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Divinity Unbound

All About Magic!!

a part of “Divinity Unbound”, a fictional universe by KumoriRyuu.

The Dragon Goddess slumbers as the reanimated corpse of Her son, Maglissos, is rejuvenated by forbidden magics which siphon the life energy of the Dragon Race. Can our heroes save the Dragons and wake the Goddess before it's too late?

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All About Magic!!

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby KumoriRyuu on Fri Feb 08, 2019 9:57 pm

Mana is a naturally occurring force in the world which gives various races with the potential to harness it the ability to use Magic. If a race has no potential to harness Mana, it has no magic to speak of. Conversely, the higher the threshold for Mana, the stronger the magic they can use.

Mana, being naturally occurring, is all around us every second of every day. Kind of like the air we breathe. We can't see it. But we know it's there. We can breathe it in and feel it filling our lungs. And although we can't really feel Mana since it's a metaphysical force, we know it's there because without it there would be no magic.

Magic comes in many forms, and I will list all of them very soon. But, for now, it's time to talk about how it works first.

Magic is the external manifestation of Mana being channeled through the body of a humanoid with the potential to wield it and being projected outwards in a semi-physical form.

Note: Mortals are only capable of using one form of magic their entire lives.

The reason for the above note is because every individual born into this world is born with a single magic affinity which determines what form you can use. In order to determine this affinity, you must visit a 'Seer' who can show you the affinity via a process called Divination where they utilize their own magic to manifest a tiny sample of your magic inside the confines of their crystal balls.

Once you know your affinity, you may, if you choose to use magic, visit specialized Schools of Practice. Once arriving at the School, your affinity will be confirmed and, pending your interview with the Head Master, you will either be accepted or turned away. The Head Masters will ask a series of questions to test your character, morality, and sense of purpose about why you wish to use your magical potential. During this interview, a team of four Soul Searchers (mages who can literally see the truths and lies as they are realized in the brain as the colors red for a lie and green for the truth) constantly observe you to ensure that nobody can "trick the system."

Following your acceptance into the School, you must agree to surrender your ties to the outside world for as long as you remain in the School. The amount of time it takes to learn how to harness Mana differs from individual to individual. However the average time to learn the process is two years. And following the completion of said process, only the most basic of magical spells can be used such as casing a tiny light in your finger tip for Light magic, or a tiny candle sized flame above your finger for Fire magic. Learning to cast medium power spells takes many years of study and training, and learning high power spells takes many years more. The average age for a 'Master' mage is 40 years of age presuming they started training at or below the age of 10. If they started after the age of 10, the average age of a 'Master' rises to 45.

So as you can see, becoming a Master with your magic is a very long and drawn out process. Magic is a lifetime pursuit, and dedicating yourself to your craft is paramount to your success. There is no skipping ahead or "fast tracking" that success. The youngest 'Master' mage ever was a Water Mage at the age of 38. And that record doesn't seem like it's going to be broken anytime soon (nor will it be in this RP, by the way).

Now, for the forms of magic and a brief description of each one!

Forbidden magics are purely for NPC antagonists and not for our use. >:3




Warding - Creating wards to block incoming spells, but not physical objects
Magic Circles - Creates traps in the ground which activate when touched
Shadowfare - Manipulates the shadows to both move or hinder movement in others
Illusion - Creates illusions to disorient and confuse
Sealing - Seals magic in other beings, is much more difficult to use against those with a higher magical threshold than the user
Transportation - The user creates magic circles in the ground which act as permanent (or semi permanent) anchors to transport both people and objects between


Healing - Heals physical wounds
Medical - Heals illnesses or disabilities (presuming the user is strong enough)
Seid - Song magic used by Nymphs and Faeries, or highly trained females of any race. Males cannot use it.


Alchemy - Transforms matter from one form to another such as stone to gold, very commonly used by blacksmiths
Divination - The user utilizes a crystal ball to see into the future for an individual
Soul Searching - Can see inside the mind of an individual seeing their brain light up green for telling a truth and red for telling a lie
Animation - Brings life to inanimate objects like books, brooms, cups, rocks, etc
Conjuration - Summons spiritual effigies of animals to support/fight for the user
Magic Smithing - Imbues weapons and armor with magical elements for increased power, defense, or supportive abilities
Polingual - Enables the user to understand any language for as long as their spells are active


Possession - Possesses the mind of the target
Necromancy - Brings the dead to life for short periods
Blood - Manipulates the blood within the body, turning the target into a puppet
Siphon - Siphons the life energy of the target, can be strung with multiple magic circles to siphon multiple targets
Memory - Manipulates the memory of the target, sometimes even erasing it entirely turning them into a blank slate
Kumori Ryuu

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