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If you would like to make your own roleplay based in a fantasy realm (dragons, elves, magic), use this forum. You will be in charge of all things related to your roleplay, so you're on your own here.


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kazi-kazi on Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:14 am

OOC: sry fer not posting in my RP's lately, been very busy, anyways, i wantd to start a new RP

First there was nothingness, then a sliver of light, and the gods were born. These gods quarrelled and fought, untill the final remained, and that god became known as Alrifur. Alrifur sacrificed his godly powers to provide a world which beings could live on, and so, Alrifur became the land, and the ocean. Using the last of it's god powers, Alifur created the races which walk on Alrifur today.

Setting:A large((huge)) continent with smaller islands on it's ocean sides, and an ocean. There are no wars, and the continent is reletively peace-full, with its 5 countries. The 5 countries have been known to hire people, or send private assassanations against the rival countries.

Tech: Fuedal.

Magic: YES!!! the magic system goes as follows; each element has its own magic, the closer to the element you are, the stronger your magic. Creation spells for elements are reletively easy though. Based on your character's mana cap. wil determine how strong of spells can be casted, and how many of those spells can be casted. Magics are not bound by the elements, ie: you can use chronos, void, dimensional, holy,etc...

Abilities/spells: Please keep the spells and such that your character to one thing/ magical branch, unless you can give a good explanation of how your character can do so many things

Overdrive: This is when your character sacrifices either mana, or life, to send the body/another things/etc into overdrive, which greatly increases stats, and has another effect relative to your character

Fighting: Encouraged, why be friends, when there could be just one of you?

Races: All tradional races, preferably no angels/demons (vamps and were-wolves not included) but if you want it, just PM me. Also, the race can determine what sorts of magics your character can cast. IE: dwarves could do earth and frost better than a wood elf.

Character sheet should go as follows: (extra stuff is allowed)

Name: Telandin "Darkness"
Age: 29
Gender: unknown, has low voice
Magic: unique
Profession/Occupation: Blade for hire
Hair: long, jet-black
Eyes: un-seeable
Clothes: Long black coat, which covers entire body, black pants, black boots
Accesories: Oval mask that covers entire face including mouth, but allows mouth to speak clearly. Mask is pitch-black. Has black gloves which cover his hands
Personality: Polite, Won't give up on a kill
Weapon(s): daggers X5
Abilities/spells: can send out long veins from its body, and make those veins harder than steel, can mass-create veins, can vary vein thickness. can teleport from practicly anywhere, to anywhere else in eye-sight. Can summon massive amounts of flame from it's right arm, hot enough to burn through raw steel, but will not damage it's own arm, or clothing. Can create different forces of wind from it's left arm. Can create a another head from his left shoulder, which can cast anything the arm's can cast, plus the vein abilities. Telandin can steal other being's limbs, but nothing else body-wise
Overdrive: Unleashes large amounts of mana around it in an aura, which can sever the cells in half, of most everything.
Mana Cap: (based off of a normal person, which is low) high, 800% of mid-range cap.
History: After training intensivly for over 500 years, by transfering his soul from body to body, Telandin was able to defeat death, and keep the previous mana cap from its past bodies, making its over-all mana cap extremely high, and allows it to use most higher-level spells and such. Telandin also kept certain attributes and abilities from its past bodies. All Telandin cares about now is, getting a new body, and recieving money.

might write later, join now, before its too late...
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Re: Alrifur

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Le Cruise on Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:30 am

Hey Kazi, nice to have yah back. I think Ill join

Name: Fel Rillgorn
Age: 37
Gender: male
Magic: body manipulation, or more commonly refeared to as a "blood mage"
Profession/Occupation: Traveling Carnie
Hair: bald
Eyes: blue
Clothes: ragged brown jerkin, tattered brown pants, black boots, golden belt
Accesories: magical belt, variety of magical rings, magical necklace
Personality: Sneakyish, will play anyone, and everyone, knows when he's been beat
Weapon(s): varitey of daggers/knives, all hidden out of sight, "iron" string, which is a magical string, which is sharper than the sharpest blade, yet thinner than a fly's hair, which can cut a throat easily.(comes out of one of the rings)
Abilities/spells: Can create magic-endowded oragans/limbs/etc, can steal other's body parts by simply touching the area of the organ, or the arm.
Overdrive: Creates massive amounts of body/skin/bones/etc to form either a giant Fel, a large basilisk, or a secret thing : ]
Mana Cap: med, 600%
History: After abandoned as a child, his only option was to go with the carnival, for a steady source of income, and food. Fel quickly learned how to fool and trick many, and quickly developed his magical affinaty. To this day, Fel travels with the rest of his carnival.
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Re: Alrifur

