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{Almost Modern Fantasy} Edwin James Blackstone

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{Almost Modern Fantasy} Edwin James Blackstone

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Edge on Wed May 23, 2007 9:29 pm

Name: Edwin James Blackstone the 4th
Age: 17 (and a half)
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 132 lbs
Hair: Messy blonde hair
Eyes: bright Azure blue
Skin: light with hints of grease at the end of the day
Nationality: Bloody British

Edwind James Blackstone the 4th (a part he added in) is indeed one of the worst students to ever come to University. By general consent he is most disagreeable, inconsiderate little street urchin that ever graced the halls of the school. But Edwin isn’t all that. By far, he’s one of the brightest pupils to ever enter the University. At the unheard of age of 16 (and three quarters) Edwin earned his Bachelor of Magic. His fingers and whispered words conjure with ease spells that most in the magical community would find difficult. But his lust for great pranks on the heads of departments and fellow students make him an outcast in many ways as well.

Edwin’s past, shrouded in mystery as to his actual parentage, it is a subject that Edwin cannot be approached on either. His gift of magical talent is controlled by a shadowy patron named “Master Kain.” Kain himself being another genius with great magical talents but took to keeping himself out of the media’s and society’s eye; Thus making himself a hermit of great speculation among the gossip groups. It was rumored that Edwin was Kain’s love child with a girl from the school. But those of a better mind take note of the age and genetic differences between Edwin and Kain (ten years and Kain having raven black hair and green eyes) doubt the rumors to be true.

The only reference Edwin ever makes to his past is his time with Master Kain.

At present Edwin is studying the integration between man, machine and magic, the Great Trinity of Power. Inwardly, Edwin worries about the great talent that he possesses. Unable to explain how he knows what he knows has always been a sore point for the young man. So he throws himself into study about the many things about the forbidden magic’s and mechanics. Tracing Leonardo da Vinci’s steps in hope of finding something.

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