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Allaran Darkbane

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Allaran Darkbane

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Allaran_Darkbane on Wed Mar 11, 2020 6:29 am

"I serve in the darkness to protect the light."
- Grand Majister Allaran Darkbane


Character: Allaran Darkbane
Player: Allaran_Darkbane
Chapters: Temple of Darkbane, Forgotten Realms
Realms: Tenaria, Ayenee, Ecneics, Mance, Rhydin
Settings: Vampire Tavern, Starless Night Tavern
Race: Dhampir Bloodelf (Sin'dorei)
Class: Blood Mage (Sorceror)
Title: Grand Majister
Gender: Male
Factions: Darkbane Alliance, Darkbane Reborn
Alignment: Neutral Good
Deities: Pandora the Goddess, Aldafar the Creator
Age: 860
Size: Average (Human Male)
Body Type: Athletic
Height: 6-foot-tall
Weight: 165-pounds
Complexion: Caucasian (Fair)
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Cobalt (Greyblue)
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Scars: Raven's Brand
Relationship Status: Widower (Single)
Personality: Quiet, Humble, Friendly, Mysterious
Mannerisms: Smoker, Drinker
Likes: Adventure, Books, Sorcery
Dislikes: Wickedness, Laziness, Selfishness
Weapons: Magical Sword, Sorcerer's Staff
Armour: Enchanted Cloak, Wizard's Brimmed Hat


Allaran the Wizard of Clann Darkbane once looked very different than he does now, with his wavey long silvery white hair and matching long goatish white beard. He is a tall and slender old fellow, much faster and stronger than he appears, both magically and physically. He is also much older than he looks. His skin is hard and tough but also soft and fair, like a peach, mango or some other pinkish orange fruit. His eyes are greyish turquoise or cobalt blue, matching his wizard's robe, wide brimmed pointed hat and magical hooded cloak to a tee. Allaran wears a deep red shiny silk sash and often carries a magical elfwood wizard's staff, which he uses as a cane or walking stick. The head on his staff is shaped like a raven, and he has the scar of a raven branded into his chest. He has a purple string tied cloth bag or pouch which contains several magical rubies or bloodstones. He also has a mysterious black stone in his pocket made from a broken shard of obsidian, which he sometimes fumbles or fiddles with whenever he is thinking. Allaran Darkbane also possesses the magical legendary Golden Sword of Tubalcain, which he keeps sheathed in its jaded scabbard decorated with silver embroidery and emerald gemstones.


Allaran Darkbane appears fully human on the surface, but he's actually a trifling. His mother was half-human, half-vampire. His father was a Sin'dorei bloodelf. Allaran is therefore part human, part vampire and part bloodelf, destined to be a sorcerer from the time he was first born. He was originally born in Tenaria, but he was raised in Ayenee and spent a great deal of time at the Vampire Tavern before being inducted into the Temple of Darkbane as a dark priest where he continued his studies, eventually becoming a powerful blood mage. Although he was heavily trained in the Dark Arts, he was not consumed by them, and was able to prevent himself from being corrupted or becoming evil. Being half-dhampir and half-sindorei, Allaran is extremely old. He can communicate with animals such as birds and snakes, and he can see things that most ordinary humans can not. Despite his age of 860, he has supernatural strength and reflexes. He can tame dragons and perform all different kinds of divinations, psychokinetics and magical spells. Allaran is telepathic and immune to most forms of magic or witchcraft, a perk which comes from his countless years of studying the dark arts. He can also dodge most long-ranged attacks, but is still susceptible to close-ranged magically poisoned Elfshot silver arrows if the timing is correct. Allaran is also highly skilled in non-magical melee combat, with and without weapons. But his true forte is blood magic, hematomancy, dark alchemy, arcane sorcery and vampyrcraeft.


Allaran the Wizard of Clann Darkbane was originally affiliated with the Darkbane Alliance which included such characters as Razma Darkbane, Koulen Darkbane, Seth Darkbane, Ballathor Darkbane, Damien Darkbane, Excalibus Darkbane, Dengar Darkbane, Scarlet Darkbane, Michello Darkbane, Faustina Darkbane, Ravyn Darkbane, Armadel Darkbane, Kirianna Darkbane, Lorna Darkbane, Alessandra Darkbane, Sagronaas Darkbane, Shandathe Darkbane, Spectre Darkbane, Aeternus Darkbane, Colvin Darkbane, Molloch Darkbane, Malice Darkbane, Caeric Darkbane, Promethus Darkbane, Abaddon Darkbane, Amethyst Darkbane, Sunnaise Darkbane, Ambika Darkbane, Salvator Darkbane, Corvin Darkbane, Executor Darkbane, Nehemiah Darkbane, Oblivio Darkbane, Satire Darkbane, Kaedryn Darkbane, Mortuus Darkbane, Nerull Darkbane, Forsynthia Darkbane, Dengar Darkbane, Tarotorus Darkbane, Aurora Darkbane, Pandora, Aldafar, Atra'Lamia, Dunn the Grey, Drizzt, Kellindil, Aglaranna and many others. Allaran Darkbane was also very loosely affiliated with the Priesthood of Darkbane, the Terra Knights, the Vampire Knights, the Blackthornes, the Pendragons, and the Temple of Darkness among others. Allaran the Wizard was not very active during the Darkbane Pendragon Clan Wars, but he did participate indirectly by helping a few anonymous spies, monks and assassins to deal with Clann Darkbane's rivals, earning them many victories.


Allaran Darkbane possesses the magical Golden Sword of Tubalcain, which can pierce anything from a dragon's impenetrable scales to the supernatural spectral armour of a ghost skeleton. The long sword itself is a relic from old times. It has seen many owners and has taken many lives. The legendary Golden Sword of Tubalcain is made of magically forged solid gold imbued with enchanted diamonds. It has a golden blade with a fine diamond edge which never needs to be cleaned or sharpened. The sword is fireproof and can not be heated, melted, cracked, scratched, broken or destroyed due to the power of the magical properties and secret rituals that went into forging its creation. Tradition has it that the sword was forged in the blue flames of an arcane dragon, enchanted by blood elves, then given sentience and a mind of its own by very ancient gods, which means that this sword has a will of its own and can move on its own accord, subservient only to those it has chosen to serve as its swordmaster.


