Adopt Abandoned Universes.

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Adopt Abandoned Universes.

Tips: 2.50 INK Postby mombie on Tue Jan 07, 2020 4:29 pm

This does not obviously pertain to CLOSED universes.

I understand that continuing something that a GM started would be best, but I am not going to kid myself by pretending that they come back. They almost never do. Ever. I have never seen one that spontaneously started again. Right now, just in the last month alone, we've had almost three RPs either start and stop or never start at all. There is no way to continue because we can't accept characters that are completed because the GMs chose to leave, so those people cannot post in the universe.

That leads me to a question. There is a GM in one of the RPs that I have two characters completed in that has not returned to the site since Nov. 20th, and they are neither longer accepting completed characters nor are they answering questions posted in the OOC. They have promised to start a couple times, even said maybe a little after the 25th.

Understandable - just holidays, a new year. They could come back, they could not. What if they don't? Is there a way for people that want to continue the RP to become curators, or for the Universe to be adopted by someone else? That would be great feature, honestly. So many RPs are being utterly abandoned by their GMS and leave the rest of us active people either dropping the RP or having to create a new universe and carry it on.

I mean, they abandoned it - it should become free for people to carry it on. The benefits are that it is less Universe clutter, RPs can accrue new active members, and people don't become continuously disheartened because they've built awesome characters, plotted, and created great relationships for no reason at all. I don't see anything that could go wrong with it, and credit to the original GM can be easily given in the Copyright section. I did this for "Calamity" since it was originally created by Crybaby from "Havoc".

TLDR; Can we please adopt abandoned universes?

EDIT: I also understand that I know little to nothing about coding or designing, so when I mean I don't see anything that could go wrong - I don't mean from the side of the coders and what have you. I just mean that I don't see many issues with us regular members. Nothing I can think of anyway!
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Re: Adopt Abandoned Universes.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Wed Jan 08, 2020 4:41 pm

In lieu of an "abandon" button for active GMs to mark their Universe as available for adoption, what criteria would you think to be acceptable for a takeover in the case of an inactive GM who disappears without clicking such a button?

We tested a "view source" button in the beta a while back, which allows for a fast and simple means to get the formatting code of anything cool you see, but I think a GitHub-like "fork" option (like we used to have for characters) is another potential solution. It'll be nice to have revision history in the upcoming updates, as they'll enable tracking of subsequent changes in case the original creator wants to include them in back upstream in the original copy.

Eager to hear what you think about the conditions under which takeover would be acceptable.
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Re: Adopt Abandoned Universes.

Tips: 2.50 INK Postby mombie on Wed Jan 08, 2020 6:34 pm

I wouldn't call it a complete take-over, I think. I am not sure, honestly. I am more or less thinking of a means to actively continue the RP without the presence of an active GM.

Let's take one of the RPs (really two) that were created by two GMs that seemed to have dropped everything suddenly. Havoc and oakville. The GM in Havoc was CryBaby who was in cahoots with the GM that created Oakville. This was an easy partnership to note right off of the bat. When one left, the other left. Both GMs abandoned their RPs and left us all with carefully constructed characters and wonderful relationships for naught. Now, I recreated Havoc under a new identity as Calamity - but I think it was unnecessary, to be honest. We know that, for the last almost three months, both RPs have been abandoned. We notice their lack of presence on BOTH Discord servers. We know that they are just gone. Now we have two universes just sitting there, one recreated, and it's all just clutter. The process of creating a Universe is time-consuming, and coming up with little differences to combat plagiarism was a bit tedious. Though I gave CryBaby credit where it was due, linked to the original RP, and whatever else.

As far as criteria to consider the ability of an INACTIVE universe to be adopted by an INACTIVE GM can be boiled (broiled? idk English), to a simple list.

