expect all students to work hard and follow the rules, so no slacking, k?"
Some of the men nodded their heads.
"I hope to see some of you real soon."
She bounced over to a chair and sat down.

Taizan actually did have interest in this school, and not just because the teacher was a turbo hottie. Pressure points were great to know, and it fit Taizan's style perfectly. On the other hand, he was sure that there would be many people signing up for her class, and Taizan did not want to be in a congested environment. So, he decided to put that on the back burner for now. The next Master to appear was a tall Namekian dressed like Piccolo. This captured his attention right off the bat.

"My name is Master Kami, and I teach the Namekian School, obviously."
His blunt manner and voice even kind of sounded like Piccolo.
"I grew up on the planet Namek II, and fended off alien threats in its early years. As part of the alliance between Earth and Namek II, I have come here to teach at the Z-Academy. My class is advanced, and parts of it can only be learned by Namekians. Even so, I have many things to offer a warrior of any race."

With that, he walked over to a chair, apparently not saying any more than necessary. Like Master Kaio, he stood rather than sat down. Taizan was now very excited about attending the Z-Academy. He wanted to take this course and learn how to bolster his Ki and master the blasting powers of the Namekians. Like Turtle, this course was definitely one he wanted to take. He now waited for the next instructor to appear.

Kilro looked around and was astonished by just how many aspiring students had turned out to be at Orientation. The crowd was pulsing with excitement, and even the normally reserved young Namekian couldn't stop smiling, feeling like he was on the cusp of something really exciting. Grandmaster Hinoki's speech was a stirring one and made Kilro feel welcomed to the school. Counselor Kyobei had to do some rather boring clerical speaking, but he thought with a smirk that nothing could be more boring than one of Elder Kumara's lectures. When the first Master appeared, Kilro was shocked by how large he was, especially considering how short the other humans in the gymnasium were by comparison. He listened to Master Hanayama's speech, and even though he liked the Turtle School's famous Kamehameha Wave and connection to Goku, he did not have immediate plans to sign up.

The next instructor was Master Hanma, who seemed like he was more at home at a rock show than in a dojo. Judging by this speech alone, Kilro felt it would be a bit hard to take him seriously as a Master, meaning no disrespect, of course. He doubted that this school could teach him to be a truly great fighter, so he immediately wrote if off. Even so, he liked Master Hanma and would have gladly socialized with him if this was an appropriate time or place. One thing was for certain, and that was that he would no doubt have an overabundance of female students. Kilro shook his head with a chuckle and focused on the next Master to appear.

Master Kaio seemed as rigid and unbending as a tree, looking quite literally like he had a stick up his ass. Although Kilro did not care much for the man's attitude, he did believe that this man could teach him great techniques for fighting. Perhaps if he learned how to be a great physical fighter, his current handicap in the Ki department would not be such a bad thing. Although he wasn't sure that he could live up to the excellence Master Kaio was expecting, something about this school was calling out to him. Kilro decided that he would give it a try and see if this ancient martial art suited him. After all, nothing ventured led to nothing gained.

The next instructor was a refreshing change from the icy Kaio, and he found Mistress Lyla to be quite charming. Although he did not find her quite as attractive as the Earthling men did, perhaps because he was of a different race, her Pressure School techniques sounded awesome. Having been on the small side all of his life, Kilro could easily see the benefits of being able to use the weak points of the body to overpower a much larger foe. This school was very tempting, and would possibly allow him to interact with members of several races. Kilro had never even had a conversation with someone who was not a Namekian, so the concept excited him greatly. These thoughts quickly evaporated as Master Kami took to the stage, looking very much like a stately and intimidating warrior.

Kilro was immediately star-struck by the man, having heard so many tales of his greatness growing up. The man's physique was flawless, and his eyes glinted with a look that said "If fear nothing". He radiated pure masculinity, and Kilro knew that this was the kind of Namekian warrior that he wanted to be. Taking Master Kami's class was a no-brainer, especially if he wanted to become the Chief his people needed. Having not met all of the instructors and already being highly-impressed with three of them showed that Z-Academy's promises were far more than just hype. More excited than ever, Kilro's eyes were glued to the stage, anticipating the arrival of the next Master.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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As Beat waited patiently as he could his eyes also scanned the room and he noticed that, not only where there boys and girls of different ages and backgrounds, but these where outright alien's as well. A small green boy stood out the most to him who struck him as a weakling based purely on appearance.

"don't be fooled by looks, remember the old man " Beat told himself as he momentarily brought the memory of getting bodied by an old man to the forefront of his mind which caused him to flinch, his pride subconsciously causing him to recoil from the memory of such an utterly humiliating experience, fingers dug into the fabric of his jacket as he clenched his fist reflexively. As if cued by mere thought, the object of Beat's frustration had finally shown himself and opened the orientation with the obligatory speech. Beat was under the impression that he would be the old man's pupil, so he was somewhat dissapointed to find that the old man wouldn't be a teacher himself. The next man reminded him of the kind of weakling he'd normally brush off, it was a relief when he finally introduced the people who mattered.

Master Hanayama appeared to-be the kind of man Beat could easily respect, admire even. The authoritarian presence he exuded spoke to the strength of the man, and his resounding baritone was the kind of voice which left zero room for argument when it delivers a command. The following master Takashi Hanma gave an impression entirely contrary to that of master Hanayama's, which caused Beat to form an immediate dislike for the man. Beat pinched the skin between his eyes as he witnessed a supposed master martial artist behaved like a punk rocker performing for a small group of pee-teen girls, and they're vocal response served to complete the effect, causing Beat to facepalm outright, and he remained that way through the wolf man's entire introduction.

" What a joke "

Beat knew he would have a tough time of respect g a man such as he. It was quite the relief when his turn ended and he was replaced by another elderly man representing the Crane school, who to Beat appeared to be yet another contrary personality, a polar opposite in fact as master Kaio presented himself as someone who expected strict discipline. Judging by the description and expectations of studying under the Crane, discipline would be an essential factor in succeeding. Though Beat wasn't the most disciplined, he was determined and self motivated, making the hands off approach of master Kaio more appealing. More appealing than the Wolf school at the very least, and he could definitely due to learn how to control and focus his Ki more sharply.

Beat's mouth nearly hit the floor when the absolute vixen appeared and introduced herself as Mistress Lyla. His eyes travelled from her nape, down to her chest, waist, legs and back up again. A dribble of blood trickled out from his nostrils as he did his level best to suppress the urge to revert to primitive displays dominance, and he wasn't alone. Almost every male in the room began to glare daggers at each other all at once, as each knew what the other was thinking, and Beat was no different. One could have cut the tension with knife, however it dissolved as quickly as it built up when mistress Lyla left the podium, bouncing with every step to her position next to her fellow masters. It was likely that most guys in the room completely missed her full introduction, but would doubtlessly sign up anyways. Beat could vaguely recall something about accupuncter points?