The legend that became Allaran Darkbane actually started in Tenaria as a nameless young Trifling, lost and confused. He was an orphan, and the story behind his birth and adolescence is unknown. A blood test taken many years later eventually determined that his mother was a Dhampir, being half-human and half-vampire, while his father came from the Sin'dorei race of blood elves, descended from the older race of Quel'dorei high elves going back to ancient times. Allaran was not born into the Darkbane Nobility, nor was he even born into the clan. He was first discovered in Tenaria and Romancia wandering the slums and back alleys of the Vampire Tavern by a mysterious figure named Varsinax, who introduced him to Marcus Darknight and Alexis Nightbreed, the two Tenarians who later fostered him and gave him the name Allaran, a name meaning "fair, handsome and noble". At that time he was not yet a Darkbane, but a clanless rogue with blue eyes and dark black hair who was prone to trouble and mischief.

One fateful night Allaran met Alanis Nightshade, the owner of Emerald Tavern who introduced him to Dean Wolfe, Fang Darkraven and eventually to Leapra Messiah who brought Allaran to a place called Hell, a realm which predated the existence of Tenaria and went back to very ancient times. After spending some time in Hell learning the rules for combat under the tutelage of Skylar Winterborn, the young trifling Allaran returned to Tenaria, and after a brief duel with Atreyu Coldheart and Draegan Blackthorne, he caught the attention of Kel'han the Darkelf who saw Allaran's potential and introduced him to some of the other elves.

Allaran met Aglaranna the Lightelf, Kellindil the Bloodelf, Drizzt the Darkelf and many others. It was around this time that others started referring to him as Allaran the Halfelf, or as Allaran the Bloodelf, and it was around this time that he started having encounters with the many different clans and factions around Ayenee, Romancia, Ecneics, Tenaria, Stluda, Rhydin, Mordor, Nerima, Zoir, Eden, Hell and abroad. Allaran the Trifling met Terra Pendragon, Arthuros Pendragon, Raynee Blacktear, Adrian Blackthorne, Verbatim Delecose, Draegan Blackthorne, Reese Blackthorne, Atra'Lamia, Alyssa Nightwing, Adele Erewyn, Gallen Erewyn, Rainer Darkthorne, Median Darkthorne, Xanthe Bloodthorne, Isolde Whitethorne, Duncan Whitethorne, Falcon Ravenheart, Dahlia Morgan, Donhal Ashbane, Tuathal Erewyn, Rebecca Blackthorne, Andelice Blackthorne, Gawain Pendragon, Silvia Rose, Veta Norr, Anthony Blackblade, Dionne Warwick, Aidan of Elvandar, Halduron Brightwing, Ebonwolf Darkness, Nathan Balcard, Colvin Darkbane, Darkmoon Shadowrose, Darlene Darkbane, Damien Darkbane, Excalabis, Dunn the Grey, Dengar Darkbane, Silverbolt the Mentor, Seth Darkbane, Spectre Darqphyre, Pandora the Goddess, Michello the Mage, Moloch Darkbane, Razma Darkbane, Ballathor Darkbane and Atrox Cuentus during that time.

Allaran the Trifling spent much of his young adulthood frequenting the many forests, taverns and inns around Tenaria and Ayenee, studying and learning magic. He often visited the Starless Nights Tavern, the Forgotten Eclipse Tavern, the Vampire Tavern, the Red Dragon Inn, the Jaded Tavern, the Blackbird Tavern, the Sikarra Arena, the Ancient Library, the Nataria Cemetery, the Ice Dragon Tavern, the Neko Furry Forest and the All Creatures Tavern among others. Allaran the Trifling remained neutral and stayed out of the limelight for quite some time, but after receiving a challenge from Gawain Pendragon, and no longer able to hide his true potential, Allaran soon made a name for himself and was eventually recruited into the Temple of Darkbane where he was initiated into the Darkbane Priesthood as a notable blood mage, earning his noble reputation as Allaran Darkbane, or Allaran the Wizard.

Allaran Darkbane is best known for his indirect role of training several anonymous mages and monks, spies and assassins to assist the Darkbane Alliance in their conflicts against the Pendragons, Blackthornes and other clans. Allaran did not personally fight in the Darkbane Pendragon Wars, but he did hold a high position at that time as a mentor, trainer, counselor, and advisor to the throne, a position which he certainly used to help the Darkbanes gain an advantage over rival clans. Allaran Darkbane did actively participate in the defense of Icecrown Citadel against the invading Arathorian Empire under Ignaeus Trollbane, helping to conquer Alterac Fortress at one point. Allaran Darkbane also led an elvish army of warrior monks in the successful campaign against the Guyver androids with the help of Cryclad dragons. He spent some time training the Calorian Knights as a mentor in Eden, but humbly rejected the title of Justicar when the position was offered to him. Allaran the Wizard also aided the Grand Star Army against the Zero Corps faction during the Assassins Wars, and afterwards he spent some time at Mystic River Falls and Tabmoc Island recovering from the shellshock and trauma of so many violent battles.