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby DoC13X on Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:35 pm

Name: First Guardian (More accurately a title; it doesn't have a name yet)
Age: unknown
Gender: none, has a deep male voice
Magic: First is a golem, and in a sense is magic. Magically the only thing it can do is regenerate its damaged parts.
Profession/Occupation: Gaurdian of a long forgotten temple, buried by an earthquake thousands of years ago.
Hair: none
Eyes: Glowing deep blue sapphires.
Height: 9'
Weight: 4 tons

Clothes: Completely covered in heavy articulated plate armor, the armor appears to be lacquered black and striated gray with dark golden gilding around the edges. The whole of the armor is sharp edged, though not as sharp as a good knife, and spiked at the joints. The armor is nearly twice as strong as tempered steel, though by no means invulnerable.

Accessories: At the core of First is a heavily enchanted diamond the size of a person's fist. This diamond is what First truly is, the rest of its being is generated by this diamond.

Personality: Brutally honest (can't grasp the concept of lying), unemotional (just beginning to feel them for the first time in its existence)

Weapons: It's own fists, and six 16' long, 6" in diameter at the base, plated tentacles with serrated edges, and a spear-like tip. When inactive they are housed inside the chest. When active they slide out of four holes on its back and two in the palms of its hands. The tips of the tentacles are extremely sharp, and harder than diamonds. The holes are normally sealed with a thin plate that is broken when they emerge. First is also capable of wielding anything it can get its hands on as a weapon, though it has no finesse with such things.

Abilities/Spells: First is capable of regrowing damaged or lost body parts. Strangely, any part separated from the core grows extremely brittle in moments and disintegrates at the slightest touch. As a being of magic First has no true spells as such, though it can drain the magical essence of both living and inanimate objects, as well as part of the magic of any spell directed at it. This magic drain is necessary because First's regeneration, and general activity, is powered by magic, but First generates no mana of its own. It can remain silent and inanimate forever, but even the slightest activity drains its magic reserves. Therefore, First must consume magic, like a person consumes food and drink.

Overdrive: By burning it's precious magic reserves at a rapid rate, First can fuel feats of strength and speed beyond what most can imagine. Normally First can lift more than 1000 lbs. with one arm, around 800 lbs. with a tentacle, and moves around 3-4 mph. (normally he just walks at a ponderous rate, only running when necessary) In Overdrive First can push these to nearly 100 times these limits, though it is extremely exhausted afterward, dropping its mana down to the minimum needed to function for a day.

Mana Cap: Very high, 1200% (Though, as stated earlier, First generates no mana of its own and may have significantly less than its cap at any given time.)

History: First may in fact be the first golem ever created. Its original form, still encased in its current, is a roughly humanoid shape, made of a dark gray clay. Standing nearly 9 ft. tall with shoulders nearly 5 ft. wide, first was an intimidating sight from its very beginning. When it was deemed a success it was modified with an enchanted suit of armor. (When damaged the inner clay regenerates much faster than the armor plates, allowing for a glimpse of its original form.) It was made as part of a series of fifty guardians built to protect the most holy temple of an ancient civilization; a society now only an echo in the oldest myths. At some point in its history a great cataclysm befell the civilization, burying it in an earthquake that split the continent in half.

The golems survived the cataclysm, and continued to guard their dead masters, without free will or desire. As millennium after millennium passed the golems began to falter and disintegrate due to slight imperfections in their Core. As each passed away its inherent magic went into the remaining guardians. Eventually only one remained, First. Its Core was the only one without fault, and a few centuries after the last of the other guardian's power was transferred to First a curious thing happened.

First began to think, and wonder. At first the thoughts were simple, it would be distracted by passing creatures, like an infant. The thoughts slowly gained complexity, and it began to wonder what befell its creators. Then one day the greatest thought of all came to it. First wondered what it was, and for the first time it desired something; it desired to know what it was. It abandoned its post and walked into a world it had not seen for thousands of years.

After a century of observing the goings on of a small mountain community, First finally revealed itself when the community was attacked by raiders. It didn't want the village to be lost, because it had not yet figured out what it was. The bloodshed that day was immense. The villagers ran in fear of the carnage First wrought upon the bandits, not understanding their fear, yet not desiring to upset them further, First set out to find some being that could explain what it was, and why it wondered these things.

[edit]... just realized this forum is over 2 years old... I shall take First elsewhere, no point in wasting all that work.

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