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Alex "Ace" Christopher Cox [80% Complete]

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Alex "Ace" Christopher Cox [80% Complete]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby [Ace] on Fri Dec 02, 2011 9:01 pm

General Information:
First Name: Alex
Middle Name: Christopher
Family Name: Cox
Alias(s): Ace
Title(s): None.

Species: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Blood Type: AB+
Primary Arm: Right-handed

Birthday: Born on January 1st, 2213
Home Planet:

Ageless: No
Immortal: No
Age Ranking-
Physical Age: 25
Mental Age: 20
True Age: 25

Mother: Nicole Weston
Father: Michael Cox
Siblings: None.
Children: None.
Other Relatives: Currently none.
General Love Life Status: Single

Occupation/Status: Private Investigator (Con artist)
Current Residence: None.
Religion: Predominantly Christian, although he leaves this open to interpretation.
Alignment: Neutral.
Economic Class: Lower Class.

Psychological Information:

Ace is extremely charismatic, outgoing and sensitive to the thoughts and motives of others. While this would normally equate to a emotionally friendly, stable and personable person, Ace uses this to his advantage to learn about people and exploit their weaknesses through extortion, cheating, or stealing. He's generally calm, relaxed, and aloof to most situations; all the while calculating his moves. He's a witty (although sometimes snarky) conversationalist, known to avoid confrontation with his silver tongue and 'street smarts'. Ambitious and undaunted, Ace plans to own it all one day.

Likes in General: The finer things in life: a cigar and coffee, a fine glass of rum, and what he considers his remarkable (although quite less than so) ship.
Dislikes in General: Not being in control of a situation, sunny days, being broke.
Hobbies: Sparring. Collecting valuable antiques.

Intelligence Quotient: 96
Social Intelligence: Extremely High.
Emotional Intelligence: Extremely High.
Technological Intelligence: Very Low.

Words-Per-Minute: 93, Full Comprehension.
Education: Homeschool, Random Self Teaching.

Phobias: Arachnaphobia.
Allergies: Pineapple.
Diseases: None.

Primary Language: English
Secondary Languages: None.
Friends: None.
Friends [In which characters are not mine]: None.
Enemies: None.
Rivals: None.


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 213 Lbs 3 Oz.
Bust: 54 Cm.
Waist: 50 Cm.
Hip: 51 Cm.

General Muscle Build: Athletic
Skin Tone: Tan
Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Hair Color: Jet Black
Hair Style: Trimmed on the sides, shorter on top with slightly longer bangs.
Markings: Several tattoos across his back and shoulders.

Primary Attire-
Top: Grey tank-top, beneath a white t-shirt and a light hooded jacket.
Waist/Hip: Blue jeans or cargo pants suited for space flight (a multitude of pockets and areas specified for buckling into a cockpit).
Shoes/etc: Most often a nice pair of leather strap over shoes, though he will wear ordinary sneakers in the rain.
Accessories: A silver watch with a black face, satellite phone attached to his wrist.

Battle Information:

A .40 caliber pistol (descended from Springfield Armory, Springfield-Powell Co.).

Natural Abilities- None.

Other Abilities- None.

Usable Energy Types- None.

Spiritual Battle Attributes- None.

Combat Styles- Just what Ace has picked up from a few fights in the slums.

Combat Levels (In relativity to average humans)- [1-10]
[1-3 Poor]
[4 Below Average]
[5 Average]
[6 Above Average]
[7 High]
[8 Abnormally High]
[9-10 Extremely High]

Physical Power Level: 5
Speed Level: 5
Agility Level: 6
Dexterity Level: 7
Flexibility: 5
Jumping Ability Level: 5

General Defense Level: 6
General Offense Level: 7
General Skill Level: 8

Teleportation: No
Flight: No

Quote: "Behind every king is a great puppet master."

Summarized Biography: Ace lived his youth with his parents in a middle class home, with not much out of the ordinary. In fact, life was far too ordinary for him. He aspired to live in greatness. Starting from a very young age, he began to swindle people. Jewelry, cash, and anything of value. If he wanted it, he found a way to get it. He played cards, stole, backstabbed, and cheated his way into the wrong circles. As he grew older, his parents began to find out about his dealings, threatening to kick him out, send him to a juvenile detention facility, and eventually turn him in to the authorities. Ace left home soon after. Although he was of legal age, (on this planet, 17) he kept to the slums, bumming about and building funds to start what he thought was his inevitable rise to fame and fortune. Though, to what lengths he would need to go to reach his ambitions, he was not sure.

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