Allaran Darkbane also led many famous battles against the Draconians and the Lycosians in Ayenee and Tenaria, defending the Onyx Star System and the Eusebeia Galaxy against foreign invaders. He also freed many hostages and captives from the Slave Auction by helping them to escape. Allaran Darkbane eventually accepted the title of Grand Majister and was initiated into the Order of Magi at Silvermoon City, a title he still holds currently. After witnessing the fall of Tenaria, spending some time in the Sarpiverse with the Jaaq'tah Alliance, slaying the last arcane dragon Fendinn the Insatiable at the Battlefields of Barrendor in Mythardia, and failing to prevent the corruption of one of his last known pupils, Allaran eventually retired from the scene of endless sword and sorcery, going into exile at the ripe old age of 860 years old. Allaran Darkbane now has a long silvery white beard, and his once sparkling blue eyes now seem jaded and grey. His voice is deeper and softer now, but no less fierce. Because he is a Dhampir Bloodelf, it seems likely that this greyish look has more in part to do with his many centuries of practicing the Dark Arts, and less to do with his age. In short, Allaran Darkbane is still in his prime, quite young and powerful for a blood mage. He's just much wiser, more humble and has much more experience now after 860 years of practice, trial and error.
I serve in the darkness to protect the light.

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Allaran Darkbane 2

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Allaran Darkbane has several natural special abilities or gifts that he was born with. As a Sin'dorei Bloodelf, he ages much slower than normal human beings. He aged quite normally until around 30 years old when he reached full maturity. Allaran remained seemingly ageless after that for many centuries. At the age of 400, he started to use magic to prolong his life, which slowly effected his appearance over time. He also has a natural knack for all things Elfish, including the finely tuned heightened sense of sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. He has eyes like a hawk, a nose like a bear, ears like a bat, the tastebuds of a catfish, and the physical sensitivity and awareness of a manatee. Allaran is naturally slender, athletic and very well balanced. He can hop from tree branch to tree branch as easily as sprinting through a lowcut grassy field. Because he is also half Dhampir, he has increased supernatural senses, endurance, strength and reflexes, giving him an edge over other elves, and even over other vampires. However, because he is also part human, Allaran is not immortal and after 400 years old, he started using black magic to prolong his own life, a dangerous process which can taint one's spirit if performed without the proper mental state, discipline and training.

Allaran's natural vision is similar to a mantis shrimp, allowing him to see many more shades and a much wider spectrum of colors than a normal human being. He has elfsight, enabling him to naturally see in the dark, as well as in the light. His elfsight also enables him to see invisible spirits, auras and other metaphysical energies. Because he is both a bloodelf and a dhampir, he can also smell blood and detect heat signatures from warm-blooded animals, and detect the remnant heat signatures from recent footprints if he finds them before they fade away. This makes Allaran a natural tracker and hunter, abilities he used more as a youngster before he started devoting his time to magic. Allaran Darkbane was born with the gift of magic. He can understand and speak the language of many animals including some species of birds, snakes, dragons, horses, canids, felids and even some rocks, crystals, flowers, plants and trees. Allaran has many psionic and kinetic abilities including telepathy, psychokinesis or telekinesis, pyrokinesis, aerokinesis or caelumkinesis, brontokinesis, and possibly even omnikinesis, the ability to manipulate or control any element, force or energy with his mind, natural talents he eventually mastered over time.


Allaran the Wizard practices all of the Dark Arts including divination, enchantment and black magic, or more particularly blood magic. Allaran Darkbane has spent many centuries perfecting several forms of divination including hematomancy, necromancy, pyromancy, ceraunomancy, aeromancy, selenomancy, captromancy and even agapomancy. He also delved deeply into some of the Light Arts including libromancy, alchemy, healing arts and light magic, helping him to stay balanced and preventing him from being corrupted or consumed by the Dark Arts over time. Every once in a while, Allaran withdraws from the world and seeks peaceful solitude in order to regain his balance and purify his soul.

Allaran Darkbane is 1/4th vampire, and although he is immune to sunlight, silver, holy water, garlic, hawthorne and apotropaic magic, Allaran must still succomb to the vampiric bloodlust. To counter this condition, Allaran used alchemy to concoct a magical potion known as Purple Sanguis, an unpleasant smelling, bitter tasting elixir made from dragon's blood, essence of garlic and silver dust particles. This elixir gives him horrible muscle spasms, causing his hands to quiver from time to time, but it also increases his power and vitality, and keeps him from succumbing to the bloodlust for up to five years at a time, at which point he requires another dose to keep him stable. Allaran Darkbane would be an almost perfect specimen if not for the fact that he is still 1/4th human, and prone to aging, unlike pure-blooded vamps and elves who tend to be ageless and virtually immortal.

To prolong his own lifespan, Allaran spent countless years perfecting the art of blood magic. He aged normally until he turned 30, at which point he remained ageless until around 300 years old, at which point he slowly started aging, only much slower than human beings. He studied the Dark Arts, and around 400 years old he performed his first life-prolonging ritual involving powerful blood magic. Allaran Darkbane possesses a purple string tied cloth bag or pouch which contains several magical rubies or bloodstones. One such bloodstone is larger than the others. It is a rarer Stone of Colvin, an ancient relic from old times. Allaran refuses to use it, and will not allow anyone to touch it.

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Allaran Darkbane 3

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Allaran the Trifling woke up in a large open green grassy field in Tenaria, a continent torn between multiple kingdoms. At the time his memory had been washed, causing Allaran to forget how he had arrived in Tenaria in the first place. At the time young Allaran the Trifling was only 7 years old. He had no recollection of his mother, his father, his immediate family, his race, where he was, or even his own name. The youngster Allaran was described as a mix between a street rat and an alley cat. He was a loner, a survivor with palish pink skin, pointed ears, four fangs or incisors, pointed sharp claws or nails, large bright blue sparkling eyes, and short messy hair so black that it almost had a blue tincture. At first young Allaran wore a simple black leather gambeson over a brightly dyed crimson red tunic with knee-length black leather boots, a thin black leather belt, and elbow-high black leather gloves. The origin of where he got these items however is still unknown.