The last master pique his interest, so far being the only non-human master to introduce himself. Right off the bat Beat could tell that this was yet another master who radiated strength by his presence alone. He was very interested in what the alien had to offer to those not of the same race, which Beat currently counted only one of. He wasn't very impressed with several of the masters thus far, but found was more inclined to choose the Turtle hermit's school over the others so far.
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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Taizan watched as the next master walked onto the stage. Unlike the others, this one was not dressed in a Z-Academy gi. His hair style was spiky, and he wore a tank top and jeans, most likely to show off his muscular physique, which looked even more impressive, given that he was not all that tall. Although he did not seem to possess a tail, it was clear that the man was descended from the Saiyans. His appearance reminded Taizan of the ancient warrior Vegeta, especially the look on his eyes. Sweeping those eyes of steel over the crowd, the warrior cleared his throat to begin speaking.

"Listen up, grunts," he said in an aggressive, raspy voice, my name is Master Uruburai, and I teach the Saiyan School."
After a pause to let that sink in, he continued.
"I am a Half-Saiyan who fought as a mercenary all over the universe before deciding to settle down and teach what I have learned. I have killed well over one thousand individuals, many of whom were more powerful than I. I say this not to scare you, but to warn you. Your training will be full-force and grueling."

"The Saiyans were the most powerful race in the universe. The Tuffles and the Changelings once dominated them, but the potential of a Saiyan was higher than even theirs. A whole galaxy was once destroyed by the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly. I am not saying that I can make you that powerful, but if you work yourself as hard as or harder than I work you, you will gain great fighting skill and Ki power and control. I know, because I was once like you, and my father taught me. This is perhaps the most advanced and dangerous school at the Z-Academy, and I will accept only those who are willing to ignore that and give it their all."

He walked away from the podium, and like Kami and Kaio, stood rather than sat. The next Master to take the podium was from the planet Ponats, and he possessed the characteristic pale skin, made even paler by his black gi, and red mohawk. He smiled pleasantly, and was actually pretty soft-spoken.
"I am Master Dunlen, and I teach the little known Dragon School. It mostly teaches students how to use their Ki to fly and emphasizes aerial combat. Some prospective students already have these skills, so my class is only an elective."

Master Dunlen went to sit down, and was quickly followed by the last speaker. The last Master was a squat little guy who could barely reach the mic. He reminded Taizan of Yajirobe, a friend and ally of the original Z-Fighters who always seemed to help out in surprising ways.
"My name is Master Kajunome, and I run the Pendulum Course."

"The Pendulum Course allows one to delve into his own psyche and confront his worst fears and/or limitations. By defeating them, you become stronger in mind and body. My class is also an elective, mostly because I teach no techniques."
He left the podium and was replaced by Grandmaster Hinoki.
"One final note before you sign up for classes. I will be running a booth to hand out key cards for the dorms for those who have no place to stay off-campus."

Kilro carefully considered all of the classes that were just offered. Given his level of development, it would probably not be wise for him to enroll in the Saiyan Class his first year. Perhaps down the line he would try it, but not right now. Master Dunlen's Dragon School sounded like a very useful class for him, since he wanted to learn to fly and focus his Ki better. The Pendulum Course sounded interesting, but also kind of gimmicky and not useful for his training at this time. Going over to the sign-in sheet, he contemplated which classes he would do.

After thinking it over, he decided to sign up for the Namekian, Dragon, and Crane courses. One of his main goals in coming to Earth had been to learn from Master Kami, so his class would be an excellent time to do so. The Dragon School would help him learn to fly and fight in mid-air, something many Namekians could do but that he could not. The Crane course would help him sharpen his physical attacks so that he could defend himself while he worked on building up his Ki. After signing up for his courses, he got in line to receive a key card for one of the dorm buildings. He wondered what the accommodations would be like, and if he would have a roommate.

Taizan had also evaluated the last three courses that were offered by the Z-Academy. He had an interest in learning the brutal Saiyan style of combat and gaining power, but felt this would be a course better taken after he grew in power. The Dragon class was of great interest to him, as it offered a way for flightless humans to soar through the sky. The Pendulum Course did not interest him much, so he decided to check it out at a later date. Going to the sign-up sheets, he signed up for the Turtle, Namekian, and Dragon courses, wanting to also learn the style associated with the legendary Goku. After doing this, he left the Z-Academy, heading home to resume his personal training regimen.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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The next master to step up to the podium reminded him much of his current self, examining the man's features gave Beat an over-all sense of familiarity that he couldn't explain, as if he was meeting a long lost relative of some kind. His eyes where very much like master Kami's, their sharpness spoke to their years of battle experience in true life or death combat.

" Saiyan school Huh? "

The mention of the word made his tail twitch with excitement for reasons unknown to him. Beat was never the scholarly type, in fact, once he began to tap into his own aggressive nature he quickly developed into a street brawler who gave little to no attention to his studies. Consequently he knew nothing of Saiyan history, nor did he know what it meant to be half Saiyan, but he knew that this was the class for him. Advanced and dangerous techniques? Beings with the potential to destroy whole galaxies? A sale pitch this gravitas could not be beaten in his mind, and he knew right then in their where his path to power lay.

The following elective course masters, Dragon and Pendulum where the least impressive of the bunch, yet Beat found his interest leaning more towards the former as his elective course. It didn't take much consideration for him, as far as he was concerned there where only two courses worth a spit and that was the Saiyan and Turtle Hermit class. As the orientation ended and the new students each fell in line for sign up, Beat noticed the Saiyan class master Uruburai staring right at him, for reasons yet unknown to Beat. All he did know was that he didn't like being stared at, so he returned the same relentless stare and for one long moment their gazes locked before master Uruburai looked away dismissively.

Even as he preached the sign up sheet and signed his name under the Saiyan, Turtle, and Dragon class, Beat knew that he and his new master would either get along very well, or not at all.He momentarily considered switching Dragon for master Lyla's course, but ultimately decided it was for all the wrong reasons. On his way out he also obtained a Key Card of his own and rejoined the mass of students now funneling towards the exits. He'd hoped they would be getting straight to work, but it appeared the rest of the day was theirs to do as they pleased. Once outside the building he found himself staring down at the back of someone's bald head and as the sun light came down, the reflection of it caused a glare which momentarily blinded Beat.

