Amarathia: Coordination Efforts

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The lull in the war has ended, and the Orsa of Terminus is on the rise once more. Will the battle hardened Patronus remain strong, or fall under the growing might of this renewed threat? A mature roleplay. This forum is one large roleplay within a set world and designated story lines.

Re: Amarathia: Coordination Efforts

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Tiko on Sun Sep 04, 2011 4:21 pm

(Post co-written by Script and Tiko. Mostly Script though... in fact all but 12 words were Script. Really why did I bother putting my name on this at all?)

As the Patronus moved forwards to engage the voidlings, the party that had been driven in front of them passed through their ranks in order to recover their wits. At their rear, still occasionally turning to launch bolts of flame and force into the horde, ran Emma. The blood mage ducked nimbly under one of Marxan's arms, flashing a grin to him and Narruk as she did so. "I like the getup you have there, very efficient. Your friend looks a little enthusiastic, mind, I didn't think voidlings tasted that good."

Not pausing for a reply she knew wouldn't come - the pair were clearly occupied after all - Emma continued onwards, passing by Kirae and Aliana. The latter earned herself a raised eyebrow with her assault, as Emma covered her ears with a wince. "I can't argue the effectiveness, but you might be a little off-key there. Of course, that's the idea, I imagine."

Finally halting as she came level with the group of spellcasters, Emma grinned. "Well, it's nice to meet you all. You have wonderful timing, I must say. We'll have time for introductions later, probably - if we aren't all dead - so I'll settle for that."

She gave the rest of her group a glance as they caught their breath, smiling to Ciela as the ranger turned, "Shall we, then? I wouldn't want to keep our new friends waiting..."

Ciela nodded her head, holding up a hand to rally her allies. "Rally!" she yelled, "Hold the line and push them back! Do not allow them to breach the city!"

Raising her bow, Ciela took aim into the horde and fired. Her arrow soared through the air, arcing over the heads of the melee fighters. Just as it seemed the arrow would sail right over the entirety of the swarm, she raised her hand and gestured to it. The arrow trembled in the air for a moment, before exploding in a flash of green light. Shards of magic flew down from the arrow, raining into the voidlings and felling a group of them in the centre of the swarm.

Around the ranger, her allies launched themselves into the fray. Kratos and Brent brushed past her and slammed straight into the front lines of the creatures, their greatswords cleaving through them and forcing them backwards. Bolts of magic flew from Erina and Lianna, white and black spirals of light dancing into the horde while Ruan and Amber vollied arrows off at the masses. To the side of the more forceful melee fighters, Shana leaped into the fray, her twin-swords carving apart those voidlings that ventured near her whirlwind of attacks.

Emma grinned, turning and planting her staff in the ground. A wave of fire shot over the ground from the point of impact, sweeping into the horde and burning through their front ranks. Releasing the weapon, Emma spread her arms, focusing her magic on a point further away into the mass of blackness. A crack of energy sounded briefly, before that section of the swarm seemed to cave in on itself. The voidlings were plucked from their feet as they were drawn forcefully towards a single point, bones crunching as they slammed into one another until they formed a rather unpleasant large black ball.

Even as more were felled nearby by Talos' magic, his beam of pure white Aethos energy incinerating a line of the creatures, Emma took up her staff again and swung it. More force impacted the compressed ball of voidling, and it was sent flying aside, crushing another group of the creatures as it landed and distastefully deflated.

A shout of pain caught Emma's ear to her left, however, where a pack of voidlings had broken from the horde and reached the back lines. Though they were felled quickly by a wash of flame from the red-clad mage, Raedan, one had already reached the archer Aren. His knife had flashed out and into the creature's throat, but not before receiving a slash across the stomach.

Help was to hand, however, as Nihm knelt beside the elf and placed her hand on the wound. Emma turned away, knowing that the situation was in hand, and returned her attention to the fighting.
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Re: Amarathia: Coordination Efforts

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Script on Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:05 pm

(Post written by Script and Arrow)

Slam, Arrow's mace swung down onto the voidling's skull, the empowered strike crushing the bone and slamming the creature down into the floor. The soldier kicked out, knocking it down off of the steps and stepped forwards to slam his shield into the side of another behind it, imbalancing it and pushing it too off of the edge.

The tide of voidlings ascending the steps had slowed since Elante and Natalie began forcing those at the gate back, as most had their attention drawn to the imposing Narruk and Marxan. Arrow was fatigued, but unharmed - as the voidlings had been forced to attack him one at a time, it had been easy work to dispatch them as they came.