Allaran the Trifling was a bonified orphan who had no memory of his parents. He was a survivor, however, and managed to sustain himself as a fledgling by wandering between Tenaria and Mancea, hunting rats, small cats, easy targets and other convenient victims, driven by his bloodlust while having a considerable edge over humans and other prey due to his bloodelf and dhampir genetics. At first he was small and vulnerable, a young thief who could easily crawl into tight spaces. Allaran grew up tall and slender though, over time, becoming a very well-toned and athletic teenager in appearance. One fateful day at the Vampire Tavern, he was approached by a mysterious person named Varsinax, who snatched him off the streets and took young Allaran under his wing. Varsinax introduced him to Marcus Darknight and Alexis Nightbreed, the two elders who fostered the misguided trifling and gave him the name Allaran, a name meaning "fair, handsome and noble". Marcus and Alexis treated him like a son even though they weren't actually related, while Varsinax continued to guide young Allaran as his mentor.

As time went on, Allaran learned to read and write. He started developing manners, discpline, and good etiquette. He was no longer the dirty nameless orphan and thief from the streets. Allaran was becoming civilized. One day he wanted to learn who his true biological parents were, so Varsinax gave him a blood test. The results determined that Allaran was a trifling. His mother had apparently been a Dhampir, half-human and half-vampire, while his father was a full-blooded Sin'dorei Bloodelf, facts which really gave young Allaran a better understanding of who he actually was. Allaran continued to learn and grow, and by the age of 16 he was already as tall as his own foster parents. Varsinax decided it was time for young Allaran to take the next step. He took the young man to the Emerald Tavern, where he entered the care of Alanis Nightshade, the tavern owner. She put young Allaran to work in the kitchen and wine cellars, bussing tables and serving drinks as a bartender and innkeeper. During this time is when Allaran met Dean Wolfe and Fang Darkraven, two other potentials around the same age who became his first friends. They introduced Allaran to a mysterious figure known as Leapra Messiah, who was a very talented fighter. Allaran was bussing tables one evening when all of a sudden, Leapra Messiah was attacked by two ninja assassins with no warning. Leapra defeated the attempted assassins, however, an event which influenced Allaran and inspired him to learn combat.


Leapra Messiah brought Allaran to a place called Hell, a realm which predated the existence of Tenaria and went back to very ancient times. There he met the Deathmage, who taught Allaran how to practice the Dark Arts, including various methods of magic, alchemy, spellwork, enchantments, kinetics and divination. Allaran the Halfelf was a natural, and was quickly drawn to the Dark Arts, spending hours, days and endless weeks learning, experimenting, training and mastering the deeper darker aspects of magic, including necromancy, hematomancy and vampyrcraeft. Fearing for his soul and for his well-being, Leapra Messiah forced Allaran to take a break, to get some sleep, sunlight and nutrition to prepare him for the next level. Allaran proceeded to then learn the Light Arts, involving mostly alchemaic medicines, healing arts, potions, constructive kinetics, creative magic and divination.

Allaran the Halfelf also learned the rules for combat under the tutelage of Skylar Winterborn, a reputable justicar who was himself a student of Telvarin the Sorcerer at one time. Skylar taught Allaran how to train his instincts, master his own reflexes and how to fight melee, or defend himself without the use of magic. Allaran learned the importance of being humble and reserved, how to block, dodge and counter attack, how to recover and improvise, how to change weapons and tactics, how to dance and flow, how to intercept and use his opponent's own energy and momentum against them. Allaran spent roughly 10 years in the realm of Hell, training in magic and combat with various other students and teachers before earning his mastership. At the age of 27, he finally left Hell and returned to his home realm in Tenaria, a changed man who nobody even barely recognized. Allaran had become a fine bloodelf, and a powerful young sorcerer.


At the age of 30 years old, Allaran was 165 pounds with little to almost no bodyfat. He had sharp slender features with long braided black hair, sparkling blue eyes and pale pinkish skin. He was very well-toned and muscular, albeit tall and skinny. He still had pointed ears, yet they had not grown much, but instead looked more normal like human ears. His fangs had also began to shrink over time, but he still had four sharp incisors, 2 on his upper jaw and 2 on his lower jaw, which were slightly more pronounced than human incisors. He also had sharp pointed black nails, albiet very short nails, unlike the longer claws that most pure-blooded vampires had. Allaran the Halfelf's appearance remained much the same as this for many centuries. His costume, his name, and his reputation however would change dramatically over time. He had returned to his hometown Tenaria at 27 years old wearing the same dirty old knee-high boots, which now looked like smaller elf-like shoes to him. He also wore the same elbow-length black leather gloves, only now they fit him like a glove. He also wore the same black belt, only now he also wore a silky red sash. But he no longer wore the same gambeson. Allaran returned wearing a long crimson red tunic, underneath a long baggy black hooded wizard's cloak. With his hood up and his identity concealed, Allaran the Halfelf returned to Tenaria, looking very similar to Varsinax, the Deathmage, and Leapra Messiah on the day he had first met them. Allaran the Halfelf was not yet famous at the time, but had still yet to make a name for himself.

For a long time, Allaran kept to himself and avoided the limelight. His reputation started as that of a mysterious and solitary black cloaked, hooded figure who sometimes sat in the taverns by himself, drinking his blood-wine and smoking his long mysterious wizard-pipe, either in the corner or by the fire, but always a recluse. Sometimes there would be random gunshots, knife duels, martial arts battles or drunken brawls and wrestling contests at the taverns, but Allaran seemed more intent on reading books and studying magic, and tried his best to drink in peace and avoid all the drama. But that soon ended at the ripe age of 30 when Allaran finally decided to get more involved in the community. One fateful night, a bar fight broke out between Atreyu Coldheart and Draegan Blackthorne, for reasons unknown. Allaran minded his own business at first, but as the fighting became more intense, causing Allaran to spill his drink, he decided to intervene. He tried to calm down the situation at first, but soon Allaran found himself being attacked by both fighters at the same time, supposedly for trying to intervene. It was at that moment that Allaran the Wizard started to develop his reputation as a formidable fighter and a powerful blood mage. He quickly took control of the situation, and was immediately recognized. Kel'han the Darkelf saw Allaran the Halfelf's potential, deciding to approach him and invite him to a realm where Allaran would meet many other half-bloods and triflings, including other bloodelves, vampires and human knights or dark wizards and sorcerers much like himself.