" Lay off the turtle wax baldy, yeesh "

Beat complained as he rubbed his eyes until the colorful spots disappeared from his vision.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Grandmaster Hinoki watched as Taizan and Beat left the school to attend to their own matters. Both of these students had incredible potential, and he was very interested to see how far their training could take them. Taizan had been a loner, a young boy who worked tirelessly on his own, so it would be interesting to see how he did when he was around other martial artists and Z-Fighter hopefuls. Beat's weakness had not been that he was a loner, having made something of a street gang for himself, but that he was overconfident in his own abilities, perhaps as a result of his Saiyan heritage. Both of these young men had psychological issues to overcome, but he knew that his faculty were among the strongest warriors in the galaxy, and that if anyone could help them on this journey, they could. Hinoki was snapped out of his reverie as a young Namekian boy stepped up to receive a key card to the dorms.

"It is good to see you, Kilro. I am happy that your journey from Namek II was a safe one."
Kilro nodded a bit sheepishly, not sure how to act around his new Grandmaster.
"Thank you, Grandmaster. I'm glad I could be here."
Hinoki handed him a key card that had 2A-101 written on it, which indicated that it would open room 101 on the second floor of dorm building A.
"May you have a very productive school year, young Namekian."

Kilro bowed respectfully, which seemed to be the custom, and then left the line to try and find his dorm building. Signs posted on the walls guided him to them, and he was surprised to see that Z-Academy had four large dorm buildings, numbered alphabetically from A-D. Using his key card as a guide, he hustled over to the A Dorm and went upstairs to find his room. When he swiped the card in the digital reader and the door slid open, he was very surprised by what he saw. The room was meticulously clean with black carpet, a soft bed with clean white sheets, a television, and a window on the right side of the room that offered a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean. Setting his bags down, Kilro smiled, happy to have such comfortable accommodations.

His expression grew serious as he realized that he needed to find Master Kami and let him know about his mission. His entire planet was depending on him to become a leader worthy of guiding and protecting them, and he had promised not to let them down. However, he had lost sight of the older Namekian during the chaos following Orientation, and was not sure where to begin looking for him. Leaving the room, he made his way back to the main building, into the gymnasium where the Orientation had been held. Seeing no sign of Master Kami, he began to ask the other students where he had gone. Right now Kilro was cursing the fact that he had not yet learned to sense Ki, as that would no doubt have helped him in his search for the elusive Master.

Taizan had returned to his home in the forest outside of Hercule City, standing solemnly in a clearing not far from his hut. He looked toward the sky, seeing the faces of his parents and remembering their screams of death.
Mom, dad...I promise that that I will avenge you.
Running back to the hut, he dropped to the ground and began to do vigorous one-handed push-ups, pushing himself hard to gain more strength and power. Taizan would always do a heavy physical workout, sometimes all day and into the night, and then would meditate to try and break the chains on his power level in an attempt to grow stronger. As he did his push-ups, he thought about the Z-Academy and how valuable they would be in his quest for revenge, accelerating his power so that he could become the mighty warrior that he longed to be.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Beat stood outside his old hideout, taking a moment to hold the key card out in front of his face, angled as away from the sun in order to properly examine it without the sun's glare. It read " 2A-103". He considered returning to the Z Academy and having a look see at what would be his new home for a while, but ultimately the urge to return to the hideout and see the state of his gang for him was too strong . Over the years they'd nearly become something of family, albeit a hectic one, a family none the less. He wondered who would have attempted to take charge in his absence, who would he find on his throne.

His thoughts where interrupted when he realized there was something off about the hideout. For the most part everything was exactly the same, from the busted out and border up windows of the first and second floor, down to the pile of faded , red, loose bricks on the right side of the building. The difference was was the giant Kanji for the letter T haphazardly painted at the center-top of the building.

" Takezawa that bastard...of course "

Beat knew very well what that symbol was, and it meant an old thorn in his side chose to rear it's ugly head.

" and now of all times, dammit "

He paced a couple meters away from the building deciding how to best deal with this situation. If it where one of his own guys he probably would have let it slide, instead it was one of the biggest scumbags he knew, and his personal rival. Beat didn't want to risk his actions costing him his spot at the Z Academy, knowing that a fight would be unavoidable after crossing that threshold. Before he could consider walking away, the front door flew open and out came a pair he didn't recognize. The smaller one on the left had a weasel like face with slick back blonde hair, the other was a generic brute with a comically heavy brow. They walked a meter out rockery him half way, both wore navy blue school uniforms.

Weasel guy spoke first.

" So the prodigal drop-out returns, but you're too little too late. Takezawa runs this place now, and kids like you aren't welcome. So run along now before you get hurt "

With his arms crossed over his wide chest he stared at the pair almost mystified, then he couldn't hold back anymore and burst out with laughter.

" this ain't a J- "

Beat laughed louder now, cutting weasel guy off, who's patience was being quickly worn out as Beat's laughter drug on. The bigger one made the first move, crossing the remaining distance between them with long, heavy foot steps. He wasn't much taller than Beat, but tall enough so that standing face to face, Beat was forced to look up slightly to make eye contact, but the guy wrenching laughter continued. Finally the big guy threw a big right hay-maker to Beat's mouth , having the desired effect of stopping his laugh. However his neck barely budged, and the surprise on the big man's face showed that he perceived this. Before he could pull his hand back and retreat Beat had a vice grip on his wrist, which he proceeded to force away from his face to reveal a bloodied grin.

" You just made my day ! "

Beat struck with an over hand right that connected with the bigger man's unguarded temple, knocking him unconscious before his his face connected with the unforgiving concrete. He gave him one good kick to make sure he wouldn't be getting up to help his friend.

" Looks like it's just you and me now, weasel guy "

Beat clapped his right fist into his left palm and crackled the knuckles. Weasel guy looked at his unconscious friend, to Beat, back to his friend, then finally he turned tail and ran for the door. He wasn't surprised, he even let him go. It dawned on him then why he had become so bored with his life before. If his boys weren't strong enough to keep weakling like these from walking all over them without him around, they weren't worth defending. It was clear his old rival was picking a fight.

" Hm, maybe another time. "

He decided then that he would walk away after all, he had better things ahead of him than beating up weaklings for a change.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Kilro had searched all over Z-Academy, but could find no sign of the older Namekian. It would be hopeless to try and find him in a city as large as Hercule City, so he went back to his dorm room in a dejected state. Sitting on the bed, he resolved to try and find Master Kami the next day, since he would have to be around to teach the Namekian class. Kilro thought about his home, about all the people depending on him becoming a great warrior. Lying back on the bed, he sighed as the sun started to go down. Although he was highly unsure of himself in this endeavor, he would give it his absolute best starting tomorrow.

