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Ahh, So You have Been choosen to be my Protector (Seme or Se

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Yc is on list of known mercenaries, or something of the like, with Julian's disobedient nature, and his parents basically at a loss of how to keep their son safe from others in court that may tend to cause him harm, they try to find him a guard. Someone that can protect, as well as handle Julian. Though, many they try at first soon say after that he is a handful, wild card. One second he would be calm, and the next a fire would spark in his eyes, and he would be out of control. The other complaint was the mother and father would not reveal much on why they required the protection, for their unruly son

*What I am looking for:
A Seme male
I would prefer him to be a supernatural being
Older then Julian (obviously)
Anything else is up to you:)

Name: Julian Avital
Alias: Jules
Age: 21
Species: Fae (sidhe) mix/Hybrid- Summer/spring/ and he also has iuccubus powers to him, which come from his underlie side.
Sexuality: Homosexual (Uke)

Hair color: Snow white
Eye color: Heterochromatic- Right: Blue Left: Red
Height: 5’6
Weight: 155

Powers: Jules has multiple abilities he his able to make his hands warm with a mere thought, and also help flowers grow with it. He can heat his hands to any temperature, even to the point of scalding. As well as, rejuvenating dead plants, trees, and flowers. He can call different kinds of vines to him, his favorite being those of the light blue ones around him, and make new flowers with a thought. Jules can also use one, or more seeds to combine them into something brand new, making a whole new breed of flower. The one other thing he can call to him is the power of storms, away to help his flowers grow. As well as using his own singing voice to help the plants he grows, and those around him grow. Grass even tends to brighten where he steps, especially if his emotions run high. There is another power that is quite unique to Jule’s alone, he can also heal wounds on himself, by using another’s sensual energy. (Other abilities cont. Below.)

Extra Appearances: Jules has a red flower tattoo on his neck that goes around the left side of his neck, and down his right side across his collarbone, the end stopping near the hollow of his neck. The headband he wears, goes around, and stops at the base of his left brow, the two colors matching his eyes. His Heterochromatic eyes designate what kind of fae he is. The blue for spring, and the red for summer, as well as his more incubus Unseelie sidhe side, they glow as he uses his powers.

Personality: Jules is a normally quiet individual, soft spoken, though he can sing like an angel. He can tend to snap, and be hasty at times, but he is a normally calm individual. Though the more his emotions run high the more control he has to use to keep his powers in check. Though, once you get to know him he can be open, it takes him a little while to open up, and trust someone. He tends to be emotional, being what he is, and it tends to make him lash out, though normally he does pretty well at keeping himself in check. He tends to get rather excited quickly, and can be a bit hyper, at times. He can also be a bit reckless at times, and acts before he thinks, he tends to drink some, but merely to calm his nerves. That and he just likes the taste, Though drinking seems to make him more social, and causes him to open up more, as well. Otherwise he is normally kind person, and tries his best to help with everything. He can tend to be a bit arrogant at times, but more or less tries not to be. Though being brought up in a royal family, and being spoiled, he can tend to be stubborn. He has trouble listening to people, so he tends to go out on his own, and explore the forests.

+Excellent hearing
+slightly elevated strength
+able to heal with sexual/sensual energy.
+able to help plants grow with his voice.
+can heal with his touch.

Weaknesses/bad habits:
+runs his fingers through his hair when he nervous.
+chews on his lip, or speaks aloud to help himself think.
+smokes- it helps him focus

+draws and sketches.
+loves walking in the woods, and helping to restore the dead plants.
+feels best when he’s out in the forest.
+loves learning about new things

-arrogance (though tends to be a bit arrogant at times himself.)
-being interrupted
+dancing in the Rain
-His swordplay teacher
+His voice training teacher

Jules was born to two noble parents, he is the only son, and heir to their noble lineage. He was taught at an early age to control himself, and how to control his own abilities. He was taught by tutors his whole life, learning about the abilities he possessed. He learned swordplay at an early age, and also how to protect himself, though combat was never his strong suit. He was always more into learning how to grow things with his abilities, he always loved healing things with his powers. Loved helping people with tasks that he could, especially if it involved plants. He’s always loved living in the castle, and exploring the hedge mazes outside in their front yard. It was his favorite hang out, and he loved sitting out there with a blanket, just to relax.

He didn’t figure out to a later age that he could heal not only plants, but people as well, along with himself. He found out he can heal himself by taking energy from a kiss, or a even a touch. That was the ability he learned control after he learned to control his own stronger abilities, such as the plant abilities. He accidently learned that he could take energy from a person when he once kissed a friend, he had an open wound on his arm, and the wound healed as he had kissed the person's cheek. He later had learned that, he could heal people, as well as himself, by expending that energy he had taken from another, and giving it back to heal that person.

He always loved the nightlife, spending time outside among the stairs, and listening to the wind against the trees, hearing the leaves rustle, as well as the sound of the animals. It was all calming to him, and he loved being among the outdoors. He always loved feeling the freedom of being outside, moving among the plants, and trees he knew so well. He’s not to good at swordplay, but he is still learning, being better at things that take concentration, and good aim. Archery is what he is best at. He loves going to down to where the village people live, and spending time among them to learn best what his people need. He tends to become an even better ruler than his father was, though he has great respect for his people, along with his father. He tends to top even his own father by helping the people among the village, and giving them more of what he they need.

Jules is still is not good at swordplay, but prefers close range weapons, such as daggers, and throwing daggers. He still visits the village people every day, and though recently a fight among those in the village caused him to get injured, and now his father believes he should choose a guard to be by his side. Not being good enough at swordplay himself, or even that good at protecting himself. After an attempt on the prince's life his father put his foot down, telling him he either choose his own guard or he would choose for him. Jules wasn’t happy about it, but if he didn’t choose for himself he would probably get stuck with someone he didn’t like, or couldn’t even stand to be around.

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