While at Mordor in Ecneics, he met Drizzt the Darkelf, Aglaranna the Lightelf, Kellindil the Bloodelf and many others. Allaran the Halfelf was invited to join some of them at Castle Angelfire, where he started to get introduced to many members of different factions and clans including the factions later known as Blackthornes, Pendragons, Trollbanes, Darkbanes, Whitethornes, Ogreslayers, Ravenoaks, Nightshades, Ashbanes, Delecoses, Nightwings, Blacktears, Darkrains, Bloodthornes, Nyghtfallens, Ravenhearts, Darkthornes, Morgans, Erewyns, Roses, Blackbanes, Shadowroses, Warwicks, Balcards, Darknights, Silverbanes, Delioncourts, Rhyderins, Silvermoons, Pontiantaes, Nightbreeds, Stormcrows, Bloodmoons, Winterbornes, Delecoses, Coldhearts, Guyvers, Cryclads, Bloodhands, Draeculas, Blackblades, Menethrils, Tencendors and many other lesser factions whose family names had already become legend. At the time, Allaran was still clanless and solo, a loner who most others referred to simply as Allaran the Halfelf, or Allaran the Bloodelf, but soon he would earn a different nickname by all of them as Allaran the Wizard.
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Allaran Darkbane 4

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Allaran the Wizard spent many centuries in and around Tenaria, often frequenting the Starless Night Tavern, the Forgotten Eclipse Tavern, the Jaded Tavern, the Red Dragon Inn, the Blackbird Tavern, the Ice Dragon Tavern, and many other taverns where he sometimes liked to drink. He also spent a great deal of time at the Ancient Library, the Nataria Cemetery, the Neko Furry Forest, the All Creatures Tavern, and at the Temple of Darkness in Ayenee City, where he continued to learn and practice the magical arts in secret. He conducted many alchemaic experiments, concocted many potions, and created an elixir known as Purple Sanguis which helped to keep his vampiric bloodlust at bay. One day while Allaran was practicing his swordsmanship at the Sikarra Arena by himself, a Calorian Knight known as Sir Gawain Pendragon appeared. Gawain insulted Allaran's form and his honor, betting his own sword that Allaran couldn't win without using poison or magic. Allaran the Wizard accepted Sir Gawain's challenge, and after a few exchanges, Allaran not only managed to defeat the noble knight without using poison or magic, but had actually managed to disarm Sir Gawain and forced him to yield under the edge of the very sword the Calorian Knight had made the bet with. Sir Gawain smiled and commended Allaran for winning, but advised him that it would be unwise to kill a Pendragon, for he had come from a noble and famous bloodline that would surely seek revenge.

Allaran spared Gawain's life that day, an action which would shape the young wizard's destiny for centuries to come. Allaran the Wizard allowed Gawain the Knight to keep his sword, an act of honor which made them friends almost instantly. Sir Gawain invited Allaran the Blood Mage to Castle Pendragon and introduced him to the clan. Finding favor with the royal household, Allaran became the king's hand, and personal advisor to the throne. At the time, the Pendragons were at war with the Cryclad Dragons, and were determined to wipe out their entire race. Allaran the Wizard managed to tame one of the dragons, however, and soon, he taught some of the other Calorian Knights how to tame dragons also. This includes Sir Gawain Pendragon, who eventually branched off with permission from the king and started his own sub-faction of Dragoon Knights, basically an elite force of Calorian Knights specifically trained and specialized to engage in mounted combat from the backs of tamed dragons. Allaran was a sage, and continued to take his place at the right hand of several successive Pendragon kings for many years before deciding to leave the kingdom and go his own way, a decision he made after realizing that the royal heir to the throne would one day be sinister and wicked at heart. Allaran's resignation was misunderstood by the Pendragons, however, as an act of betrayal due to all of the politics and propagandic lies and misinformation spread by disloyalists throughout the kingdom at the time, something which Allaran the Wizard had tried to warn them about, but the king was too persuaded by his own selfish son to take heed of Allaran's warnings.

Allaran wandered far and wide, a loner once again at the age of 175 years old, a friendless exile whose honor was lost. Despite having served the Pendragon kings for many generations, Allaran had not aged at all, however, appearing much the same as he did in his early 30's, with his hooded cloak, gloves, shoes and all. He spent some time in Valucre, a drifter and an outlaw. Terra Pendragon and Gawain Pendragon had tried to stop the king from placing a bounty on his head, but it was no use. Allaran the Wizard was now a target, and would be forced to tread lightly while keeping a low profile. Once some bounty hunters had tracked him down, Allaran left Valucre and travelled to Zoir and Rhydin in disguise as a blind beggar. There he met Lena Ravenoak, who took him in and fed him, giving him shelter from the rain. Truly grateful, Allaran explained to her that he wasn't really a blind beggar, but actually a powerful wizard in disguise. Allaran paid her well for her hospitality, eventually marrying her before traveling to Exodyus, where he was eventually initiated into an ancient order known as Raven's Brand, a secret society which served to protect the light. As part of his initiation, a red-hot prod was pressed against his bare chest, leaving a permanent scar in the shape of a raven. Allaran was now branded, and would spend some time with Falcon Ravenheart and Mithrandir Stormcrow before being introduced to Atra'Lamia, also known as Dyshanka, the grand sorceress and monarch of the Darkbane clan.