Taizan was sweating profusely as he finished his fiftieth lap around the forest after many push-ups and other exercises. Taking a dip in the nearby lake to clean off the sweat, he entered his hut and lit some incense candles. After boiling some tea, he poured some in a ceremonial tea cup, part of a set that had been passed down in his family and survived destruction, and set it down as he meditated. Focusing hard, he could feel the chains wrapped around his powers loosening, but despite all of his efforts, none would break. After the meditation, he drank the tea and then laid down on his mat to sleep. He was excited to begin his training at the Z-Academy the following day, and thoughts of that raced through his mind before he fell asleep.

Ryan Giles was bursting with excitement from his plane seat as the big 747 entered into Japanese airspace. Since he had been traveling from the United States, he had not been able to view the orientation for Z-Academy in person, but had watched a live feed of it online. The instructors were so cool, and he had already picked out the three classes that he would attend for the semester. Ryan was a prodigious student of Karate, having achieved a black belt at the young age of sixteen, and so Turtle was a natural fit for him. Being able to fly was something that humans had longed dreamed of being able to do, and so the Dragon school was something that interested him greatly. Lastly, he wanted to take the Wolf School, as he loved the wild and fast style of attack, and Master Hanma seemed really cool.

As the plane touched down that evening, he disembarked the plane and got into a holo-car that was waiting for him. The car drove him to the Z-Academy, arriving fifteen minutes later. He went inside to find Grandmaster Hinoki sitting at a table in an empty gymnasium, with only a few students milling around.
"Ah, Ryan, I am glad to see you could make it. How was your flight?"
"It was good, Grandmaster."

Hinoki had scouted Ryan back in his hometown of Manhattan, New York, when he had detected the use of Ki there. Finding Ryan, he was impressed to find a dedicated martial artist who had heard about the Z-Academy on the internet and wished to join. After demonstrating his Ki Punch, a technique in which Ryan coated his hand in ki and then punched the ground, leaving a perfectly circular hole, Hinoki agreed to enroll him. Convincing his parents had been a tougher task than convincing the Grandmaster, but the free tuition and heartfelt pleading from Ryan ultimately convinced them to let him go, provided he kept up with his regular school studies and returned home on long vacations. With the terms set, Ryan had crossed the Pacific into the Land of the Rising Sun, determined to become the first American Z-Fighter in history. Hinoki could see Ryan's fiery spirit in his eyes, and handed him a dormitory keycard with a wizened smile.

The keycard said "1B-100", indicating that it would open room 100 on the first floor of dorm building B.
"This will be your room. I received your schedule that you sent me, and a paper schedule and gi will be delivered to you tomorrow. Do your best, and be sure to grow strong and have fun at the Z-Academy."
"I will Grandmaster, I'll make you proud."
After bowing to the man, he turned and began heading for dorm building B.

When he reached his room, he swiped the keycard and went inside. He was taken aback by how great the decor was, and looked forward to staying in the room. After stowing his stuff, he spent the rest of the evening on a personal tour of the Z-Academy, finding all of the dojos and outdoor practice arenas. Ryan had found the dojo of the Turtle Class first, which meant that he would have an easy time finding it for his class the following morning. Going back to his room, he laid down on the bed and went to sleep soon after. That night, he dreamed of being a Z-Fighter, conquering evil as a hero of Earth.

Mai Yukou had sat through the entire orientation, bored to tears by the macho bravado put on by the school's instructors. The daughter of the Yukou family, one of the richest families in Hercule City, Mai had never wanted for anything in her sixteen years of life. Right now, however, she just wanted to get out of this school! Unfortunately, her parents had sent their bratty daughter, who had a tendency to blast the hired help in the butt with Ki from her finger, to the school in order to straighten her out. And so Mai, who was for the most part just your average teenage girl, found herself in a warrior's school that suited her like a bikini suited a snowy winter day. Since she had been required to enroll in at least one class, Mai had chosen to sign up for the Dragon Class, since it seemed to be the least labor-intensive of the classes.

Mai waited in line to receive a keycard, and when she got there, Grandmaster Hinoki smiled at her.
"Hello, Ms. Yukou. I hope you have a pleasant time at our school."
"Yeah, whatever," Mai replied, her tone and posture very much indicative of the pouty girl she could be.
Hinoki handed her a keycard that said 2C-201, indicating that she would be in dorm building C on the second floor in room 201. Her stuff had already been moved in by her parents, so she went off to see what her room would be like.

When Mai entered her room, she found it comfortable and nicely decorated. However, it still bothered her that she was here and not back home. Sitting down on the bed, she tried to get her mind off of things by reading a fashion magazine. However, that brought a new aggravation into her mind, the fact that her parents had cut off her Zeni Card. The rich girl who had once had the world at her fingertips was now as broke as any person in Hercule City not fortunate enough to be born into a rich family. Throwing the magazine down in disgust, Mai threw herself back and went to sleep, hopeful that when she woke up all of this will have turned out to be a bad dream.

Z-Academy Day One (August 19th)

Taizan awoke the next morning with a smile, excited to start his first day at the Z-Academy. Opening his front door, he saw a package addressed to him from the Z-Academy. Opening the package, he saw a typed up version of his schedule and his gi with belt, which had the symbols of his chosen schools sewn on the front. Changing into his gi, he jogged to the Z-Academy and found the classroom for the Turtle school, which he would have all day today. Going inside, he saw that he was the first one here, even beating the teacher. Sitting down, he entered meditation to await the start of the class.

Kilro awoke in his dorm, his first thought being that he wanted to find Master Kami and inform him of his mission. Opening his door, he found a package from the academy that contained his gi and a class schedule. Unfortunately for Kilro, today was Turtle Class and not Namekian, meaning that he would have to try and find the older Namekian on class breaks. Putting on his gi, he left his dorm and looked for the Turtle classroom. When he found it, he went inside to find a lone human boy sitting and meditating. Shrugging, Kilro sat down and waited for the rest of the class to file in.

Ryan awoke the next morning, excited and filled with energy to start the first day of classes at Z-Academy. Checking outside his dorm room, he found a package from the academy with his gi and class schedule. Putting on the gi, he smiled as he admired himself in a mirror.
"This is too cool."
He hustled over to the Turtle class, entering to find a human boy and a Namekian boy already waiting. Sitting down, he waited for the class to begin, excitement making him restless to begin the lessons.

