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After the Dust settles

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

After the Dust settles

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Oct 04, 2005 11:54 am

Kiyoshi sat in his office in near complete darkness. The only light that came into the room was through the thin lines between the blinds that were pulled down over the windows behind him. He had sat this way for a long time, the apparent death of Wind had forced his past further to the front of his mind. Part of him wanted to blame that girl Millie. Part of him had hoped what she had said about her organization was true.

There was a file on his desk that he had already looked through several times by now. Inside was information about the Defenders, or so they were called.

Another group based around false ideals...

The words came out of Kiyoshi's mouth as could as his gaze. He didn't necessarily want revenge for the }{G pilot that had died, Kiyoshi had not known him. Revenge was the only word that could sum up what Kiyoshi wanted. He had ran away years ago from the fighting, thinking he could push his past far behind him, and return to his home as a new man. He had already known that would not happen early on when he returned, but he did not think he would remember so much.

Part of the reason Kiyoshi had chosen to go into deep space in cryostasis was the side effect of acute memory loss. Kiyoshi had hoped that he would lose those painful memories that had made him a cold blooded killer in the past, and for awhile, most of it did stay far behind him.

When he first met Millie, he saw a bit of himself in her. If someone else was leading L3 they probably would have been more violent towards their prisoner that had committed cyber-terrorist attacks on the colony, as well as, part of an organization that committed the same acts through out the other colonies as well.

There was a knock at Kiyoshi's door, but Kiyoshi did not respond. He wasn't in the mood to give a speech, give orders, or have a friendly conversation. He wanted to brood. The person on the outside knocked on the door twice more. Kiyoshi knew who his target was going to be as he looked down at the folder on his desk. The knocking had become persistent and an annoyance to Kiyoshi.

What is it...

The door open and his secretary walked in. She looked with concern at Kiyoshi.

Lisa - You've been in here for hours...

What gave you the idea that I didn't want to be in her for several more hours?

Lisa stood their shocked. Kiyoshi had always given off a standoffish impression, but she knew it was just a front to protect him. Technically, she didn't know for fact, but it's what her women's intuition told her. She glared at Kiyoshi then rushed over to the blinds and opening them up. If Kiyoshi had not been wearing his sunglasses, the sudden sunlight that filled the room, might have blinded him for a second or two.

Lisa then turned to Kiyoshi glaring at him. Kiyoshi did not look at her. His mind was in other places. Lisa quickly raised her hand and slapped Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi's eyes went wide in surprise.

Lisa - If you were not busy being in la-la land you could have easily stopped me from doing that. Well, isn't that right?

Kiyoshi had not been so off guard in a long time. He was normally prepared for any attack on him and ready to counter in whatever way was necessary. It was part of the reason he didn't carry a gun on him all the time.

Lisa - Whatever you are holding in is making it so you are not at the top of your game, Kiyoshi. I've seen many leaders come in and out of this office who have failed and establishing their visions for the people of L3 because of that. You say you want to protect L3, how the hell can you do that when you can't even protect yourself from a lady's slap!

Kiyoshi looked into Lisa's eyes. For once, Kiyoshi almost felt what it's like for someone to look into his own cold eyes.

Lisa - Lt. Han Richards has scheduled a meeting with you in fifteen minutes. You will be there.

Kiyoshi didn't say anything as he thought about what Lisa had said. Then he thought about Han. Kiyoshi had tried to be as polite as he could to the man. He had known Han very well in the past but did not think Han had made the connection between the two of them yet.

Lisa - Now get yourself up and get a shower!

Kiyoshi looked at Lisa as he stood up. Was that the purpose of women? To act like mothers or to be lovers, or to break down a man until he was nothing? Lisa only fit the first and last category, since it had been a long time since Kiyoshi had even thought of a woman in that way. However, in all his extended relationships with women, whether it be romantic or simply platonic, they had all fit into those three catagories.