At that time there was a powerful human prince named Ignaeus Trollbane who held position at the Alterac Fortress in Lordaeron, in the Eastern Kingdoms which belonged to the Arathorian Empire, ruled by his father King Thoradin, an underlord of Arathor the emperor. The Arathi tolerated the light elves and woodland elves, but were not very kind towards other non-humans, having launched a crusade against other races including vampires, drow, bloodelves, werewolves and those who practiced magic. This brought the Trollbanes into a direct conflict with the Darkbanes, and soon Allaran would find himself caught in the middle, forced to choose a side. Being half dhampir and half bloodelf, Allaran decided to support the Darkbanes, a decision which pinned him against the light elves and their human allies during a series of long bloody battles which eventually saw the extinction of many races. Allaran fought well, and was recruited into the Temple of Darkbane as a priest of the goddess Pandora, eventually earning the title of Grand Majister, a title bestowed only to the greatest of wizards at the time. Allaran Darkbane went on to become a mentor at the temple. He helped to train many dark mages and monks, spies and assassins to assist the Darkbane Alliance in their conflicts against the Pendragons, Blackthornes and other clans who had sided with the Trollbane Alliance during the inquisition. At the age of 200 years old, Allaran Darkbane was now famous far and wide, his name being whispered in the wind from Ayenee all the way to Tenaria, and even to the furthest reaches of Eden.

One fateful night, during the time of the Lycosian Empire in Romancia, in days of old when Allaran Darkbane met Juntai Ruiken and Ebonwolf Darkness, there was a rise in machines. Androids known as Guyvers started to appear more and more frequently, forming the cause of another war, this time with A.I., robots and machines. The humans were the first to feel the effects, but soon other races started to join the humans in their fight against the Guyvers, causing a brutal struggle which lasted for quite some time, until Allaran Darkbane left to go find help. The Guyvers took advantage of their strong situation and wiped out many ancient races who no longer exist. Humans were on the brink of extinction, and it wasn't looking good for any of the elves or other races either. But just when all hope seemed lost, Allaran Darkbane suddenly returned, accompanied by the Dragoon Knights from the Order of Pendragon, who were riding Cryclad dragons. Allaran was also accompanied by Vareesa Windrunner, the leader of the Silver Covenant, and the Felblood elves who possessed especially rare Fel crystals. Allaran the Wizard himself was riding his own Cryclad dragon, and was leading a swarm of wyldling dragons who had no riders, and whom Allaran had summoned but had not tamed. As a result, part of Allaran's soul was lost and his once bright blue eyes turned jaded. He lost 100 years of his life, and his hair turned grey. Ultimately his sacrifice would prove worth it, as the Guyvers were soundly defeated. Sorenus Tencendor commended Grand Majister Allaran Darkbane after the war, and presented him with a medal.
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After the Guyver Cryclad Wars were over, Juntai Ruikon offered Allaran the Wizard the position of Justicar in Eden, an honorary title bestowed only to special judges whose duty it was to maintain the order and preserve the laws of the realm. Allaran respectfully declined, however, and at 300 years old, he left Eden and went into the wilderness to withdraw from everyone and regain his strength. Without his Purple Sanguis elixir, however, Allaran Darkbane was about to become a different character entirely. His vampiric bloodlust came to life. His eyes turned dark blood red, his fangs grew sharp, his nails started to turn into long razor blades, and his whole face became more sinister and slightly contorted, almost as if he had started to morph or shapeshift. His behavior became more animal, like a lunatic. He started ripping his own clothes off and running wild on all fours, attacking prey throughout the forest like a king of the jungle. He meant to stay far far away in isolation by himself, but he soon wandered into the outskirts of Ayenee where he was attacked by some members of the Zero Corps faction, an elite team of secret agents and survivalist experts led by Agent Grey whose primary mission was to rid the universe of the Z4 zombie pandemic which was spreading throughout the galaxy.

The zombie hunters were well equipped and specially trained, as some of the zombies they hunted had a hive-mind, or possible telepathic ability to control other zombies. Mistaking him for a zombie, the Z-Corps attempted to capture Allaran and study his genetics, but he quickly slaughtered many of the secret agents before escaping again into the wilderness. They had names like Agent Blue, Agent Brown, and Agent Green, but that's all he really remembers. The vampiric bloodlust had completely consumed Allaran Darkbane by that point, and he left a gruesome trail of blood which led Agent Grey, Agent Black and the Zero Corps to hunt him down, this time with the sole intention of terminating him. The only thing stopping them was Veta Norr and his Star Army, guardians of the galaxy who were well aware of Allaran's reputation and his vampiric condition, and who wanted to help him get treated. Meanwhile, the Zero Corps had been warned to stay away from Ayenee, for fear that their presence in the realm might help to spread the zombie epidemic even further. These warnings were ignored, however, and soon conflicts broke out between the Z-Corps and the Star Army, conflicts which would soon escalate.

Veta Norr eventually confronted Allaran Darkbane and helped him to get a shot of his Purple Sanguis elixer. Allaran fell into convulsions and nearly died. He ended up in a coma for 3 days, hooked to a machine. When he awoke, however, Grand Majister Allaran Darkbane was back to his old self again. The vampiric bloodlust had been subsided, and Allaran started to look much the same as he did before the pandemic. Veta Norr handed him new robes, a pair of prescripted eyeglasses and a mirror. Allaran Darkbane had been lost in the wilderness for over 50 years. In all that time he had not shaved, to the point where his greyish hair was now very long and unmaintained. He looked older, weaker and more feeble than ever before, with wrinkles on his skin and bags under his eyes. For a brief moment, the dhampir bloodelf actually seemed quite human, mortal, and vulnerable.

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Allaran Darkbane looked like a true grand wizard now, an elderly looking fellow with a long magical staff bearing a depiction of a full fledged raven at the top. It served as a reminder that he was forever branded, and had vowed to protect the light, even if it meant serving in the dark. Allaran Darkbane repaid Veta Norr by being his personal advisor, and by agreeing to help mentor an elite Special Operations Squadron within the interracial Grand Star Army, some of whose officers were elvish warrior monks training to become future space ninja. One such monk was Faedkyn Hyllorra, the vampiric drow who would one day become a famous counter assassin for the Ashdown Kingdom, many centuries ahead. Allaran Darkbane taught blood magic, herbs and poisons, healing potions, ghost arts, and many forms of black magic. He taught them astrology and stellar navigation, multidimensional travel, psychokinesis and other telekinetic arts. He also gave them tools for honing other psionic energies, ectopic energies and ectenic forces. He taught them how to summon angels and demons, how to consult with otherworldly supernatural and even divine entities, and deities from other dimensions. Allaran the Grand Majister eventually became a Chairman for the Ayenee Grand Council and helped to drive back the secret agents of Zero Corps by actively supporting the removal of enemy sleeper cells within Star Army territories in outer space. This long process was later refered to as the Assassins Wars.