Mai awoke the next morning, her mood immediately soured by the realization that her stay at Z-Academy was not a dream but cold, hard reality. She got up and checked outside her door, seeing the package from the academy that contained her school schedule and gi. Mai was disappointed to realize that taking one class did not mean she had only one day of school, for she would have Dragon Class Monday-Thursday all day. Putting on the required gi, she was not impressed by what she considered to be a hideous warrior garb. Sighing heavily, she used the schedule to find the Dragon Class, joining other students as they arrived. Mai sat down and rested her head in one hand, the textbook picture of boredom.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Beat awoke to a blaring alarm and his first instinct was to throw infernal machine across the room, but first he had to struggle to untangle himself from the sheets and comforter. By the time he was free Beat was already wide awake, so he decided the alarm would be spared this time as he clicked the off button. Beat realized he felt significantly more rested than he'd felt since he could remember, thanks to the posh bedding. In fact, he couldn't remember ever staying in a room quite as nice as this, not even when he was close with his mother. Pushing those thoughts aside he dropped to the floor and begun his usual routine off a hundred push ups, sit ups, and squats to get his blood flowing, followed by various stretches. When he finished he noticed the elations of students in the halls and decided to investigate, wrapping his tail around the waistband of his trousers before opening his room door where he found a package.

Beat held the gi up in front of him with the shoulders KD each end pinched between a pair of thumbs and forefingers. It was all black with a Kanji that he couldn't read.

He shrugged.
" Whatever that means "

After pulling on the pants and folding the shirt over, he noticed the packages also contained a white belt and schedule, and by the looks of it he was to be deporting to Turtle school today. Which was slightly disappointed as he expected his first choice to be his First Class, instead Monday is Turtle, while Tuesday would be Dragon, and finally he would end the week with the Saiyan course. Beat decided that he could live with this arrangement. Once he finished up with his hygiene, which amounted to a toothbrushing and applying some do sparingly. Then he dawned his white belt, which completed the look, and there was even enough slack for him to comfortably keep his tail concealed. With that finished he left his dorm and hurried in the marked area of the map found on the back of the schedule. It seemed Beat that the guys in charge already thought if everything.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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The rest of the class had soon filed into the room, taking their seats and waiting patiently for their master. Ten minutes after the scheduled beginning of the class, however, there was still no sign of Master Hanayama. Many of the students looked around in confusion, some even joking that if the instructor was not in the classroom fifteen minutes after the scheduled start of class, they were free to leave. What none of them knew was that Master Hanayama had been in the storage room directly behind his dojo since dawn, waiting patiently for his students to arrive. The Turtle Master always began every class with a surprise attack to see how well his students handled having to defend themselves at a moment's notice. Cupping his hands at his sides, he began to charge up a concussive version of the famous Kamehameha Wave.

Raising his hands, he launched the blast of blue energy through the storage room door and straight into the dojo. The blast itself careened toward Taizan, snapping the young man out of his meditation. Getting into a kneeling position, he caught the blast with his hands, but the force was such that it almost knocked him over, not an easy feat given his great physical strength. Getting to his feet, he was able to hold it back, but he knew that there was no way he could just stand like this forever. Pushing it back to the source or letting it go both stood to cause damage to the Z-Academy, so he would have to think of a suitable alternative.

Taizan had not only practiced with students of several dojos around Japan, but had also read a great deal of books on combat techniques at the Hercule City Public Hololibrary. He had learned how to absorb energy into his body in the Namekian style, a very useful way to turn an opponent's strength into his weakness. Closing his eyes, he entered into a sort of meditation and opened the Ki channels all over his body. Gradually, the Kamehameha Wave was overtaken by Taizan's aura, and once the blast had been absorbed, Taizan rerouted it all over his body. With this accomplished, Taizan sat back down into the lotus position, staring straight ahead. It was hard to sit still with such a boost of energy, but he suppressed his urge to run and jump.

Master Hanayama stepped out of the storage closet and looked at Taizan with a smile. Out of all of the students he had had in his long career as a teacher, he had never seen a student do that in response to his attack.
"Taizan Ryukyu-san, right? Young man, have you ever been privately tutored in the Namekian arts?"
Taizan shook his head, which impressed his teacher all the more.
If he learned such a technique on his own, then he has a great deal of potential that he can tap into.

Kilro had watched the entire thing, amazed by Taizan's performance.
To think that a human could use a Namekian technique so well...
He was sitting pretty close to Taizan, and gave him a smile and thumbs-up, which he had heard were friendly gestures among Earthlings.
"That was awesome, Taizan-san."
"Thanks," Taizan replied with a nod.
Kilro felt good that this interaction had gone well, and thought that Taizan might become a friend somewhere down the line.

Across the room, Ryan was anything but happy for Taizan's success. The whole class was now talking about how cool Taizan had looked, and the young man from America was jealous of the praise he was getting.
Dammit! That should have been my moment to shine!
Ryan swore to himself that he would also be a standout in this lesson, and clenched his fists tightly. Taizan would not hog the spotlight, he would make sure of that.

Mai sighed in boredom as she waited in the Dragon Class on the other side of the building. When Master Dunlen finally arrived, she was glad that they would at least be doing something.
"Good morning everyone. I would like for you to stand for our opening stretches, please."
Mai got to her feet and followed the demonstration of Master Dunlen, actually not minding this part since she liked to stay in shape. Once the warm-ups were done, Master Dunlen pulled down a chart of the human body, only there were strange yellow pathways all over it, traveling throughout the body.

"This chart shows the pathway of Ki as it travels through our bodies. By focusing our mind and bodies on one thing, we can cause the Ki to act in certain ways. Flight, energy blasts, and any other use of Ki all comes from our minds and bodies working together. It is important that you keep this in mind as we work to master flight."
Master Dunlen placed the students in different spots and had them stand at attention as if they were soldiers.
"Now, clear your minds and focus on guiding your Ki to your feet."

Mai was already bored with the exercise, not really interested in learning how to 'harness her Ki'. Flying was cool, but who really needed it if they had an Air Car? Mai closed her eyes and pretended that she was doing the exercise, but in actuality, she was thinking about the new fashions at the Hercule City Mall. Her act did not fool Master Dunlen, who could sense the movement of Ki and tell that Mai was not following directions. Deciding to give her a chance, he spent the next ten minutes guiding other students and helping them to follow directions. After that ten minutes elapsed with Mai still doing nothing, he went over to her in order to try and get her to do the exercise.

"Mai, is there anything I can help you with?"
"No, Master Dunlen," Mai replied quickly, "I am doing fine."
"I cannot feel your Ki moving. Remember that you have to focus."
"Yes, Master Dunlen."
When he turned and walked away to attend to other students, Mai stuck her tongue out at him and then sighed in boredom, hating that this was to be her life for the rest of the semester.

Meanwhile, back at the Turtle class, Master Hanayama had dropped heavy bags from the ceiling for each student.
"We will start our lessons with the practice of Karate striking techniques. It is best that you master the technique of the strike, and then add a substantial amount of power as your lessons continue. I will get an idea of your overall skill using this test."
Ryan smirked and walked over to his bag. Being a Karate black belt, this exercise would be a walk in the park for him.