Lisa watched Kiyoshi as he walked into his quarters and closed the door behind him. She shook her head knowing that this all would lead to Kiyoshi doing something drastic. Men like him were always that way. Lisa then slowly walked out of Kiyoshi's office.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Oct 04, 2005 2:35 pm

Han walked into Kiyoshi's office after a brief chit chat with Lisa. Looking around he could tell that Kiyoshi wasn't the one that had decorated. Everything was too fancy and antique. Han made himself comfortable in one of the chairs infront of Kiyoshi. Soon after, Kiyoshi walked into the office with a white towel slung over his head.

Han - Just get out of the shower?

Lisa told me to take one before you got her.

Han smirked as Kiyoshi sat down in his chair.

Han - How sweet.

Kiyoshi started drying his hair.

What did you want to talk about Lieutenant?

Han shook his head.

Han - Let's skip the formalities. I remember you...

Kiyoshi smiles trying to hide his surprise.

Of course, we just talked a few hours ago...

Han narrowed his eyes on Kiyoshi as he stood up pointing at him.

Han - That's not what I meant and you know it!

Do I?

Han sits back down in his chair closing his eyes as he remembers the young 16 year old Kiyoshi.

Han - I was the one...

Who put me in my first mobile suit...

Han looks surprised at Kiyoshi as he smiles.

Han - So you do remember!

Kiyoshi shakes his head humbly but then sighs.

Unfortunately, there are very few things that I do forget.

Han - Yeah well, I wasn't sure that you were the same Kid I strapped into a Leo so many years ago.

You act like I was younger than what I was, I was 16...

Han - But you were unwilling to pilot any mobile suit. I gave you your basic training, and a lot of your early combat experience...just like how I'm doing with Eota and Base now.

Kiyoshi nodded in response as he sat back in his chair. Kiyoshi pulled the towel down until it was around his shoulders.

I noticed, very little has changed for you.

Han - War never does...war never does. You've changed though. The innocent spark I used to see in your eyes is completely gone. It's not surprising, but it is disheartening.

Kiyoshi turned away to look out the window behind him.

Han - The last thing I heard about you was that you were running around with the }{G, and then when they came back and took power, I didn't see you, and then you just showed up.

I left the }{G, not officially...but I ran...

Han - You deserted!

Don't put it that way. I did what I had to do and then left.

Han - Sounds like that's partly what made you who you are today.

Kiyoshi narrowed his eyes on Han and then sighed again.

You're just going to keep this up until I tell you what you want to know, aren't you?

Han - Yeah, probably.

Kiyoshi stared at the man that he knew from about ten years ago. Slowly the memories came back.


As you know you pretty much forced me into my first mobile suit cockpit...

Young Kiyoshi is struggling to not get into the cockpit of a Leo. A younger Han is trying his hardest to get inside.

Young Kiyoshi - I don't want to fight!

Han - Look, kid! You were selected to begin advance training! There's nothing I can do about it!

Young Kiyoshi - Then choose somebody else!

Han - I can't! Jeez kid! Stop being so annoyed, most kids your age would love this chance!

The young girl about the same age as Kiyoshi that was seen in a previous flashback from Kiyoshi's memory, walks up to the two of them with her body guard next to her. Her name is Fiona Fre.

Fiona - So...this is the one that has the potential?

Han stopped and saluted Fiona and Kiyoshi just stared at Fiona.

Han - Yes, Ma'am.

Fiona - The Barton Foundation pulls a lot of the strings around here. We are a much smaller faction. You have been selected to become a test...test pilot for us.

Fiona was speaking towards Kiyoshi as everyone around her could tell by the way she looked at him.

My mistake back then was I didn't listen to how a person used their words when they spoke. I didn't notice she corrected herself. She did mean that I was supposed to be a test. I never made that mistake again...

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Oct 04, 2005 4:32 pm

~Flashback Continued~

Han - Now get in there!