Behind Arrow, a flash of light burst from where Sylvire was working, as lines of magic blossomed outwards from the point on the wall and spread downwards. The wards formed rapidly, coursing outwards across the wall and down to the gateway. Any voidlings that had not been tossed away by Elante and Natalie shrieked as they were caught in the forming barriers, burned away to nothing as the protective enchantment took hold.

The sorceress rose with a breath, turning towards Arrow and giving him a nod of thanks. "It is done, we are safe again for the time being."

Once more Sylvire offered Arrow a hand, this time to descend from the wall, which he took after a backward glance at the stairwell. There were still voidlings climbing, but they were few in number, and far enough down that there was easily time for them to get away.

Sylvire stepped from the wall, her's and Arrow's feet landing upon a cushion of air currents that would slow their fall to a gentle pace. Above, Elante halted his gale, noting that the voidlings were safely bound outside - and obviously to avoid catching his descending allies with it.

The pair landed softly, and Sylvire looked up to see that her allies were making swift work of cleaning up the last few voidlings. Before long, the square was once again peaceful. Sylvire stepped forwards, making her way back towards the group, her eyes focusing on the strangers in their midst.

One of these unknowns - a winged woman with forest green hair and a proud stance - was casting her own eyes over the Patronus. They settled on Sylvire as the sorceress approached, and the two met a short distance in front of the group.

"Ciela Featherfoot, Ranger Captain of Tai'emroth - thank you for your timely aid, but you'll forgive me in times such as these to make a point of asking just who you are, and what you and your allies are doing in this city?"

Sylvire's eyebrows rose at the woman's introduction. She recognised the name of Tai'emroth - it had been a project of the dragonkin to create a neutral fortress in the mountains, a city-state all to itself, where all the races could co-exist. If it was still standing, then maybe there were other survivors?

Realising that Ciela was frowning at her lack of response, Sylvire bowed her head. "My name is Sylvire Nasazura, and this is my home. I have many questions for you regarding the situation in wider Aelora, after being unable to leave here for so long."

It was Ciela's turn for her eyebrows to shoot upwards, "Sylvire Nasazura?" she repeated incredulously, "The Sylvire Nasazura?"

Sylvire was taken aback at this, frowning, "You know of me?"

The ranger shook her head, "I think that every man, woman and child in Aelora knows of you, if you are who you say you are. One of the last Patronus - you supposedly died here with Gawyn and Peregr-"

"Enough!" Sylvire interrupted, "It is clearly not so. I would rather not revisit old memories. You will have a new story to tell when you return, then, for you are mistaken that we were the last. You stand amongst the Patronus, Ciela Featherfoot, such as we are. My allies are not from this realm, but they are Patronus nonetheless."

It was at this point that another cut into the conversation, as Emma took a place beside Ciela. "The Patronus... Well, there's one legend I never thought I'd run into. I thought some of your trinkets looked familiar." The mage grinned, "This seems a lot like good news to me."

Ciela nodded hesitantly, "We can't go making assumptions though, Emma, we don't kn-"

Cutting in, Sylvire held up a hand, "This is a conversation for another time. For now, accompany us into the city. Your party are no doubt fatigued after that chase, we can talk further once we are no longer on the battlefield."

Emma nodded, "That sounds like a plan. If we hang around here much longer the voidlings will start to stink..."
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Re: Amarathia: Coordination Efforts

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Tiko on Fri Sep 30, 2011 3:33 pm

(Post co-written by Conumbra, Zephyr, Script, Tiko, Imehal, Arrow, and Moonscar)

Marxan finally let go, and allowed the exhaustion he had been feeling to wash over him. He bent down to his knees amidst the voidling corpses, his armour crumbling and falling back to he earth from whence it came. Once he rested for a few moments, he managed to compose herself, and stood tall to look upon the new group that had arrived. He regarded them with mild suspicion. They had arrived, bringing with them a voidling horde. Some part of him wanted to blame them for the attack, but the logical part of his mind took over. If they had truly intended to do him and his allies harm they would have done so already while the Patronus were weary from the assault. He gave a faint smile, and drunk in the relief. Maybe with this group's help they stood a chance against the Orsa.

"Ahh, a battle well fought, friends." A smooth voice said from seemingly nowhere. "Though you could all stand to work on your form and efficiency and whatnot; it was a bit on the timely side." As the sentence drew onward, its source slowly faded in to view. The half-elf smirked and strolled casually over to Ruan. "Well, except you of course." Niv could practically hear the Scout Party's collective disdain for his reappearance, which only entertained him further.