Taizan approached his heavy bag and knew that this would not be a challenge for him. He had achieved a black belt in several martial arts, all schools of Karate being among them. Executing a perfect combination of punches and kicks, he demonstrated this skill. Not to be outdone, Ryan put together his own combination attacks. It seemed to be a competition of who could string together the longest combination. Taizan, for his part, never noticed Ryan, but the same could not be said on Ryan's part.

Kilro was not nearly as skilled or confident in Karate as Taizan and Ryan, and watched in awe as the two demonstrated their superb technique.
Wow, those guys are really good.
Looking over at Beat, he could tell that he was a strong and able warrior, as well. Taking a Karate stance, he began trying to put together a combination. His technique was not that good, but neither was it horrible. It was a work in progress, and Kilro was confident that he would be good at Karate by the time the end of the semester rolled around.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Being one of the lase few students to make it to class, Beat was left with few choices in seating as the back rows where he would usually go for where already occupied other students. The early bird gets the worm as they say. In the end he chose the seat three seats to the right Taizan, placing him adjacent to Kilro. From what Master Hanyama presented of himself and what he could remember from his schoolyard days, one would expect to find him patiently waiting for his students, prepared to make an example of any late stragglers. However Beat was surprised when five minutes turned to fifteen and there was no sign of the master, students began to mumble is agitated tones, which grew into a low din of conversation which had broken out amongst students who could now latch onto some common ground in their frustrations.

Beat had been considering closing his eyes and sneaking in a quick nap, and was just about to when he sensed something strange, something dangerous was coming. He knew this for certain when he felt the fine hairs on the back of his neck stand on end, his eyes searched furiously yet they could not pinpoint the cause of his unease. That is until he noticed a faint blue light emanating from the small space at the base of the back door.

" What the he- "

Suddenly a solid Beam of energy blew the door open with enough force to send it flying off the hinges, and it was headed straight for the kid meditating a couple seats down the row from him. From past experience Beat expected they would picking Taizan's battered and burned body off the dojo floor. He couldn't have been more wrong. By the time Beat was out of his seat, the boy had opened his eyes and proceeded to catch the blast, and to the astonishment of the entirety of the class, Taizan appeared to absorb the energy of the blast into his own body. And here Beat thought he would have leg up on his fellow students, being able to produce such blast from his mouth, but the reality of the situation was staring him hard in the face.

Everything became clear when Master Hanyama stepped through the now empty door-frame with a big smile on his face, as if he hadn't just endangered the lives of all of the students here. Apparently it was some kind of test, a foolish one, had it been Beat things might've ended much more violently.

When the master dropped heavy bags from the ceiling all his frustrations where quickly drained away as he found himself perfectly I'm his element. He didn't know much of anything about Karate strikes, but one thing he could do was throw a punch. And he did exactly that, delivering a devastating right, the same one which put down a goon just the day before. Two things happened the moment his fist dug deep into the heavy bag ; it to folded in on itself at the point in which his fist made contact, the sheer force of it caused the chain Roxana, sending the Heavy bag flying across the room, straight for Master Hanyama. Causing everyone to stop to gawk at him as a cocky grin dominated his features.

" Hm, I guess that means I win "

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Master Hanayama continued moving around the room, correcting the techniques of many of the students he saw. At times, he would offer a demonstration to the students on how to do the proper technique. Two students he did not have to correct were Taizan and Ryan, who were showing themselves to be standouts when it came to Karate techniques. He had expected as much, since both of their files indicated that they had attained black belts within different schools of Karate. The lone Namekian student within his class, Kilro, was not bad for a first timer but needed work. Master Hanayama approached him and gave him a hand signal to stop striking.

"Your strikes are not bad, Kilro-san, but I've noticed some problems with your form that need worked out. You want to work those out as early as possible before they become habits that hold you back."
Master Hanayama took a basic Karate stance, called a left seishan, and had Kilro copy him. He then delivered two Karate-style straight punches, where his first rotated from palm up at the waist to palm down at the strike, and then a snap kick, in which his leg was bent at the knee before it lashed out like a cobra going after its prey.
"Practice this basic combination attack until I give you further notice, and remember to breathe with each strike so that you do not rapidly tire yourself out."
Master Hanayama then walked off, going to assist some other students.

Kilro continued the striking combination he had just been taught, trying to do it as perfectly as Master Hanayama had. After ten times, he was starting to get the rhythm of the striking down. He pictured the heavy bag as being the boys who made fun of him back home, and that gave him extra motivation to get better. Two in the face, one in the stomach over and over again was Kilro's mindset. He had been aiming to do the combination at least fifty times, but had to stop and take a break at twenty-five. Sweat was running down his face, yet he had never felt more exhilarated and alive!

Master Hanayama was about to go over and talk with Taizan when he heard a loud thudding sound behind him. When he turned around to see what was going on, he saw that his heavy bag had been knocked off of its chain and into the wall by Beat while the rest of the students around him were gawking in awe.
"Back to your exercises!" Master Hanayama said with authority.
The students straightened up immediately and began working on their technique as the instructor made his way over to beat.
"Well, well, Jarric-san, your power is impressive but you don't seem to have grasped the spirit of the exercise."
Waving his hand over the hole in the ceiling, the chain retracted and a second heavy bag dropped down in front of them.

"It would seem that your immediate goal is not only to gain better technique but also to gain more control over your own strength."
Master Hanayama had read Beat's file and fully expected this kind of behavior from a Half-Saiyan, so if and when it appeared in his class, he had been ready to respond to it.
"Practice your Karate techniques at one quarter of your strength to build your technique. Knock this one off of its chain and you will do push-ups for the rest of the class with no rest."
Master Hanayama knew Beat would be impatient and not necessarily like this, and he smiled at the end.
"The sooner you show me flawless technique, the sooner I will teach you how to put power into your blows that dwarfs what you just accomplished."

With the promise of overwhelming power, Master Hanayama departed from Beat to go talk with Taizan. After watching him for a moment, he nodded.
"Yes, very good, Taizan. Your striking technique, balance, and power are all perfect."
He moved over to Ryan.
"Very impressive, Ryan, I have nothing further to ask of you for this exercise."

Master Hanayama returned to the front of the class, standing with his hands behind his back to watch the students work on their technique. Kilro was still practicing his combination, feeling slightly overwhelmed.
Ryan and Taizan have such superb technique, and Beat has such tremendous power! I'll have to work hard if I want to keep up with them!
Taizan continued working on his striking techniques, his mind like a still pond with lotus flowers floating on the surface, never missing a beat. Ryan also working on his techniques, though he was not nearly as focused as Taizan.