Han had finally gotten Kiyoshi into the cockpit of the Leo and strapped him in. Kiyoshi grumbled to himself for being caught off guard because he was staring at the girl. However, he looked around at the cockpit as the hatch closed in front of him. The screen's displayed his surroundings and his hands just near instinctively went to the controls for the Leo. Suddenly, Kiyoshi's eyes became more focused while making the Leo stand to it's feet from it's kneeling position.

Han looked up and rubbed the back of his head in confusion.

Han - Wow...for someone who didn't want to pilot a mobile suit just five seconds ago...he catches on fast.

Fiona smiled evilly up towards the Leo as it just stood there, seemingly waiting for orders. Han ran off to get into his own Leo. Fiona's body guard knelled down beside her, cautiously.

Body Guard - It seems like the hypnotic sessions during his sleep, have been a success, his programing seems to be working perfectly.

Fiona - Incorrect, father will not be pleased. The programming has not taken full effect, outside the mobile suit he resists it. That will have to be taken care of before we go to earth. We had him created, he is ours. He is our puppet.

The Body Guard stands and smiles the same sinister smile that is on Fiona's face. Han's Leo walks up beside Kiyoshi's.

Han - Alright, you got standing up down it seems, next let's try walking...

Kiyoshi - Objective...Walk...

Kiyoshi makes the Leo step forward a few times then stops. Kiyoshi doesn't exactly know why or how he knows how to do this, he just does.

Han - Good work, kid.

~Flash Back End~

Han crosses his arms as he listens to Kiyoshi tell his story.

Han - They programmed you?

A better word would have been conditioned. I, of course, didn't learn about this until four years later.

Han - But're no longer anyone's puppet.

I was once told that "A puppet cannot pull it's own strings", I have learned that it is just difficult for one to overcome this. I've stopped trying to figure out if I've been following some predetermined program with my life and try to live it in the way I want to...

Han - But then...what if your wants aren't really your own...?

I have been trying to follow a want that I can feel deeper than all of the others I suppress. That want is to protect my home. It's the only thing I have left...I'll defend it until my last breath.

Han's watch beeped and he groaned.

Han - I guess we'll have to continue story time some other time. I have to continue Eota and Base's training.

Kiyoshi quickly pulled a folder from a drawer and threw it to Han.

If I do go through with the "Variable Frame" Project, I want you in charge of choosing the pilots for the Espionus and Artillerus.

Han - What about Marinus?

I have my own mission to follow now. Once I have the cash, I shall at least have a variation of the original design of the Marinus built. The Variable Thrusters on the back nor the machine cannons will be installed, but it should be able to get the job done. It will also give me an opportunity to fully test the frame before going on with possible mass-production.

Han - A Frame Test Type then?

Yes, Marinus Frame Test Type...

Han stood to his feet and saluted. Han started to walk out, but stopped to look back at Kiyoshi.

Han - You do know that you have more than just this colony cluster left. There's people who are starting to look up and care about you.

Han then walked out of Kiyoshi's office.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Tue Oct 04, 2005 11:16 pm

Stacy Matta stared angrily at a terminal. She had been given the task to work with near hundreds of technicians that had been brought in to correct the L3ISS. A Technician walks up to Stacy, so she stands up and dusts herself off.

Stacy - So, do you think we can salvage it...?

The technician shook his head as he threw a large data card down on the ground.

Technician - We're still not sure the entire effect of the virus. If we just repaired what we knew was damage, the virus could still be buried somewhere and make it so we have to start all over again.

Stacy groaned and looked at all the wires that ran along the floor, hung from the ceiling, and seemed to take over like weeds. These were normally hidden from view, but the technician's had pulled them all out into the open.

Stacy - You're saying we completely replace the entire L3ISS?

Technician - It's the only way to be sure to completely get rid of the virus.

Stacy sighs while cautiously stepping over the wires on the floor.