At the age of 400 years old, Allaran was beginning to die. He had become old and skinny, his arms and legs now weak from centuries of wear and tear. Realizing his own mortality, Allaran Darkbane withdrew to the Darkbane Temple and meditated silently. He took the boline and used it to cut up some magical herbs and spices, brewing them in a cast iron cauldron until it became a sweet scented tea mixture. He then took the athame and drew a protective magical circle on the ground. He drew sigils, runes and esoteric letters around the circle, then carved a hexagram inside the circle and placed black candles at each of its 12 angles. Allaran placed a copper bowl of water in one triangle, setting his wooden staff in another triangle, a golden menorah with 12 white candles in another triangle, a small bronze bell in a 4th triangle, a black obsidian mirror in the 5th triangle, and his magical silver sword in the last triangle. He then took a bowl of salt and sprinkled it around the whole circle while uttering verbal incantations in a forbidden Ssylvidic language. He then cut his left palm with the boline and sprinkled 3 drops of his own blood into the brewing cauldron, causing the tea mixture to turn from brownish orange to dark red. He then praised the goddess Pandora and the god Aldafar, before praising the angels and elvish deities. Taking a gulp from the chalice, he then set the still mostly full golden chalice back down and used pyrokinesis to instantly lite all of the long thin candles.

Allaran Darkbane whispered a few more incantations, and soon the candle flames turned blueish green. Opening a black heavy spellbook he stole from the Secret Vault inside the Ancient Library, a book titled "El Libros Mortis" with a locked cover made of dragon skin, a binding sewn together with werewolf hair, golden edged pages made of stretched human skin, a grimoire written entirely in unicorn blood and accessible only by unlocking the cover with a special skeleton key he had acquired from Leapra Messiah many years ago. Allaran opened the grimoire and began reading verses to an ancient blood ritual, summoning a demon named Azmodyus to appear in the mirror before him. Azmodyus appeared, demanding to know why Allaran had summoned him. Allaran Darkbane knew better than to answer questions or conversate with demons, however, and commanded Azmodyus to extend his life for another 400 years. Azmodyus tried to reach out of the mirror and attack Allaran, but the magic circle acted as a protective forcefield which Azmodyus could not penetrate, and the mirror was within in a triangle that he could not escape. Azmodyus agreed to Allaran's command, begging the sorcerer to let him go, while warning him that by gaining immortality, Allaran would lose not only his soul, but also his ability to reproduce, and that everything he loved would turn to dust. Allaran Darkbane's hair turned silvery white at that instant, but his skin turned more flush and pink again. His wrinkles vanished, the bags under his eyes disappeared, and apart from having silver hair and a long beard, Allaran looked like he was only in his early 30's again. His strength and athletic physique returned, and Allaran became faster and more powerful than he had ever been. Unfortunately, however, as a twist of irony, Allaran's wife died a few days later.
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Allaran Darkbane was deeply grieved by the loss of his wife. He tried to make himself feel better by going to the Slave Auction, purchasing several slaves with the riches he had gained and setting them all free, but it was no use. He was still heartbroken and depressed. He went into exile again, this time withdrawing to Tabmoc Island and isolating himself at the Mystic River Falls, taking a bath in one of its magical hotsprings. Allaran the Wizard shaved his head bald, shaved his beard completely off, put on simple turquoise blue robes and sandles with a dark red sash, and took a vow of silent prayer and repentance for over 200 years. At that time he took no visitors, but stayed in a cave, refusing to even speak to wild animals. He became a hermitic self-masochist, an ascetic monk who tortured himself with small leather whips tipped with sharp shells and sharks teeth. His back became shredded and scarred by thousands upon thousands of self-inflicted lashings. He would often whip himself until he passed out, either from the pain or blood loss, only to awaken hours later, fully healed and revitalized apart from the scars. Allaran's hair and beard would also grow back very long and fairly quickly, and he would have to shave it off again every few days in an attempt to stay bald. During his 200 years of repentance, Allaran ate and drank nothing but his Purple Sanguis elixir, and even then he only took a dose of it every 5 years as prescribed. It was only at the age of 600 years old when Allaran decided he had repented long enough and decided to return to civilization. But when he finally returned to his homeland, he found that the entire realm had been completely destroyed. Tenaria, Ayenee, Ecneics, Eden, Mordor, Babylon, Jericho, Nerima, Stluda, Rhydin, Zoir, Mance, everything had been turned to dust, just as the demon Azmodyus had foretold would happen. Allaran was distraught, and would never be the same again. Nobody was ever able to make him laugh or smile after that.