That Beat guy has some serious power! If I ever end up in a fight against him, my defenses will have to be top-notch or I could end up like that heavy bag.
He did a two punch and kick combination, like Kilro, although he imagined his heavy bag to be Taizan. Keeping his anger in check was a challenge, but he managed not to knock the bag off of the chain. His determination to shine was growing by the minute.
Beat and Taizan had their moments to shine, but soon it will be my turn!

Back at Dragon Class, Mai was continuing to try and waste time. However, with more and more students able to move their Ki to their feet, she knew she could not stall for much longer. Master Dunlen came over once more, a questioning expression on his face.
"Mai, I can tell you're not doing anything. Why are you shirking the lesson?"
Mai grimaced and looked away from him.

When she looked back, Master Dunlen's face had softened.
"I read your file, and I know you did not come to Z-Academy by choice. However, you're in my class now, and if you refuse to do the lessons, I'll have to have you do physical exercise the whole time. Is that what you want, Yukou-san?"
Mai shook her head, hating the thought of getting sweaty and gross.
"Good, now close your eyes and focus your Ki like I told you."

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Beat's chest was swelling with pride as his fellow students whispered in awe at his power, he expecting praise from Master Hanyama to match his peers, however he received criticism instead. In his opinion technique didn't matter when you hit like a truck, he was prepared to argue the point but the master would not let him get a word in edge-wise. In fact he fully intended to break the next one, however the prospect of being forced to do push ups all class held little appeal, especially since he did not yet know how long each class would be.

Beat couldn't quite understand the purpose of fancy fighting poses, karate strikes and such, but the promise of greater power resonated him. He finally conceded.

" If that's what it takes, master "

Beat attempted to replicate the same stance he observed Master Hanyama demonstrating to the little green boy. He spread his legs to shoulder length and bent his knees in order to lock himself into position, which felt more than a little awkward. Both hands remained at his waist I'm a palm up position, just as he saw the Master do. He didn't trust himself not to knock the heavy bag off it's chain on accident, so he put no power behind his strikes at all, opting to just focus on the technique of rotating his fist properly with each strike; Left, right snap kick, repeat.

Several times he failed to maintain a balanced pose as he attempted the snaps kicks, as he was unaccustomed to properly bending the knee before kicking. However he soon began to get the hang of it, and was even coming to understand the purpose of this technique, that the power of the kick comes from the shaping motion. When he finally felt comfortable enough to put a little power into right leg, the heavy bag swung up until it nearly touched the ceiling, yet the chain remained sturdy to his relief.

He took a melt to observe the Kroger's of the students around him, the most notable ones where Taizan and Ryan, who appeared to exemplify the use of karate technique. Compared to his awkward motions, they where practically masters already much to his dismay. They where both younger, and clearly weaker, yet it was apparent they where the most experienced martial artist in the room, excluding Master Hanyama himself. This motivated Beat to redouble his efforts, slowly but surely adding more power as the sequence of strikes and kick began to feel less awkward, his stance a little less stiff.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Master Hanyama watched his students perform their combination attacks and other techniques until the first hour of class had finished.
"Okay, students, you may stop for now. Have a seat near the front of the room."
Once all of the students had been seated, he looked over all of them.
"Taizan-san, Giles-san, please step to the front of the room."
Taizan stood up and moved to the front of the room with an unreadable expression on his face, while Ryan walked up looking kind of cocky.

Master Hanayama stood between them, his arms out to indicate each one of them.
"These two have the most flawless technique within the class, as expected from black belts in Karate. I thought the class would enjoy a practical demonstration of Karate technique, or in other words, a sparring match. Taizan-san and Ryan-san will engage in some light sparring to display the kind of technique you should shoot for. This will be full-contact sparring, with the exception of strikes to the face and below the belt. We will get to no-holds-barred sparring later on when you are better trained."

Taizan and Ryan both nodded their understanding, with Ryan grinning like a Cheshire Cat on the inside.
Oh, yeah! This is the chance to shine I've been waiting for!
Master Hanayama lowered his arms and stepped back out of the way.
"Bow to me."
Both Taizan and Ryan bowed with their head down to Master Hanayama.

"Bow to each other."
Taizan and Ryan did as they were instructed.
"Hajime!" ("Begin!")
Taizan took a left seishan, a Karate stance similar to a boxing stance, while Ryan took a side stance. The two slowly circled each other for a bit, each knowing that the more patient fighter would have the earliest advantage. However, Ryan's ego and anger got the better of him and he moved to strike first with a side kick aimed at Taizan's solar plexus.

In a flash, Taizan caught Ryan's foot and turned it to drop him face-first to the ground. Ryan jumped back up and delivered two Karate-style straight punches and a left roundhouse kick at Taizan, all of which were dodged. While Taizan was in the process of dodging the left roundhouse kick, he swept Ryan's right leg out from under him to drop him on his back. Ryan banged his fist on the ground in frustration and got to his feet again. The match went on for nine more minutes, with Ryan both unable to lay a hand on Taizan and unable to stay on his feet for longer than twenty seconds. Although Ryan and Taizan had each achieved the same rank in Karate, Taizan had more experience within the martial arts as a whole, and this gave him the decisive edge that he needed to make Ryan look like an amateur.

When Master Hanayama separated them and they did their bows, Ryan was seething with anger.
Dammit! That guy made me look like an idiot in front of everyone!
They returned to their seats, with all of the students muttering admiringly about Taizan. He was quickly showing himself to be the ace of the Turtle Class, with unrivaled technique and strength rivaled only by Beat. With the sparring match over, Master Hanayama picked up a remote that was connected to a hologram projector.

The first image to come up was of and old man with short hair in a black Gi.
"This is Master Mutaito, the grand master of all enhanced martial arts and the teacher of the founder of the Turtle School, Master Roshi. All of those who practice Z-martial arts, meaning everyone in this school, are disciples of Master Mutaito, who is considered one of the greatest martial arts teachers of all time. He was also the first known person to fight in defense of the Earth."
A video played showing Master Mutaito fighting King Piccolo. When the clip was finished, the slide changed to the goofy smiling face of Master Roshi.

"This is Master Roshi, the founder of the Turtle School. I know he doesn't look like much in this picture, but in his prime, he was considered the most powerful warrior on Earth. He trained many of the warriors we now count among the Legendary Z-Fighters, and so he has also earned the distinction as one of the greatest martial arts teachers of all time."
A clip played showing Master Roshi winning a few fights with his mastery of the martial arts.
"Among Master Roshi's students was the most famous warrior who ever lived on Earth, Goku."
The picture changed to that of Goku with the serious expression that he often wore in battle.