  • If there is an obvious plea from members of a particular RP to inquire about activity that has either slowed down or stopped, and it is going unnoticed and unanswered by GMs over a period of time - that should be considered abandonment. There are some cases where accidents happen. internet goes out, the computer blows up - whatever. In my opinion, those are rare. GMs really just abandon RPs they lose interest in.
  • If screenshots are provided of PMs asking for the whereabouts of GMs from other members over a period of time and even those go unanswered, I feel like it is safe to say that they've left town.
  • For Universes with active Discord servers, if those are even void of GM presence over a period of time, that should be considered GM abandonment.

Attempts to communicate in every way, coupled with the 'Last logged in' information, should be exhausted before considering an RP abandoned. I consider Havoc and Oakville abandoned. Accidents and emergencies happen, but I find that people will figure out a way to communicate such. Two people abandoning an RP at once can't be that much of a coincidence.

Even then, if a full take-over is delving into uncomfortable territory, perhaps allowing an Admin to help get a regular member of that RP into a position of Curator (to approve characters, edit, etc), would honestly just suffice. It's not plagiarizing, it's not usurping, it's just trying to fill in the void left behind by a GM that can no longer commit. "The rules in all of these RPs are the same - you should post at least weekly, after two weeks we will blah blah blah. After such and such time, we reserve the right to kill or remove your character." Why should the same rule not apply to the GM? I'm starting to feel like we are like... test bunnies or something for people to just come and throw out a Universe, have us create characters and relationships, and then abandon us entirely. It's happening SO FREQUENTLY that people are more comfortable with just 1x1 RP now.

One of the RPs with activity rule that was obviously not abided by the GM that has been gone since Nov. 20th of last year.

I'm not quite sure what else to say other than something has to give. I don't know what half of this techno mumbo-jumbo means, but I do know that the energy we spend on characters we love and never get to play because of abandonment is drying out. I know that roleplayers are hesitating to continue applying to new RPs. I know that 75% of RPs aren't going to last, and that's just being kind. I think that there could be a real difference in this energy if regular members had the power to do something about being abandoned other than having to create a new Universe and start over. It's always easier to absorb people into something already completed, and it's even easier for the GM to come back if they so choose (though it's no highly unlikely).

I'm not talking a complete take-over, but I guess that will be what naturally happens as people move on in an RP that was abandoned by a GM. I am just asking for the ability to continue - to accept new characters, to make edits. I already said this, but I want to reiterate that it's not an intentional take-over. I think moving on might be a better word for it?

I would love to hear what other people think about this, honestly. I just feel like we know when we've been abandoned, and there should be some way we can petition for the power to continue without the GM. Especially for those RPs that never start where half of the characters that are complete have yet to be accepted, therefore couldn't post if we wanted to just start it on our own anyway.

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Re: Adopt Abandoned Universes.

Tips: 1.50 INK Postby LawfulAnnon on Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:15 pm

Hello there! I just wanted to join the conversation because I agree with Mombie and she is bring up a point that has been bothering me too when it comes to this site.

I’ve been in several RP’s that I’ve gone cold all of a sudden because the GM left and it’s especially frustrating as a player, because you want to continue the story and you’ve gotten immersed in this universe and the fact that the GM just drops it off all of a sudden makes it hard to continue. Due to the fact, you have to replace their characters or possibly coming up with a whole new story. As a player, since you’re not the creator of the universe, don’t have a lot of power to do that. I am in Havoc, A Uniting of Two Houses, and Oakville with Mombie and it hurts me that I created two or more characters that I am very attached to and I can’t see them grow because I can’t do anything to continue the role-play.

I understand there is an issue with plagiarism with trying to take someone else’s work. In a previous RP I’ve done I’ve had a Co-creator in a universe I made. I don’t know what their responsibilities were in the role-play, but maybe having something like that would help bridge the gap? At least someone to accept characters and maybe people could apply to be a creator for a universe that has clearly been inactive for certain amount of time? I’m fairly new to coding and don’t understand all the legal implications that will come from it, but as someone who enjoys role-play and likes RPG Gateway as a site to use, this issue has honestly made me consider going elsewhere because it can get very upsetting to get attached to a character and love the relationships you created, and the story lines you thought up and you don’t get to play it out, because the person creative universe decided to back out last minute, it makes everything seem pointless.

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