Technician - It'll take maybe a week or two. We'll send communications to the rest of the colonies, hopefully, they'll get it.

Stacy - Alright, alright. Just get it done.

Stacy began to head towards the exit as the Technician's hurried to work. What was being done here on Prime would have to continue through out the rest of the L3 Colony Cluster, not to mention the entire space colonies. It might be near a month before everyone was synched up again. Kiyoshi had spoken to her privately predicting this early on. He was hoping to raise enough money to build the first of what he deemed the "Variable Frame" Project. However, she believed now, Kiyoshi had a hidden agenda behind all of this. She had received a message from him before he was going to take a shower saying that he wanted her to try and get some Gundanium alloy for him.

The events from the battle had changed him, or so it appeared to her. He was either going to go through with the Variable Frame project, or try to build some other Gundam type unit. She would have to find out why he was rushing this along. The design he had sent with his message called the Gundam the "Marinus Frame Test Type". It was simply that, a light weight Gundam made to test the new frame he had designed.

Stacy also didn't now exactly what had happened in the previous battle, but the rumors were Kiyoshi had some sort of mental breakdown. Now the reports were he had taken a shuttle that was being escorted by three mobile suits, to the ship that was just a bit aways from L3. She had hoped that the noble, yet cold, man that Kiyoshi was had not been lost.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Wed Oct 05, 2005 9:30 pm

Stacy got out of her small car and began to walk up the stairs to the government building that housed both Kiyoshi's main office and his living quarters. After walking through the doors she was stopped and at a checkpoint.

Checkpoint Officer - Hello, Miss, please remove any metal objects and place them in the tray and walk on through.

Stacy put her keys down and then walked through the metal detector. It made a loud buzzing sound indicating that there was something metal on her person. The Checkpoint Officer then scanned her with a tiny hand held detector and acknowledged that it was just her belt and sent her through after Stacy picked up her keys.

There were Guards stationed here and there remaining diligently on duty. Stacy didn't think Kiyoshi needed such an armed force, so it must have been for the other workers in the building. She turned down a hallway remembering how to get to Kiyoshi's office and made her way into the room where Lisa Nichruen's desk sits. Lisa came out of Kiyoshi's office just as Stacy walked in.

Lisa - Ah hello, Ms. Matta. How may I help you?

Lisa sat down at her desk before pushing her glasses up. Stacy walked over to her desk. Stacy admired the strong woman that sat in front of her. She only hoped that when she was old as Lisa she was just as strong.

Stacy - I came to talk to Mr. Kazami about something...

Lisa - You mean you came to talk about the Frame Test Type Gundam?

Stacy looked shocked. How much did Lisa know.

Lisa - Don't be too surprised. I'm his secretary after all. There's very little that a person can hide from me. Especially, since I've been at this job for so many years.

Stacy - Yes, I did come to talk about the Frame Test Type.

Lisa made a slight nod and began typing at her computer.

Lisa - He had discussed it with Lt. Richards before he left...

Stacy - Kiyoshi left?

Lisa - Yes, he left to go to the ship outside of L3. Lt. Richards and his team escorted him there awhile ago. He has not returned at this time.

Stacy recalled the two young Ensigns that were on that team, Eota Mars and Base Rynolds. She had seen them around many times before and knew the two of them were very close friends. Eota was the quiet one an Base was the loud open one. It was a classic pairing of introvert and extrovert that worked very well. As she stood there and remembered the two pilots, she also remembered how Base had tried to hit on her before the battle that occured.

Lisa noticed Stacy day dreaming and smirked.

Lisa - Thinking fondly of one of those powerful men?

Stacy snapped out of her day dream blushing terribly.

Lisa - It is alright you are young. I would imagine it's one of the young pilots...

Lisa quickly typed on the keyboard again bringing up the data on Ensign Eota Mars and Base Rynolds. She smiled to herself and turned the monitor around so Stacy could see them.

