All I want for Christmas is YOU

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All I want for Christmas is YOU

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It was a cold December evening and from the 10th floor suite on Madison Avenue one could see the first flurries of winter beginning to fall from the sky. Although the suite on the 10th floor boasts a large antique fireplace, it was not on, and the temperature of the room was nearly as cold as it was outside. The velour couches and vintage dressers were beginning to collect dust, and the heavy velvet curtains that surrounded the sash windows had become colorless and moth-eaten.

"Aww... Marcellus, darling, please stay…" A feeble voice beckoned from the shadowy corner of the room.

Her long nails gripped along the plush, crimson-colored carpet as she made her way toward him. All of her strength was exhausted in these slight, burdensome movements. Her skin was as white as a sheet, and skin of her wrists were purple and sunken in around two petite cavities near her veins. Although her hair was now thinning and she looked as if she hadn’t eaten for days, her bone-structure told the story of a once very attractive woman. Her now tattered evening dress showed that she came from status and wealth, and the look of her pleading eyes said that she has once known the feeling of love and mercy. But these hints at her past life were nearly faded now as she crawled toward the man, begging to keep his presence.

After she had made it nearly half way across the room she looked up at the statuesque man with her amber-green eyes. A tear fell from its inner corner and she outstretched her hand toward him, yet he didn’t move an inch. Instead, the man simply brushed a straying bang of sandy blonde hair from face and closed the large wooden door behind him.


The man walked with purpose down the bustling streets of Newhaven, adjusting his cashmere scarf as he went. Eventually his wandering led him to a small, yet historic English pub. The outside was painted an olive green and its painted sign was chipping at the corners. He couldn’t make out the wording for sure, but his closest guess was ‘The Crane and Branch’. He wasn’t thirsty, but he ventured inside anyways, hoping that this journey to someplace new might cure his incessant boredom, if only for a moment.
The Snow Queen in Dark Tale

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Re: All I want for Christmas is YOU

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The snow and wind could easily be seen through the window of the lecture hall, and many students began to chatter about the christmas break or what party was going on tonight. One student sat, intently listening to every word the teacher said as she typed vigorously into her computer.
"Alright class, That's all for today. Please leave your papers at the front of the room."

All the students rushed out of class, laughing and gossiping, as the women checked her watch and hastily sat up, pulling her red curly hair into a bun. She rushed out of the class, throwing her paper on the desk and thanking the teacher. She walked out into the cold december night, making her way onto the road. She continued checking her watch nervously, scared that her work might fire her. She rounded the corner to see the old pub, opening the door and making her way behind the bar.

"I'm so sorry I'm late," she said, taking off her coat and grabbing her work clothes from her bag, rushing towards the bathroom.

Her boss laughed while she cut up the limes, and yelled "Avery, the bar isn't even open yet, don't worry about it."

The woman came out in a black tight-fitting tank top with the words "The Crane and Branch" etched in green on the front, and a pair of skinny blue jeans. Her black sneakers squeaked across the floor as she grabbed a crate of beers, stuffing them into the fridge. She continued setting up, until people started trickling in. The woman's dark blue eyes scanned the bar as she made everyone's drinks with ease. She smiled and laughed with her customers, enjoying herself. Her mind was no longer troubled with the worries of school or money, but solely focused on making her drinks and entertaining her costumers.

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