Allaran Darkbane wondered for several years, bouncing from city to city, realm to realm before eventually settling in Mythardia on the giant island continent of Barrendor, taking a modest role in human society. There he met Corvinus the Conqueror, and served as his priest at confessions. Allaran never practiced magic or wizardry during Corvinus' lifetime. It was during this time that Allaran Darkbane came to possess the legendary Golden Sword of Tubalcain, and he would use this sword to protect the human domain from dragons later on. Mythardia eventually saw the rise of the Ashdown Kingdom, and Allaran Darkbane served the king Marcus Ashdown, before also serving Marcus' daughter and successor Carmen Ashdown as an advisor in her royal council. Allaran Darkbane was also reconciled with Faedkyn Hyllorra, his old apprentice from long ago, who had become a famous counter assassin. Faedkyn had been misguided by another powerful magician named Ekkaxor the Sorcerer, however, and Allaran Darkbane was unfortunately forced to kill his own apprentice in order to protect the kingdom. He also helped Bolin the Dwarf, Sir Wylfrec and the Savage Knights, the Ashdown general minister Vygoren Calygarn, the disbanded knight and legendary hero Thraen Valour, the foreign leader Vladimir, the viking leader Ellrulf Trygvirsson, and the Tellarian queen Carmen Ashdown to defeat the Lunarian Horde led by the evil prince Relbregh Ashdown, who corrupted the balance with the help of Faedkyn Hyllorra, Ekkaxor the Sorcerer and an arcane black dragon named Fendinn the Unsatiable who was the emperor and very last archaic dragon of the now extinct Ssylvidic species. After a long and brutal struggle on the Battlefields of Barrendor, the horde was defeated and Allaran Darkbane used the Golden Sword of Tubalcain to slay Fendinn, resulting in the extinction of the entire Ssylvidic species. Now over 800 years old, Allaran Darkbane is one of the very few individuals left in existence who can still read the Ssylvidic language.
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01.) Golden Sword of Tubalcain
02.) Blood Stone of Colvin
03.) Elfwood Staff of Ravens Brand
04.) Syrome of Purple Sanguis
05.) Black Stone of the Dimmu
06.) Allaran's Dark Grimoire
07.) AterLues Mark of the Darkbanes
08.) Alchemist Potion Toolkit
09.) Enchanted Teal Hooded Cloak
10.) Enchanted Wide Brimmed Hat
11.) Silver Bow of Elvenkind
12.) Sapphire Ring of Water
13.) Ruby Ring of Fire
14.) Emerald Ring of Earth
15.) Onyx Ring of Shadows
16.) Pearly Ring of Light
17.) Quartz Ring of Air & Spirit
18.) Magnet Ring of Thunder
19.) Mithril Chainmail Tunic
20.) Talisman of Absorption
21.) Darkbane Athame & Boline
22.) Skeleton Key of the Messiah

As noted earlier, the Golden Sword of Tubalcain has sentience and a will of its own. Allaran received this relic from Corvinus the Conqueror of Mythardia, where he used it to slay the Ssylvidic dragon race. The sacred Blood Stone of Colvin is a bright red ruby gemstone which Allaran received along with the Sigis AterLeus mark of the Darkbanes many centuries ago. Allaran still has a tiny faded tattoo sigil on his wrist, but the Stone of Colvin no longer glows, nor possesses the blood and power of the eternal goddess, which means that the ruby gem no longer grants him any special abilities. Allaran keeps the stone only as memorabilia and a token from old times. The Elfwood Staff of Raven's Brand is a personally customized wizard staff made from magical driftwood, with the full body of a raven with spread wings carved at the top of the long staff, carrying a tiny crystal or clear glass marble in its beak. Allaran also bears the raven shaped scar on his chest, the mark of the Ravens Brand given to him by Stormcrow.

Allaran invented the Syrome of Purple Sanguis from dragon's blood. This elixir prevents vampires from succumbing to the thirst for blood, suppressing the beast within for up to 5 years. Allaran possesses a rare unique precious stone, a polished shard of obsidian known as one of the Stones of the Dimmu, incribed with runes from the Temple of Darkbane, which he keeps in his pocket at all times, or often wears around his neck as a necklace. This black shard of stone was granted to him by Atra'Lamia herself, and bestows upon him the protection of the ancient ancestors. Allaran's Grimoire is a black spellbook with a cover made from dragon scales, goldleaf pages made from human skin, binding sewn of werewolf hair and written in unicorn blood. Known as El Libro Mortis, the Book of the Dead, he originally retrieved this grimoire from the Ancient Library before eventually adding to it with his own spells and esoteric knowledge of sorcery. The book is locked with a magical seal that can only be opened with the magical Skeleton Key of Leapra Messiah, a golden key which can open any lock and door. Allaran also carries a small wooden box toolkit containing several viles, small jars, measuring spoons and eyedrop utensils as well as a magnifying glass, telescope and microscope. This alchemist toolkit contains many colorful chemical liquids, herbs, tubes and trinkets for making potions and concocting medicines or poisons to be used throughout his adventures.

Allaran's enchanted teal hooded cloak is a deceptively magical garmet that is surprisingly lightweight. This cloak can change colors with Allaran's mood, becoming grey or bright greenish, aquamarine, navy or midnight blue, and even pitch black. When he puts his hood up, this long baggy robe also can turn into a cloak of invisibility, masking scents and sounds while allowing Allaran to move about undetected. Allaran's wide brimmed wizard hat is a magical hat which doubles as a storage bag. He can fit many items in this hat, or pull random objects out of his hat at will. Allaran also possesses the Silver Bow of Elvenkind, a magical bow with a string of light which shoots aethereal Elfshot arrows. These spectral arrows are ghostlike and can travel swiftly through most physical surfaces without ever penetrating them. Allaran's enchanted arrows can be used in love spell piercings, to bring about poison or sickness, or to fight off ghosts, wraiths and phantom spirits who manifest from the aethereal plane. Allaran wears 7 powerful magic rings, called the Rings of Solomon, each with their own special abilities. He also wears a lightweight Mithril chainmail tunic under his cloak for additional armour and support.

Allaran wears another necklace which possesses the Talisman of Absorption, a medallion with a magic sigil which can be used defensively to absorb a certain number of magical attacks or spells used against him for any given period of time. Besides this he has 2 magical Darkbane Daggers, one black athame and one white boline, which he uses during certain ceremonial magic rituals. Allaran additionally has a familiar, spirit animal or companion which he can call upon or summon at any time by blowing a small whistle. The whistle is very high pitched, using a frequency that is not audible to human ears, but appears seemingly silent. However, blowing this silent whistle will summon Allaran's mount, a Cryclad flying glass-like dragon with crystalline scales which can breathe icey frost instead of fire. Depite its glassy appearance, this crystal dragon named Snowfang is incredibly strong and powerful, and no ordinary mortal weapons can pierce its diamond encased heart.

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