Lisa - I'm going to guess it's not the one with the scar over his eye...

Stacy recalled that Eota didn't have a scar until after he began training, but then she looked at Base. Something about his near stupidity she found cute.

Stacy - You would be correct...

Stacy continued to blush as Lisa turned the monitor back around.

Lisa - Ah, so it is Ensign Rynolds. It would seem that Kiyoshi has come to a system of favoritism. Since, he did pick those two, as well as Han to escort him. He must trust them a lot.

Lisa was just guessing about all this, but her guesses were rarely wrong.

Lisa - Anyway...I can schedule you an appointment for when Kiyoshi returns.

Stacy - Thank you, I appreciate it...

Lisa - Might I ask you why you want to talk to Kiyoshi about his project?

Stacy looked surprised again at Lisa but since she needed someone to talk to and knew she could trust Lisa, she decided to first confide into her.

Stacy - I want to know why Kiyoshi has rushed this project a long. He won't even wait for us to construct a lot of the optional equipment so that Gundam would be at 100% completion.

Lisa - I did not know construction of Frame Test Type Marinus had begun?

Stacy - You knew it's name is "Marinus".

Lisa - It will be a "she".

Stacy looked confused. She did not understand that in most cases cars, ships, and many other things designed by men were often referred to in female terms.

Lisa - Her name will be "Marinus".

Lisa decided to continue on with out going into further detail.

Lisa - So you're saying that the Gundam, if built, would not be 100% ready?

Stacy - No, as the Frame Test Type, it would be 100% combat ready, but only 70% complete. Certain equipment will not be installed so that testing of the Variable Frame can begin.

Lisa - And the other two?

Stacy - You mean PT-02 and PT-03? They won't begin construction until the frame has been tested and those will test how two different systems, one primarily focused on stealth and another focused on heavy and long range attack, on the Variable Frame.

Lisa had not heard of the other two models referred to by their designated numbers but she guessed those were the other two she had overheard Kiyoshi mention.

Lisa - PT? simple.

Stacy - Yes. I think that was the point, but...I want to know what made Kiyoshi rush into this.

Lisa - He is a pilot. He belongs in the cockpit of a mobile suit.

Stacy - If that's the case why not have one of the Leo's or other mobile suits, why begin saving up every last credit to eventually try and build a new Gundam?

Lisa remained quiet for a moment trying to choose her words.

Lisa - Because seeing the battle yesterday affirmed in his spirit that he would need a Gundam if he was going to accomplish whatever goals he might have. He's a complicated man, Ms. Matta. Right now he is struggling through something that he almost refuses to let anyone else in to know about. I've tried to get Lt. Richards to get him to open up, I'm not sure how effective it has been. Someone will force him to open up eventually, and we will have to see what remains of our new leader.

Stacy - What do you mean?

Lisa - If Kiyoshi does open up and lets go of whatever is holding him back, it might destroy him. I'm only guessing at all of this, really, but very few people are that cold for no reason at all. Usually, it's to guard something deep inside them. If Kiyoshi lets that go, he might not be who he has been anymore.

Stacy - Wouldn't that be a good thing?

Lisa - I don't know. Han knew Kiyoshi when he was sixteen years old. Han said he wasn't anything like how he is now. I think Kiyoshi needs to find balance in himself. That cold nature of his could be an advantage.

Stacy continued to look confused. Lisa was a lot wise than her, and it wasn't just because of her years. Stacy guessed that Lisa understood people a lot more than she did because of all the different people she had worked for in her life.

Stacy - Well...I must be getting back to work.

Lisa - Ms. Matta...Stacy, if you ever need someone to talk to, I am here. I will contact you when Kiyoshi has returned.

Stacy - Thank you. Can you also tell him we have started to replace the L3ISS.

Lisa - Yes, I will, goodbye.

Stacy turned and walked out of the Office and back to her car.

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