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Crowns, Empires & Swords

Anansai, The Land of the Spiders.

a part of “Crowns, Empires & Swords”, a fictional universe by TvAddict13.

Empires vied for power, support, and longevity. Battles blaze as leaders across the world take up arms to expand their nations into the territories of their neighbors. Where does your sword lie in this unforgiving world?

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Anansai, The Land of the Spiders.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MaliceInWonderland on Thu Jan 23, 2014 4:07 pm

The people of this country vary in appearance, skin color ranging from a deep brown, to a warm olive as well as varying hair types, from thick, to curly to straight, thought the color remained dark. They all share one distinctive look, they have sharp almond shaped eyes.
Seen Here, In their Queen, Tenanye

All the people pray to the Spider Goddess, Anansi, to whom The Queen is the Avatar, Because of this connection to the spider goddess, the people of Anansai, specifically the women, are skilled weavers, like the Goddess. Their linen and fabrics are coveted all of the world due to it's light weight and superior durability, rivaling and even surpassing the strength of Dragon's scales, this is called Anansae Silk, from the very poisonous Anansae spider,
Image this spider's home is only in Anansai, and it's vemon can kill a man in less the 30 minutes, during which, as the poison is flowing through a person's veins, it causes an E.Bola like symptom where the person's bodily fluid is forced out of any opening.

Fortunately, the people of Anansai are immune to this vemon due to their constant consumption of Dafarzi fruit, it's juice is the antidote, however this information is only known to the people of Ananasi.

The Fashion here us light do the the weather,
The women wear long dresses, wrapped around their bodies, called Kanga. They can be in one or two pieces.
The men where a multi-piece suit called Kimono. During times of tradition and celebration, The Men where a two piece suit called Dashiki and the women wear Furisode

It is believed that Anansi began with the universe itself.
As the myth goes, Anansi began her many creations by spinning and or singing, first developing the universe in four sections - - east, west, north, and south. Within the space sprung the birth of the sun, moon, and stars, which immediately banished darkness from the world.
Next, she took shells of turquoise, red rock, yellow stone, and clear crystal she next created the mountains, oceans, and desserts. Then the earth goddess herself became the womb from which mankind sprung over time; gradually, as is the case with childbirth. To create various races, it is believed that used many different kinds and colors of clay. Using her remaining thread, the goddess bound each of her human creations directly to her.

This is said to be why the women of Anansai are natural born weavers, all having come from the womb of the Spider Goddess.
And during a wedding, the man and woman’s wrists are bound with a thin silk thread by the High Priestess -Queen Tenanye- to symbolized, that they are bound by the thread of Anansi and this bound can never be broken. The thread is then braided within the woman’s hair, that proves that she is wedded.
In the rare case of divorce, The woman is pleaded her case to the High Priestess and she will than simply remove the braid from her hair, if she deems the reasoning worthy of divorce.

Woman are highly respected in Anansi and if there are any harsh acts or malicious treatment of a woman, than that man will be put to death, hung by the thread of Anansi.
"I run in triangles, I'm a rebel, I don't do circles"

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Re: Anansai, The Land of the Spiders.

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MaliceInWonderland on Fri Jan 24, 2014 3:45 pm

The Fall and Rise of Tenanye

Tenanye didn’t know what to expect when she returned home that day, well she did. She expected the Hinamatsuri Festival to be just wrapping up, she expected a tower of dolls to be sat in front of the Anansi temple, as preteen girls were prettying themselves up for the dance with the local young men under the watchful eyes of the girls father’s.
What she did not expect was for those very girls and boys to be laying dead, their bodies pale and rigid from apparent frostbite.
Tenanye quietly walked into Anansai, a cold, thick fog covering the ground. A chill rose bumps on Tenanye’s warm brown skin. She steeled herself as she walked around the bodies.
“What in the name of Anansi...” She breathed as she examined the bodies. It was as if their threads were cut without warning. No blood, no wounds, it was as if death just swept through like a fog, collecting threads as it went.
She could feel as she approached the shores of Anansai that something was wrong, she always had that ability, like the spiders, she worshipped, she could sense danger.
She could feel it now, as she walked through the ghost town that was her Anansai.