Whilst the other two continued on their path towards the city, Emma turned from Sylvire and Ciela to give Niv a withering glare. "And as if on cue, our party's performing monkey returns from his not-so-inconspicuous absence." she said, rolling her eyes, "Stop flirting and try not to alienate too many of our new friends - avoid speaking to them if you can help it, that should make the job easier."

Niv snickered at the girl's comment. "Flirt? Me? Oh, surely you jest~" He eyed her coyly, a smirk spreading across his pretty face. "Well then, I'll be sure to speak with as many of them as I can. I'm sure they'll love me. After all; what's not to love? Right Ruan, dear?" The elf lifted a slender finger and made a motion to brush it against Ruan's cheek. He was intent on getting a reaction out of the man today, as he was every other day.

Ruan's hand came up to catch Niv by the wrist. “We have been over this, I'm spoken for. And frankly, I'm surprised you could see what I was doing, between your running and hiding,” he stated coldly. Ruan's words weren't hostile per se, but they certainly held a scathing note none the less. However, if Niv expected more of a rise out of him than cold practicality, he would be disappointed.

"Oh, come now. You think I'd leave you all hanging?" Niv said, snickering. Though it wasn't quite the reaction he'd been hoping for, it was still something. "I may have been out of sight, but I was still here making sure you all stayed safe. Not that you'd need my help in battle..."

Meanwhile, Rynhart padded his way back over to the group with Parlina still sitting astride his back. Panting profusely the shapeshifter gave a vigorous shake to slide Parlina off him before the pair became engulfed in a thick purple cloud. As the miasma dissipated into the air, the canine beast had been replaced with an elven man resting a supportive hand upon Parlina's shoulder.

Despite her weariness and Rynhart's brush-off, the young druid smiled at the newcomers just as warmly as she did her established allies, placing one of her own hands atop the elf's on her shoulder, pleased with how things had gone. Some looked a little worse for wear at the front – Narruk and Marxan most notably, for they had taken the front line – but everyone looked well. It was enough to make her concerns about leading once more wane a little, though there was a little frown on her lips regardless, and a muttering of words beneath her breath before she curtsied briskly.

“Greetings!” Parlina chirped, setting her footsteps after the two leader-figures, eyeing up the new arrival before turning her attention back to the new group as a collective. So many questions hung at the edge of her tongue, but she held them back, waiting for a more opportune moment - that is, away from the corpses of the creatures.

Emma glowered at Niv, dismissing the elf with a disgusted sigh, before turning to face Rynhart and Parlina as they arrived. "And greetings to you too." she replied, cocking a brow at Parlina's enthusiasm. "What am I, famous? Strangers aren't normally this pleased to meet an unknown blood mage, for fear that I might take over their minds and eat their children."

The mage paused to glance at Rynhart, leaning back on one foot and surveying him. "So are you a dog that turns into an elf, or an elf that turns into a dog?"

The unexpected tirade about attitudes towards blood mages brought Parlina to a temporary stand-still, blinking only once before Emma's comment about Rynhart's transformation brought a smile to her lips, breaking the reverie. “Nope, not famous – I was just saying hello!”

The concept of blood magic was one that Parlina had no understanding of, and so there was no disgust or hatred in her voice as she said with a little smile, “you don't seem like you'd eat children.” She had already decided to let Rynhart explain his transformation. After all, it was his question, not hers, to answer.

Rynhart gave Emma a hard look before he finally replied. It would seem that the normally passive and tolerant shapeshifter was perturbed by Emma's presence, but even amongst his people, blood magic was a taboo not easily overlooked. “That is not a question for today,” he said simply before sparing Parlina a parting warning. “Be careful of her,” he stated openly to the young druid before departing with little explanation.

Emma shrugged, smirking at Rynhart. "Don't be such a spoilsport." she joked, "But seriously, he isn't lying. I'm a dangerous, foolish individual, but thankfully I'm not an idiot, so we're okay!"

The mage winked, "But then, that's what they all say, right? And then BAM, suddenly I'm turned into a demonic abomination that goes on a psychotic rampage and eats babies. Trust me, I've seen it happen. I make it my job to prevent the latter two parts if some twit pokes themself with a needle and causes the first."

