Adventurers wanted for the Gala-Dor Expedition

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Adventurers wanted for the Gala-Dor Expedition

Tips: 1.00 INK Postby CabbageAngel on Tue May 19, 2020 1:48 am


Arc En Lume. The shining capital of Beaucourt and center of the Holy Zoltian Empire. Bright flags flutter over its cobblestone streets, over the clamor of hooves, competing merchants and street performers. Sun glints off the armored backs of knights returning from their latest triumph, their path clogged by grateful citizens extending gifts of preserves and flowers. The Order of the Sacred Flame hold a sermon before their chapel to a cluster of enamored loyalists. Behind closed doors, a nobleman slides a pouch of gold into the hand of a hooded figure, who pockets it with a knowing nod.

Amidst all of the rabble, you approach the missive board.

There's nothing too interesting. There never is. The age of adventurers has long past, but even so... just before you turn away, a missive catches your eye. Its worn edges peek out between other, newer pages, as if somebody were trying to bury it. It's not on the thick white paper of a church-sanctioned missive. It's shoddy and stained, and its contents... they sound like the claims of a raving conspirator.


Whatever your reasons, you take the job. Unbeknownst to you, this action would set you on a path of forging the greatest friendships and enemies that most will live out their lives never knowing.

But, if you had only known the chaos to follow... would you have answered the call?

Hey, all! This is Cabbage, Co-GM of the RP The Gala-Dor Expedition which I run alongside CrossKnight35. Glad you dropped in for a squiz.

The Gala-Dor Expedition at face value is pretty much your standard high fantasy affair, with some... twists. The RP sets out to fulfill the promise of its premise: prepare for expedition, kick ass, travel to dwarf city, ooh side quests, go inside dwarf city and come out alive and loaded. Quest complete! It's that simple. Or is it?

We're strong believers in player agency and consequences for the shit circumstances your agency gets you into. If you like high fantasy, your choices impacting the world and things being more complicated than they at first appear - we extend a formal invitation to you to join the party!

We're willing to go up to six players. One spot has been filled, possibly two. Four more to go!

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