Tenanye turned to see a small child, no older than 8 or 9, peeking her head out from behind a Dafarzi tree.
Tenanye rushed over and the small child wrapping her little arms around the girl as she began to sob. “Oh I’m so sorry, little one...” Tenanye cooed, “They came from nowhere.” The girl cried into Tenanye’s shoulder as she held her. The girl’s warm tears sent chills down Tenanye’s spine. “Shh, Let’s get somewhere warm.” She told her and the girl nodded and whimpered.
Tenanye proceeded to carry the girl into her arms, stroking her soft hair as she made her way toward Anansi’s temple.
Anansi’s temple was quite the construct, it was built within a large mountain with many rooms for prayer, however there is one door, no one dares enter, it is said that Anansi, herself dwells there.
Tenanye took the small child to one of the rooms nearest, Anansi’s door, crawling on the floor beside it was Tenanye’s pet tarantula, Nanji. Tenanye wondered how the spider managed to live the palace in Ntonten, and made it’s way here, but she didn’t have time to think on it long. She closed the door behind her and set the girl down on one of the beds. “ What is your name, little one?” She asked softly, wanting to get the girl to relax.
“Chiyo.” The girl said.
“ What a pretty name, Chiyo. Do you know my name?” She asked.
“You are the Princess, Tenanye-hime.” She said and Tenanye smiled. “That’s right. Now, Chiyo-chan, do you want to tell me what happened here?” Tenanye said, keeping the urgency from her voice. Chiyo looked down. “We were celebrating the Hinamatsuri, then all of a sudden, these shadows just appeared.” She said and Tenanye frowned. “ They were looking for something.” She said and Tenanye took a breath. “ Did they say what they were after?” Chiyo shook her head. “ Do you think they found it?”
“I don’t know, Ananse-hime, I don’t know. They went into the palace, then they were gone.” She said and began to sob; Tenanye pulled the girl into her chest and let the girl sob. “They passed through like ghosts, and when they did, the people were dead, kowaii-nee!” The girl whimpered. “ I couldn’t find anyone to take me to the shelter, my Oka-san, her thread was taken by those things when we were running...” She told her and Tenanye rested her chin on the girls head and closed her eyes. The poor child had to watch as her mother was murdered.
Then it struck her.
The shelter, under the palace.
“Come, We are going to the palace.”
“but that’s where they went!” Chiyo cried. “ Alright, alright, then you stay here, Anansi is right behind that door, you will be safe.” Tenanye said and Chiyo looked at the door they’d enter through.
“Anansi-megami, she is really in this cave.”
Hai, deep, deep into the cave, she won’t let anyone enter to harm you.”
“Then why didn’t she save, my Oka-san?”
Tenanye paused. “Because she had to save you,” She said and Chiyo looked up at her wide eyes. “Honto-ne?”
Chiyo then nodded and placed her hands in her lap.
“Stay here, alright, Chiyo and I will come back for you when I find the others.” Tenanye said and Chiyo nodded. “Rest.” She told her, placed a small kiss on her head and Chiyo lay down on the bed.
Tenanye left the room and closed the door behind her softly.

And as she made her way toward the exit, a draft called her attention to Anansi’s door.
Tenanye turned around slowly to find the door wide open.
That door never opened, as a child, Tenanye tried opening the door, and it didn’t even budge, granted she was a child at the time but still, she knew of teenage boys who would test their strength by tugging on the door, it has never opened.
As if compelled by the door, Tenanye walked through it.
All around her were thick spider webs, the likes of which Tenanye has never seen. The blanketed the walls of the cave and the further she travelled in the thicker it got. It clung to her skin and hair as she walked into the deep cave, and even as she tried to remove it, more would cling, so she didn’t bother after a while. Soon, it shrouded her like a cape, it clung to her shoulders and draped down her back, it intertwined in her hair, making her dark hair seem as though it had turned an ice white, Tenanye didn’t think much on it, as she travelled deeper in to the cave.
Soon Tenanye found herself at a thick wall of web, she couldn’t see through it but a light emanated behind it as if a lantern lit.
“Princess Tenanye...”

Tenanye froze as the voice came from behind the wall.
“Yes, Tenanye,” Said the voice. “Come through the web.” It urged and Tenanye slowly peeled away the webbing, and to her shock, found herself dwarfed by a giant spider with a woman’s body. The face had multiple eyes and they all looked down at the Princess. “Anansi...”
“Thank you for restoring Chiyo’s faith in me.”
“She watched her mother die...”
“Anansi-megami, what is going on? Who did this? Why didn’t you stop them.”
“Anansai was attacked, It was done by the Nercomongers and it is not my job, it is yours.”
"Necromongers?" Tenanye asked.
"You will come to know them shortly."
"Wait, what did you mean by it is my job?"
"You are the one that can stop them,"
"How can I stop someone, that can pass through people, I am not a God."
"No, you are not."

With that, Anansi climbed down from the wall, lowered her human half in front of Tenanye's face. "You are an Avatar, My Avatar."

To Be Continued...

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