Glancing away from Parlina and over towards the retreating Ciela and Sylvire, Emma rolled her shoulders, "So do you guys have a kitchen? Because I'd kill for some decent food right now. Not literally, you know. Still sane, and all."

Marxan overheard Emma mention she was a blood mage, which pricked his attention. He hadn't met many blood mages; most he knew were reclusive and usually didn't like to be around strangers let alone work in groups. A curious individual that. Perhaps he should speak to her later, concerning her unique brand of magic.

At the end of the battle, Kirae had wandered forwards to where the front crop of voidlings had fallen, and started poking around at their corpses. Being a necromancer, she was curious as to the nature of the fallen creatures. When her magic had interacted with them, they had seemed alien - they reminded her of the corpses of demons, in the limited capacity in which they existed without vanishing back to whatever plane they were from.

At the sparking of conversation and argument, however, she had risen from her studies and walked over to the group. "Hello!" she exclaimed cheerfully at Emma, Ruan and Niv, "My name is Kirae, it is a pleasure to meet you! I was most impressed watching you all battle. You are all very skilled."

The small girl paused, frowning at Niv, "I didn't see you, though - were you perhaps further forwards, helping Sir Arrow and Sylvire? Or do you employ stealth magic in your fighting, like Aliana?" Kirae's curiosity was genuine - there wasn't an inkling of suspicion in the Sylvari that Niv had in fact been hiding like a coward.

"Foolish girl, have you no perception?" Niv cocked an eyebrow at the miniscule individual, craning his neck back in amusement. Oh, she could prove to be fun. "I was merely a hop, skip, and a jump away, up in that tree." He paused for a moment, her cheery expression unchanging. "Ugh... To answer your question; yes, I was cloaked. My word, I was under the impression that this was a group of elites." The half-elf sighed and closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose and shaking his head slightly. He hadn't even used a very powerful charm to conceal himself; just something to keep him out of sight. How had the girl not been able to sense him...?

Kirae frowned momentarily, before shrugging her shoulders. "I am far from an elite, sir, I am afraid! I am not yet able to focus my attention both on a horde of demons and individuals in nearby trees at the same time." The Sylvari girl seemed displeased with this, far from indignant, but after a few moments her cheerful smile returned. "I did not mean to offend you! It is an honour to meet you, sir, and I will endeavour to maintain my awareness of other life-forms in combat! It is certainly sound advice." The necromancer tilted her head, focusing on the life-force of those around her and starting to work on separating each individual off from the next. As she did so, she glanced at the retreating form of Sylvire and looked back to Niv, "You should accompany us into the city! We have one of the buildings at a habitable level of repair, if you require rest!"

"Eh..." Niv's eyes widened in curiosity. How was this girl so... happy? "I must say, you are the most atypical Necromancers I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. But I will accompany you on principle..." He had the feeling that she wasn't going to be leaving him alone any time soon, and grunted at this realization. Begrudgingly, he began his trek in the direction she had stated. He suspected that he might have found someone even more annoying than himself...

Beaming, Kirae nodded her head, "I do often hear that I am not what people expect of a necromancer! The connection to death apparently implies that one is grim and stalks around with a hunch, but I assert that it is not so!" The girl started after him, continuing to babble cheerfully, with no idea that she was annoying the half-elf with her endless positivity.

Narruk rose from the ocean of corpses around him, like a monster born from death, straightening his back as he swiveled his head from side to side, making sure every last voidling had been rightfully dispatched. He had taken no notice of Emma as she spoke. How could he, after all, when he had been occupied with rending an enemy into two pieces? The only other person he had been aware of at the time was Marxan.

Now sure that no more voidlings were coming, and that there were none left alive to harm the group, Narruk flicked the head of his staff, extingushing the magic within the spider web. He then looked toward the small group of midgets who had come. Before that, however, his attention was stolen by Kirae, who walked among the corpses in fascination. He was not surprised. It would be a rare event in which she did not take the chance to study a dead body.

Now, the Oasis warrior looked back up to the group, and Kirae had gone to them, as well. Though the behemoth looked unharmed, even completely unaffected by both fights he had partaken in, his stoic exterior said nothing for his exhaustion. He made his way, as peppily as ever, to the group, greeting them politely.

Whilst the others had been speaking, the rest of the new arrivals had been drifting after Ciela and Sylvire. Most of them seemed far more suspicious of the Patronus than many of the Terrans were of them, and low murmurs were exchanged as they walked in clusters. Those Patronus who had not chosen to speak with the two more interactive newcomers had also made their way in the same direction.

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