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Amethyst Knight

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Amethyst Knight

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Amethyst Knight on Fri Apr 13, 2007 8:16 pm

Name: Amethyst Knight

Nickname: Ame, Ametyville horror (is so called by people who dislike her.. Boo on them!)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

2)Hypnosis (not so good at it)
3)the wrath of a vampire and a werewolf combined if she transforms.......if only she could control it!

Personality: Ame tries to be a very friendly person most times. But sometimes comes off as sarcastic. She will be nice to you, though, that doesn't mean she takes things lightly. Piss her off and she will kill you....... no joke. She's quiet, a little shy sometimes and at times prefers to be by herself than around too many people. This is partly because she can become very aggravated by the slightest mishap from someone and might attack them.

Despite all these though, she won't blow off someone just like that and she tends to almost always be wearing a smile. Things tend to pique her curiosity, considering the fact that she had been sheltered for practically her entire life.

Her personality on a whole depends on her mood and the moon. (part werewolf.)

History: Amethyst spent her entire life under the roof of her parents house. She rarely went out and even worse, seldom saw her parents. They didn't seem to realise that they had a child, only careers and power. So the closest thing to a family she had was the company of the servants. They were nice to her and taught her many things and were always there when she needed, not as someone who works for you but as friends. But this still didn't keep her from the inevitable bloody battles and killing that was done as sport or defense or a spontaneous reaction. She wasn't always your average vampire/werewolf mix as she just kept to herself and stayed away from violence as much as possible, but she would however get upset at times, but then she'd lock herself in her room which always had to be replaced when she came out. She knows little to nothing about how her father, half werewolf - half human, and her mother, pure blood vampire, ended up together. No one wanted to talk about it and she didn't have any kind of relationship with them whatsoever to ask, truly she didn't really care. She has taken up the habit of 'playing around' with civillians, having nothing else to do with her time.

Background: Half vampire, half werewolf, human trace

Pet: Siberian tiger (kiki- he's a guy but shh! he hates the name! )

Rp sample:

Ame entered her dad's study and stood staring unflinched at the body and blood in front of her.

'Great! I wonder who decided to piss off dear old dad today!' she thought, 'At least he'll live to piss him off another day.'

She wanted to find out why he all of a sudden gave a damn about her enough to think that her current school wasn't good enough.

"Hello .... father," she called to the figure who stood staring with delight at the mess he just created, "I need to speak with you."

Favourite Music: Classical, Rock, Ethereal, a lot of varieties...

Likes: Many many things!

Dislikes: Fake people, pork, many many many things

Interesting fact: i have an iq of ...uh...oh, right! 140. whatever language i'm speaking i automatically go into that accent even if i've never heard it before!


Smoke or Drink: I can't breathe when around smoke and i have never had anything stronger than smirnoff black ice...not includding the time when my friends and i took shots while studying for major exams.

Fears: Creepy,crawly things. Bugs, reptiles, amphibians ...

Type of childhood:

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