"A Saiyan survivor that landed on Earth, Goku overcame every challenge to the safety of the Earth and became its greatest hero. It is no exaggeration to say that many students at this school dream of being the next Goku."
A video played showing Goku fighting with several of his adversaries. After the video was over, a picture of Krillin as he appeared during the time of the arrival of the Saiyans, bald and in his Turtle Style Gi.
"The last notable figure to know in Turtle Style history is Krillin, although today we know him as Master Krillin. Having achieved the distinction of being the strongest human on Earth in his time, he took over teaching the Turtle Style after Master Roshi retired."

A video played showing Krillin in some of his best moments before the holo-projector was turned off.
"I achieved my mastery of the Turtle Style after Master Krillin had taken over as head of the school, so I know a few additions to the style that were not present during the time of Master Roshi. As the very first Turtle Style class at Z-Academy, you will have a special place not only in the history of this institution, but in the history of the Turtle Style. I have created a brand-new technique for this class, and the one with the highest grade among you will be the first to ever learn it. I hope that serves as motivation to do the absolute best that you can within your training."
Master Hanayama checked his holo-watch.

"It's 9:00 AM, so we still have plenty of time left to work before we break for lunch. Please remember the names of all of the important Turtle figures we discussed today, as there will be a quiz on it later in the week. Now, then, let's move from the martial arts portion of the class to the ki focusing portion of the class. For this lesson, we will go outside, so follow me to the Training Grounds."
Master Hanayama had the students line up at the door and then led them down the hallway to the west. This would be the student's first exposure to the Training Ground, and he knew that they would like it.

Mai listened closely as Master Dunlen talked her through how to focus her Ki. Once she was able to feel her Ki moving inside of her like water, she was instructed on how to make it glow with a mental command. From there, she was taught how to move it down to her feet and to let it shine there.
"Perfect, you've caught up with the class. Now, let me teach you how to levitate."
Master Dunlen moved to the front of the class.

"Close your eyes again and push your Ki down into the floor. As you do so, the floor will push back and lift you into the air. Your levitation will no doubt be brief, but go ahead and do this. Just don't try to levitate too high or you might be hurt by the fall."
Mai began pushing her Ki down, and was surprised when she opened her eyes again that she was a couple feet in the air. The broken concentration dropped her back down to the floor, making her flight all too brief.

"If you fall, keep doing the exercise to float back up. You may try for a bit higher each time and may touch the ceiling, but remember to do things slowly. Once everyone has the hang of ascending, I will teach you how to descend smoothly. We will probably be practicing vertical movement most of the day."
Mai was exhilarated to be honing this skill, all of her previous boredom melting away. She kept trying the skill, her goal to touch the ceiling at least once before the class was over.

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Beat groaned inwardly when their experiences where halted. He hadn't even begun to put any power into his attacks and he was far from satisfied with his form, and to top it off he'd barely even begun to work up a miniscule sweat. Both Taizan and Ryan's overtly superior skill troubled him, though he was certain of his superior strength. As the heavy bags ascended through the same openings from which they came, Beat watched Taizan move with Ryan clearly attempting to beat him to master Hanyama's feet. He soon after followed master's instructions and sat with his legs crossed in the front of the classroom. Of course it was Taizan and Ryan chosen to spar much to his dismay.
" Hm, fine then, show me... Taizan "

Beat had resigned himself to watch the match carefully, more for the demonstration of karate in action as he was sure Taizan would come out on top from what he could see. He'd been watching their quiet competition, though they initially appeared evenly matched, Ryan was clearly trying his level best just to match Taizan. It was the that it became clear to Beat why he lost to an old man so easily. He may be more powerful physically, it meant nothing compared to honed technique, for what good is all his strength if he can't land a punch?

Now he was even more motivated and ready to get back to practicing, his skin tingled with excitement and his blood ran hot like it always did before a good fight. Master Hanyama it seemed, had other plans. A dreadfully long winded lecture which very nearly put him to sleep as he struggled to find the will to keep his eyes open. The occasional clip of combat helped. Beat didn't carsuch for history or being a part of it. He knew here and now, and here and now Bead wanted to a fighter that would stand above those of the past, so much so that they are forgotten. Yes he was very unlike most students in this regard, he had no desire to be the next " Goku ".
He was loathed to know he would be quite, now he'd actually have to study the information.

However the promise of a brand new technique have him all the motivation he'd need to learn all he could about each fighter in question. Though for him it will be far from easy. Even as they filed out of the classroom and headed for the Training Grounds, Beat struggled to recall the most basic information.

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Re: Z-Academy-Year One IC

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Master Hanayama led his class down the hallway and took a right turn before they reached the foyer for the next building. Kilro could see the Namekian classroom and longed to talk with Master Kami, but knew that was out of the question right now. The class exited a hydraulic door and stepped into a broad grassland between buildings. All of the students looked confused, since this did not seem to be much of a Training Ground. All of a sudden, Master Hanayama held up a remote and pressed a button so that the tip of the remote turned red. This revealed that there were computerized walls surrounding them, and they began to form a training ground with all matter of equipment useful for warriors.

"The technology wizards at the Capsule Corporation have created a virtual training ground capable of producing real equipment and real results. It was tested by every single one of the professors and stood up to the fiercest onslaught that we could throw at it. With this specialized remote, I can tap into thousands of special modifications that can create literally any environment imaginable."
He looked over at his students with a grin.
"And you guys thought it was just an empty field."
He looked over at Beat.

"One of our students is particularly strong for his age and showed that our equipment is not quite durable enough for him. So, Jarric-san, why don't we create an environment that will really put you to the test? Go ahead, choose any environment you want, but be wary, everything you face will be the real deal."
Taizan was intrigued by this technology, and every student was murmuring excitedly. Z-Academy was on the cutting edge of technology, and this technology could push their martial arts to new heights. Even Ryan, still sore about his trouncing at the hands of Taizan, could not help but be impressed by this technology.

Mai was sweating bullets as she strained to reach the ceiling, her Gi becoming stained with sweat. She had the technique for ascension down, yet she was having a difficult time keeping herself there. She finally lost her strength and landed on her butt, letting out a sigh of exhaustion. Master Dunlen came over with a smile, happy to see his student hard at work.
"A valiant effort, Mai. Just bear in mind that you don't have to try and eat the whole meal in one sitting."

Mai wiped sweat from her forehead and nodded.
"Okay, Master Dunlen. Mind if I take a break."
"Not at all. You may get a drink from the dispenser and try again when you are ready."
Master Dunlen walked away to supervise some other students, and Mai refreshed herself with a drink of water before preparing to try for the ceiling again.

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