[Sparsian Academy; Ghalerion] Aidan Gustavus

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[Sparsian Academy; Ghalerion] Aidan Gustavus

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Name: Aidan Gustavus
Age: 15
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Weapons: None
Equipment: A single aged violin.

General: Currently a tenth year student at Sparsian, Aidan has yet to really establish himself and his identity among a crowd of the famed and future leaders and shapers of the entire Ghalerion world, struggling to establish his own identity.

Personality: Quiet among large groups, although somewhat open among the very few close friends he has. Considered by most to be another 'faceless' student and often conceived as an introverted lone wolf type, shadowed by the inescapable "greatness" perpetually surrounding him. By most modern definitions, a "geek" of sorts in his field of study, although he'd prefer the term "scholar" any day.

During his first nine years at the academy, Aidan Gustavus did little out of the ordinary. Brought to Sparsian at age six as a melodic prodigy, in his seventh year he dropped music classes entirely, opting only to play at his own personal leisure. Rather, history has become his primary subject of study, with some fencing courses as a minor study along the side.

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